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How would the economy be affected if men, in particular White men, stopped spending their money on cooming related products?

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the supply of wristband material would increase and wristbands would decrease in price
this goes for bracelets too
also niggers would be priced out without their cucks to transport them

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does cooming include status items like watches or do think about flashlights etc?

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Women would be in trouble

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You still wont get laid because no woman is attracted to sunburn genes

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Coping blackcel/Aznidentity detected:

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"____pill" cringe and dropped. sunburn genes are inferior, ur in denial

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>cooming related products
Why spend money on something that can be done for free?

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some other non-exogenous addiction like gambling or retail shopping would go up as men look for their hit in other ways.

Remember, test doesn't increase aggression or risk-taking behavior unless you're already attracted to risky behaviors. And there's no evidence that testosterone is affected long term by jerking off anyway.

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I have spent over $1000 on Bad Dragon toys
Probably over $800 on various children sized onaholes
Im looking to get a $1000 custom bodypillow so I can live out my dream of having a shark gf ive been dreaming of since I was 13

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A lot of jews would be out of business. Why do you think they hate nofap so much? Nofap November has been a thing for 4 years but suddenly this year there are hordes of plebbit soi bois bitching and crying about it.

A lot of women would have to drop out of college too. The porn industry is worth billions. I bet e thottery would become even worse.

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You're scared to see the truth

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that's very anti-semitic of you

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Nah even last year (((xhamster))) went on a massive anti no nut november campaign last year

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How would the economy be affected if women stopped spending money on throwaway fashion clothes, shoes and makeup.

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is sunburn genes niggertalk for white? man, if you guys spent half as much time improving yourself as you do obsessing over whites, you wouldn't struggle with life
and yes, before a coping faggot points out the same applies to /pol/ and jews, it does. congrats for pointing out the other crab in the bucket, that'll surely fix your shit life

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>studies and stats made by white people
>go out for yourself and see reality
one is better

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Nigger thank me and my white ancestors for this computer your typing on.

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How would the economy be effected if everyone decided to save 15k in us dollars?

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The really sad thing is i don't think the ifunny tag mark is ironic. Kys t b h families

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You know that is a pro-white image, right?

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