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I used to be ambitious. I wanted to conquer the world. I had the energy to do it all. Now I am tired and not in the mood to do anything. I can't even work out any more.

How do I become hungry again?

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Stop eating

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I mean hungry as in a burning desire to make it.

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Stop masturbating

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Congrats, OP. Welcome to the Real World. Enjoy your stay, and don't forget you're here forever.

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Same, ever since i turned 30.
I dont think theres anything you can do about it.

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It’s momentum. You’re going to have to build up slowly doing small things here and there until you can keep snowballing those accomplishments into bigger ones. Life is all about momentum, watch sports and you’ll understand.

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I think you just have to wait it out. Motivation comes in waves. In the meantime just relax so you are rested when the next wave hits.

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We live in a SOCIETY

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This comic is both accurate and depressing.

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What a shitty advice. What OP needs is discipline. Start with your mind, meditate, pay for TM course and do 30 minutes of meditation twice a day. Then slowly work on your body.
Jot down your goals. Use kikes strategy of divide and conquer.
You cant take over the world overnight, neither did jews. Write your bigger goals then divide into smaller manageable chunks.

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Personally I'm too jaded and experienced to care. When you know too much about human nature and world as a whole it extinguishes your spark.

Answering your question, you're not a stupid kid anymore and never will be.

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Honestly, the only thing keeping me going is my religion. If I lose that; I lose myself.

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happened to me around 30 as well
funny i just had a conversation with some guys about this subject recently, all in the ~35-40 year range, and they had similar experiences around 30.

Think it's just natural, or they're putting something in the water.

Though I'm not entirely convinced it's natural since obviously there's people who seem to have that burning drive all through their life, or certainly into their 50s and 60s when they're running big companies or whatever. Maybe the drive is contingent on early-life success, like you get a lucky break, it motivates you deeply to run with the lucky break and build off the momentum, which leads to further successes throughout life. Most people never get that early success or lucky break though so they just lose the motivation.

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>You’re going to have to build up slowly doing small things here and there until you can keep snowballing those accomplishments into bigger ones.



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you dumbfucks are hilarious

30 hit and I had anxiety for a couple months. then I WIPED MY FUCKING PUSSY OFF and started my own fucking company.

but all you faggots want to do is wallow. enjoy your self depreciation, fuckwits. you deserve it.

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>Maybe the drive is contingent on early-life success
It's called Matthew Effect of accumulated advantage. You are correct.

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>I WIPED MY FUCKING PUSSY OFF and started my own fucking company.
t.privileged middle class white kid

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yea, the trailerpark I grew up in was great. we had one tree in the yard and a propane tank.

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>>You’re going to have to build up slowly doing small things here and there until you can keep snowballing those accomplishments into bigger ones.

You retard did you even read what I wrote? I literally said break big goals into small goals.

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inject test

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Same. Something breaks when you got like 30.
But the other guy has a point about successes and momentum.

Before I hit 30, I was a hotshot programmer.
Made lots of games, coded 3d games without using a 3d libraries (just matrix math and trigonometry), when I got a job, I did projects worth 40 manhours in one afternoon.

Then something happened, no idea what, then I devolved into this husk that could barely finish a simple data entry html page in an entire week. Something that would've taken old me an hour or two.
Like all motivation was gone.
I thought it was burn out from my office job, but after not working for several years nothing has changed.

Then I got a viral app, and suddenly I had motivation again. Squeezing out updates weekly, managing a forum for my app with 40000+ members, etc.
This was way after I was 30 so I guess this means you can regain motivation from the momentum of success at any age.

Then the fad started fading. At first I still had some motivation to fight it, made several YouTube videos, did lots of marketing, promoting in Reddit and Facebook, then I ran out of steam eventually, and now I can't be arsed to do anything again.

Completely unlike when I was younger, before I was 30. I had no successes (financially speaking), but I had limitless perseverance.
So even though success can bring some motivation, it's still not the same as the limitless ambition I had when I was much younger.

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>inject test
>libido goes up
>spend all your time and resources chasing pussy
Great plan

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I’m 30 and I actually kicked it into high gear a couple years ago. Don’t blame your age, just accept you were born to be a huge bitch pussy.

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>chasing pussy

fucking disgusting. I eat dick, motherfucker. Yea, I gobble that cock like kirby. Can't get enough. Gimme dick. dick dick dick all day long. THAT'S MY PLEASURE!

And while you're mad I just made 2k+ this week. I maaaaay have put in 30 hours. MAYBE.

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It's somewhat sad that seeking the social knowledge required to be successful has led me to a similar state. It's sapped a lot of spirit from me that made me want to be king because when I was younger that meant being king of a utopia.

Now it just means being king of the garbage heap.

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Could also be this.
I started losing motivation around the time I was starting to get redpilled about various things in the world.

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My dudes, we are living better than the richest people who lived 200 years ago. We are like animals in a zoo now. Just enjoy the ride.

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Ah make no mistake I feel good for the most part. Things get better every year, but I'm just more aware that any given path is a mixed bag of tradeoffs and you need to personally adjust those scores for yourself.

