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A thought-form is a symbol that represents a concept or thought for the person. A thought-form can be visualized by anyone and can represent anything. It is entirely in the realm of concept until the person makes the thought-form manifest into reality. That can be done through entity work as well as other methods. Through the deliberate actions and intentions of segregation and personification (separating the essential idea away from everyday concerns and giving it a personality, special characteristics, and associations to symbols), the thought- forms will take on a conceptual form that will allow them to maximize the energy that they have received through your actions and intentions.

By maximizing this energy you allow for very powerful actions to occur through creative processes.

All things that are created with the mind have the ability to manifest outside of the mind in some form or shape. The mind is a microcosm of the universe. That which affects the mind, has the ability to affect the universe.

People have created and worked with different types of entities far beyond recorded history. Many gods and god- desses came into being as thought-forms personified. This allowed humans to interact with and interpret cause and effect in the world in which they lived. Often these fledgling thought-forms were slowly transformed into the gods and goddesses that we know today by the general acceptance of the attributes given to events. As more people adopted those understandings of the events as actions of "things greater than themselves/' the thought-forms gained momentum and energy from the people that understood them.

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Positive vibes are essential

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Some people question the reality of entities created by our thoughts and emotions. Their understanding is that if we have the ability to create something with our mind, it therefore must be imaginary. This is, however, not the case. When someone studies magick long enough, they will come to the understanding that what is thought of as "self" and "not self" is merely an illusion. We only have company in life due to the illusion of being separated. Everything that we experience, perceive, or understand in any way, has been created within our own minds. The world as we understand it was created by us through our experiences. The world that we live in is only that of ourselves. Only we have the ability to change the things in our world, and our mind gives us the ability to do just that.

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The Secret is a self-help book regarding the power of positive thinking by Rhonda Byrne. The book suggests the notion that like attracts the like, which means if you emit positive energy, it will be very beneficial because you will attract positive things to you.

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Thoe are called memes. Now go back hippie.

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I've been doing this for the last 2 years cunt
>pic related

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Everyday we, as evolving humans, learn something new. When we are presented with a new situation, we do our best to relate to this experience with the knowledge that we already have. As time goes on, we may find that our original thoughts and theories may have been incorrect and need to be changed a bit. We do not discard the experience all together as though it never happened. What we do is note -what we have learned and adjust our understanding accordingly. Everything in the world as we know it has been constructed by the limitations of our own minds at the time that we experienced it. Thereafter, we merely build upon our own thought constructions for what we perceive to be "real" or the "truth." Once you understand how to change your perceptions, there is nothing in this world that your mind cannot change.
In relation to entities, this simply means that we re- ally may not know exactly what entities are, but we know that they exist. As we learn more about them through our interaction and practice of working with them, we adapt what we have learned to fit into our new understandings or our experiences.
It is important to not discard the validity of any type of entityjust because we do not understand it or have evi- dence supporting it. Rather, we must accept our experiences and understand that we are only limited by our experiences. The more we learn about a subject, in this case entities, the more that they come into our realm of understanding, much like the American Continents did for Europeans that were unaware of their existence.
You create entities and can accordingly determine what such entities will do for you. You don't use the per- ception of belief with entities, but instead use the perception of attributes with your entity. To put it simply, you choose to perceive that an entity has specific talents about it that will help in your operations.

