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When did you realize that mainstream adoption is priced in?

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except its not retard

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When I realized there will never truly be “mainstream adoption”

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>mainstream adoption is priced in
to gold? Hah, not yet. Hell normies haven't even flooded into the paper ETF markets yet, can you imagine when the fiat system fails and these dumbfucks start requesting physical delivery? Comfy as fuck boys

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Hit the bong again and rethink your life, degenerate. Also chainlink $1000 eoy mekcehc.

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that's more like it but i think it will come.
a lot more people will own bitcoin than how many owns gold now.

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99% of the best traders dont even realize how price discovery is already "priced in" in terms of the historic ratios of price action.

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checked powerful digits, all those who are aware were chosen to be aware. There is no shaking confidence in the power of the alchemic fire once the magnitude of the fire has been viewed, and the symphony of the crackling flames heard

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pretty gay

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a little gay but I'll allow it

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Of course, we hold chainlink, and we are gay. We only became aware of the alchemic fire because it shares its name with our favorite ritual of faggotry, the "chainlink".

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Anons fucking each other in the ass virtually by shilling a stablecoin indexed on the average price of a cup of coffee
Indeed my friend

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We will be rich by 2023, like very rich. This is happening whether you faggots like it or not. The fud will get intense and it will seem hopeless. Just fucking hold on to your asses, the true princes of chainlink will be the ones who never sold.

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anon, you must understand the theatre, a veil must be present to block the vision of those who weren't meant to see the alchemic fire. WE ARE ALL THIS TOGETHER.