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really want to kms

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this world has boobs, dont kys

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a common sentiment around here.
I usually get depressed on vacations though, it-s like I need to be fully focused on studying or working, I loathe free time.

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you aren't alone. but hear me out guys, im 32 and i feel hopeless at my age. You younger guys still have hope. live dammit live.

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okay... are you gonna tell us why or just 1-post-by-this-ID like a giant faggot?

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Stop drinking.
Seriously just stop.

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What did you do wrong?

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he came to fucking 4chan! i was a chad before i found this place. i used to fuck 2 or 3 different girls in the same day. now i'm a literal incel and havent had sex in years. the only pleasure i get is from dank memes

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im not far behind

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>Just turn on the dopamine bro

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Me too.

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I hear you anon, also 32 here. Is it too late for us?

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>Just pull money out of your ass dude

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>When you reach a point where you become numb to everything and all you feel is apathy

I wish I could enjoy something, anything. I wish I could give a shit about my life

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i am about the same age

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I have trouble letting go of a girl. I have two options, I either let her go, or I try to win her back, and I don't know what to pick because I know I can't win her back if I don't let her go, and if I let her go I can't win her back.

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i dunno frens, it feels like it, but im sure in another 5 years, we'll regret not doing anything right now so lets give this bitch our best shot. cheers.

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after typing this out this really seems fucking stupid. I need some help anons, please give me a logical conclusion to come to

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33 here
It only gets worse. On a positive note it feels like I was 32 just last week. At this rate I think I can hold on a few more weeks for crypto to moon again.

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wow great peptalk anon. You really gave those younger guys something to live for.

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I'm thirty, 100k+ link, constantly high on class a's opiods and stimulants. I don't give myself a chance at self reflection, I am a god and I am making it. Reversal of ageing in twenty years, UFOs are in our midst and I will have the wealth to augment myself into a Neo human. Gg faggots.

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Follow yer dreams

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loneliness withers you away

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Did OP do it
If not, consider streaming it on bitwave.tv

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im 19 and ive never had a conversation with a girl. i think im just a late bloomer but it makes me sad.

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rly want more money
u r fagit

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everytime i "live" i either go to jail or fuck up my life or someone elses

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Learn how to live without being retarded lmao.

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im 33 neet we are all hopeless who gives a shit.

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This guy really doesn't understand why people want to kill themselves

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What a stupid nigger

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I don't want to die as much as I'd like to murk quite a few people.
I'd like to really fuck them up.

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You have to get out and do things. I didn't lose my virginity till I was 19 myself. Just apply yourself, you can't be a total dweeb.

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Cut off all contact.
Delete all social media.

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Go rape her.

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Need more details of what led to your impasse

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KEK don't say shit like this, you're on a list now

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Been on a list forever then.
Cops caught me with a weapon after I brandished it, dropped all my charges, didn't even have to pay a lawyer, pretty sure they want me to do it.

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i dont even care anymore, its just annoying how anyone who gets close to me gets hurt or dead, i hate this life

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Stop being retarded.
How are people getting hurt around you? By doing drugs?
Stop making friends with degenerate scum.

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non of your business, you aint my mother or the feds

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Hope all your stupid friends die then. Fucking retard.

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If you are not extremely ugly or deformed or some shit you will more likely make it than not make it. Keep in mind that your sexual market value increases while the ones of the girls decreases. 22 - 35 is a good time for pussy and cute gfs. If you go full doomer mode it's impossible of course. I was a shut in for my entire life but step by step I did the right things. Lost my virginity at 21 and I'm pretty happy with life atm.

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a nerve in my butthole has been twitching all day

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whatever bro, i dont deal with junkies for what its worth

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kms seems comfy sometimes, sorry op

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Good, it will save you a lot of fucking trouble and money.
You're probably some zogbot then.
Maybe if you assholes stayed home you wouldn't be getting turned into swiss cheese by a bunch of literal goat fuckers.

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Not gonna lie your such a god you send send me a few hundred link so I can bask in your godly light

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> t. Pajeet
Pajeet no swiping, pajeet no swiping!!

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Any advice for a 22 year old?

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Pajeet no wiping, poojeet no wiping!!

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Stop being retarded.
Buy LINK. As much as you can.

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32 anon here as well, I think I'm set up pretty well for the next crypto happening, if it ever happens. Currently in the process of waging at really lowly job and destroying all my relationships. I'll get blackout drunk once a week and feel agonizing pain and shame the next day even though I really didn't do anything too terrible. I'd like to have sex in 2020, the last three years were a bust. Hey frens.

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>1 post by this ID
What did they mean by this?

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He ded.

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Stop drinking, retard. Start working out. Unless you have a legitimate mental illness like BPD or schizophrenia or some shit, it is that simple.

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another fren dust in the wind

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I don't think BPD exists but I might have something bad. I yell at myself in my truck a lot, like scream about things that I hate about myself and my past. I do a good job of playing normie around people though. Quitting the drink is easier said than done; I'm in the upper midwest and that's just what we do here. It's the only socialization I have with my dad and uncles and couple friends I can stand to be around. Anyway, what's your excuse to be here on a Saturday night. I'd rather talk about our shitcoins we're holding.

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you dont know what the curse of invincibility is like. i always told myself im going to south america to live, but really it is to hopefully find death

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Don't worry, you will find it lmao.

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Well could you elaborate more?

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do it faggot

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As if fucking Thots is the only real meaning in life, fucking pathetic anon.
I had sex first time this year so what?
Its overrated af if you dont love each other while fucking and people who do this on a regular basis without love and also pay prostitutes are the crown NPC's.


Then why you dont do anything now to change your next years?

The Youth of today is doomed. Reproduction rate should sink rapidly because females focus on being an internet instagram star and with meme careers than open their legs and put 2 kids on this world to safe western humanity from diying out.

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yall are pussies, I'm 34 and I just fucked a 21 year old

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