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A thing to understand about entities is that they have different levels of intelli- gence. This intelligence depends on the type of entity.
One way of understanding entities is that they are formed from the collective unconscious. When we spe- cifically identify and give a certain type of energy human attributes, we are separating the energy from the collective unconscious and create a new being. This new being is still interconnected with the collective unconscious, as we all are, but it is a distinct energy being.
Entities have the ability to draw on the collective unconsciousness when they are instructed to do so. By doing this, entities are able to learn new skills and gain information. This ability also allows for them to affect the collective unconsciousness in ways that will allow for their tasks to be accomplished.
If entities are formed from thoughts and emotions, what were they before they were formed? There are many different theories and understandings on this topic. Most of the theories seem to make a reference to a great mass of en- ergy. Some often refer to this mass as the Creative Life Force. This energy, or Life Force, exists in all things and expands beyond human understanding. When a human decides to give a part of this great energy mass a form, it establishes this small part of energy as a new spiritual being. This new
spiritual being resides on a plane of existence that some magickal practitioners refer to as the astral plane.
The process is similar to when parents conceive a child. They take a part of the Great Creative Life Force and give it a form. This new form exists on both the astral and physical planes. An identity is established and furthers the creation of this being. The original energy from the Creative Life Force has not been separated from the rest, but it has been provided with an astral and physical "container" in which it can reside.

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Hippie rigmarole, Jesus is Lord, get from behind me satan!

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After creating the entity, little of your own energy is required to produce the results desired. Because of this, you are able to devote your time and energy to other things as you wish. The entity will go off and complete the task that has been assigned to it. The more energy that you direct toward your entity—depending on the work at hand—the better your results tend to be.
Expanding on the dynamic possibilities of entities, a magickal entity can be used for several magickal tasks at the same time. For example, an entity that has the task of creating wealth can be used to make a company prosper- ous. At the same time the entity can look after a person's personal assets. Often "general skilled" entities can be used over and over for magickal workings that are of similar basis. An example of this would be the creation of an entity that is governed by the realm of happiness. This entity could be used any time that a feeling of happiness was needed.
Magickal entities can be created to be "astral mes- sengers." These messengers can go out and collect bits of information that is of interest to the creator. The entities then can report back to the creator relaying all of the in- formation that was gathered. This type of entity use can be beneficial in times when someone needs to gather important information when under normal means it would be impos- sible, such as in making crucial business decisions.

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An entity can be created to help you learn a specific skill. Often people will create what are often known as "teacher entities." These teacher entities are created with all of the knowledge of a particular skill or area of interest. The creator will then go to the entity to have it help teach the creator the desired skill or knowledge. Teacher entities are like having your very own wise mentor at your disposal. These types of entities can be very beneficial when trying to learn new and complicated subjects.

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which was just her reinterpretation of Norman Vincent Peal's bullshit

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A method to start sharpening your creative thinking skills is to come up with ten solutions to every problem that you are faced with. The next time that you have an issue that needs to be resolved, write down on a piece of paper at least ten different possible ways to resolve the solution. You may at first get one or two with no problem, but when it comes to more than two you may find it difficult. If you do find it hard, that's OK, just keep thinking. Even if the idea sounds dumb or far-fetched write it down.
If you do this every time you have a situation to resolve, you will find that your ideas will become sharper and more focused than when you started this technique. The more that you use this creative thinking method, the more effective solutions you will come up with. You will come to notice that your thought process has changed and that you are starting to see opportunities where there were none before.

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When you start working with entities, of any type, always show the utmost respect for them. This is one thing that most people overlook when working with entities, man- made or preexisting. Many, either because of ill instruction or ignorance, try to dictate and control the entities through threats and intimidation. This is the surest way to mini- mize the effectiveness of your magickal workings.
To maximize your magickal workings, you should treat the entity as though it is a comrade or friend. When you work in this manner, the entity is more responsive to your wishes and will work harder to manifest your desires. It is similar to working with humans, the more you respect them and the better you treat them, the more that they will do for you.
Be aware that with any entity, created or not, trust goes both ways. You have to fulfill your end of the bar-
gain even as it fulfills its end. If you don't, the repercus- sions are less than desirable. It's better to pay your dues when it is time than to let them grow beyond the means of payment. Your strength as a person and as a mage can sometimes be measured by how honorably you've conducted your affairs.
Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Like humans, some entities will not work any harder for you no matter how you treat them. In these instances, it is best to use your judgment as to whether you wish to continue to work with such an entity. After all, the entity was created by you to fulfill your desires, and if an entity shows any signs of not wishing to accomplish those goals, it is up to you to decide on what you wish to do about it.
Magick, in any form, requires energy to work. Only by actually doing magick on a daily basis, working with energy everyday, and learning to control energy, will your spiritual power grow stronger. You will become capable of using magick in a wide variety of ways, which includes creating and working with entities.

