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We moon as a Christmas present

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You celebrate Hanukkah you hooked nose piece of filth.

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Wrong trip, larper

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Wrong trip

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>Wrong trip, larper
oh really:


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”PhysicsHacker” is whalekillers trip.

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aye captain

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Just my way of asking for proof

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I just bought. Thank you faggot

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You need to learn how markets work.

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Why? News?

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That is my trip, but I still have a way of proving it's truly me which will be revealed on Wednesday night. There was a picture with bottle filled full of blue and white sand in my original post here....:)

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Congrats. Now you too can LARP as a massive faggot.

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got any juicy analysis for the enlisted among us?

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This is absolutely whales playing you. They will dump after the "google conference". I will screencap this post and post end of week.

If you fall for yet another "we will moon gaiz" post about link, i feel sorry for your retard asses. You're so close to $1000 right?

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LINK/USD is now officially bearish

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Followed this gay ass saga since your first thread. Show me the money you traitorous LARPing whale.

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wait dont you need to have a private key stored in your browser to use a secure trip and the tripcode is a hash of the concatenation of that key+the password? wtf is going on?

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Pee pee poo poo

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Uncle old fag is gonna be right again

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Target >$1

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don't know if you're the real whalekiller or not. Your trip was identified.

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Thank you for getting us out of sub $1 hell. I still remember your battle with the chink bots. You are a true friend

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You left your trip on. Samefag.

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I'm not whalekiller. I was just proving his trip was discovered.

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I am the real WhaleKiller. I knew my trip would be published. that is why in my original thread in May, I published a picture: >>/biz/image/kntMJjhA9bmDd4nsnicoEA

Compare that picture with my timestamped pictured in pic related, and gather around for stories. I posted that pic in the original thread so I could verify my identify after I knew my trip would be hacked.

Also,There is a a reason the bottle is full of blue and white sand in the original pic. There is a reason it is mixed up now.

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Guess it's comfy story time.

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You stuck the bottle up your ass and danced about during the Harvest Moon.

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why moon tho?

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I'm listening...

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Dear whale killer,
Fuck you for pricing us out for almost an entire year. Our stacks could have grown

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go on

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Glad you're still around. How you been and what stories have you got for us tonight?

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Alright, sorry fren. I’m in, let’s hear the story. I hope it’s pregnant Sergey.

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Should have been faster.

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You had two years, basedboy cuck

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Is it mixed because you took out the papers? R u selling whaleman?

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you've been priced out for 7 months, and before that you had 20 months to accumulate sub 50c

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We did it guys.

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You too could have accumulated more idiots.

Will the real whale killer please provide real hopium

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Why do you need hopium? Now it's going back to below a dollar and you can finally accumulate all you want. Right?

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I’m all in, there is no fiat left for me. Time for number go up.

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Welcome back. What's the news?

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To start, the most important thing is to hold for the long term. The cryptomarket, and especially LINK is more manipulated than I or anyone could possibly imagine. The Whales that are controlling the markets, I initially thought were just "semi-rich" people who made it big on holding BTC or small time fintech connected people or the occasional Saudi prince, Chinese diplomat, etc...

The entire cryptomarket is completely controlled by though primarily a combination of the Russian and Chinese government organizations with Israel and the U.S. finding their self later to the game than I could imagined.

I will go into more detail shortly for this to make sense, but Also, EVERY. SINGLE. EXCHANGE that has volume is pozzed and controlled by their host government, which I think is common sense by now

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No more hope. Only tears now.

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>clean your nails
Go on...

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Okay, more detail please.
Any implications for the Chainlink price? Why this Christmas?

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Fuck you asshole
Link is at $1.86. There’s no fucking way this shit will moon next year

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Trim and clean your fuckin nails nigger.

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hahahahahahahah this reaction is hilarious. holy FUCK youre all pathetic

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Sidenote, note my new trip and for faggots not paying attention, see: >>16583323

LINK is about to go down to about $1.45USD, don't fucking sale. There will be a huge green dildo, this is market manipulation to scoop up more LINK as those in power know that LINK is more valuable than USD

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So we're all fucked. Got it thanks.

