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Is Vechain a good long term investment? I've put 100% of my bag into it, and it seems pretty stagnant so far.

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It's not like anons have been calling out this chink scam for the last 2 years or anything

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If I shouldn't invest in Vechain, what should I invest into?

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BTC/ETH/LINK/ATOM/XTZ are the safest bets.

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What about iExec?

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This chink scam is due for a massive correction.

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Yes, “chink scam” is low effort answer

Supply chain logistics is a real application of blockchain.

Retards say “chink scam” when the chinese are going to make vet moon in 2020 with their laws mandating the tracking of items such as medicine on the blockchain.

Conveniently vechain is the only government approved public blockchain in china

Don’t be all in, but get 1m and check back next year

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Is Vechain part of the country wide Vaccine traceability that launches March 2020? If so, this coin could go past the moon

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Premined shittoken .

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Yes there are loose connections but nothing 100% confirmed yet.

Vechain is literally the only government approved public blockchain in china.

And its more than just medicine. All perishable goods would benefit from being on the blockchain along with luxury goods that deal with counterfeits.

All of those $1000 yeezys and shit will be on the blockchain, wine, chemicals, medicine, etc.

Tracking goods is one of the major applications of blockchain.

But buy link too

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What are the chances of it blasting off like XRP (May 2017)

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High enough to warrant getting 1m. Get 1m for the economic node status and no more

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Is it going to be the only one that's publicly traded in China? I'm super new, I do remember when China started regulating the crypto market and crashed Bitcoin in a single day, though.

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This, vechain will be one of the winners in this blockchain race.

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Almost everything is premined and its not even a token.

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If I hold one mil VET, will I be a millionaire next year?

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i hope you're joking. if you want to all-in go for UPT under ICO and wait 6 months.

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Plz stop trying to shill your 0.001 cent shitcoin, we're trying to have a Vechain discussion.

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>Is it going to be the only one that's publicly traded in China?

No, but it should have a first mover advantage. And in terms of (western) partnerships/customers nothing comes close.

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>Conveniently vechain is the only government approved public blockchain in china
You're making things up. VeChain is a chink scam, tokens have no value.

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But Anon, why? Can you prove what this anon says is false?

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i concur
perhaps second tier would be

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/biz/ros should I get some VET? im FOMOing ;_;

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HEX is significantly better than another generic platform that just sells itself as the supply chain, even though it's just a china hustle

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Yes, even if it’s a small stack so you don’t miss out

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I feel like this could be like chainlink in terms of price, and indeed a small stack could help me not miss out

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Get some. 2020 will be glorious.

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Be exposed to the various real applications of blockchain.

Link is for decentralized oracles. Big upside potential. No real competition.

Vechain is for supply chain logistics and the Internet of Things. Big upside potential. First mover advantage in china. No real competition.

100% all in on chainlink like most of the people on biz isn’t terrible but certainly not going to make most people here millionaires

Diversify :)

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Every VeChain thread is the same. "Should I invest?"

"No it's a chink scam."

"Unironically this is actually a great coin that biz hates on, but will make it big in 2020."

Dude, buy fucking VeChain. Literally take one fucking hour of your day and you will see that they are beyond legit, and will make it big in crypto. Compared to other projects who have been in this space for the same time as them, they are so far ahead of the game it's not even funny. Or don't, the fuck do I care. I'm stocked up.

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Best case you spend $250 and buy a small bag and you end up being right, it hits $0.10, and you 10x your money. Worst case you spend $250 and it turns out to be a scam and you lose $250. You were going to spend that $250 on video games and bullshit anyways.

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Best case it goes higher than that.

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>prove what this anon says is false
Unicorns and leprechauns and dragons exist. Prove me wrong!

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You are the greater fool if you unironically believe any of the horse shit you just typed out.

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But vechain if you want to retire early

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How much to make it?

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One million is suicide stack.

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Wow! Xi Jinping is going to buy MY bags on OceanEx! I'm sure the money will flow to me, a zero value-add middle man that contributes absolutely nothing to enterprise activity, instead of the two private companies (which DNV GL and PWC HK [not real PWC, but independent Asian firm that pays PWC a licensing fee to use its name for legitimacy] bought stakes in) VECHAIN GLOBAL ADVISORY LIMITED (https://services.gov.im/ded/services/companiesregistry/viewcompany.iom?Id=456615) and VECHAIN GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY HOLDING LIMITED (https://services.gov.im/ded/services/companiesregistry/viewcompany.iom?Id=456623) that retail investors have no access to!

It's of absolutely NO worry to me that we don't have any disclosure of these entities' financials, description of their business relationships with the Vechain Foundation, source of their revenue, and aren't mentioned in the white paper, even though they were formed prior to its publication! It makes perfect sense that the value generation of these centrally-ran business operations won't actually go to the private, for-profit companies that their partners bought stakes in, but will be captured by Wolverine X-men nodes and go to nobodies like me!

I love the transparency, decentralization, and trustlessness delivered by blockchain! Thanks Vechain!

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Now do the same for your chainlink stack

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Kek sergey will make you a millionaire with your 500 linkies though right?

Everything is a scam except my investment because im a smartie pants

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Unironically NOIA,
Mainnet Q1 2020
Microsoft & Cisco Partnership
Not looking to replace isp an easy platform where gamers and streamers and actual businesses can fund their account with tokens and have their traffic routed over a more optimum route.

Recently hit its all time low, 600k usd mkt cap.

