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1982 Porsche 911 air cooled son

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>paying thousands for a scrap of metal
>paying for registration
>paying for insurance
>paying for annual plate renewals
>paying for gas
>paying for repairs
>paying for maintenance
I ride a bike

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'02 ford ranger

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I can't drive

t. 25 years old

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Don't answer unless he posts again.

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Whoops lol i posted without him posting again, can a mod delete my message? thx

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I fucking hate pathetic bikefags, theyre cancer on the road. Knocked a couple of them off the road during quiet mornings when no one else is around, fuck em lol.

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2012 Audi TTS because I couldn’t afford an R8

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Fiat punto :3

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>Seething LARP
Oh he mad

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2018 Mercedes C300

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I own a 1998 A-class, it's pretty shit but bought it for a grand.

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2004 Volkswagen Polo

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2015 BMW 328i

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2006 acura tl. rear main seal has a leak im just too lazy to fix it.

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1990 buick century. Dumping a lot of money on it this year to keep it going, but I like it and cheaper than a new car. Coming on under 2 grand this year, but I'm getting a lot of major work done on it that I've been putting off.

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2019 BMW X6 M
working as an embedded dev for BMW in Munich so it was cheap. otherwise I would never get an "out of the factory" car

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mini cooper master race

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No car. Cars serve to corral thoughtless roasties from one place to another

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I drive my cock deep inside your mothers blown out pussy.


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'02 Volvo V70

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That clip makes me kek every time. Hope that bikefag snapped his neck when he flew over the handlebars.

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>data mining thread
>driving anything other than a cheap toyota/honda

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2020 Toyota Tacoma trd off-road

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Still in excellent condition, no rust, purrs like a kitten.

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Got any more of these rare pepes?

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2013 Ford Fiesta.

Bought it last week

>being poor

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I don't drive. I have nowhere to go.

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>being newmoney

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Why yes I do hold BSV. How could you tell?

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pee pee poo poo

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That better have a manual transmission and not the power shift auto.

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>Got any more of these rare pepes?
Like this?

BASED and BSV pilled

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seek mental help

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i lost everything. i no longer have a car

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>Just be born rich
Sorry I have to work for my own shit.

I can't drive stick, and this is the first car I've bought for myself. I plan on buying a used a cheap old used truck to learn eventually.

>inb4 hurr durr can't drive stick not a real man

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>I can't drive stick
How is it even possible to have a drivers license if you don't know how to use a stick?

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2013 VW GTI Stage 1
2017 Dodge Charger 392 Scat Pack

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I have never been a car guy but planning to buy another one soon. Is a Civic SI pretty good for the price? Looks like a pretty solid choice for that price range. Almost tempted to get a new 2020 one since there doesn't seem to be too many used newer ones where I live.

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anons there was a meme that plankton in spongebob was getting fucked by giant pepe and then was getting thrown to pepe's shit. does anyone of you have it?

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'18 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Duramax

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Because I live in a real country, where the goverment understands that most cars are automatics nowadays, so requiring someone to know how to drive stick for a license is like requiring people to be able to use a rotary telephone before being allowed to get an iPhone.

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Yup. Don’t have too many gore pepes in my folder so please feel free to keep dumping BSVanon

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Imagine coping this hard. I will not be shocked if you're a disgusting BTC tranny. I bet you are really good at using your dilation STICK. lmao

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Imagine the car he'll have after his son dumps the 350 million

or 650 million or whatever the fuck it is, can't keep up

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My mistake sir. I responded in earnest to an anon who is literally shitposting in every response.

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Kek, saved

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>Sorry I have to work for my own shit and lose it stupidly on bullshit to look like I have money

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>buying a $7500 used car makes everyone think you're rich

Lmao. My last car was an 04 Cavalier with a busted muffler and half thw bumper missing. I don't want people to think I'm rich. I wanna be able to take a girl on a date or bring her home from the bar and not feel embarrassed.

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my mom has an 81 mitsubishi sapporo I drive sometimes to mcdonalds or to get cigarettes

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2019 Honda. I have no expenses and make 80k from my 3 jobs (Uber & security on weekends) + day job. Thank you mom and dad. Only 23

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Tesla Model 3

Free parking, free charging, priority lane

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>I wanna be able to take a girl on a date or bring her home from the bar and not feel embarrassed.
This is the only real reason to have a car to be honest. To corral women

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88 volvo 240
93 saab 900 turbo drop top

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91 bmw e30 wagon with a fucked 1.8L.

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that middle class cope

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You’d be swimming in pussy with a car like that here in eastern europe

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Is leasing that bad of an idea? Especially if you factor in the cost of repairs/lost resale value for owned cars when you're in an accident.

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2000 328i bmw. Got it for 1800. No payment. Looks ok. No bully

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Same here. I did not need one until now.
Maybe when I make it I will have time for one and also a use for it.

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no bully if manual

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Drive the family car

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Opel Kadett from my dad

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I had a 2016 Maxima. Wrecked it

Now I'm pushing a 2012 Ford Escape. Honestly I like it, wish I hadn't wasted that money on the Maxima.

