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I have been a loner for the past year. It’s getting worse when I’ve found Chainlink.

Have a make it stack and putting it on leverage. Liquidation at $1.00 and I hope I am not being an idiot and liquidate myself.

My peers seem to be successful. They are living a happy life. They started a family.

I just want to make it. I took a loan and now still repaying my debt. We are all gonna make it, Anon.

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Don’t gamble anon

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You are not your thoughts anon. Realize this and you will find strength.

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Then what the fuck are you? You are what you repeatedly do and all actions begin with thought.

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If you think about faggot wolves you are a faggot wolf, yes. That's exactly what I said brainlet.

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>I know you are but what am I

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I hope you make it OP

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just going to let you know now so you dont have your feelings hurt when your dreams dont come true:

you arent going to make it.