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Big if true.

China and Russia in Link.... but why? Control the state of trustless issues. And how exactly are they manipulating out
stinky links ?

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Posting in great thread. What do you think about Chainlink and enigma?

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Whats with the extremely low volume?

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>LINK is about to go down to about $1.45USD, don't fucking sale. There will be a huge green dildo,
To what, like $2? Link is finished bro. >>16583481

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are you an actual boomer?

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High iq based man.

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I will eat a bullet at $1.45 kek

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tell us something we don't know. We all expected pregnant Sergey, are you going to deliver or no?

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Shut the fuck up and let the man speak ! Bigger unseen play.

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>Link is at $1.86. There’s no fucking way this shit will moon next year
There is about to be a global paradigm shift in both fintech and currency with chainlink and fucking google, as much as I hate them, at the central core; and from a cost benefit analysis, every single link that is in "their" hands before what you people call the singularity greatly increases benefits "them"

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>LINK is more valuable than USD
what the fuck do you actually mean by this?

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post proof or fuck off larper

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Guess I'll be adding to my stack

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mcdonalds coffee standard

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I love this thread so much, holy shit. Seeing the tripfag go ham and the reactions of pathetic copefags is such a sight to see. Holy shit you're all losing your money and you want to cling to the ramblings of some faggot to cope. Jesus christ HAHAHHAHA

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>Whats with the extremely low volume?
the low volume is indicative of even smaller whales not sure what to do about their long/short positions. Anyone who isn't a true market manipulator (NOT market maker), isn't sure what way those in power will go. But even those with 10 Million USD to throw around are noticing now is not a time to swing or skim trade

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>reading this thread unironically
>thinks he’s in on the joke
Oh sweetie

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post proof larper

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WhaleKiller here, hold the fucking line you pussies WhaleKiller !!GkZaQSwrrji (ID: 0bv6O1LJ) 12/16/19(Mon)20:44:30 No.16583041>>16583052 >>16583054 >>16583074 >>16583076 >>16583114 >>16583142 >>16583204 >>16583208 >>16583216
>We moon as a Christmas present

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>"their" hands before what you people call the singularity greatly increases benefits "them"
Who is “them”?
Are you talking about (((them)))?

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Did any of the 700k txfrs find their way to Google?

Thanks for the Comfy thread.

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>global paradigm shift
He who owns the fintech market controls the global markets? Another weapon for China and Russia against SWIFT ? If so, linkies be held for treason ...

>> No.16583558

>are you an actual boomer?

With all of the previous said, the necessity and utilization of LINK will be what brings it's value and once that happens, it can't be stopped. But you must understand that LINK was never meant for people like you.

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"Good god I'm excited for you guys"

>> No.16583563

>w-were just pretending!

>> No.16583566

>Did any of the 700k txfrs find their way to Google?
Googles wallets will be made public soon enough. There is a reason there were all of those 700k transactions but they were never actually traded on an exchange

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Is $1.45 the christmas gift?

>> No.16583574

Why mix sand? I’m mostly interested in the sand here (I’m very deep in the gravelcoins)

>> No.16583577

Is BTC being suppressed/oscillated abruptly to kill any possible Link pump? I have been noticing this for weeks

>> No.16583579

>LINK was never meant for people like you.
if this isn't all just a fever dream, i won't misuse my wealth, larp or not, thank you for your service, also lay off the sauce it makes you a faggot

>> No.16583581

Incorrect, they were sold to retail.

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>Is $1.45 the christmas gift?

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Kys attention whore.

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this channel was too perfect, was it an iceberg sell?

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That's like 1000 extra linkies for my stack

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>we moon as christmas present

>> No.16583605

>necessity and utilization of LINK will be what brings it's value and once that happens, it can't be stopped.
But what big player is actually in the Link Train? It's mostly just a toy... for now.

