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Blackpills made me cynical and apathetic towards life, how to cope with that

>saw pictures and videos of me and my frens a couple of years ago
>was happy, outgoing, lively guy, living life in rose tinted glasses
>digested all the blackpills on economy, finance, wageslave, consumerism, plan to destroy the white race, satanistic elites, religion and saturnism, indoctrination, race mixing promotion, feminism, mgtow, our real history that is supressed, real nature of people etc.
>never saw these things before and i was investing in shitcoins and living a normie happy life, i could talk to anyone, was charismatic as fuck, everyone knew me, didn't have trouble with girls
>now isolated, cynical, see through the bullshit in our society and dislike people because they keep the system going and don't even consider that they're doing something wrong, egoism and acceptance of status quo piss me off, i think with my head and not my heart like i used to
>i don't party anymore so most of the people i hung out with drifted apart, i sometimes still grab a beer with the guys that used to be bros sometimes but i want more genuine good frens again, is living the normie life the only way to be happy?
>i have gf btw, but she's wife material and i don't want to do fun/degenerate things with her, we need to have serious relationship if we plan to have a family later

anyone went through this phase in life and came out strong? i guess i just want whitepill. i appreacite all the knowledge i have now, but i feel fucking unhappy. i know i'll achieve what i want in life because of my good habits but i want to feel happiness again. is it really lonely at the top?

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Did you really come here to ask what it feels like to be successful?

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give me some bitcoin and I'll talk

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You won't be happy in the same way OP. Half the people on these boards who aren't just passing through have gone through the same thing.

I feel strong as ever. I get fleeting moments of happiness when I know I'm doing the right things.

Your aim in life as a man is not to be happy. Its to master all the things you just talked about. Master your domain and play your part - first for your family, then your race.

Take pride in the fact that you have a purpose now.

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stop memeing brah, i know there are already successful guys out here and even those who aren't yet, will be for sure. people posting here unironically have the right mindset to be successful in this capitalistic society, it's just the matter of time.

i'm not asking on how to cope with being successful, because i'm not there yet. i'm asking on how to liev happy life after digesting black pills.


sorry pajeet, no bitcorns

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u spelled "ignorance is bliss" wrong

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thanks man, i thought it would be so. i don't really want a way back, i just want to recharge with positive energy again. this doom is hard as fuck, i rarely smile. need some youthful vitalism again.



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Theres no going back; you've transcended being a sex starved 20 y/o. Congrats on the experiences and be happy you are free to move on to not doing the same shit for forever.

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thanks, but it's a bitter sweet feeling. people my age are still living the same lifestyle as before. going out, drinking, although they should be talking about their future, finances and starting a family. there is noone to talk about real problems and searching for solutions, that's where loneliness kicks in. how to find a couple of good redpilled frens with similar goals? gf feels the same about girls, most are not in tuen with her goals and are slutting it out. finding frens as a couple is even harder, because singles don't wanna hang out with you, cause they feel insecure and awkward. 90% of people my age are still single like i said.

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the biggest black pill is that all of this bullshit, use your knowledge to conquer, deceive, and slave the lower forms of life, what you will do with this power is your choice, there is still good to save in this world, of course there is always the other path of greed, hedonism, and egoism. If you think all of this is bullshit you are still free to retreat in the woods and live on your own. Right now you have maximum freedom and you can do anything, just dont waste it on this shithole site.

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>Right now you have maximum freedom and you can do anything, just dont waste it on this shithole site.

it feels like that sometimes but this site unironically gave me the best knowledge and insights i've ever received in my life. i wouldn't be the who i am today had i not stumbled upon on chan. suffering is the price you pay for real knowledge, is the way i see it. i just want to find way to cope with it and start feeling happier again. things like enjoying normal chit chat and not expceting every conversation to be productive, feeling the christmas spirit that is coming soon and not thinking about solving problems etc. i'm meditating to be more present but it's only making a slight change.

