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New financial elites, report in

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I have enough to make it, but I know I'll still get bullied by the new Linkie aristocracy for not getting more.

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2k linklet reporting in

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Reporting in

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50k linkchad reporting for duty

line up marines

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Only 1.5k links :(

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150 bsv reporting in
stinkers will suicide next year

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Retards unite

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17k linklet reporting.
Pls don’t bully me.

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I got me 3 link, three whole fucking link
How long before I'm snorting lambos off hookers?

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It will be 900,000,000,000,000,000$ in 2030

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Not a linklrt anon. Over 10k is linker. Over over 30k is linkchad.

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fuck off with that FUD

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April 20 will mark my second year of holding LINK

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85k link. Hope I make it. I don’t need to be rich I just like winning.

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>Hope I make it.
You will.

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13k Marine reporting in! What's the orders sir?

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20k here

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Why do you guys say never selling? How are you ever going to make it if you never sell your stuff to cash in and actually buy stuff with it? Are you guys that fucking stupid?

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I’ve got some news for you guys.

The Google meetup in Brussels is going to blow the top off this thing.

I’m handling the AV for the presentations and they obviously didn’t anticipate any of us would actually have interest in the project.

Basically Google is fully adopting LINK as the backbone for their implementation of smart contracts into everything.

I honestly think we’re gonna hit double figures next week.

I think we were right all along.

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8k link. suck my dick etc

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post pic of your ID badge with all personal information blacked out

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get a load of this retard

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thanks for the deludium anon

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