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How do I profit of being a virgin for 27 years?

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depends. How old are you?

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billions of women
and you can't fuck one of them

how do you even make money? if you can sell something you can fuck something. its basically the same thing anon. you're either a faggot or a hardcore on no premartial sex in which case i respect you for being based but if you've actively tried and failed then you're truly pathetic, unironically

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sell me your virgin boipucci, also stonks

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You benefit biologically with semen retention in the short term.

Long term you’re biologically fucked.

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It's not hard. Just be persistent.

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Be a virgins right activist and start a youtube channel.

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Lower your standards. Good business lesson, you are pricing your product too high

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Use it as motivation to work out, get rich, get surgery, get confident etc

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you profit from abstinence, but you probably masturbated regularly in that time
stop masturbating, stop watching pornography
you will profit

you also profit long term
incels all masturbate

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I have a job nigger.
I'm not gay.
I masturbate though.
Doesn't work, have tried.
First solid idea. Like based Zeus or Jordan Peterson or something.
My standards can't get lower.
If I'd ever make it I probably wouldn't sleep with anything except high tier prostitutes.

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>have tried
No, you haven't.

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29 and incel over here.

You feel better now, nigge.

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at this point just go and pay prostitute

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I'm going to hit lvl 30 and there's nothing you can do about it manaless cuck.

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Great insights

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You should already have profited naturally. Women are a money sink, by being celibate you are spending less than average.

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that's not a profit, that's a negative

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do you know where you are? this is the internet fuck face. theres all kinds of people here. kill yourself

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Just get drunk and go out retard it aint that hard. How the fuck do you think everyone else learns the ropes and does it the first couple times?

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less stress in your life

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do you know where you are? you sound upset

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don't worry fren. i remember losing my virginity when i was 27 years old to my beautiful 21 year old virgin GF. felt so lucky to have met her.

turns out i met a crazy BPD cunt and now 5 years later she is gone and my life is a mess

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whats edgy about that? lmao. if you can't fuck a single woman but have actively tried and you're 27 years old then you are pathetic

literal 15 year olds manage it

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where do you usually go to to fuck? to your place or to hers?

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Not about what you said anon, you just seem like a cunt lmao

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What exactly have you tried to lose your virginity so far? Describe the efforts and I will seriously try to help you as much as I can.
Also how tall are you and what is your weight?

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seething virgin got triggered

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Not OP but also an old virgin (26 years old). We could fuck most likely it’s just we are not niggers and don’t really care about “muh dick feel good”. We want to find somebody to start a family with and have healthy children.

That only leaves us with women of our race that are ages 18-28. Hypergamy/Jewish media has turned most of these women into stupid sluts unfortunately and not good for pair bonding and being a mother. No way am I ever settling for old post wall used up thots, these are the women that are unfortunately attracted to me the most, they think me being a beta will save them. I would only settle for a virgin if I could but I know I probably won’t be able to get one. 2 previous partners max is all I could tolerate just because I understand the terrible situation we are in and the extreme need to have white children for our dwindling race. I will hate the wife still for not being a virgin but these are the things a man has got to do in very dark times in order for the survival of his people.

Shits really bad right now, if you are just an average guy wanting to start a family. I guess it’s good if you are a fucking nigger piece of shit that only cares about “muh dick” and fucking a bunch of diseased ridden thots

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i can say with confidence that you are a virgin because you are a shit human being, and you are lying about not caring about being a virgin

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uhhh yeah but that's all mega cope
>everyone else is a nigger but not me because i don't have sex
ok yeah sure thing

while some of what you said is true the rest of it is genuinely cope because you can't have sex whatever the reasons may be it's most definitely not just "le jews in the media have corrupted women" that's stopping you from having sex.