>> No.16583608

I was watching the dump live, it looked like a few stops were caught. Similar to the matic dump.

>> No.16583613

>Why mix sand? I’m mostly interested in the sand here (I’m very deep in the gravelcoins)
In the original post, the blue sand and white sand was symbology with blue representing LINK and white representing the rest of the "cryptosphere". At the time I originally posted, LINK was completely autonomous of the cryptosphere with the goal of being truly interlinked and integral. It has reached that point and truly mixed in; representing the mixing of the sand.

Also, don't read too much into that, I did it for fun, not to be a deep philosophical cringelord.

The oscillations with BTC are to kill any coin that tries to decouple, LINK just happens to be the one that will and they are most scared about. They've had 10 years of wash/skim trading to make billions and they don't want to lose it

>> No.16583615

so the tl;dr is "you're about to get dumped on but please don't compete with my sell orders"

>> No.16583619


according to analytics which came straight out of your ass

>> No.16583620

Also, it is unecessary for staking and utilzing link as collateral at the moment. So how will actual value be born.

>> No.16583621

>people like you
a panamanian origami enthusiast egregore?

>> No.16583622

Big whales control the big channels (1day, 3 day, 1 week), dolphins control the minute/hourly candles

>> No.16583630

I believe this narrative
Whalekiller's narrative supports this being the case. It's been happening for like a year

>> No.16583632

You are such an incredible fucking faggot. Kys attention whore

>> No.16583635

Pretty much this.

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so the big takeaway of the thread is just "hold link"?

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i'll take that as a yes, then some faggot whale got smoked by another when pic related happened

>> No.16583647

>You are such an incredible fucking faggot. Kys attention whore
Then sell your stack

>> No.16583648

when is that not the takeaway of any link thread

>> No.16583656

As I suspected, thanks for your answer. Can you tell us anything more about what specific powers are involved with Link and how did you get to that conclusion?

>> No.16583657

>so the big takeaway of the thread is just "hold link"?
Yes, but it's going down to 1.45 before a green dildo.

>> No.16583658

this thread is blessed, ty WK never selling ever

>> No.16583660

you agree, china and russia gubmt organizations are intentionally holding us down.


>> No.16583669

I believe everything you are saying except this. $1.90 was an obvious algo target and I don't think whales will risk additional selling to drive the price down further. If LINK is as bullish as it seems, it would be too risky.

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>Yes, but it's going down to 1.45
>we moon as Christmas present
Wtf are you talking about? And moon to where, like 2 dollars?

>> No.16583679

>As I suspected, thanks for your answer. Can you tell us anything more about what specific powers are involved with Link and how did you get to that conclusion?
I do much consulting with "The Big Four" and "The Big Four" are balls deep in crypto but also tied very heavily to banks and gov. "The Big Four" don't have a nation or creed, they just have eyes for money...well...there is one nation, but I won't name them

>> No.16583681

>But you must understand that LINK was never meant for people like you.
Meanwhile "they" list it on coinbase for goys can be able to easily purchase.

>> No.16583683

because they want it on tap, goys are priced out

>> No.16583687

fuck you cock sucker i have my buy orders in at 1.87. You fucked me at .98

>> No.16583691

big 4 doesnt wanna lose their rat hole of BTC for washing dirty money... but they can easily just use any other crypto asset.. right?

>> No.16583694

So what will the price be this time next year? Will we have singularity? Which I am beginning to think so with Googles involvement in AI. Their AI will be unstoppable with decentralized oracles and compute.

>> No.16583696

Got it. Thanks fren. If this is true you are going to be a target and probably all of us here too. I still get chills with the AMB dusting attack. Stay safe

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Yeah I'm with this guy. How can you call such a precise target when you yourself admit it's in the hands of national governments at this point.

>> No.16583701

After the drop, there will be a small cup and handle followed by a huge cup and handle, I am off for now. Note the new tripcode. Don't sell and don't trade with money you can't afford to lose.

