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Just another day existing as an ugly, friendless low status male with a “good job”.

How are the rest of you doing knowing you wasted your one precious chance at consciousness? Knowing you’re genetic vermin whose body and brain don’t even work correctly and you are a genetic dead end whose life has no purpose?

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People who make these threads should be instantly assassinated.

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If you have a “good job” you arent a total loser. Live frugally for a year and accumulate as much money as possible. Think of a project you wanna do for yourself and go for it. You can escape the wagie life.

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JIDF in full effect. Kys jew faggot

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If only

I’m an engineer CADmonkey at a manufacturing plant, I have no skills

I’m not Jewish

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The good news is life is inherently pointless and meaningless, and even so-called successful people realize this at some point. Why do you think Kate Spade and that food network guy offed themselves. They were literally at the top of our "society".

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Last night I took a walk up to the bridge, the whole time I was fantasizing about being my character Rothdor(I spent several hours autistically min maxing his stats. I get most of my ideas from tabletop rpgs) I was mumbling to myself and acting out fight scenes with my movements. Nobody saw me (it was like 2 AM)

My bivy tent is coming in the mail soon. If my boomer parents kick me out I'll be ready. I NEVER Plan to change my behavior or get a job. Fuck working and fuck living

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How can one post be this based

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unless i get dubs im gonna start drinking before 1pm

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I've been teaching myself web development. I bought a book on HTML and CSS, read the book front to back, and took notes over the whole thing. I knew enough about programming beforehand to get JQuery working, and built a professional looking frontend. Now I'm going through an SQL book in the same way, and after that I'll learn the libraries for a middleware language required to wrap it all together and build fully dynamic websites.

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