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Fuck it, I'm done wage slaving. I've saved up some money, and I'm going to buy guitars and refurbish them and then re-sell them.

Sick of not having any time to do anything I want...

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Why didn't you do this on the side until you see if you can make money from it?

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Because I also want to be a NEET

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Same brother tomorrow is my last day then i'm going to school full time and i'm gonna live off of debt until i graduate, blue collar jobs are SOUL CRUSHING

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Congrats I quit 8 months ago and the first few were very productive now I literally can't be bothered to even get out of bed

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careful, i quit 3 years ago and im still NEET

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That is a good idea Anon. Best of luck with that

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fuck yes fren.. post them here. I have buyers.

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Thanks anon I will. Any recommendations on what people are most looking to buy? Was probably going to start by buying a busted strat and try and repair it.

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I actually felt more productive when I was a neet for two years. Now that I'm working and making more money it just seems like never ending debt.

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>blue collar jobs are soul crushing
anon, I...

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<no sorry, id I did, I would be just as bad as spamming another shill thread.

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Boomers will most likely look out for good USA or Mexican made Fender‘ Tellys or strats.
Just let me tell you one thing. You won’t make huge profits. I’ve done this before and people always offer much less than you are expecting.

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