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>hurr you dont like me because im jewish
no, fuck off you stupid retard. we dont like you because you're a fucking faggot.

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>falling for the link anon meme

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check em CLC $0 EOY

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unironically wish I'd started this meme myself

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Friendly reminder fuck timo

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wanna play some pokemon go?

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holy fuck how will avi ever recover

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why should they be avoided?

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give me the rundown

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cause they are /biz/shitters trying to sell you some bullshit product that they copy and pasted

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cuz they are opportunist faggits who publicly shorted the network they were building their company on while asking marines to value their company at 20 million for having a website and when we didn't they said it was an obvious sign of the network not being mature enough. They are one continuous pr nightmare shitshow and they are disingenuous. They are a bad look and im cringe knowing they are involved in building off of link.

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Didn't he sell all his stack at some point and now he's praised by all the newfags and twitfags?

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because they are a bunch of dirty fucking faggots
i would have liked to be friends with them and clc could have been a good part of the chainlink community despite their crowdfunding fuckups, but unfortunately for them, they have consistently proven themselves to be nothing more than filthy reddit cucks. shame.

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Timo sold his stack around 58 cents before it went to 45 cents. he bought back in above 60 cents. i dont like taking shots at the easiest target in the chainlink community. god knows, timo will be targetted first for his fortune, but goddamn. what a fucking retard.

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i remember the crowdfunding attempt. what were the other fuckups and why are they plebbit fucks? sorry, i can't be bothered to research it. don't follow the drama closely.

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when people called them out for over valuing their company timo or someone from their team start larping as an insider whole talked to a bunch of api providers or some shit . It was a while ago. Their whole marketing scheme is to shill to biz to use their shit service when you could literally just do all the work your self as a neet. They are acting as middle men and selling shovels to the gold miners instead of mining for gold.

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don't bully, he cant help that his intellect is relative to his height

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pretty sure he has FAS

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this all sounds very gay.

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Why is this making him leave though?

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On one hand, you have some biztards who have raised 200k confirmed and who knows how much else from the other two VCs they announced.

On the other, you have all these seething discord trannies.

Shoulda just signed up nerds

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nice spacing faggit, you should really just go back to plebbit, you don't belong here

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Can't argue with trip, I'm uninstalling all my internet browsers

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>clc joins thread
>reddit spacing
typical. kys, im not wasting my time finding a pepe for you. just imagine im giving you the finger.

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never said that, and check your facts with drunkanon to see who shared what first. Anyway best of luck to you link anon, no beef with you <3

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Why is link Anon leaving,

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I don't like the attention.
This video has nothing to do with that. I just wanted to say a final fuck you to CLC for their recent behaviour, which I had not expected.

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what did tokenfag do to you

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Fair enough, thanks for the videos.

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oracle akbaru linkanon, you will forever have my sword if you should ever need it, also preggers serger is fuggin sexy

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He violated the trust given to him. He had plenty of chances. I personally gave him the benefit of the doubt. Him and his reddit CLC niggers can fuck themselves.

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thanks, stay based

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I honestly don't know, but I know this, link anon is hands down my favorite link personality who has never done anything other than provide me with much needed entertainment and joy during tough times, and anyone he says is a faggit, is without question a faggit, and that is without even going off what I already know about those clcg faggits, which in of itself is enuf to convict them of being plebbit tier kikes trying to leach off the community without earning our respect or trust.

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> recent behavior

Raising fat stacks you mean?

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but I loved your videos
please dont stop
this is so fucking sad

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agreed. alexa, play despacito 2

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This whole chainlink thing is feeling more and more scammy by the day. Instead of having any legit insiders, it's coming to light it's just bunch of you autistfags larping

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Oh man linkanon I’m going to miss your videos they’ve brought me so much joy and you always produce high quality. You’re taste in music is great, god I can’t believe this is the end this is 1000x worse than bizonacci disappearing. I watch you’re vids whenever I’m down and even when I’m happy, they’re all good and thought provoking. Oh man this is sad but do what’s best for you fren.
Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

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always with the gayness, lil Moishe, you should be more like your grandfather who survived the delousing, err I mean gassing by the ebil Nazi's, now he was a real man.