>> No.16583702

i was the guy telling you last week that the team hadnt actually "solved" the oracle problem b/c they havent yet got a reputation system, and without a reputation system there is no "chainlink".

i knew this was coming, and no-one listened to me. still plenty of time to get out of this scam. we're going to sub70 cents before the year is out. there's no way a project with no product is worth 671 million dollars. just think how ridiculous thse numbers are.

for once, use your brains. LINK is currently a dead project. holding this is as bad as holding REQ and AMB.

>> No.16583707

It's $1.89 rn and dumping right now that's not priced out.

>> No.16583708

>If this is true you are going to be a targe
Implying I'm not a target for my other endeavors

>> No.16583712

fuck off nulinker

>> No.16583715

best of luck, next thread when?

>> No.16583722

Just wait for it to stop dumping tomorrow morning, buy more and dump it after the post-Google pump. Free money lmao.

>> No.16583725

Wednesday night smooth brain.

>> No.16583730

so no more connections? nice bump of hopium. we live to fight one more day

>> No.16583735

everyone laugh at the jew

>> No.16583746

You're a fag

>> No.16583756

millenials are poor and 15k is a lot for a make it stack

>> No.16583758

Can you give a little more info on your world? Just curious from a low iq poor fag perspective

>> No.16583770

Fire Nation?

>> No.16583772

Considering how delusional all the nulinkers in this thread are, do you really think a shred of actual news won't cause it to pump back to $2.20 at least?

>> No.16583776

If you say its going to $1.45 why not sell now and buy back later? Thats what you want us to think we should do without directly telling us. You're a fraud and even if link touches 1.45, it has nothing to do with what you're saying. Its the support level of our first major move out of the accumulation phase (where we ran from 0.40 to 1.45). Anyone can check the USD chart and see for themselves.

>> No.16583788

retard look at btc. Its going to shit and take everything with it. Link still moves on btc just like the whole market. Its going to dump super fucking hard

>> No.16583799

What makes you think 8k linkies are enough

>> No.16583819

19 yo. What's ins tore for me ?

>> No.16583823

you're a fucking idiot for posting that shit on 4chan. Gook moot data mines this place and sell your info

>> No.16583836 [DELETED] 

Nigger don’t feed the glowies. Hope you don’t get doxxed. This place is datamined and monitored by pretty much everyone.

>> No.16583887

You're missing my point. Whether it goes to 1.45 is irrelevant but you will assume that everything whalekiller said is true if it happens. It's more likely that he's just looking at the chart than being some insider with profound knowledge of whats happening in the background.

>> No.16583910


Not to burst your bubble. And I apprecaite your enthusiasm. But Chainlink will bounce in this area. either tonight or tomorrow.

From here we start to climb creating a double bottom.

Good luck everyone.

>> No.16583938

>but you will assume that everything whalekiller said is true if it happens
im not assuming shit. I can look at the charts myself. I dont need that faggot making a thread for me to belive anything. I hate that mother fucker for pushing the price up past a dollar

>> No.16583946

Any recomendations for safe storage for linkies?
I'm spread out across exchanges and both hot and cold wallets.
Tezor and ledger still decent?
Thanks for your time WK!

>> No.16584005

what a shit thread

>> No.16584028


>> No.16584106

So basically we learned nothing new. That guy made a price prediction back in September where we were supposed to be at 3-4$ well guess what..

>> No.16584116

>its da joos
lmao cope

>> No.16584181

This shit is a long shot. Only nulinkers are worried. The rest of us got our 10k plus stacks at under 80 cents

Couple of grand to see if this does a massive pump so I don't need to wage anymore is a bet I'm willing to take and if I lose a few grand in the long term it means nothing
totally irrelevant to me but I love to come here to see the FUD even if it's true


>> No.16584197

This, unironically selling all now

>> No.16584205

Whale Killer was larping about the chinese bots. There were NO FUCKING BOTS YOU MONGS. It was a low volume period and so he bought and sold and bought and sold and painted the charts. You are all so fucking dumb. Do you even remember what happened?
>larps about bots
>says he will waste his own money to prove it
>”fights” the nonexistent bots
>promises you all to push the price higher
>buy more and hold guys
>over the next several days link lost steam and dumped a lot, and he told you to keep holding like fucking idiots
I’m never selling but anyone that bought his bullshit about holding the line played right into his game.

