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Look at that chart. It flipped from bullish to absolutely insanely bearish in the space of a month. It's horrible. I feel bad for all the suckers that bought that pump. I bet they're the same people that bought the high in 2017 too. I feel physical pain when I think of how close I came to buying that top. And then watching it rebound to $3 so quickly, it was like mid 2018 all over again. So many bagholders probably thought "we're going to $10 I'm gonna make it I did good!" only to see it cratering again. They're going to hold it to a literal -80% and join the legions of other bagholders - the new REQ. I actually feel deep pity for these people. I know how alluring the thought of immense wealth is and don't blame anyone for taking a chance. It just sucks that people keep getting scammed over and over again in this market. Why did you buy the top again anons? Why!? Poor suckers....

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>t.$4 buyer

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Ok boomer

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I really thought it was different this time. Fucking erc20 token scam.

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It was always a scam. They are going to try and milk one more pump and then dump as hard as fuck. Get OUT now, it’s clear what’s happening. The writing is on the fucking wall boys. Just capitulated.

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I bought under $1 and sold above $3.50

Was a great pump and dump. RIP to the Reddit bagholders still clinging to it.

Anyone who gets married to their shitcoins ALWAYS get REQt.

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bullish divergence
learn to TA

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True believers like you have long ago crossed the boundary between sanity and suicidal self-delusion.

Someone smart once said that Hell is a place where there is no reason.

LINK baholders dwell in that place. Anyway, thanks for the profits.

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Chain link has made a perfect bubble curve with dead cat bounce included.

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Oops wrong chart

Haha you linkers deserve your misery for chasing internet gambling coins. Imagine investing serious money in doge coins, fun coins or zynga dollars. I feel sorry for you fools.

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So sub $1?

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Guys, homy shit oh my god, a token with a microscopic market cap is being manipulated by and for the developers in coercion with whales...

You gotta be kidding me man. And then all this talk about “DeFi isn’t a thing and won’t ever be” is retarded. There are tens of millions of dollars worth of coins being locked up in DeFi, just waiting to interact with the upcoming ecosystem. Not to mention, the major institutional collaborations occurring in plain sight.

Once we reach the halving bull market, it’s no competition. Appreciating assets draw attention, and the fact that the length each halving bull market increases every time, just makes it that much more obvious. Not to mention, a larger market cap decreases volatility d increases liquidity: the fundamentals which drive positively reciprocating market activity.

A major German bank purchased a 90,000$ BTC future. Assuming we ballpark that figure, and altcoins follow, we’re looking at a scenario where LINK and other service based coins like RLC not only appreciate, but become more attractive to larger scale adoption and node operation.

And then there’s coins like XMR. My fucking dudes, that shit 880xed in two years. You have to be blindly autistic to not see how many of the tokens which actually function as solutions to problems like access to finance, financial privacy and anonymity, distributed systems, inflation, counterfeiting, security etc, will persist. Everything else which does not solve a problem, and well (wether that be solely through the technology or that and a combination of things like the network effect), will be money of the future.

Suck dicks in hell.

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Okay I fucked up at the end because I’m schizo turbo tard, but sheit nigga

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Everything goes back to its intrinsic value eventually, so chain link will go to zero

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Didn't happen to bitcoin.

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People go insane collectively but return to reality one at a time

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He means 200 years in the future rtard

John Mcaffee said biborn be a billion dallers in 2020

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All those boring pastas.
Just fuck off together wirh the rest of the fudshills. You are all boring

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This is just my optinion on your scam coins, not pasta

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Shut the fuck up, retard.

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A compelling argument, I can truly see your internet token with no use cases is worth real money now

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Take the crypto out of the conversation for a second.

You're a fucking idiot.

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>more pasta
just fuck off already. /adv/, /qa/ or reddit is your home loser

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I'm the idiot yet you don't have a single cogent argument as to why somebody would invest real wealth into the digital equivalent of monopoly money .

The price of a stock is generally measured in the present day discounted price of all future dividends. What dividends will your chain link make? How do you even value it other than just say I feel it will go up so I will buy it?

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thank you for caring about my financial well-being, however im afraid im not going to be selling my ChainLink (LINK) tokens.

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>link is a stock

Try harder

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He's going to HODL until the L is gone and nobody bothers to "pry" those scam tokens from his cold dead hands because they're worth less than literal shit

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lol seethe i never go back on my word thats my ninja way

not EVER selling

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A ponzi scam wants to use a centralized oracle that pretends it's decentralized, which makes it a scam too

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why would i ever be seething? i'm not still holding on to scam tokens i should have sold months ago

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>not EVER selling

You don't say? LMAO

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I support you. Hodling to zero is a nice tax write off

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you dont dump your girlfriend after ur first fight, were just going through some drama, i love my linkies im not gonna dump them on a small little fight thats not gonna matter long run bc im gonna be a halal husband one day suck it no linkers just watch me and youll learn a thing or two about iron hands

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Goddamn she’s pretty

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Linkers are creepy, they fall in love with investment strategies and compare them to girlfriends

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imagine thinking that was the ATH

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disrespect the digits jfc

check em 1k eoy

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>why is my useless prefab erc token #2316 not making me rich

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>Link is dead!
>Linkers still at x10 while the whole crypto clown market has been collapsing for two fucking years

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It just moved with btc and had a good amount of excitement in the beginning

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>It just moved with BTC
>Link went from 1K sats to 34K sats during the bear market and is sitting right now at almost 30K
Pick one

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Damn you're dumb.

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I love these threads. They always put my mind at ease.

“I buy when the blood is in the streets, that’s when you know it’s free of pajeets.”

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>pleeeease sell to make me feel better
That's a no from me dog.

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yeah we're not trying to make ourselves feel better you delusional fucktard

enjoy staying poor rofl

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>Being poor
>99% of biz is at least 10x from initial

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The graph they don't want us to see.

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Lesson learned: Avoid being the sucker buying @ those prices. Buy @ 50 cents or less. There are a lot of good coins, like CENNZ, out there that can hit x2 easily.

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>buys my bags
>panic sells for paltry profit
>im still up 20x
anon you really showed me

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Yup, totally. Algorand has so much going for it.

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