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i will miss the chainlink news and apu

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tfw post singularity bizonacci and link anon return and collaborate

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dude you realize chainlink is a scam?

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>reddit spacing again

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Why dont you explain what the CLC chainlink community did ? What the fuck made you snap? The least you could do is elaborate. I am not denying what you say is true all I'm saying is at least give some details

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I think he made his point, no need to badger the man, have you no respek? put some respek on it anon.

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This CLC thing really seems like it's cracking your carrots. Must be like having to deal with an apartment building going up next to your house.

Also, your house is a cardboard box.

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what is the song in the video titled 'friends' shazam comes up with nothing, the one with the female singer, btw good music choices

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>4 posts
>all plebbit spacing
anon, can I interest you in some zyklon?

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I thought you’d at least leave the videos up, I would like to watch them and I never saved them. Now I am very sad. Why link anon why?!? Please upload the videos some where, I watch them almost daily. Oh man this is one of the worst days of the last two years

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My apu didn’t post

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post a throwaway protonmail, maybe he will send them to you. worth a try at the very least, we know hes been in this thread.

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clc are fags. they betrayed trust in the link community. they know what they did.
ding - cerberus shoal
give me a minute

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also fuck you I want to make it clear, clc did not make me snap. i have been sick of this shit for a while and was going to delete anyway.
clc just happened to behave like a bunch of faggots on this particular day so i decided to use the link anon platform to give them one final fuck you.

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solid 'not snapping' behavior here brah

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bless you fren. Have all the minutes you need. My mom saw me watching your vids when she heard the music, she came in and was like what are you listening to. Now my mom unironically asks me from time to time, “any more of those chainlink videos with the good music?” You’ve even made a poor boomer smile. You really are quite an artist.
throwaway email in case it helps g0rgias@protonmail.com

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>they know what they did
please tell me the full story based link anon
I need to know your side of the story

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Thanks for sharing your art fren. Hope you make it

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>continues trying to antagonize the most beloved link figure behind only sergey
god you and your fucking scam company are retarded.

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Fuck off look at how you are behaving this is the exact kind of shit I’d expect from you scammy twats. I remember when you did that thread with the statues
>flying around the world meeting ayy pee eye providurrs
>lots of work, lots of money, very though sell
>need lots of capital to even get their attention
>(after like 12 posts) starts shilling clc

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I wish you the best link anon

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The first time I noticed them was when they larped as a rich anon trying to secure api providers for a node. Fucking long blog posts with pictures of statues attached. It was a giant larp shill where in the end the op shilled clc as the only way for poorfags to secure api’s. Then timo pumped and fudded his own bags to make more link. I missed a lot but last I saw timo bought a bunch of domains including sergeynazarov.com, fucking greedy piece of shit

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So long and thanks for all the fish

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I know about all of that, but I want to know what happened between Link anon and CLC.

>> No.16554084

bless you fren. Have all the minutes you need. My mom saw me watching your vids when she heard the music, she came in and was like what are you listening to. Now my mom unironically asks me from time to time, “any more of those chainlink videos with the good music?” You’ve even made a poor boomer smile. You really are quite an artist.

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some faggotry on clc’s part I’m sure, how big of faggotry you ask?
Their faggotry knows no ends

>> No.16554144

based and infinite faggitry pilled

>> No.16554204

what happened in the video? it was deleted

>> No.16554228

would a throwaway protonmail help or are you actually setting up a patreon, or is the guy in the other thread a larping imposter

>> No.16554278

other dood is an imposter 100%, he said give him a min, so it seems he is getting them ready to send out, id suggest a throwaway proton

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I dont know when this shit will be done. If this thread isn't still up by the time it finishes, I'll send to anyone who's left a proton.

