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How do I profit off of socialism?

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You already know, be passionate, hot and retarded.

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You have to get in on the ground floor and become the new elite

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Become part of the leading political party.

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>butter face

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I would degrade this woman in so many ways

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short everything and buy gold before the collapse

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Anon I....

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i want to show her what a real house of representatives looks like, and by real house of representatives i mean my cock

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Same as always, just bribe the party to write laws in your favor while making them sound good to retards. For example, just look at how much obamacare actually benefited health insurance companies once everyone was forced to get insurance.

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Why would you give this creature such fair treatment?

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God damn...that woman is hot. Total wife material don’t give a fuck what kind of govt she supports.

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buy btc

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did you know that she is Jewish?

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Everybody with enough success becomes one eventually

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Degenerate. You must be a Jew to have such bad taste

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It’s the same way you make money from fuck prostitute

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Who pays you to post here? Seriously kill your self

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This goblina is a 5/10 at best get some fucking standards

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Who pays me is irrelevant, but you are ngmi

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Are you part of the 1% or not? If no, then you will objectively be better off with socialism.

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I see you have a great understanding of human nature

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>If no, then you will objectively be better off with socialism.

Said no pleb who was raised in a socialist country ever.

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Where are these people because they don't exist.

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I'd let AOC seize my means of production, if you know what I mean.

I think she's sexy. Chile has a pair of Commie politicians that are sexy as hell too. In Sovuiet Russia, communism was all mustaches and military uniforms, now it's sexy latinas in business casual.

I realize this adds little to the discussion.

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invest in rural distributors

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I was interested to learn the Soviets called the Berlin Wall the "Antifa" Wall. Weird! There's a lot of neat unauthorized history they left out of my government school curriculum.

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Is it really a surprise to you that people who fight nazis are the good guys? It was true in the past and is true today.

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Eat shit and fuck off pol

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Nazis, everywhere!

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Nazis are literally running america right now.

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(((You))) disgusting oven dodgers never stop gaslighting.

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Pretend you give a fuck about reforms them hit them with your capitalist ideas when they least expect it. They always give in peer pressure you'll have them in a leash with their hypocrisy. So much win. See ya guys on the other side

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Sell out your country by housing niggers.
People in Sweden made millions from this because there weren't enough houses so they put 5+ people into every apartment and they got 2-3k per person in rent.
A bunch of people go kicked out of their apartments so that they could get some Somalis in there.

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Government services and grant work.

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Her jewish roots are not so distant:
>her grandmother is listed as Thamar Neirida Ocasio
>Thamar/Tamar is a Hebrew name (Neirida is also Jewish)

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the house if spermasentatives

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i want her to sit on my face and empty my wallet

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Interesting, I saw this story a while back but figured she was just told to say that for the event

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Nasty women gives sloppy bj’s

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What is it about girls like her and Anita that turn me on so much although I absolutely despise them

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Buy land and Start building concentration camps and invest in railroads people will be transported to the camps by trains.

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You are attracted to toxic women.
Means you don’t know how to say no.

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Thx for trying anon

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because you're a virgin incel

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This is the truth

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Short the stock market, hold cash and when the dust settles buy gold. Also have some good, cash and guns on hand.

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>institute socialism

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I fucking wish.

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why bros, why did it turn out the way it did? It could have been so much better

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With Jews you lose.

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Those milkers though