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-Silently moons
-1.5 investment mil confirmed (3 other investors going through due diligence to get another 5mil)
-Investors pumping XCM
-MM confirmed
-New coins coming i
-Tram new juicy use case coming in
-Volume is picking up
-All in!

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Zoom out, retard
t. 250k xcmlet

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Does the market really need another exchange? Why would I use this as opposed to literally any other exchange?

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-The only MTF to operate STO within EU, legally.
-Compliance friendly
-Instant SEPA
-Pay maker fee
-Mega low fees
-Ultra massive forehead
-TRAM! (x2)
-Extremely fast Customer Support, unlike other scam chinks.
-Literally shaking rn. Don't miss out biz!

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Damn look at all the pajeets that are posting coinmetro herr. Guess this is Kevin's new marketing budget at work

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and there's $1.5m of it to go around, get in early while the payouts are high!

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The only reason for this to moon is when all non compliant exchanges get fucked.

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Pretty much. Dex exchanges are already closing down or implementing KYC. Embrace regulation - way easier to pay with BTC for groceries than hiding wealth in Monero. Pay your taxes.

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Tram allowing you to do the hard work trading while you sip margaritas by the pool. What's not to like

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Better yet your personal tram trader doing all the hard work and you earn passive income doing fuck all.

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The moon is imminent.

This project is literally unfuddable now.

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XCM will get absolutely pumped, CoinMetro will be huge. They will survive the storm of regulation easily and thrive! Same shit happened in FX. CYCLES YOU DICKS!!

They have low key ties to Quant Network / Chainlink / Algorand / Parsiq.... + more.

LHV bank love these guys and they’ll create long term solid partnerships without the BS of other companies with many others.

This is the perfect time to enter.

They have funding and are buying back XCM clearly. Price will 5x plus all the marketing and new guys joining.

BNB can fuck off. KNC can fuck off. HT can fuck off too.

Moving slowly all in to XCM.

If they hit €0.20 in a couple months. Warned you

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>Volume is picking up
might need to pick up a little more there anon. those new coins might not do so well either according to the pic related

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Lol wait and see..

Aggressive marketing is also confirmed.

You must hate money for not going all in at this stage.

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Just a sniff of investment and still not a penny on marketing and this bad boy is mooning as hard as a prince's cock (no sweat).

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Guys how are the payouts going on, Kevin gave me 0.05 foreheads per post, was it a good deal?

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when to enter

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This project is ready to take off. Slick mirror trading system just about to be launched. Market makers on all shitcoins releasing this month, combination of TRAM and marketing should see big increase in volumes.
XCM will reach 1 euro easy.

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