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Magic trannies literally btfo

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The classical understanding of Karma is said to mean "action." Action in the sense of how a ball falls to the ground after it has been thrown. Karma in this sense is a word of understanding cause and effect, rather than a system of punishment or reward. In this understanding, the punish-
ment or reward comes from the person's ability to learn a lesson. For example, say Johnny were to touch an iron and as a result he burned his hand. The Karma in this example was the burned hand. Now if Johnny chooses to learn this lesson, and check to see if the iron is hot before touching it, he has been rewarded by not receiving a nasty burn as he had originally. On the other hand if he refuses to check the
iron before he touches it, he is punished by receiving a burn the next time he touches a hot iron.
Regardless of what the system is named, "Law of Return," "Three Fold Law," Karma, etc., it is used to teach people the effect that their actions have. No matter how foolish some of these "laws" sound or are, the fundamental
principle is to make the follower, student, mage, etc. learn to understand cause and effect.
It is of great importance to understand what type of effects your actions will have on the world around you. If you are careless, you may find that your actions can have an unexpected, ill effects on those that you love and care about. On the other hand, you may receive a great fortune by what seems to be luck.

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Great thread

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Based. Fudders so mad.

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An important question to ask yourself is the follow- ing: Is it worth it to conjure the entity and have it do the task or are there other means to achieve my ends?

Now it may seem odd to ask this question in this book, but it is a very important and valid question to ask. It is not to say you shouldn't create entities, but you should be certain that it is justified. If you are one who likes to experiment, then your justification is just that—in order to learn more about entities, you work with them. By asking and answering this question, you will insure yourself no regret, but rather, a focused intent that will bring about what you want in a manner that works for you. Any magickal un- dertaking should be considered carefully and entity work is no exception.

Picture in your minds eye exactly what it is that you want. Try to see your desire manifested. See everything that would be affected by it. How would you feel? What problems would this solve for you? How would it make other people feel? Try to make the desire manifestation as real as possible. Try to understand the feelings that you would have once it has come to pass.

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After you have crystallized your desire as much as possible, for every conceivable aspect, write it down in as much detail as you can. Write down the results that you will achieve from the desire. Write your emotions and feel- ings in regards to the desire that will manifest. Capture the essence of what this desire will bring into your life. Make this as clear and as detailed as possible.
When you have written all of this down, you have taken your first step toward manifesting your desires. In many magickal systems, writing down the desire in as much detail creates an astral "blueprint" for your goals. This "blueprint" is the starting point for all things to come into being.
One you are finished writing down everything that you can think of, determine from what source your desire will come, and the impact that the source may have. In other words, if your desire was to receive a lump some of money (yes, the standard "magickal how-to" example), where would the money come from? Wovild you receive it through the means of payment for an art sculpture that you have recently finished? Would you find an envelope full of money on your way to the park? Will the money come from a disability settlement from the accident at work that left you without the use of your right arm? Did yovi receive it because a dear person to you died and stated in his or her will that you are to receive the money?
As you can see, there are many ways that you could receive the lump sum of cash in a favorable way. You can also see that there are numerous ways to gain the money that you may not like—like losing your arm, or the death of a loved one. The purpose of this exercise is so that you
can try to find the best, and second best, possible ways for you to have your goal manifest. By doing this,, you are trying to eliminate, to the best of your ability, any "negative" source that you would not -want your desire to manifest through.

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LMFG: ctrl-f
0 results found.

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When you have found the best ways for your desire to come into being, write it down. Then visualize your receiv- ing your desire through the source(s) that you have chosen.