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Kind of annoying how I have to buy it on binance ngl

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White paper 2.0 is coming end of month :) enjoy fomoing in

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So many incorrect assumptions about me I don't even know where to start:
>I own more than 500 LINK
>LINK isn't my biggest bag
>I sold VeChain before the 100-1 swap when its marketcap was still in the billions
>I actively discuss non-scams that I have no stake in like XTZ and ATOM
>I know people who work in crypto
>VeChain shows up at conferences and no one even gives them the time of day

You are a fucking retard who is promoting a useless chink scam with zero adoption. This entire project is smoke and mirrors. Watch the China Hustle, this kind of scam has been going on for years even before ICOs.

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Mfw he calls it useless when some google searches prove otherwise

Keep it up mr buffet

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I can't disagree with the sentiment. I'm just a crypto new friend, so I'm not sure if I'm making the right investment. Vechain seems like a pretty good investment though, and most people who claim it's a 'chink scam' prove basically nothing to counteract the evidence showing otherwise like

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Vechain will be the most succesful cryptos out there going into the next mania. Yes, it's vaporware shit that will never have any actual usage, but historically, absolute shitcoins with good hype perform the best. Just gotta sell the top.

Fundamentals are great but being attractive to dumb money is better.

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How much are they paying you to shill this on /biz/ Rajesh? We aren't fucking falling for it, go back to your reddit safe space you mongoloid.

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fucking scam claims to be partners with everybody they exchange a tweet with

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Don’t larp here. You know everyone here knows it’s an centralized Ethereum clone, basically just a testnet with hidden participants. It doesn’t belong in crypto so take this faggotry back to plebbit where people are retarded enough to fall for it and baghold for 2 years.

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That’s what they told you about 2018 and 2019

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Go back

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>look at all these vechink partnerships!
>those are just tweets not proof of partnership at all. In fact, this makes it look like a chink scam
Wow you're fucking dumb and deserve to lose all your money

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>revised marketing collateral

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>angle investors

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Kek how come nobody called them out? And don’t go posting that bmw tweet bc you know that someone will post the part where they say they’ll become vets customer. Same goes for that photoshoped mcd tweet. You retards can’t even muster any new fud, all you have is recycled oldfag material.

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Listen buster, no one here gives a fuck if you keep holding your chink scam down to zero or not. That's on you, but you aren't going to sucker any of us into buying into it. Enjoy those bags.

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These two comments don't sound orchestrated or anything! Anon just happens to know about >A COUNTRY WIDE VACCINE TRACEABILITY???
No way!

And no, many have put forward traceabilty solutions and none have been chosen.
'Conveniently vechain is the only government approved public blockchain in china' That is also complete made up bullshit.

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It’s true and not made up bullshit

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imagine being this much of a brainlet

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Do you not find it significant that Macron and Xi Jinping literally ate and drank products tracked by VeChain? Not that that alone is a good reason to invest, but it suggests that they have their suit together enough to get something like that done. No small feat.

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>can you believe macron and xi literally ate
You can't make this shit up

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You could also get your dick tracked on Vechain because that also has zero transactions.

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Not really much of a counter argument. Is that all you got?

If your dick then ended up in a world leaders mouth I’d be pretty impresser desu.

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fucking VECHAIN???


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What the fuck are you talking about? Chainlink isn't a POA chain with anonymous authority nodes and secret, private deals where their partners are buying equity in off shore, for profit entities. CREAM works daily with Sunny. CREAM claimed during his Vechain presentation in Amsterdam that his 2nd best hedge fund in China makes 3678% return a year. Imagine if Sergey said that or his number 2 said that. Stop pushing these carnival grifters.

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i watched the coinmarketcap conference where sunny spoke before sergey. Sunny was all hot air, talking adopt 'mass adoption' but never giving any real specific example of how vechain will be used or in what capacity. Just a salesman. Sergey went on a myopic rant about the oracle problem.

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I would never FOMO into a basic China Hustle.
>proof of authority chain but it's all anonymous. Nice authority!
>unused gas breaks all time highs on daily basis
>The foundation makes secret deals with their corporate partners in off shore entities. Massive conflict of interest to token holders.
>Vechain runs the entire project. Why the fuck would a zero value added middleman, who only has redundant gas to offer, make money off the private, centralized activities of the foundation and their corporate partners?
>basic conmen run this project. CREAM claims that his 2nd best hedge fund in China makes 3678% a year return.
>The foundation quarterly report shows billions of VET dumped each quarter for bullshit vague operating expenses and self issued bonuses. The for-profit entities where their partners invested don't even issue reports.

This is Ripple 2.0 on STEROIDS, the Asian edition.

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hopefully this gets listed on an American exchange I have access to sometime soon. would be a shame if I couldn't dump this shit off on someone else when it hits 10 cents.

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This shit is Chinese Ethereum. I sold all my Link for Vet. Best choice I ever made.

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It's on Binance US dipshit.

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Man my 600k bag feels good but I can't imagine how comfy node holders are going into 2020

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Rich, wait for next bull run. vET will pump hard, better ROI than most shitcoins.

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This is a Chinese shitcoin that is going to pump hard af

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Ah, yes, I too follow ChinaDaily and knew about this. This is not an orchestrated pajeet scam thread

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Is anyone gonna call out the douche bags who use the word "chink" incessantly? It gets tiring having to read this crap when it has no relevance whatsoever to the topic at hand.

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If you have an atomic wallet, you get vethor tokens in turn for just holding VET.

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12m reporting in

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>tfw only have enough for 10.000 VET

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This is literally the only crypto with a real world purpose, and it's being used right now.

You're a fucking retard if you dont have at LEAST 40k going into next year.

Anyone who says "chink scam" is unironically trying to fud so they can keep accumulating at low prices.

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