>i want le virgin wife fantasy
keep on waiting then. was your mother a virgin when your father impregnated her? do you really think? lol, grow up

the reason i say it's pathetic in the original post is because you unironically need a wake up call. words on the internet isn't even enough to be honest but it's your life

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Dat dual income though. Obviously you need to find one that isn't a poorfag, but they exist. The perfect woman is essentially a roommate you can have sex with.

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Sell your virginity to a wealthy Arab or Japanese businessman

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Have sex

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>don’t really care about “muh dick feel good”
you don't masturbate? LOL get a load of this guy

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Based wizard

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Women only want Chad. Average shy guys don't get laid.

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>ugly people don't have sex

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nigga is you tarded?

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How did she act? Care to explain?

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>not channeling dat sexual energy for 27 YEARS
not gonna make it

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Nah, my mother was a dumb whore, which is why I ended up with a single mom, who had multiple children from multiple guys. I'd never want to do something like this to a child, if I were ever to decide having any.

You're also unironically a "nigger." Coming from me, somebody who isn't politically right.

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And this is probably a woman, regardless of whether or not the post is correct. I know because my toxic single mother used to tell me the same thing when constantly bullying me, despite being cancer herself.

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you're coping and have a warped view of the world. stop watching cartoons and grow the fuck up man. i say that to help you but because i'm not as sad as you i'm a "nigger"
imagine thinking your ancestors had the best pick of female to have children with for each generation
selfish and immature. you are pathetic

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Godspeed Anon.

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Absolutely based and redpilled

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just read any guide on BPD and watch out for the love bombing if you are as inexperienced as i was back then

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Fat, skinny, ugly, broke, unemployed, etc; these variables shouldn’t concern you. After spending some time on the robot board and random wizards threads that come up on ever board, a prolonged debut for sex boils down two things; never leaving the house unless it’s to work or run errands, and never making an effort with any women at all. Who would have thought that getting shot down once and/or never having the sack to ask a girl out would limit your options? Nobody knows you exist when you’re spending all your free time shitposting and cooomin to horse porn. How many times have you been rejected? In any case, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Ask for what you want, or find another evil angel video and milk your nuts for the fifth time today.

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Try to sell your virginity on eBay or something, market the hell out of it on Instagram and see what happens. Rich dumb woman would probably buy it for the novelty, or better yet, allow gays to bid on you. I bet you would make a lot more money offering your sweet virgin cheeks to some rich gay.

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Lastly, next time you’re at the grocery store, take a good look at all the genetic defects wearing pajama bottoms with snow boots, the obese men with horrible teeth that chain smoke and bring vouchers for government hand outs to the cashier. How they fuck are they there with a wife or girlfriend on their arm? What do the bottom feeders have that you don’t? The ability to try, face potential rejection and try again.

The worst advice we ever had from our elders was “don’t worry, you’ll meet someone someday...”

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Now THIS is good advice.

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30+ rejections where I explicitly asked a girl for a date. If you count online dating that tally goes to 40+ and if you add the people I didn't explicitly ask out, but hinted at interest it goes to 100++

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Absolutely based and redpilled

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You are pathetic you should end yourself or become a hermit. You are not made for this world.

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I’m always puzzled by these responses. You’d think at least ONE of these females would be reactive to your advances. No matter, the odds are stacked against some of us and we’ll have to try harder than others to find success. Try harder, improve yourself and talk to more women, or give up and complain. That’s really all there is to it.

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At some point it stops being worth the effort, I'd rather profit of my undateability somehow

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Supreme gentleman E.Roger has everything given to him on a silver platter but expected women to approach him and NEVER asked a single female to spend time with him. At least anon had the stones to ask someone out take a risk. As others reiterate, it’s a numbers game; 50 total rejections? What’s stopping him from trying NPC #51? She might have a gunt and bad breath, but there are women out there willing to let him mush their muffin.