Does it feel right to you? Have you thought of everything that may come from this source? If you can honestly say "yes," then that is the most logical source for you. If you answered "no," then keep thinking of a better source until you have found one that works for you.

Now you should put the paper a way for a day or two and try not to think aboLit your desire. It may be hard not to, but do the best that you can. If you find yourself thinking about it, acknowledge it for what it is and allow it to pass.

What this will do, is allow your subconscious to fig- ure out the easiest and best way to manifest your desires, within the frame work that you have provided. It will mull over the details that you may not have thought about. It will then decide if it is able to do it or not.

In some cases, your subconscious may need more details. It may even suggest a different route to gain the desires. All of this will help to lead you to the manifestation of your desires. This is called the "incubation stage."

After a day or two of allowing your subconscious to build a plan, take out the paper and review what was writen down.

Does what you have written still make sense to you? Is this still what you want? You may find that what was written is still exactly what you want. You may also find that you want to add or subtract a few things, but that over all the idea is sound.

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this is my thought shills

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Now that you have defined your goals and desires, it is time to define the purpose(s) of your entity. It is time to think about the task(s) of the entity. Think about the role it will play in the manifestation of your goals and desires.
In the example provided earlier, the attainment of a lump some of cash, your entity could have different types of tasks based upon your goals and desires. Let's say for example that you wish to receive a lump sum of cash, and you wish to receive it through the sale of a sculpture. You may wish to have the entity provide inspiration and fine craftsmanship to you during the creation of the sculpture. You may wish to have the entity attract the attention of fine art collectors from your region to buy your artwork. Then entity could even have a task of influencing anyone that lays eyes upon the artwork to want to buy the piece. There are many options available to you during the creation of your entity's task(s).
After you have defined the entity's task(s), you must figure out the realm of influence the entity will have. The realm of influence is like the "trade" or "craft" of the entity. There are two realms of influence that need to be defined, the general and the specific.
The general realm of influence describes what type of "trade" or "craft" the entity is involved in. For example a baseball player would have the general realm of influence in sports. A journalist could have different ones to choose from—depending on the way you want to look at it. The journalist's general realm of influence could be information
or art (assuming that you view writing as an art-form).

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In the "lump sum of cash" entity example from above, you can have the entity's task to influence organizations and the traditional finance community to see an immediate need and value for LINK. You can then look at the task and decide that the entity's general realm of influence is "sales." This would mean that the entity is knowledgeable in the art of selling things. Once you have the general realm of influence, you can use that information to think about and gather correspondence ideas for later incorporation with the entity.
For the "lump sum of cash" entity, with a general realm of influence in "sales" and "LINK seen as high value" you may start thinking of things, like orange—for attraction, rose pedals—for love or admiration, etc. These ideas will be things that you can, and should, use when creating your entity.

After you have figured out the general realm of intent, it is time to create the specific realm of influence. The journalist's specific realm of influence could be "star reporter for The Economist."

Or the entity can be shaped in a way that induces the "AHA!!" moments in individuals of strategic interest to the project.

The "lump s u m of cash" entity could have a specific realm of influence. Armed with the specific realm of influence, we are able to start to develop the entity's statement of intent, which will become the core—or DNA, if you will—of the entity. The statement of intent for this entity could be "To influence and attract high value organizations, the global derivatives sector, and the traditional financial space to see high value in Chainlink and the LINK token."

Now you have the core of the entity's existence defined. This will make it much easier for you to create your entity. It will also improve the likelihood that your magickal working will produce the results that you wish to attain.

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Greetings from /x/

I was asked to come post here from an emissary:

They asked about best practice on creating a viral entity, which is not unlike the occult concept of an egregore.

I think you will find much success in exploring the link between what has been traditionally called mystical in that respect, and memetics.

To fulfill my word to the emissary, my first answer to him was this:

The following questions were these:
The most immediate questions are:
1. Not sure if you've followed the Chainlink project, but do you believe there's a way to increase its existing egregore-like existence? If so, how?
2. What are the best ways to create this entity for the purposes of increasing adoption among developers and their target market via entity creation?
3. Would you consider their movement already a form of a viral entity?

