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450 ETH in contract and rising!

HEX is the first High Interest Blockchain CD and the only thing stopping it from taking over the Multi-billion dollar banking industry is you!

so adopt HEX early like you should have adopted BTC and you might make it.

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oops just past 500eth


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Aaaand its dead

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800 now, my estimate is 2-3k, End of the first round. The next day will be smaller most likely due to the smaller payout, and I'm not certain how much is up for grabs over the next year each day

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>500 eth is loterally loke 70k bro no one gives a fuck about this shitcoin kys

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explain me on a brainlet way and i will use some money to test it

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yeah do you hold FOMO3D? they got like 20k eth must be a great coin

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its a pyramid, you're too late
anyone past 300 is too late

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send ETH to Metamask
use my ref

Transform ETH to HEX and stake!

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This thing is going to blow up

Use the ref and get an extra 10%


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LOL no, it's not 1st past the post.

1300eth now

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Ref links also benefit both the referred user and the referee 10% bonus if referred and you get 20% for refering

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4k eth W00T!

Get your bonus 10% here:


Also if you held BTC last night in your own wallet you get free HEX tokens

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Kys scammer

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>19 pending
its over lmao
rip 3k eth lad
what was he even expecting from that shit lmao

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I heard a bout a scam called BTC a few years back, did you avoid that one smart guy??

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well xplain how does it work and i ll use your referal

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>10 pending

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is this good

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BTC did not start off as a scam from day 1, brainlet

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>the only thing stopping it from taking over the Multi-billion dollar banking industry is you!

If poorfags shilled usless pi 24/7 i guess board is dead now hex is out
>its fomo 3d making scamemr rich
>it will pump but you wont know when to get out before it crashes
>you need to post ethscan to shill it so we know you are fucking dirt poor HEXINATOR

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>I heard a bout a scam called BTC a few years back, did you avoid that one smart guy??
I understand the BTC airdrop is free, and is great marketing.

Please explain to me the benefit of sending ETH to this smart contract?
What are you buying other than an asymmetric distribution of the same ETH pool you buy into with a tax going to the founder's ETH address.

I don't get it.

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Aren't ETH buyers locked in or some dumbass ridiculous ponzi bullshit like that?
Can't believe this shit works 100 years later. You faggots really, unironically believe you can beat a millions-actor market, don't you?

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