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Now, you might have some psychological issues to address before you get back out there. Severe depression, unresolved trauma, PTSD and shit like that make it very difficult to connect with anyone, much less get out of your own head long enough to make small talk or hold a conversation that could lead to intimacy. Look into therapy for things that weren’t working themselves out and STOP LOOKING AT PORN. You’ll have to leave the chins for this to work because mods are a joke.

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Maybe there's some truth to what you say. Since I stopped being a NEET things got a bit easier mentally since at least at work I can keep my mind busy with nondestructive thoughts

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I am 25 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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Me neither. I'm 25 too.

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just b urself :^)

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You clearly aren't the type to have casual sex. Stop trying to fit your square peg in a round hole. Weaponize your inceldom and build something; look at early videos of Bezos or Gates or the Google guys, they were obviously incels. Use it as your strength, leverage the time and money you save by not being tethered to a fucking wet hole

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Haha that's not even close to true

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some advice from me if you dont want to be miserable from now on:
get your dick wet, literally find yourself an average looking girl and be together with her for 30 days. it doesnt need to be a forever thing.
you ask why? its easy. you are a virgin. you sound above average intelligence, in your post you acknowledge valid societal grievances that are concealed for the average joe. but when you talk about sex, love or relationships, you need to look it in the eye, a 12 year old has more tact than you a 26yr old handling the respective gender maybe having his first ''girlfriend'' holding hands at 8, first kiss at age 10....

my point is that you lack the perspective not going to through these foundation pillar life events of any healthy human being that are literally not possible to substitute and are non-reproducible . it may be at the moment inaccessible logical thought for you that this would be a step out of your situation, but trust me going over this tought for the 1000th discussing it on anonymous internet echo chambers without taking action wont do any better

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im 28 and at this point id be selling at a loss, might as gain those wizard powers

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Aren't you a wizard by now? What else do you want dammit, you have magic powers

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What a great comment, too bad OP is way too scared of failure to actually take your advice. He'll probably just do like this instead:


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Based and fucking redpilked, im the same as you just 25yo good looking guy, im being told that im gay thats their cope fucking npc world

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By having the money to invest in Chainlink of course.

No joke, I got cold feet because the one girl who was into me (who had an AMAZING ass) emptied out my wallet one night and I wasn't having intellectual conversations with her. So time comes around and she brings her "friend" to a meet up, I sit and not lift a finger while this guy walks home with her, knowing fully well that at any point in time, I could have killed any of that off and made her my girl.

On the flip side, that was the last straw that made me find this board and find about Chainlink! So OP, don't fret. Just learn to invest and make your money and everything else will come.

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Thank you for asking, I've never heard of what he's talking about here >>16569008

Except for BPD from that Scott Pilgrim ruined an entire generation song.

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Why stop with porn
Im sure the girls will like him better sexually frustrated and depressed

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>supermans ego
Big ego + weak mind = 29 years old virgin. I could profit average females, but I can't deal with potential rejections because of my ego. I'm an ultra insecure and depressive guy. I think there's no hope in my case.

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It might cause him to actually seek sex with them instead of spraying ball batter all over his keyboard instead. Novel idea, right? Having sex with a real life female instead of porn? Shocker.

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>tfw 32yo virgin and still not profiting from touchless virginity

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Brainwashed retard who will die a virgin.
Don't be like this idiot, you only got one life.

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>first time lurking /biz/
>robot thread
But I liked it. People here seem more smart and mature.
How is it to be a wizard? I'm don't want to get this age virgin but I'm not doing anything to avoid this.

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>How is it to be a wizard?
It sucks for many reasons like because by the time you hit 30 you lose all your friends (if you had any) to roasties. You Cant relate to other people at all because their lives are so different compared to the wizard lifestyle.
at least there is plenty of porn to fill the void a little bit but overall deep down you know you reached the endgame here and its not far til the eventual suicide.
Its also getting increasingly more difficult to hold a job or get a new one as society can smell a wizard, not literally but they know something is off and they avoid you more than you avoid them.

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theres an absurd amount of projection going on in this thread