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32 year old boomer
no gf
going bald

going bald was the last nail in the coffin. my life is practically over. gains mean nothing to me now. how do i make the best of what's left of my existence?

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You think that's bad? I'm a tranny

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So the Bezo transformation. Neet to Chad. If you aren't lazy you can easily get a girl.

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buy some coti, wait for the 100x, buy new head.

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>what's left of my existence?

theres nothing left

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Never understood why men are ashamed of losing hair. Dht which causes hair loss is the strongest natural androgen. You might as well be ashamed for having a dick

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workout and shave head or go for the buff balding hobo look
and be rich

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Based 59 percenter

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>32 year old boomer
You are unironically a millennial not a boomer dumbass,

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>tfw 35 and going grey.

the pain is unbearable lads. i see more greys every time my gf washes my hair and drys it for me. will be a silver fox in a few years. hope i can still get 9/10 gfs in the future. hold me lads

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You have to go back

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Lmao kys

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stop bitching. Shave your head and grow a beard. You're fine

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im greying too, it sucks but you can always dye your hair, at least you have hair.


i do have a nice beard but it means very little unless you have the right features. im ugly so balding only exaggerates my ugly features beard or not.

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>obvious newfag

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You send me your bitcoins i m a chad alpha male

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t. 33 year old balding boomer

Just own it by shaving your head and don't act insecure about it. Improve what you can, like if you're fat lose some weight.

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anon, human life peaks around 16. its been over for a while now.

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i know. i was taking the piss out of you you bald cunt haha

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Social media ruined human beings, now everybody has to be this jacked alpha predator go getter...that doesnt mean you shouldnt improve urself, but everybody has flaws, even those "have it all" instergram models. For my 30 year old ass, i just workout lightly everyday to not get fat, and try to limit junk food once per week, also tryina stay well groomed and respect my skin, thats all u have to do bro. If u do this u are better then 80 percent of humans

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damn man i miss the world before facebook, instagram, snap, all this shit, it's all cancer.

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I'm just 19, but since Summer I've been eating like shit the whole time. Then recently my scalp eczema got bad so I decided to fast for 2 days and cut out all the shit food plus gluten since I hear that might be the cause. Anyway after the fast, the "addiction" for junk food has really gone down. It's like fasting for over a day resets your cravings levels or something.

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get a hair transplant with your gains dummy

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>Start going to the gym
>Buzz head and keep it buzzed. Don't even let it grow out enough for it to trigger you
>Grow a beard
>Work on developing a nice sense of fashion and buy clothes to compliment your new lean and muscular phsyqiue
>Invest in a good cologne
>Up your personal hygeine

Same age as you are and balding. I was depressed about it for months and now I just dont care. I buzzed it, got in shape, worked on my social skills and Ive never been happier with my body,

Women love a man in shape with a nice beard and a buzzed head. I have no issues getting looks and attention from younger college aged girls to cougars. Women fucking love the buzz cut with a nice body. Wear a good cologne too and youre set. Easiest pussy of your life. Going bald was my blessing in disguise to change my life and learn to appreciate myself.

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no, you should be washing your hair with warm water and NO SHAMPOO. Shampoo causes hairloss as it strips your hair with the natural oils causing a greasy scalp. Pores in the scalp get clogged up and the hairfollicals die and causes perminant scarring of the pores leading to no furhter hair growth.

Why do you think neanderhtals and early homosapians had norwood 0 hairlines? because their hair had a natural sebum balance.

Ive noticed my own rehair growth on the hairline, the whole thing now has tiny new baby hairs growing (although im not balding to begin with its a preventative measure for me)

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Is that you Alex

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it is cancer, but normies are so addicted to it, they will never revert to old world, when i use public transportation and see some person mindlessly scrolling thru his facebook feed, i legit want to kick him in the face, i got rid of all social media half a year ago and never felt better, have more time to hang out on best social platform 4channel lol.
fast food addiction is so real, like when i dont eat some shitty burgers or pizzas for two weeks i get intense cravings, idk what they put in it thats so addicting, tho it is possible to get clean, like with alcohol, you just have to be patient for 2 months or so and then it goes away, but can be so easy to slip back in since its everywhere. anyway food is so shit these days i sometime try to buy something new, the package looks nice and errrthing but the taste is disgusting and i can feel the chemicals, prices are insane, i feel like you need to make everything from scratch to get a chance at somewhat decent meal. ages ago even ready microwave meals were alright....sad

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there's a 44% chance they will :>)

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Grey hair is hot. Bald is not, except for a small percentage of guys (and they'd look better with hair).

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Based and tranny pilled

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Have some hair grow product, Anon. Or some people are looking attractive bold. Consult with expert.

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Checked, I keep shampoo to a minimal. Washing with cold water seems better. At least for me it did when during Summer I almost only used cold water. Now during winter I need warm water. I bought a shampoo that doesn't strip away all the oil. If I keep my hair short, there's no need for shampoo much, but with longer hair I need to properly clean my scalp cuz of eczema. But idk actually much since I've recently gone gluten free, cut my hair short, put treatment on scalp and now it's basically gone away. I'll see how it goes.

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You could watch this video with an open mind, it's only about 7 minutes long and could change your perspective on life forever.


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He was never a fucking neet, he was already making 6 figures before he founded Amazon.

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Mate I'm 24 and my hair is already thinning.

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Stop coping about losing your hair, go to the gym and get jacked. A lot of women don't actually care about that kind of shit.

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2000 internet was the golden era. 2.0 social media cancer killed it

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How come you failed to become a chad?

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It's the 'fear of missing out' and also seeing only the curated perfect form of life. It's easy to not realize others have had their own troubles (or will), and to forget what to be grateful for. I avoid it like the plague because it won't do me any good.

It was wild west and obscure as fuck until about 2004. Then it was more mainstream but still had the feeling of being wild and uncurated to about 2007/2008 (Smartphones). Then 2012-ish was when it fell into the huge decline (everyone has smartphones and facebook et al is normal/mainstream as hell).

I'd say never say never but tiktok is now +1 billion users. I don't think you can put it back in pandora's box. Only somethign else will replace it the way the internet/computers replaced the TV. And that is invariably going to be VR. You think people are addicted to their smartphones? VR is going to be a whole nother level.

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the newfag influx is real

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none of that shit matters. what matters is making money. your poverty ass is whats the nail in the coffin

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Damn I’m 42 and not even turning grey yet.

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Just create a few multi-billion dollar businesses

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Just shave the whole thing fuck it Bezos is bald