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Extreme apathy and cynicism is the order of the day for one who has first ingested the redpill, which opens ones eyes and makes one angry at the world and others for allowing it to reach such a state, then swallowing the blackpill when one realizes that 99% of people will never change their sordid ways; they lead a life dedicated to materialistic hedonism with no higher ideals, no purpose beyond themselves and nothing on their horizon save for their immediate surroundings.

Every normie experience, everything that provides a source of temporal joy, has been deconstructed a thousand times here on *chans where the worst examples and outcomes are constantly brought into the light of our discussions; and even the best outcomes, the best examples are mocked for their myopia, ignorance and naivete.
If ignorance is bliss, then let us be ignorant and content to live out this human experience through the joy of impulsive action! Instead we turn this human experience into a human tragedy and over-analyze everything, sterilizing our minds and paralyzing ourselves through inaction.
To subscribe to higher ideals, to better yourself, to be a truth-seeker; these are the things which I would wager the majority of us here share, in one degree or another. This is a lonely road and happiness is the enemy.
It is as if the world is a video game and you have, through your knowledge, uncovered some area of the map where the rendering is off and, walking through the glitch, you enter into a vast open expanse that stretches far ahead. You run back to tell your friends, your acquaintances, but nobody seems to care and when you try to explain it they get angry and upset.

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beautifully written anon

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>digested all the blackpills
>she's wife material and i don't want to do fun/degenerate things with her
kek you still need to do some digestion retard

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cope harder faggot

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That's basically me. Taking the red AND the black pill afterwards turned me into a suicidal mess.

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Long relationships with your extended family who are genetically and therefore behaviorally somewhat similar to you ( i guess..) and short "friends". Real friends would tell you and your wife to go fuck off and spend a few years doing so.

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I don't mean to undermine what you said, I feel the same way, have a gf that I thought was wife material and didn't want to do the degenerate things with, etc etc... we're all on the same board probably all intp or intp with close IQs so don't take it the wrong way...
it's just that women don't think like that, and if you think you swallowed the blackpill then you're kidding yourself, because I'm more cynical than you and I'm not even 100% redpilled on my best days.
Here's what blackpilled me seriously, one day out of nowhere my gf started acting crazy, now I'm not a natural chad but not a beta either, somewhere in between depending on the day, so that day she acted crazier than usual and I got really mad and slapped her then she tried to slap me back so I caught her hand and slapped her harder... guess what happened next? we got in the car, and she was crying but it was the first time she gave me a bj in the car on broad daylight, she said she didn't understand what she was doing or why and that she hated me... I did understand what she was doing because I knew this redpill and allowed myself to forget it or not 100% believe it... so now I doubt all her stories about being a nice girl before and her previous partner number etc... this was the most eye opening experience I had with her and also the most disgusting experience, and I wish it never happened because ignorance sometimes is truly bliss.

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I have been anti social for the past year. Because I am putting all the money I have into crypto.

Can relate.

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find real friends and do activities you enjoy without thinking too much about how bad everything is
also, get swole af, try to exploit the good parts of the current system (nutrition, easy resources) and treat your girl right

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hows your fantasy teams doing bro

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this is the nature of women, you have to accept them for what they are and treat them accordingly

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2 tips OP: 1. Lighten up and appreciate the positives in this world. I understand what you mean, believe me, as I went through a similar phase. But think about how fortunate we are to have the knowledge we do and also the tools and ability to make good use of it for ourselves and those close to us. 2. Continue on your path and keep a hand out for like minded allies. Yes, it will be impossible to connect with normies on the same level but we can still enjoy socializing with them on a level that makes sense; embrace as much of a connection as can be made. The bonds with people who get it though, will be stronger than ever. Gl fren, we’re all gonna make it.

