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Hello, anons.

If you want a true breadcrumbs, follow the Pegnet trail. Factom is being burned at an alarming rate and is now deflationary. Something's happening, and you best pay attention, today. Old heads probably already know what I'm talking about. More down the pipeline in 2 weeks, but this rabbit hole goes deep.

Info drops soon. Tick tock.

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get out faggot nigger

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What is pegnet? Do I buy fct for it or something

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Funny thing is, you can burn FCT for pFCT -> Pegnet. A wallet to make this easier is coming, but you can do this now in a command line.

Despite 6 months of mining ::: This is called being early.


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Holy shit this dex vitex or whatever sucks dick

It's...it's...almost a good sign

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Vitex is actually alright if you get into it. You just have to confirm everything with your mobile wallet, which is annoying.

Pegnet is the next Defi bull.

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Anon seriously just shut the fuck up biz is not ready for this yet

If you do another thread I'll have to wake up dragons den

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No premine on this, nice

OP is probably an early miner

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Burn it. Nobody knows about this, and this thread is unironically insider info.

KYS OP. I want 2 more weeks.

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Burn it. Only a few heads know about this, and this thread is unironically insider info.

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So do I buy pegnet or fct

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Buy pegnet AND FCT kek

Based on my 10 minute understanding. Factom is basically pegnets ETH. But ETH interop?

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Nah but thanks for buying my 2016 bags anon

I doubt Defi kids will leave their precious ETH

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Unironically confused as fuck

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> Not going to make it

I'll try and mine this

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Imagine not having a bag of Factom already. Project Ganymede woooooo

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the best part about this shill is Factom is unironically as good coin

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What's the play here? Do i buy on exchange or burn fct?

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''This cryptocurrency is incredibly new and exciting and isn’t even listed on CoinMarketCap yet. It has tremendous upside potential and is poised to play a revolutionary role in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space.

PegNet is a stablecoin 4.0 network for payments, conversions, and store of value for digitized assets including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, commodities, and more.

It’s a decentralized stablecoin network of tokens pegged (stabilized) to different currencies and assets. It enables decentralized trading and conversion of value without the need for counterparties and aims to create the foundation for decentralized finance (DeFi).

PegNet’s mainnet was only just recently launched in October 2019 as an open, distributed, and autonomous protocol running on top of the Factom protocol.

The network launched with 29 assets including 14 major currencies, 2 metals, and 14 cryptocurrencies (including the PEG). Each asset is represented as pegged tokens such as pEUR, pUSD, pBTC or pGold.

All of these pAssets can easily be converted between each other for just 1/10th of a cent ($0.001) on the PegNet. This enables low-cost payments with any asset and also enables participants in the network to seamlessly trade with one another peer-to-peer on a global scale.

As for PEG – the network’s native cryptocurrency token – it serves as the main gateway into pegged tokens (pAssets) and pretty much summarizes the value of all these pegged assets/tokens.

All in all, PegNet is an exciting new protocol that enables new possibilities with digitized assets and cryptocurrencies. If you want to take a deep dive into understanding PegNet and PEG, check out this in-depth article, it sure helped me understand it better.''

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both fine. the spread will be similar.

this, early AF.

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t. early adopter.

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Where to buy with some decent liquidity without being exitscammed? Don't wanna move my funds away from exchange anyway

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it just got listed on citex which works fine for me.
i wouldn't leave them on a exchange tho

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Where to send it tho?

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burn fct.

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what's more profitable?

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Who would have thought that Factom was actually going to be next in line as an ETH killer

So fucking hilarious. RIP TRX and EOS

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It's the same buy rate. Probably more of a hassle. Just don't market-buy.

It's really going to be funny when this enters the top 50.

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This is a mistake. First of all, always move off, that is rule #1, desu. There's a wallet coming in 2 weeks. Second, you should not buy this unless you are going to hold for a year at least.

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