And my answers were thus:
1. I'm not familiar with the Chainlink project, but if it's an egregore, it's going to draw it's power from multiple people believing in it, thinking about it, creating content related to it, and acting in its name.

2.First, respect that if you create an actual entity, it will be sentient, and must be respected as an individual, not viewed as a tool. Second, the character archetype you build your entity off of must meet the needs/desires of your target audience.

You know how some shows have a character that resonates with a specific group of people? Why does that happen? Remember you're creating an individual, almost like a sentient A.I. What kind of personality would resonate well with your target audience?

3. If people are already thinking about it, creating content about it, and acting in accordance with it, then yes, it is already beginning to come alive.

Just remember, a memetic entity dies when people stop believing in it, but if you can create its principles in an AI, it will live independently of people, and become a true entity.

I hope you find this helpful /biz/

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Ah, crossboarding is not something I normally do lol


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Ay yo this nigga wrote a self-help book in this thread

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Nobody's reading this shit.

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Fucking nulinkers

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>Ah, crossboarding is not something I normally do lol
Bless you for your post, Anon

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Currently just trying to will my way into a good life by hard work. Gonna be learning how to teach English as a second language to kids for side money. I just want to make bank, bros. But my autism and depression make shit hard. Anyways, send some positive my way. I'm done being a doomer and I hope you are too.

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You're memeing a fun entity with your frens, fren. Life is good.

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An observers friendly suggestion:

Don't forget, observation creates belief, belief creates thought, thought creates action, action invites observation.

Look where you are, believe in forward possibility, think about what you've observed and how to mirror it to your belief, then act on it. Repeat.

Just a thought.

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Welcome back !!! with Fire Power he comes with !!! I’m getting goosebumps just reading this. Holy fuck. EPIC thread this will be.

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Gondola always makes me feel comfy

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Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having
Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all your focus and attention onto your breathing
iiiiiiiinnnn.................... ooooooooooooouuuut

good. Do this for a few minutes, then -
VISUALIZE yourself becoming rich through your LINK investment
ANTICIPATE the things you will buy with your new found abundance of wealth
IMAGINE as though it is all happening now in the present moment, for the present moment is all that truly exists
FEEL the way you will FEEL when that moment comes and you make it!

Now open your eyes, look in a mirror, and recite these affirmations (use/add your own that is relevant to the reality you want to create once you make it)
It's important to do this when you wake up and before you go to bed, but do it as often as possible. Also hold the image and idea of us making it and LINK being worth $1,000 or more in your mind as you fall to sleep.

I love you all

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Fundamentally there is no cheese

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Fuck off Delphi

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Perform divination to make sure that the entity's purpose is for the best of all that it will have an effect over. In other words, you want to make sure that the purpose of the entity is sound and correct with your ethical principals and will not cause any adverse effects that you may have not thought of.
Be honest with yourself when divining, because it can be very tempting to make yourself believe that a reading is telling you to proceed, even though the reading is trying to issue to you a dire warning. You may want to enlist the help of a trusted person to perform the divination for you. Having the "outside" person perform a reading for you may be the buffer that you need to make sure that you are engaging in a magickal working that is truly in your best interest.
If the divination reading turns out to not be in your best interest, all is not lost. It is best to take the recommen- dations from the reading and try looking at your goals and desires for hidden ideas. You may -want to sleep on it before reviewing your goals. This will bring upon the "incuba- tion" again to help you clear out unwanted influences.
After you have had time to review, it's time to start over. Look for areas that you may have missed the first time. Look for things that the reading suggested to be changed. After all of this, it is time to go back to divination to see if your new plan is beneficial to you.
Once you get a "go ahead" reading, you should con- tinue with the creation of your entity. It should be fairly easy from here on out.