>> No.16584222

This. So. Much. This.

Can we tone down with the childish "we will moon guys" sort of thing? Oldfag is right and it's hurting the community.

Edit: oh wow ! rip my mailbox, thanks for the Gold kind stranger.

>> No.16584297

lmao also checked

>> No.16584420

These are lofty statements. You seem to have a similar disposition to Assblaster; for some reason it gives you a high to talk about this shit. Just know that your reputation is on the line with these calls. If this doesn’t pan out in the near future, you’ll be no better than uncle oldfag

I respect your efforts in the original whalekiller thread, so I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. You will be a legend if you’re right. But I’m highly skeptical. Extraordinary claims and such...

>> No.16584433


Holy shit its over retard people know its a scam just sell already and stop flooding the board with this pathetic shit

>> No.16584442


Delusion the post

>> No.16584515

based. if you didn’t play it this way you’re a retard simple as

>> No.16584687

I don't think anyone thinks otherwise. Hence it not pumping at all. We bearish now for the next couple of months.

>> No.16584741

Who will pump first XRP or LINK?

>> No.16584869

who cares what link does in the next 6 months. if you want to become rich of LINK you need to wait around 24-36 months. who cares what happens in the meantime..buy more on every dip and find something else that makes you happy or build a own business in this 36 months.

>> No.16585042

what ? staking and utilizing link will open new possibilities, turn around your thinking. Lack of this funcionalities actually blocks further big steps for adoption

>> No.16585074

I can vouch for whale killer on this. We’ve got everything prepared for tomorrow and let me just say this:

LINK holders are in for a VERY merry Christmas.

Strap in boys, this is the golden roller coaster and you’re in for the ride of your lives.

Good god I’m excited for you kids.

>> No.16585106

What about xrp

>> No.16585109

Incorrect, there is literally zero proof they were sold

>> No.16585128

Jesus christ, here comes the schizio

fucking retards like this one all over the board now, cringe

but i hope the schizio is right about the drop, i sold right after it touched 1.99

>> No.16585139

Learn to read a chart you faggot. Look at the volume uptick on Binance compared to other exchanges after the first 700k transfer.

>> No.16585141

Dear Mr. Whale,

You should post a picture of the bottle and shit with your new trip, otherwise how the hell are we supposed to know which is your new trip?

Best Regards,
-OG Linklet

>> No.16585159

Hi frens

>> No.16585222

Hi bro. God im so excited for you. Tomorrow the price will dip to $1.80 chinese botfarms are responsible. Then we moon.

>> No.16585275

If youve seen fox money or cnn money or the other programs, they're all ahting on BTC.
They know BTC is the $ of the crypto world.
I think the powers that be are killing btc so it goes low. Every alt coin follows suit.
Then they pump up btc but hold just enough into alt coins so they cant go up.
Btc will moon midway this year, and theyll have total control over it.

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>This. So. Much. This.

wasted reddit fud tier trips

>> No.16585343

Can't wait, fren!

>> No.16585349 [DELETED] 

>bottle and shit


>> No.16585357

He already did

>> No.16585373

Some of the best content I've seen on biz. Thanks as always OP.

>> No.16585385


>> No.16585386

Aaaand checked!

Frens, redpill me on whalekiller. Does he actually know whales? Did he accurately predict price actions before?

>> No.16585420

pretty sure he predicted the price two times and failed on both

>> No.16585423

this >>16583823 you're probably on some hackers list

>> No.16585460

Quick rundown on the AMB dusting?

>> No.16585487

Fuck him then. It's retarded that he's telling fags not to sell when he claims the price is going down to $1.5. Why not swing then?