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notice me senpai, and thank you for your service

>> No.16554409

It's really more of a shovel delivery service.
Where they have a rate that you pay to use shovels that are sometimes even free

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I just started watching them thoooo!!
I thought it was gonna be some guy talking so I ignored them until yesterday

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Send me plox @ linkanonofficial@protonmail.com

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You will be missed link anon.
Thank you for all the fun content.

>> No.16554445

thx, quackinmyshack@protonmail.com

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thanks bucko, the hero we needed

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niggers tongue my anus

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As link anon lays his head down and quits the game the wave must truly be upon us. Never forget pizzagate and fuck clc just like vitalik fucks children

>> No.16554499

Much respect Link brother. russianscam@protonmail.com

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LinkAnon I love you bro, that's facts. We are all gonna make it.

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>CLC faggot also trying to police /ourjeet/ Palatine in the reddit discord

absolutely fucking disgraceful
thank you for dabbing on these cunts based linkanon

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i remember this. he is complete retard.

>> No.16555310

back to twitter timo! fucking soft manlet

>> No.16555314

go back to redit :*

>> No.16555323

oh look an iphone redit fag!

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Keep it alive

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I'll bump if it drops low in the cat, don't worry

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We're all in this together marine

>> No.16555467

whats with the hate for CLC. i don't get it.

>> No.16555477

can I get a QRD? What is CLC and what have they done with Link Anon channel?

>> No.16555488

Copy pasta of Linkpool, total failure, Timo is a swingers and sold at 60c.

>> No.16555537

word around town is CLC tried to ass rape linkanon (no lube), FUCK TIMO THAT MANLET

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here to pay my respects.
your videos got me through a tough time after bizonacci disappeared. thanks for everything link anon.
god bless and god speed marine. it was a pleasure serving.

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it's been an honor friend

>> No.16555630

Based and finpilled

>> No.16555656

let's get the shit party started

>> No.16555710

Thank you for everything, you will be missed.

>> No.16555843

bump fuck timo

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Does anyone have the video of apu streaming for 1 viewer? I love that one

>> No.16556126

Yea ty link anon God bless for the help

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Asukalangley1000@protonmail.com you will be missed based link anon.

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I had a special connection to your videos...

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link anon, we both got into the meme production game around the same time, but despite that you served as a source of inspiration. your channel was one of my favorites on youtube, and was a factor in my realization that you can inspire others, through visualization of your goals, success and meme magic. 'ghostriding the matrix' is a blessed path.

>> No.16556258

Interesting, understood the disinfo when clg was crowdraising but why now after they already vc raised and aren't looking for capital? I hate timo too, but this is so obviously forced, clearly this has to be correlated with the semi-positive thread from earlier right, is clc trying to artificially keep their image down on biz? Dont know what to make of these fucks

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>> No.16556267

because 4chan is retarded

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my point was that you could just do the shit yourself.

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>> No.16556348

Oh man that’s so cute

>> No.16556382

Not that simplistic, biz is still one of the best platforms out there despite the retardation, but it's clear the anti-timo narrative has over resonated past rationality, or some anti-clc actor has monopolized the narrative. Correlation of this thread with the last one is just to strong

>> No.16556383

surprisingly wholesome

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Farewell Fren, your videos were pure art.
Hope you will come on yaht party based link anon.

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You will be missed link anon.

>> No.16556532

plsgibvidsdotheneedful@protonmail.com if you're still in the thread I loved your vids and hope I get the chance to keep rewatching them

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Linkmarines missed out on a winner (clc). Now clc is privately owned. Thank you /biz/ for dropping the fucking ball. Linkpool was a fucking joke. Now we’re left to being 2nd generation SNX bag holders. Autist anons got too comfy after holding link. Get back to digging.

>> No.16556776

Privately owned website with some api feeds. Drink bleach timo.

>> No.16556794

Bump fuck you timo

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>> No.16556857

Wtf was that YouTube it's been shut down

>> No.16556894

What did ari/tokenized do recently though

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>> No.16557077

fuck timo

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thank you brother


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>> No.16557228

Keep it going

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Thank you based fren. I will forever be thankful.