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In some religious and spiritual circles the "Law of Return" is a widely held and accepted doctrine. This "law" dictates that whatever action is done by you, you shall receive back. Therefore if you were to do good one day, you shall receive something good in return, and conversely if you do some- thing bad, you shall receive something bad.
In Wicca they have something similar to the "Law of Return." They call this the "Three Fold Law." They under- stand this "law" to mean that what ever you do, good or bad, returns to you with three times the strength. There are differing views as to how and when you receive the three-fold effect, but nonetheless most Wiccans agree that such an effect occurs.

In some New Age groups the "Law of Return" is referred to as Karma (the force generated by a person's actions to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person's next existence). Some even understand Karma to act as a cosmic score of "fate." In other words if Johnny does good, he will receive "x" amount of good Karma "points;" whereas if Sally does something bad, she will receive "x" amount of
bad Karma "points." Then, depending on person's point of view in regards to Karma, these points will gather until the end of the person's life and they will either be "rewarded" with a better life in the next incarnation, or be "punished" with a worse one. Others believe that you receive these Karma "points" in this lifetime. Some refer to this line of thinking as "New Age Karma," or "Western Karma."

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The reason for mentioning this here is to make you aware of how the planning and creation of your entity can affect things around you; for better or worse. I will not tell you that is bad, or bad things are going to happen to you, if you choose to have your entity cause harm or misfortune to someone. It is not for us to judge—that is up to you. However, you should completely think though all of the possible effects that your actions, and those of your entity, may have. Once you have thought through all of them, and are satisfied with all known possible results, only then should you proceed with your plans.

There are times when things may happen that you did not foresee. These are times to learn how your actions have caused an effect on something, and time to own up to your actions. If you learn from these incidents, you may be able to better plan your actions at a later time. Or you may be able to accept that there are some things that are outside of your ability to control at this time, and to take responsibility for them when they happen.

>> No.16615948
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Think through to the future and try to foresee any problems that your actions may cause. See if you may have guilt in the future. If you are unable to see—honestly unable to see, and are not kidding yourselfjust to make something hap- pen—only then should you proceed with your plans.
If you find that after your actions you do have guilt, the only thing that you should do is to correct the problem through whatever means possible. This may mean that you need to stop a magickal working that you have done. This may even mean that you just have to accept what has happened and move on with your life. But whatever it is that you need to do, do it and take full responsibility of your actions.
One last note about cause and effect: what ever your entity does, it does because of you and your intentions. Therefore do not fall into the false security of kidding yourself by saying that since your entity did it and you did not, you are not responsible for what happened.

>> No.16616019
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There may be times where you find yourself in a situ- ation where you specifically need to do something involving your entity's realm of influence. You may wish to invoke (calling the entity inside of you—this is the opposite of evocation) your entity to aid you in your actions. Then, after invoking your entity, it acts through you and all of your actions, from that point onwards, should be those of the entity, until you choose to end the invocation.

To make personal invocation easier between your entity and yourself, you should take every opportunity to study and understand the realm of influence of the entity. This way you will form a stronger bond with your entity, and through the magickal formulation of "likes attract likes," your workings with the entity will become easier and more productive, and you will notice a higher success rate of your magickal working with your entity.

The more sincere the contact is, the quicker you may begin to see the entity's housing object animate. After some time, it will become progressively easier to see the object come to action with little effort. With even more work, however, you may even begin to see your entity (in some form or fashion) away from the object in which it resides. This usually only happens when you have developed great psychic abilities.
You may even begin to hear sounds from your entity. When the entity reaches a higher state of life, you may even begin to feel the touch of the entity. Most of the time, your entity's touch will feel like spider webs. Then it may begin to feel like regular physical contact with a solid object. People have noted that the times between being awake and sleeping are the most common times of seeing, hearing, or feeling their entities.

Round 2 will be published when I have the time. Earlier posts should help with providing a solid conceptual understanding.

Next, we will participate in a /biz/ group experiment.

