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Does XRP look like it's waiting for December to make its move?

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Dunno bro but I hope it does something soon

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You're not gonna want to take any advice about XRP from this board.

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fucking checked
and yes, couple more weeks bruh.

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Yeah good movement should start Dec 1/2.
Also expect average green today and Sat.

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>waiting for December
of 2027

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around christmas this year or by january 2020 the fake stock market will crash. and the liquidity will flow in crypto.

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centralized shitcoin

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there's that meme again
XRP is actually more decentralized than bitcoin.

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It's sad but it's dead :(
I missed to sell my XRP as well.

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I have three letters for you faggots - ODL. Read up on it, and see how it is growing. It won't be long now before it hits critical mass and utility starts driving the value of XRP.

If it captures only 10% of the world remittance market, XRP would HAVE to be in double digits in order to be able to service the volume, and that is assuming all 100 billion of it will be "put to work", which in reality will be a lot less, probably lesd than a half, pushing the price even higher.

It may take a while to get there and it may still flop totally before it happens, but as time goes by and things keep happening, that point is drawing near and the possibility of a flop grows more and more distant.

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Decentralized by mechanism. Centralized by shareholders. XRapid is good. XRP tokens are not.

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I hope

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anyone not owning at least 10k of this is utterly stupid. doesnt matter whether you a xrp fan or a 'muh BaNKstErcoin' Retard. ist About making Money

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