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In need of a friend. Preferably someone who is an intermediate draftsman and beginner animator.

Planning on usurping Disney and I need a partner in crime.

I like harmontown and h3h3.

Pls no zuckerberging pls.

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I can do it, how much do you pay? Animation is hard work man. I reckon I can only do 3 seconds a day of uninked animation.

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Im the one who put hair on this Bobo. Am I qualified?

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50% equity I'd say.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you just got zucked
it's all gone kiddo, nothing personeel

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Maybe...how long it take?

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Are you at least bankrolling this project? Sounds like I'm doing all the work? How am I getting componsated for my time, for lost revenue because I can't work for other clients?

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I remember when I was 20. Good times bro

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Prove to me I should help you and I'll send you my private contact. You're virtually fullsail tier right now.

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Actually, you know what, I'm hijacking your thread.

Is anyone here a good comedy writer? Not needing professionals, but I'm looking for a couple people who can really make a good flow work. Think Simpsons back in the first four seasons, each scene layered with jokes on top of jokes - which is what makes a mere ten minutes seem like thirty when shows do the job right.

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You sound like an experienced freelancer. I'm looking more for someone with zero experience who i can learn side by side with. Like a freddiew kind of dynamic.

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Like 2 minutes

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sure, but ill need a 10k advance

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Fair enough. It starts by actually having the skills to write a short comedy script, and it ends with you knowing how to animate a short to fulfill it. At that point you will be able to reach out to higher talent and create your vision as needed, i.e longer animation, production value, and talent. Otherwise you're just like every other Youtuber who wants to be an animator, and worse, you're on the equivalence of a story time Youtuber, the most untalented, hack pieces of shit there can currently be on the platform.

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It was just like in star wars when Darth vaders helmet when on his head. I found the hair in the batch of stickers and we'll the rest is history.

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I can do it here is some of my work
Hmu on da toob


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i can send you my good friends contact info, hes willing to work for no compensation..

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I'm a beginner animator. Here's my cartoon: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSn1qfF9lbkq3ep6nbJCnpiQ2HQ0ck3LU

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Yeah that's the route I'm shooting for...ive been drawing seriously for a year now and I just started animating when I got my tablet last month. The first checkpoint I really see for my self is regular posting somewhere like /r/YouTubeHaiku while trying to grow a team for longer content. Best possible case scenario imagineable, I get there in a year, but I'm early 20's so I'm flexible timlinewise.

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If you dont hmu i know youre larping

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Nice. I can bounce a ball at 24 frames a second and crash opentoonz

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Interested in traditional 2d? I shouldve said that from the getgo

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And yeah, fuck comics. Fuck flash in general.

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that's pretty gud, actually entertaining

also who posted this comment:
>this is not animation you gigantic nerd. you will never be an animator if all you do is storyboard. completely unacceptable and would take you less than two weeks to get real results because you don't need to learn how to draw since you already can. a real waste of a life.
what an absolute autist

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