>> No.16585507

Never lmao. He identified some obvious suppression but was wrong about what would happen immediately post breakthrough and then was wrong in all his long term predictions.

Making "they will dump to x soon, then rise to x" claims is so in your face stupid. Even sergey couldn't make such accurate claims. Let alone some anon who's been wrong most of the time.

>> No.16585511


>> No.16585546

A big portion of Link holders got dusted with AMB. The general idea is that if they know your public key they can use this to gain further information on you and break your privacy. Once your identity is know they could potentially use it to extort you into giving your private key.
Correct me if i’m wrong here.

>> No.16585566

That's why chads keep it on exchanges.

>> No.16585572

>extorting a 4channer

What a comedy of errors that'll turn out to be.

>> No.16585582
File: 409 KB, 900x900, linkball7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16585584

Looks like someone's really craving those locked up Linkies, I wonder why...

>> No.16585606
File: 502 KB, 900x1600, linkball12,1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


If there is any truth behind this LARP then this will be the last occasion to post FUD.

>> No.16585669

>The general idea is that if they know your public key they can use this to gain further information on you and break your privacy.
/x/ tier faggotry

>> No.16585678

That is literally the definition of a dusting attack moron.

>> No.16585687

Care to explain why i and others got dusted then?

>> No.16585689

WhaleKiller here, I'm a cum guzzling twink

>> No.16585693

dusting attack is real
but if you are not a faggot, doxxing you with this should be as hard as breaking the encryption on bitcoin
this shit is mostly used to find companies and large entities

>> No.16585706

its been bearish ever since 2.70 dumbass brainlet

>> No.16585731

This better be BTC. Could use some good news after the shambles my life has been the past few months.

>> No.16585748
File: 18 KB, 119x61, 1439573305194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go back nufag

>> No.16585755

oh look who's back, the asshole who dumps the market.

i remember you last time, you literally lied to everybody and dumped the whole link value fucking asshole

>> No.16585814

I think they were hoping for a pump and dump using the linkpool meeting at the google site but it was such low grade material they achieved nothing so now are just churning out old methods.

>> No.16585852

Read the whole thing.

>> No.16585857

What a load of crap. Why doesn't "they" buy the link. Why dump it

>> No.16586239

So to summarize. Drop to 1.45 soon. Followed by a small and then large cup and handle. Huge green dildo by Christmas?

>> No.16586320

Not only am I financially ruined, I am mentally crippled from all the hopium I have ingested from my time on these threads combined with my severe depression that will descend me to madness much like how LINK will descend to 1.50 I see no reason to live.

>> No.16586442
File: 163 KB, 1280x720, original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>crpto is entirely manipulated by some of the world's most powerful governments
>these governments spend trillions of dollars every year doing what they want
>they have black budgets of unknown numbers to fund all sorts of crazy things and military technology which is 2 decades ahead of civie tech
>they can print as much fiat money from the air as they want
>they discovered something that will be worth more than the USD in the future
>having large quantities of this thing would give them a considerable advantage over competitors
>Instead of just buying as much of it as they want to before the other governments do, they play kiddie games through exchanges and wait months to lower the price by 50 cents so they can buy more
>stinkies believe this because a tripfag said so

Oh stinkies....oh no no no no.......at this point you deserve all the suffering and more, because it is entirely self abuse. You did this to yourselves.

>> No.16586536
File: 32 KB, 800x729, 8nRqoXW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>im ok that i'll lose money

thats just fucking stupid. you are the nu-crypto here. either you haven't learned anything from previous bull runs or you are just newfag zoomer. get rekt

>> No.16586552

Fuck off you piece of shit

>> No.16586562

lmfao absolutely btfo'd. imagine not understanding pump/dump cycles and holding all the way up and now down again with REALIZING ZERO PROFIT BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO GO TO $1000 VERTICALLY. ABsolutely FUkin STate of NUlinkers

