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just freeze ur penis to achieve immortality like Epstein did

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Think about it frens, some moment in this century you are goiung to have your last breath and then you won't never exist for eternity,

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Hope I'll be high on some opiate when it happens

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We’re all going to die fren get right with Jesus or you’re not gonna make it

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Everyone has to
Enjoy the ride while it lasts tho

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I do.

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why not?

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cant wait.I just want to die

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don't end up like him anon

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If you actively do opiates chances are you will be

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And the same eternity predated you.
Zoom out enough and you vanish altogether.
Without even ever getting laid.
Now tell me about this Jesus of yours.

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Doubt he enjoyed the ride friend

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religiousfags actually believe this

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Death is part of life. Either accept this and stop fearing death, or live the rest of your life as a scared bitch.

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>wanting to live forever

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so be it.

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Not true, you just wake up again in another time and place.

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I am afraid of dying moreso because I really wanna see how all this shit is gonna end. Feel like shit won't really hit the fan until the end of the 2020s. Bummer

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But thats why life is specail because we die. There is no use worrying since you can't do anyhing. No matter what happens understand even when you are dead. You existed. Your life was real and everything was meaningful. No amount of rewriting history or your lack of fame can make your life not a true story. And remember your life is special because it is your life. No one has or ever will be exactly like you or your life. So make it meaningful friends.

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Cant wait for the reset desu.
Nothing in Universe fades away in nothingness.
Everything repeats and fades into other form of energy.
enjoy life and make the best out of it

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seethe in hell

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That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo.

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When I turn to dust it will be the end of the world. Same for you anon. might as well enjoy our time here.

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I just want grad school to be over bros. One more semester. Then I can finally start LIVING.

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KEK, its only going to get worse

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Think about this, an infinite time scale all but guarantees that this shit happens over and over again, meaning we will all at some point be the same losers on here thinking this is all happening for the first time again

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>the real me is still asleep, that's why my life is so shit!

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how much dept?

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*debt fuck

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Checked and underrated

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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

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The levels of irony in this are biblical. The entirety of the gold sony dudes shtick is sucking things up it’s ass.

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I've always been alive though. I can't remember the time I was dead which means life is infinite. I imagine the moment you are about to kill yourself, the whole place starts violently vibrating with weird noises as if you were in a dream and something so surrealistic happened that the whole dream scene started shaking and collapsing.

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>he doesn't know about the astral plane and reincarnation

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We really don't know much about the universe or what cobsciousness is. What are we and what happens post death is totally and absolutely unknown.

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you could work minimum wage and die behind a freezer

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You die every time you fall asleep anyway.

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Give it a try

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Jesus Loves Everyone

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Try and imagine what it will be like to go to sleep and never wake up.

Think about that.

What will it be like to go to sleep and never wake up?

And if you think long enough about that, something will happen. You will find out, among other things. That it will pose the next question to you. What was it like to wake up after having never gone to sleep?

That was when you were born.

You see? You cant have an experience of nothing; Nature abhors a vacuum. So after you're dead, the only thing that can happen is the same experience, or the same sort of experience of before you were born. In other words, we all know very well that after people die. Other people are born.
And they're all you, only you can only experience one at a time. -Alan Watts

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"We really don't know much about the universe or what cobsciousness is."
>materialistcuck screeching

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I got laid, pussy is stinky and gross.

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I don't want to exist tho

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Everybody dies, no one really ever lives.

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Alcohol is for niggers.

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>wont exist for eternity
so you're ok with the fact that you came from nothing, but cant wrap your head around the idea of being able to return from nothing once you go back to nothing? nice logic

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I want to die frens

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Nikka pleeeease.

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you're stuck here forever, sorry. there is no such thing as eternal peace

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After studying countless NDE's, let me say the afterlife is more real than this physical life. The good news is that you're eternal. You will exist forever.

The horrific news, is that unless you focus on being kind and helpful to people in this world, you may end up in the hellish instead of heavenly afterlife.

In the hellish realms, you can go through sufferings and tortures beyond anything you can imagine in this world. And what makes it worse is that it can be eternal.

To avoid that realm and make it to the heavenly realms, be kind, loving, and helpful to as many as possible while you can in this Earthly realm.

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It's hard when people are such stupid selfish niggers.

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Shut the fuck up faggot

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Is this you?

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you literally live in a place where you are required to kill other beings in order to survive and youre talking about muh good deeds lmao god doesn't give a shit about the system or morals your brain came up with to cope with the chaotic nature of reality. faggot trying to find meaning and order in a system that naturally tends to strive away from it.
the only think you said correct is that you are here forever, stuck in an endless loop of existence where the "goal "is to simply experience life. experience the whole spectrum of outcomes, from brutal pain and suffering to absolute bliss. you will experience all of it and there really is nothing you can do about it.

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Here is how to live forever:

living or dying is your choice

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>you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do in life, be the biggest piece of shit in the world, as long as you believe in jesus its all gucci.
imagine believing in this. this is peak cope for anyone that believes in heaven and hell and has done stuff that without any margin of doubt would make them go to hell. the absolute peak of cope right here.

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I love this man:-(:0(+_+)

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sounds good

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Op must be around 16 cuz that's when these type of beta thoughts really hit people. Stop being a pussy, i invite it. I don't purposely try or want to kill myself but I do things that can easily kill me. Do a shot of meth and heroin and pick yourself up by the bootstraps kid. You're either gonna die at random tomorrow with no say in it. Or youll drift along your pointless life till 80 then shit the bed. In the end...just do

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What's your age and networth?

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yes only 1 more semester

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oh my god that sounds amazing

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The fact that reality even exists should tell you there's more to it than just a big bang and some monkeys on a rock going around a star.

When you die your consciousness won't be restricted by your physical body anymore and you'll wake up on a higher plane and you'll realize how petty all of this is but you'll wish you'd taken the time to enjoy the simple pleasures unique to being human.

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Simple pleasures like what? Working your fucking ass off until your body hurts every day?
Eating shit fucking food because that's all you can afford?

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> 1 post by this ID

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People with overwhelmingly cynical personalities like this are so fucking exhausting. My life has improved immeasurably ever since I stopped talking to anyone who isn't an optimist.

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This. Life and death od very hard question.

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just imagine some breakthrough scientific shit happens but you're too old at this time and missed the chance for neverending youth

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OK faggot

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it's only natural

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I'm gonna form a street gang and kill other gangs and then just dance and eat food

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>Now tell me about this Jesus of yours.

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Perhaps it's all really just a dream that seems like it lasts a long time. When you die, you actually wake up in true reality.

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In this reality where we wake up, is crypto market 20t then?

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demoralization thread/content detected by the same shop forcing the red guy forced meme from earlier. sage>>16518909

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every day i pray for the sweet release of death

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Perhaps you're really just a faggot.

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This makes sense if you believe the human body is a vessel for a soul. Eventually the vessel needs to be replaced.

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You must put your faith in Chirst, anon

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every atom that you are made of is as old as the universe and every one of those atoms will exist as long as the universe does. you literally cannot escape the universe

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this is literally the most based and underrated post. pure truth.
YOUR WORLD as you know it.... will end. It woul be equivalent to having a meteor destroy earth and kill everyone.
essentially... when you die... everyone dies at the same time.

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