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Link Marines. I need easy to swallow and digest Link info/infographics for my 60 yr old Dad.

I've been quiet about my crypto "wealth" (75k Link) for the past two years and have basically been living paycheck to paycheck. My parents worry about me and this weekend brought up finances and wanted to know if they could help me. I finally let them know I have a little fortune in Crypto and was planning on dumping my 401k into it too. SO, longer story short, after talking about Crypto with my dad for a couple of days he is really interested and wanting to put a small percentage of his retirement into Crytpo/Link. He asked me for more info and I explained as much as I could, but I've seen infographics on here before that were easy to understand and really need those to help him figure it out.


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>75k link

u need better bait nigger

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OK, just put in what ever number of LInk your small NuLink brain can comprehend someone else owning and provide infographics. Thanks

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all of the commanding officers have gone full stealth or have disgraced themselves and swung away their precious LINKies since June, and if you actually have 75k then that means you're oldfag enough to have all the infographs, pastebins, crumbs, and memes that make LINK so enticing, in short: you're a faggot

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We've went full stealth mode for sure. We are waiting for our day of retribution, Our singularity.

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The thing is... I 100% have the pastebins somewhere on this shitty computer, but I don't want to find them. Post em if ya gotem faggot.

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The fuck are you on about? You're either irredeemably lazy or a newfag fishing for info.

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you can have this

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If you have 150k USD invested in link, I implore you to market sell it ASAP. If I don’t see an order for it, confirmed larp.

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Kill yourself. Wait, I mean uhhh OH NO ALL MY LINKIES ARE GONE.

newfag redditors ruined this website. i have no idea why I still browse here lmao

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my dca is below 0.5c, i just find that clip amusing

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haha you almost pulled off the larp but we are very season faggot

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why's your ass on fire, then? either help the guy or shut the fuck up

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Thanks for nothing you fucking NuLink faggots with your shitty stacks. I found some old Links on my computer myself.




I hope every one of you faggots try to swing your Link.

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nice thread bro

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>makes a thread asking to be spoonfed when it was one simple search away
>then calls others nulinkers as he proceeds to spoonfeed nubiz

Okay champ, good luck not selling early with that poor effort.
t. never ever selling even a single fucking serg

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kek are you really gonna show this schizo shit to your boomer dad?

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