>> No.16586576

Yes, btc is being suppressed to hold link back. Jesus christ, do some of you spergs actually believe that? Chainlink isn't being suppressed, it's just another shit token where the founders hold a massive supply. Just like nearly every other project. Link is no different from the rest of the shit out there. This isn't a unicorn

>> No.16586794

Correlation causation etc etc, that is speculation not evidence anon

>> No.16586836
File: 470 KB, 1376x1331, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16586972
File: 450 KB, 1303x1085, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

High time preference low iq emotional larper. Cant hold his liquor either kek

>> No.16587021

lol what a little bitch

>> No.16587081

>we moon to $1.45
average burger brain

>> No.16587094
File: 170 KB, 1363x546, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont believe his lies

>> No.16587364


>> No.16587386
File: 54 KB, 600x450, 86c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not selling to kikes and niggers. My 10k stack is CLANDESTINE NIGGAZ.

>> No.16587536

it's dumping soo much

>> No.16587596

Short answer: kikes

>> No.16587688

>Short answer: kikes
nah...why kikes?
Do you believe this larper that russia and china into link?
The level of delusion is unbelivable sometime guys.. here.

If you want to me to believe tell this whalekiller to tell me when serious moon to 10$... if ever

I thinc we're going sub 1$... I'd never imagined LInk sub 2$

>> No.16587698

You guys are incredibly dumb if you sell now.

>> No.16587706

i didnt think so either. Its the fucking swinglinkers selling like retards trying to pick up five extra

>> No.16587773

>Its the fucking swinglinkers
it seems like a diasrou dump...meybe better so.. I deserve it to have been greedy all this time.
I coudl have 50'000$ to have surgeries and have a girlfriend. Instead I fell for the ''muh 4chan pick like Btc and Eth meme''.
If I sold it would have moon to 100$ istantanly.
There is nothing to do...this life I live is fuc*ed by some kinda of karma

>> No.16587789

why nothing is happening this month or next one. Only more people selling for xmas,new years,chinese new year etc. Sell now and buy back in a few months when it's sub 50cents

>> No.16587798

bro i would have had 200k. Just think long term and keep putting money into it. if anything this obsession is forcing me to make more money just to buy more

>> No.16587802

lol you faggot. $50,000 in some internet coin? dont put in more than you can afford retard, and if youre implying plastic surgery by "surgeries" 1. you would look 10x worse and 2. that's pathetic. man up the direct way, hit the gym and have convictions.

>> No.16587806
File: 374 KB, 1000x562, jik.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Tell me Mr. Whale, how long will I have to hold my 2500 stack to make it?

>> No.16587819

It's dramatically oversold, massive long squeeze before the pump tomorrow, don't feed the whales please.

>> No.16587854

This. Just the fact alone that we own lots of link is reason enough for kikesto burn the project to the ground. Not a chance in hell that “nazi’s“ like us ever make it.

>> No.16587859

> unironically link
> it will never, ever be above .60c or have a product
KEK. Back in your hole, faggot. Easily the dumbest trip on this board still.

>> No.16587864
File: 53 KB, 403x448, 1558616342339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry for being a brainlet but WHEN PUMP? I DIDNT UNDERSTAND YOUR SENTENCE

>> No.16587881

>Just think long term
long term doesn't exist. Everything exist only now for what you know

>> No.16587948

then sell. Its going to dump further when nothing comes from google

>> No.16588069

>then sell
I could never sell after ll these year of promises.

>> No.16588084

when it's used for derivates. Pray Jesus Christ that this shit catalizes 2017 once again

>> No.16588581

you really get off on this larping shit, don't you?

>> No.16588603
File: 140 KB, 1024x816, 1575392573278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Woah this is groundbreaking information, I had no idea that governments control the financial exchanges in their countries. Totally thought crypto was different.