And you *really* gotta be honest with yourself about that because if you're not it always ends up in wasted time, which is a big bad feel.

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What do you sell faggot?

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Stop masturbating, eat healthy, stop consuming mass media (including youtube), get enough sleep, stop constantly checking/using your phone, go for walks, go into nature, take psychedelic drugs, read books.

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You forgot "die poor"

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it may or may not help you.
The problem is there is too much content in this and you may drown in it not knowing where to start. Neverless maybe some anons can give you the rigt direction for the beginning.

here are some ressources for self improvement in various ways, compiled from different ressources over the last 4 years.

Here are some motivational pics to keep you up in certain times. I know discipline and dedication yada yada

and here some stuff if you want to get fit.
this one really needs some guidance if one has no knowledge about fitness.

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Not being glued to a screen the entire day puts you ahead of half the population by default. Maybe actually do things instead of refreshing biz and coooming to horse porn.

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get out of your comfort zone brainlet
you don't strive because you've become complacent
wanna make it? quit your job, get a tattoo on your face. You can't get a job now, your only choice is to "make it".

it's not an actual tip but you should get the deal
when life is insufferable, we strive, when it's not, we don't. Simple as that. Your situation or ideals changed, and now you're comfortable.

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You need to work less. Even if you exercise and eat healthy, being forced to spend 40+ hours a week for years on end, doing something you don't want to, will drain anyone of energy. The weekend is barely enough to recuperate, not to leave any room for leisure or ambition after you have finished recuperating. Step down to part time, or if you can't then save up for a few years and quit entirely, maybe start your own business.

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Every morning I pray at the altar of the Universal Protocol logo. It invigorates me to do good in the world. Maybe someone in this thread needs to hear this.

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>Not being glued to a screen the entire day puts you ahead of half the population by default.

Meanwhile IT specialists and letsplayers make six figures.

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You didn't make 2k, unless you got all the items for free. You probably made 600$, brainlet.

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are you either one, though?
do you expect every other guy here to be a one of those?

If not, you are just coping hard.
If yes, you are dumb as fuck.

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I link it in part to testosterone and part inexperience. When we are young our hormones want us to go out into the world, experience new things, force ourselves upon things, challenge ourselves. Basically do all the things that young men are known for. We have a mentality that we'll change things or we'll die trying. Over time though, if you are a rational mind you'll learn that didn't work out or didn't work out as expected and you get a lot more negative re-enforcement so you just ... figure out that you aren't this almost immortal godlike individual capable of doing anything you set your mind to, you are just a person and sometimes you are hurt and tired and scared and you just want to be left the fuck alone in your little bubble sometimes.

I'm not saying either attitude is right or wrong. It is just understandable. I try to support younger guys who have this mindset because it is wonderful and as an older, cynical guy I respect it for what it is, part of growing up and at times, useful, instructive and worthwhile.

Equally I'm not going to shit on even older guys who have seen some shit, tried it already, seen how it went in the end and have the aches and pains to prove it. Some call it wisdom I guess. It just is.

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Also there are a lot of ways to interpret it, positive or negative. Like maybe the drive fades because you reach a point where you are satisfied with what you've got going on and you realise further gains will be only marginal, but the extra time investment will limit you greatly so you just ... cope. Maybe you accept your wild dreams hurt you and worse those around you that you love and care about so you temper them and adopt a more holistic approach to a balanced life. Or maybe you never fail and you never learn that things don't work because you are fucking amazing and you either make it or you crash hard at age 50 and blow your brains out because by this point your brain is cemented with a world view that cannot be challenged.

I know that for me I do not lack ability. I sometimes lack energy and I lack motivation. I find it increasingly hard with age to justify the time and effort to do something ridiculous because so many new things are now ridiculous because for them to be new for me they are going to be out there. Maybe I'd enjoy photographing dangerous wildlife idk, but I'm not going to take that shit up and somebody saying "try something new ... live a little ... break out of your comfort zone!" like ... pfft dude I've done a lot of shit in my life and I'm alright. I'm pretty happy with what I've got and I'm more interested in the long games I'm playing.

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Like ... if only you did this thing you could have all the money in the world. All the money in the world isn't worth much to me at this point. People will say that is because you are too stupid to think of things to do with it, but it isn't that. I already earn more money than I know what to do with and investing it and stashing it is another chore which I do because I know that I've got 20-30 years of this left in me before I will no longer enjoy it and will want the money for when that day comes.

If I want to travel I can go anywhere right now. If I want to move I can move. If I want to go back into education I can. If I want to quit work for ... 10-20 years I can. If I want to start my own business I can. Buy a new car. Two new cars. Buy anything I want to eat and drink at any time. Any clothes, furniture, consumer goods I can think of. Literally more money doesn't create the drive or desire to own the things therefore more money isn't worth anything to me.

I also currently like my job and am happy to continue with it for another 20-30 years. So yeah ... low test faggot. Too low IQ to see how life could be. It is already pretty sweet?

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