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Alfa Romeo 159 Ti.

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'07 Accord. I like

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me too, $2500 e-bike, my employer gives me a new one every 3 years as part of the "employee health improvement" package

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2000 civic with 200k+ miles.

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apple car

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fuck cyclefags
get out of the road retard

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I dont drive. My chauffeur does the driving.
>tfw the chauffeur is a bus driver

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2006 Legacy GT Spec.B, manual JDM of course.

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2002 Honda civic (Amber)

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2005 hyundai santa fe

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2016 Suzuki Vitara

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Awww shit bro. This one is mine. Did we talk in another thread a while ago about you possibly getting a gts? Anyway, patrician taste.

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2001 Honda Civic with a racing stripe in the door from when I lightly grazed a yellow parkade column

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2009 Honda Civic

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92 civic 4door less then 80k miles on it, bought it for less then 2k 2years ago, only thing i changed was the tires and brakes. other then oil changes.
works perfect.

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Hyundai master race here.

>> No.16620365

si's are pretty decent cars not a whole lot of powa but good if u looking 4 cheap and fun. wouldn't get a brand new one doeee

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'02 wrx wrb baby

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I walk a lot.

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Lil Mitsubishi that’s good on gas
Every penny I get goes into Crypto
I’ll buy my dream car next in the next bullrun

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I drive a 2001 f150

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tuned e90 335d

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Jeep. It snows a lot in this hellhole.

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800cc car ALTO maruti Air cooled

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2017 Kawasaki H2R
I unironically am the fastest person on 4chan

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76 xc fairmont

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Fucking Based. Beautiful cars. Inspired af by you Anons.

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seriously fucked up, he could be paralyzed on one side of the body and unable to speak from this accident for all we know, feeding through a tube, what did he do to deserve this? I hope the worthless lowlife shit-eating faggot who recorded this gets what he deserves.

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That's fucked up.


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can i be the apu to your pepes?

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Betcha can’t guess !
What kinda car is that fags?

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Why are 5-10 year old bmw 3 series so fucking cheap? Are they extremely unreliable? I'm thinking about getting one

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chevy uhhhhhhhhhhh


>> No.16621878


wait, no. Malibu.


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No and no

More clues

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Richfags beat the shit out of them and the amount that you would have to pay to fix it is more than a new one is worth.

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well, you weren't trolled when I said Chevy, as the Make is clearly marked on the air filter housing.

or the 90s quip, since this is obviously a carb.

so I'm just gonna say Mustang and continue my masturbation session.

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Nissan Versa

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>what did he do to deserve this?
driving on his gay bike on a road made for CARS
get the fuck off the road or land in a bush and become a quadroplegic you gay faggot

>> No.16622135

lol newfag get out

>> No.16622152

2016 Golf GTI

>> No.16622733

how much did you pay for it?
no car guess that's why i got a networth over 200k but i am planing to get one soon.

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Lambo. Soon enough.

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What car?

Tyler Durden

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I don't drive. Unnecessary expense in a big city.
If I'm ever to drive, I'll have someone else pay up for it extra.

>> No.16622853


This Is Precisely Why We Need Guns.

I would have shot the fucker.

>> No.16622868


my niggah.

I drive a cruiser.

>> No.16622876

I love WRX's but theres always something wrong with the ones that people are selling.

>> No.16622890

Audi A3, fren

>> No.16622941

No options. Higher end trims and engines are pricey. Some have halogen.

>> No.16623188

I take the bus, tram and subway, and vote to remove cars in the city center. = a shitload of more money to invest in something that actually rises in value. The luxuries of living in a well developed country amirite

>> No.16623213

Honda Accord Euro Luxury 2006

>> No.16623214

you think 0.0037 eth is gonna buy you a lambo?
think again fren

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>> No.16623267

don’t drive yet but i’m gonna get a 10yr old gook shitbox for my first car fuck getting a new one

>> No.16623272

Cool story bro

>> No.16623289

NB Miata and i used to daily a ford sierra but I totaled it

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>pass my test
>get a shitty little Toyota Aygo because it was only a 1.0 which made insurance cheap
>finally get rid of it after 2 years
>get a Mazda 2
>4 doors and tons of space
>absolutely zooming everywhere
this is so fucking fun

>> No.16623408

You guys are probably going to think this Is crazy but I'm 31 years old and I don't drive at all. And before you guys scream poorfag I have enough money to buy several cars in cash. I had a bad experience with driving when I was 15 and haven't been behind a wheel since. Public transportation is also more economical sensible but admittedly not time efficient. Also, I work two jobs and don't go out much so this may not be ideal for everyone.

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SEAT Ibiza Cupra DSG 180hp

> my2011

>> No.16623464

just Uber it

>> No.16623466


the only thing worse then niggers is cyclers

>> No.16623491

2016 bmw340

>> No.16623566

no you arent cause you cant launch that without wheeling

>> No.16623628

a shitty 2004 fiat wagon that I inherited from my grandpa. For a eurofag like me just owning a car is good enough.

