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BAT is getting into the VPN,affiliate marketing, and customer survey industry. These are multi billion dollar industries. Thats not including the ad network they are building.

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when BAT finally moves, it’s gonna move hard

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I got a BAT ad for a survey they were conducting. It asked for interest levels on certain products and price points. There were things like "mining ethereum in the browser passively" which i think was alluding to VPN0 or some type of staking method. They also asked if people would be interested in a VPN service and how much BAT they would pay for it. A private email service and how much people would pay for it. An all encompassing package deal for a range of services. The ability to "unlock the internet" for a flat fee (basically something along the lines of coil)

There was also stuff about getting paid to take surveys and how much they would have to pay you to take a 15 minute survey. The affiliate marketing question asked if you would be interested in a product that showed you affiliate links when shopping that would pay you in BAT (I guess a service similar to Honey which was just bought by paypal for $4B and they only have 20m users)

Pretty bullish if you ask me.

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Bad tokenomics due to endless sell pressure

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big if true

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This. They’ll need to address this before I invest a large amount

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This desu. People are way too distracted by the noise to notice what is going on. Brave is moving the pieces into place.

The team has already stated that token flows are trending above sell pressure.

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I got that survey too. It was pretty based.

There are so many cool uses for BAT but I fucking WISH they would just start with BAT for paywalled content. ETH is already beating BAT to the punch via metamask and it's the most perfect goddamn use for BAT. They literally need like one single semi-popular media outlet to allow BAT for paywalled content and it would open the floodgates.

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If you don't own BAT you aren't going to make it. Check em.

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I took the survey too. There was a disclaimer at the top saying that the questions don't necessarily mean their working on any of those features.

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They have been working on it for a while. I will spare you the tech speak about zkp's but basically the paywall has to be privacy preserving. If you pay for 1 month access with BAT the website cannot know who you are, and you have to have a (certificate) that allows you access to the site for a month after you have ended your browsing session.

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NO!!!!! STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They are working on the VPN currently, but the other features are yet to be verified. It's certainly more than we have now, and im sure theres other ideas they are or will be looking into. The bigger picture is Brave could become a tech behemoth. Load up while you can

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Ok, a criticism that doesn't sound like fud. What do you mean by this? Too much incentive to cash out tips, Brave Rewards, etc?

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>The bigger picture is Brave could become a tech behemoth.
Does this necessitate an increase in the value of BAT though? It makes it more likely, but how close to certain?

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To put it simply theres a fixed token supply, growing userbase, and a fresh stream of value entering the system through ad buyers, survey facilitators etc. Theres only so many tokens to go around, and sell pressure is offset by buy pressure, time sinks, and people who hold onto the tokens. To say the tokenomics don't make sense would be the same as saying savings accounts don't exist.

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Tons of reasons why it might. Speculation is always first and foremost the likely reason price would go up, but more uses for BAT = more people buying/selling/using it, more people want to get their hands on some because there's hype around it, etc.

didn't think of it that way, but it's true. Brave/BAT is all about privacy and I guess I still don't understand zkp's but I know it's complicated

anyways, fact of the matter is even if you think Brave/BAT is a sham, people are using Brave and the BAT marketcap is laughably minuscule at the moment. It will go up eventually.

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>It will go up eventually.
Ahhh all good and well, but I have no concept of patience, you see.

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The problem with BAT's price is 100% due to speculators not speculating. Where BAT stands out though is that its breaking its way outside of the crypto market and into mainstream attention. It could literally be touted as the next bitcoin that actually works. Theres a reason nearly every crypto investor trys to discredit BAT at every chance. BAT threatens to take away everyones lunch. Not sure why everyone wants to fight it instead of joining it. Theres much more traction around BAT than 99% of other crypto tokens.

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I’m losing hope bros. I bought high and haven’t seen the brap anon in a while

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hope you're right amigo. It just seems like it's never going to gain traction.

I'm sure he's still lurking. There's also the based 4m BAT anon who posts every once in a while. BAT threads are full of smart anons that give me hope. We don't have the schizophrenics or constantly shilling NEET memers like LINK, but there are still smart people in these threads that fully believe in BAT/Brave, and that's enough for me

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Im 500k anon. Got into ethereum back in 2015. BAT is eerily similar to the early days of ethereum, and a lot of the early eth community is also invested in BAT.


This is a pretty big metric to follow. Most of the defi guys are early eth investors. Nearly $3m dollars worth of BAT tied up by a couple hundred wallets, and nearly $75m by a couple thousand eth wallets.

There is so much damn noise in this space that people are not seeing stuff like this. There is a reason decentralized finance, and coinbase have chosen BAT over other erc-20 tokens. It wouldnt surprise me if we see custodial solution from fidelity sometime soon either.

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Just saw this when I clicked through a Brave ad lol

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Thats a sheriffs badge lol

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Well it doesn't say sheriff so it's fun to pretend :>)

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BAT is still a thing? I sold my holdings a long time ago for almost $1 each.

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i almost was going to put 5,000 usd into this shit coin in pic related

so glad i put it into link instead

it was at 19 cents in rec related

i would have been negative now


now my 5k is about 30k thanks to link.

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I'm still around, Lad. The work project wage slaving has been real lately so I've been just lurking when I have the time. I'll make another thread sometime this weekend most likely.

I think we have the best little community on the board. You said it best with having actual intelligent contributors, non shills, and threads not becoming a toxic shithole after 5 posts.

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True if big

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Realists best case scenario price prediction?

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bat salt thread

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ALSO partnerships with most prominent projects in crypto.
E.g. just published collaboration with Algorand: https://bravenewcoin.com/insights/new-partnership-aims-to-take-defi-to-the-unbanked