>> No.16616121

Fan fact: the girl, reference model for this painting is my colleague and she's petite hot

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Bump for visibility

>> No.16617865


>> No.16617879

You're a liar.

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uwu I wish all of you good luck

>> No.16618208

Ready for round 2. Thank you for the warm welcome, fren.

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>lets create a thought form
>he doesn't know

You thought it was just a meme animu girl and never looked behind the veil or the symbolism, did you silly stinkie

>> No.16619551
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>> No.16620159

looking forward to the experiment !!

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OP that is unnecessary, what about 'enslaving a part of your soul that will eventually come back for revenge'?
kek is already the dominant thoughtform, and this board has the favor of kek; if anything, balance should be achieved.
can you gain the favor of sobek?
as above, so below?

conduit of synchronicity

>> No.16622353

Should be fascinating.
Couldn't come at a better time.

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32 मिलियन ICO और कोई काम करने वाला उत्पाद SIBOS नहीं 32 million ICO and no working product SIBOS, Google या किसी अन्य के साथ वास्तविक साथी नहीं जो वे दावा करते हैं Not an actual partner with SIBOS, Google or anyone else they claim बिज़ पर 30 धागे लगातार, भुगतान किए गए पदोन्नति, मॉड खरीदे जाते हैं 30 threads on biz constantly, paid promotion, mods are bought Oracles एक उत्पाद नहीं है, HTTP की तरह, खुला स्रोत विकसित किया जाए Oracles are not a product, like HTTP, to be developed open source किसी भी दैवज्ञ या सेवा को बढ़ाने से लागत में वृद्धि होती है और देवता अपने स्वयं के खट्टे साधनों का उपयोग करते हैं Tokenizing any oracle or service adds increased costs and devs would rather use their own sourced tools moab टोकन, 700,000 हर पंप पर बेचा जा रहा है, कोई स्पष्टीकरण नहीं moab token, 700,000 being sold at every pump, no explanation

>> No.16622520
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पहले एयरड्रॉप्स बिज़ पर होते थे, सेर्गे ने उन्हें कॉपी किया और अपने सहकर्मियों को बोर्ड पर बिठाया, प्रमोटरों का भुगतान किया, फिर बिज़ पर लोगों से संपर्क किया ताकि प्रमोशन, इनसाइडर ट्रेडिंग, घोटाला हो सके first airdrops took place on biz, sergay copied them and got his coworkers on board, paid promoters, then contacted people on biz to promote, insider trading, scam आपूर्ति का 65%, किसी भी समय डंप कर सकता है, Google ब्लॉगपोस्ट (इनसाइडर ट्रेडिंग) कॉइनबेस लिस्टिंग और पंप का कारण बना 65% of supply, can dump at any time, टोकन पर कोई विकास नहीं, संभव नहीं, eip170, इथेरियम में कॉल (अनुबंध करने के लिए अनुबंध) मुश्किल है, केवल एशियाई पैसे पर चल रही मार्केटिंग google blogpost (insider trading) caused coinbase listing and pump no development on token, not possible, eip170, calls (contract to contract) in ethereum are difficult, only marketing going on for asian money

>> No.16622546

घोटाला scam धोखा fraud सेकंड को रिपोर्ट करें report to sec रूसी राष्ट्रीय, caymen द्वीप बैंक russian national, caymen islands bank कोई उत्पाद, पैसा हड़पने, कोई विकास नहीं, झूठ no product, money grab, no development, lies oracles एक गैर-विचार, गैर-निरर्थक और केस के आधार पर मामला है oracles are a non-idea, non-redudant and case by case basis गरीब लोग अधिक, 1k स्टैक, 10k स्टैक, deluded खरीदने में बहक जाते हैं poor people are deluded into buying more, 1k stack, 10k stack, deluded

>> No.16622587
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You were beat to the bush OP

>> No.16622592

I like to believe people have caught on with sanskrit posting because of me doing it originally.

>> No.16623043

I saved this thread and will translate it to 8 different languages.

>> No.16623148


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