>> No.16623636

01 nissan sentra and no idea what to do next, its on its last legs

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Tons of supply. The ecu/computer failures and other electronic shit fails all at once after 120k, +/- 10k. The oem prices for repairs are jewish, to the point replacing a fried xenon headlamp and the frm that died/caused it costs literally more than the car is worth.

That being said it's relatively easy to repair shit with inpa (real bmw scanner tool not that faggot obd2 pepboys shit), google, and youtube.

You can find one for cheap from a roastie that got highballed by a "mechanic" when it's a 100 dollar sensor not a 3k service and parts.

Then the n54/55 are another huge sets of problems and never-ending preventive maintenance.

>t. 650 awhp e90 owner with 5-7k of fix/upgrade stuff I've ignored for a year.
Pic semi related

>> No.16623729

2007 Manual VW Golf. Good car but starting to show its age. What should I get next? I'm just under the average Australian Salary

>> No.16624595

02 is300 manual

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Cars are literally the worst hobby you can engage in.
>2003 Civic 208k miles, winter beater
>2017 fiesta ST 26k miles, daily driver
>2012 GMC 1500, 130k miles, for working on investment properties/ towing all of my broken cars
>2000 Impreza 2.5rs 2door, 230k miles, blown head gasket, needs $2k of work to get back on the road
>1998 240sx, needs $5k of work to be road Worthy
>1991 240sx turbo, needs $7k of work to be road Worthy
>1989 240sx, needs $3k of work to be road Worthy.
>2000 focus, 250k miles, need to tow to the junk yard

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Anyone know about the reliability of the 04-08 Acura TL. Looking to get a later year version soon.

>> No.16624767

transmissions are shit

>> No.16624775


OP, are u a faggot? A car is on the side. Ride a Harley ffs

>> No.16624776

Damn anon, I had heard that the 5 speed was pretty reliable. Sounds like I’m better off with an accord

>> No.16624800

5 speed might be great DESU I was under the impression that most were autos and I've heard the autos were terribly engineered.

Manual would prob be fine but I've never seen one.... TLX's did come with manuals and are the same platform as accords

>> No.16624804

Is there a bigger symbol of white trash than a harley?

>> No.16624807

your MOT expired 3 days ago. tax is paid til may 2020 though, good goy.

>> No.16624886


Well, I don't know if there is. I would not make that distinction. To me, a Harley is important and almost a necessity. Whatever cars I have, is kind of just a nice plus. I am old though, so you might not understand.

>> No.16624965

Shut up gay old man

>> No.16625014


ooooohhhh, big words

>> No.16625029
File: 47 KB, 862x428, F81653DBD8F33FBD72B2731616A8E5CC_1532554188729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I drive this

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Hell yeah, is that a 924? It’s always hard for me to remember the names of all the front engine Porsche’s that came out in the 70s and 80s, but I kind of want one. I’d kill for pic related, but I think they’re super rare and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

>> No.16625097


Hey, newfag, I have an idea, make me? Show me.

>> No.16625149


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File: 130 KB, 960x720, PBMA Business Idea Graphic (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4chan... would you use Facebook to instantly access bike mechanics to answer your questions?

>> No.16625170

hey boomers, 8kun is down the hall

>> No.16625247


Sorry, I was elsewhere.. yes?, so little one, what are you trying to express?

>> No.16625475


>I have the tools to repair my bike myself
>I do not know how to fix my bike, after acquiring the proper tools, which I own

This describes the exact opposite of my bike maintenance problems. How the fuck do so many bike parts require a special wrench or pliers or something to properly repair?

>> No.16625539

disco 4 landmark

They're mutts/leafs

>> No.16625564


> not Harley!

>> No.16625565

I thought I was one of the few who drove a poor man's car until I saw the shitboxes the average biz poster has.

>> No.16625604


Anon, please, don't feel bad. all is well. Drive whatever you like. What we do now is not aimed at you.

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A twingo

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cars are a money pit

I use the bus mainly but always try to take the train wherever I can

its really cheap and comfy if you live in europe and no minorities around

plottwist: I am a heavy truck driver by profession

>> No.16625921

2008 Honda crv. Max suburban mom aesthetic.

>inb4 larp
>inb4 seething jealousy

>> No.16626010


Not Harley is bad. Are u gay?

>> No.16626024


reply to ourself then? mistake?

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File: 3.03 MB, 4032x1960, 20190807_170709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 71 KB, 460x920, aGjoxd5_460s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking based

>> No.16626203

944S, needs work but i look forward to it and it was a nice deal. That carrera is gorgeous, i found a site that sells the bumpers so hopefully i can at least look the part someday

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>remaining a carcuck

>> No.16626318

Ok, all settled. I will weep the day they will forbid gas powered engines. Weep. Of course, the bikes we have, will always be there... but there comes a time where new ones won't be coming. A new world is coming. I do not like that, but it is. If it was up to me, I would buy a 73 Hemi Cuda and drive it till I die.

>> No.16626339


>> No.16626680

Tesla roadster

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