>> No.16557349

Thanks link anon. To clc fuck you youfilthy kikes

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>> No.16557417

Trying to stay relevant

>> No.16557433


>> No.16557439

imaging spending hours designing and photoshopping some fat bum that dumped his bags on you

>> No.16557547

So Timo tweeted a new partner and ti buy link. So we dump?

>> No.16557686

Keep bumping faggots

>> No.16557987

They beg for millions, piss off all of biz and then post a picture of them being proud of 6k. What a buncha retards.

>> No.16558231

Absolutely based.

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I miss link anon bros.

>> No.16558582

Kek absolutely seething that a bunch of biz faggots got a 7 figure valuation from a top vc.

>> No.16559204

>7 figure
Going to take a lot of 6k checks to hit that. Maybe if they weren’t such greedy assholes they could have gotten biz onboard and wouldn’t need suck VC dick.

>> No.16559277

They got a 200k check a few weeks back... assuming that's for under 20% equity, that's literally a 7fig valuation.

>> No.16559346

thats not a lot money. Think about it, chainlink has it own market, link pool has its own market and there are a couple other api markets out there. Id say they got lucky

>> No.16559351


>> No.16559386

please someone send me the videos aswell <3

>> No.16559393

>anti-timo narrative has over resonated past rationality,
what? where you here when they posted the discord invitation to biz? The're whole strategy is to market to /biz/. I'd say it has been discussed enough

>> No.16559414

Is either Timo or another CLC faggot you're addressing. No one else would post this shit.

>> No.16559420

They would have had so much more from biz if they were honest. They are not though, they have showed time and time again that they are greedy. Timo is the Rodger Ver of the Link community and CLC showed their true colors when biz pushed back against their bullshit.

>> No.16559422

Kek imagine thinking initial recruiting = ongoing marketing. What's the angle? That teemo is shilling all the top solidity developers of biz to use CLC's chainlinked apis?

>> No.16559475

Timo can only stay relevant if he makes waves in the community. He brings nothing to the table except domain squatting and horrible trading calls. The guy is a nuisance at best and a provocateur at worst. It’s frustrating that people can’t see through his facade.

>> No.16559480

yeah i know. the responded again here another faggot responded again here
>ongoing marketing
nobody wants to use your knock off shit faggot.

>> No.16559586

fuck off timo you guys blew it when you larped as the rich man flying around the world struggling to secure ayy pee eyes, only to generously inform poorfags thar they could get in on api feeds with clc. Fuck you statueposting scum. I wish you and your kind were still conscripted into the Tsar’s army

>> No.16559641
File: 91 KB, 920x592, apu happy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

strongly based

>> No.16559770

>doesn’t realize most dapps will originate from the use of clc

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im not going to let this thread go away

>> No.16559781

fuck timo

>> No.16559864

yeah fuck timo

>> No.16559985

I will miss you link anon, your videos always brought me happiness

>> No.16559993

fuck this fagget timo we should kill him

>> No.16560119

you're not as smart as you think you are timo

>> No.16560191


>> No.16560395

>shits on timo to generate interest
>proceeds to charge for previously free content
anon this is how you make money from biz. don't forget to sign up to his patreon!
just reload it to youtube already and stop trying to make money from fuck anon

>> No.16560808


You will not be forgetten fren

>> No.16560820

Did you bother reading this thread. He isnt starting a patreon. He is quitting to avoid anymore attention. The pajeet larping as him saying that is an obvious fraud. If you beleive him you should dump link and buy crej wraights satoj veiw, its the real btc.

>> No.16560821

fuck you i will gladly pay 1 dollar a month if he continues making them vids

>> No.16560858

If this thread dies without link anon's response I'll be uploading my backup of Didn't Watch; Never Selling to youtube

>> No.16560991


>> No.16561023

You would pay 12 american dollar for uncreative badly put together memes from 4 years ago? Amazing what people are willing to waste money on

>> No.16561050

Says the employee. Get back to your 5th beer wagie, Saturday is almost over.

