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Coffee park hike lake nature shit

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Quad flying.

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how did you get a girlfriend? i want one too

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if its a 1st date she's not your gf, don't be so full on or you will blow this.

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Invite to your home. Cook a meal with her. As in you cook and she plays helper assistant. You will learn a lot of important information from this, including whether or not she's a lazy thot with no ambition or skill. If she provides useful help and knows what she's doing in a kitchen, this is a girl worth pursuing.

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On second thought, maybe leave this until second date. Neutral public location would be better so you can leave fast if it's no good.

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something physically active and fun. keep it simple.

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take her to theh Mall! comfrtbl andn socshial!!! mny stoers nd oprtuntie fro obsrvashunil comidy!!!!!!!
big fuod Cort!!!!!?!!

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the few times I dated someone we just went to eat some place and then decided where to go afterward while eating

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I approve of this.

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this, fly along her route to work without her showing you

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I took my gf to an abandoned factory in Detroit for our first date. Packard vuilding to be exact. Do something edgy and dangerous. Girls love that shit.

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Go somewhere you'd want to go with our without her

If all you do is sit in your room and go to mcdonnies then take her to mcdonnies

Don't try to be someone you're not and don't try too hard to impress her senpai you got this

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For me its the big mac

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coffee then park

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Did you fuck her in the abandoned building?

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Quit being a normie and ghost her.

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My local mall is filled with niggers.

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coffee with options to go for launch.

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I can make my own food and don't want a gf to be a second mom

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Wow you don't even get it you cosmopolitan basedcuck retard

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Take her for a towards a nice coffee shop somewhere in the city. The point is to walk and talk while having the comfy feeling of not suffering the pressure to do something.

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