>> No.16588620

>Whale Killer was larping about the chinese bots. There were NO FUCKING BOTS YOU MONGS. It was a low volume period and so he bought and sold and bought and sold and painted the charts. You are all so fucking dumb. Do you even remember what happened?
>>larps about bots
>>says he will waste his own money to prove it
>>”fights” the nonexistent bots
>>promises you all to push the price higher
>>buy more and hold guys
>>over the next several days link lost steam and dumped a lot, and he told you to keep holding like fucking idiots
>I’m never selling but anyone that bought his bullshit about holding the line played right into his game.

and then he comes onto /biz/ today whilst the price is dumping telling all the neets to not sell. anyone falling for this jewish shtick needs to get euthanized.

>> No.16588651

See this post
There was no suppression, it was a low volume time and he painted the charts and poorfags thought he was fighting bots lol. He was all like
>buy now help me fight the bots
So he started a pump, got others to fomo in without realizing they were fomoing, then dumped and told everyone to hold and that he was out of money to fight the suppressors lmfao. It was a clever pnd and I can’t believe that anons in this thread actually think he cares about their financial wellbeing. We are all supposed to know by now that anyone who says they care about your financial wellbeing doesn’t care, and they sure as shit aren’t going to spend thousands on fees to bring you hope.

>> No.16588917

What's the endgame for link? $1k? $10k? $100k?

>> No.16589049

ATH was $5 this year, it will never go back up this far, just like 99% of altcoins will never reach their previous ATH again.

>> No.16589069

Imagine believing this dumb larp, he's farming you newfags with no proof.

>> No.16589102

he made a single very precise call in may, it's 50/50 he's telling the truth or is a whale fucking with us, thats better odds than 99% of larps

>> No.16589446

>it's 50/50 he's telling the truth or is a whale fucking with us

you're dumb as fuck if you cant see he's controlling the herd with a fake narrative whilst dumping on you.

>> No.16589918

Let me guess,
It. Is. Over, right?

>> No.16590311
File: 5 KB, 225x225, miazga2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It´s all so tiresome.

>> No.16590355

Time in the market
Timing the market

>> No.16590384

The only dumb fuck is you who thinks bizlets have millions of combined dollars in link and that larping here to get people to sell or buy has any actual impact on the price of link. Kys smoothbrain shitskin, bsv threads ------->

>> No.16590396

Goes back to a dollar
Pumps 20% in a day
Calls it moon
Dumps to ico price

>> No.16590398


>> No.16590414

You must be fucking retarded to apply that to crypto

>> No.16590434

Do you have a surefire way to identify market movements?

>> No.16590441

>precise calls
That he made happen with his own money jesus I can’t wait to be rich and pull this shit on newfags.
>i care about your welbeing and your hopefulness
>so I’ll waste my own money
>(paints charts)
>fellow goyim I need your help, pump it!
>(dumps on newfags)
>hold the line my fellow biz bros
He made so much money I can’t believe people can’t see through this. But w/e the ridiculous number of believers has convinced me I could make money pulling this shit one day too, and I will

>> No.16590447

Having millions of dollars is not hard. Just be a btc whale, pick a coin like link that has devoted holders, paint the charts and spin a story. He made so much money on that dump. There are plenty of people here with millions

>> No.16590460

I hope you’re right, bro. I am fucking heavy on this and now I need to sell some of my Linkies due to urgent matter.

>> No.16590572

Pretty much this.
I dumped $25k of ICO profits into LINK
At 1600 sats.

Short term I don’t give a fuck .

Best case scenario
Ill have multiple penthouses and my great great grandchildren will have some $ to blow.

If it fails I’ve already made a ton on BTC
and I’ll settle for my 4500 square foot penthouse in in Arlington.

>> No.16590708


>> No.16590719
File: 201 KB, 894x894, 150722421642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16590744

dont help them, retards will be retards and we need them to make money

>> No.16590760

IIRC last time your advice was horrible

>> No.16591087

The fuck you on about?

>> No.16591163

Nothings happening

>> No.16591527

Fuck this thread
Fuck all the whalekillers
Fuck link
Fuck btc
Fuck jannies
Fuck kikes, chinks, niggers, spics and trannies