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File: 380 KB, 760x600, EE49CF7E-9D21-4B38-BB50-39AA06C52A86.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This week in Chainlink. Fuck Teemo.

>> No.16561137

thank you for proving my point

>> No.16561220


Your videos are what kept me hodling through the gloomy days.

>> No.16561239
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File: 78 KB, 1042x609, Screenshot_20191214-151215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something is going on behind the scenes. Just like Assblaster disappeared and then Chainlink did a 10x from .40c to $4.

Linkanon has now disappeared. 10x from here? the prophecy has been foretold.

>> No.16561305

Right back at ya.
Also nice ID Heil Hitler

>> No.16561312


>> No.16561331

Link anon is shit. Admitted it himself. He lost his magick. You stupid pay piggies and fan bois are probably what made him shoa the channel. Glad for him he stopped before taking the e-celeb pill

>> No.16561342

no, when assblaster disappeared we crabbed 30 cents for a year you doofus

>> No.16561351
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Heh....you parasites fail to appreciate exavtly what you're fucking with in the short and long term when marines make it.

>> No.16561368

Last troll from linkanon

>> No.16561418
File: 76 KB, 467x700, E18E78C6-DDBC-4F76-B48C-4E2B2ED9A553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based and leveragepilled acquisition of community's attention and the supreme high ground
>be me
>mark this day on the calendar
>never forgive
>never forget

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File: 311 KB, 2205x1241, 8AF11BF0-557A-4C03-B7A8-2EB5AB98966D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pic related takes on new meaning

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thanks for the great content link anon

>> No.16561716

Every email here is getting doxxed. Mind you 3 anons IP trace back to .Gov you are fools for posting any emails.

>> No.16562242
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Bippity Boppity

>> No.16563236


>> No.16563285


>> No.16563670

Hey man please dont stop making videos. I enjoyed watching them a lot and I was shocked when you used my suggestion for the interstellar aoundtrack in your sibos video. Thank you so much man and good luck in your future. Your videos always gave me good hopium. Take care and stay blessed fren.

>> No.16563707


>> No.16564054

how many other of the more clandestine oldfags have disappeared as well?

>> No.16564066

t. Antiprosynth

>> No.16564080

haha no way

>> No.16564148

you exposed yourself as a pol-cel in your most recent video when you made a compilation of shitty pol images to try to push some alt-right view. you lost all your cred at that point, should have just stuck to making link memes. goodbye linkanon, im not going to miss your incel, rightwing ass

>> No.16564163

>distant voice from far away
>"fuck timo!"

>> No.16564280
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>you exposed yourself as a pol-cel in your most recent video when you made a compilation of shitty pol images to try to push some alt-right view. you lost all your cred at that point, should have just stuck to making link memes. goodbye linkanon, im not going to miss your incel, rightwing ass

>> No.16564401

Still alive

>> No.16564459

This. Don't leave linkanon. Your videos are a lot of fun

>> No.16564538

You will forever live on in my heart, bro.

>> No.16564604

Thank you for the joy you brought me.
This will be our year, 1k EOY


>> No.16564611

Fuck this thread and everyone in it

>> No.16565025

fuck you first

>> No.16565170

fuck me second

>> No.16565323


>> No.16565550

Linkanon ?

>> No.16565672


A sad day it is but that can't erase the momories Linkanon gave to so many retardedly stinky fucks.
81000 EOY 2026

>> No.16565750


>> No.16566247


>> No.16566991


>> No.16566994

Well done Marine.

>> No.16567760

pee pee poo poo

>> No.16567842

fuck timo

>> No.16568208

Bump. Come back linkanon

>> No.16568274


>> No.16568676

Bump fren, we miss you faggot.

>> No.16568809
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Link anon I am really hurting man. I need you to help me out fren.

>> No.16569052

Sir, miss u...

>> No.16569102
File: 26 KB, 255x255, F9A35D10-1368-4A39-9690-442D62C85D33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16569160
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Kys smooth brain