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I'm in a similar boat.. Most of what I do is me just going thru the motions and acting like its all good in the hood. I have a good life a house and I have money to invest in crypto a few times a month but seeing the world for what it is keeps me from wanting to socialize past a bare bones level. So I sit inside and play video games and invest in crypto and read up on various things and watch old movies from before my time. Not sure I could ever go back to the dumb version of me that thought the world was fair and just and good guys win and bad guys lose... now im just building me a slice of society that works for me. No gf im not dumb enough to ignore females true nature especially in 2019 with everyone and the media promoting female degeneracy. Marriage not ever happening far to many things stacked again a man for marriage and until that changes (it wont) I will not get married and put my stuff I earned before the chick at risk and especially the child custody if I had one. Its working out ok but lifes a bit boring for me most of the time. If you guys still beleive is relationships and marriage best of luck to you but its not something that interests me currently in life.

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The marriage thing is def going to change it’s just a matter of when I don’t think I see it happening in this generation but maybe the next when even the men at the top are getting fucked hard

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I'll be old and past my time which is a bummer but that's one of the black pills still sitting waiting for me to take. Already accepted I might not get married but eh so it goes. Least i'll have my money and sorta not empty life. Plus I live in a small town and the only chicks around here available are fat or old and fat and the thin ones are all taken by guys or fucking multiple guys. It will be nice to see the laws change eventually tho since men get fucked so hard in divorce and child custody cases by default. hilarious listening to females reeee about suffering so much uhhpresshun when they dont go thru almost any in privilaged for female merica. cant speak on any other countries females tho

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Posts like this one are the ones that still give me hope for this God forsaken cesspool.

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Black pills are necessary for the ultimate transmutation and enlightenment. Recognize that most people are only as good as the world allows them to be but you can become more and set a better example. Channel your despair into strength and purpose. Create for yourself and then for your community and finally all of humanity.

Seeing past the banality of life most will never do, most that do will stay there but have you considered perhaps if you think and go even further there is even more beyond that? A land beyond the unknown land. Medtiate, train your mind and intellect, care for your body and good luck.

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>when even the men at the top are getting fucked hard
No, as women get richer and when the women at the top start getting fucked hard by the same laws they once took advantage of, that's when they will cry for change and "equality".

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Watch the Mr. Rogers documentary.

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are you me?

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>this unironic nazi shit mixed in with absurd conspiracy theories
what you need to do is see a fucking therapist you clown
don't take anything you read here seriously, Poe's Law is in full effect

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Black pill is the intj curse. Thankfully after link reaches 1k we shall become the new elite and purge the npc world through war and fire and start over in our autismal image.

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link is INFP coin, sorry

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Always be growing and improving sometimes friendships and circumstances run their course

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The only real thing I would dispute is our real history, he needs to be a bit more specific about what he means. Other than that it's basically spot on. You're just a brainlet.
>muh poe's law

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You just had to come in and shit up this otherwise great thread didn't you, you tranny communist faggot?

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People are only as good as human evilness allows.

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working on whitepills to save the world. wish me luck. kek.

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Start family on a nice farm somewhere away from (((their))) bullshit

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It's not all bad really, just relearn to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Sunsets, the autumn leaves, homemade food, swimming in the ocean or a lake, laughing with friends. You might be thinking about the abstract social scale stuff while not considering all the fruits living in such a society has allowed you to enjoy.

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The woods are pretty comfy, fren.

t. blackpilled anon with a forest for a backyard

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Honestly I am so close to moving back home and trying to get on disability. Unfortunately, even though I am a sperg and have trouble holding down a job, disability is only given out to nigs and spics.
I hate this world and it hates me back. I should at least spend my last few years playing video games before the cartel gets me.

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Thank you anon

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There is a pill you missed OP and I just recently found it. It'll lead you back to the golden path.

How you see yourself is how you see the world.
How you see the world is how you see yourself.
Both viewpoints are intimately connected.

So, if your focus your energy on your own most awesome traits... you will see yourself better, you will see the world better.

When you do this, things change. The news start reporting positive changes (not even kidding), good luck finds you, and you have the strength and will to make positive changes to the world around you.

7 Essene mirrors bitch

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>Goldjew has entered the thread

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I'm trying to listen to the new Robert Palmer tape but Evelyn, my supposed fiance keeps buzzing in my ear.

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Seek substance in life. It's no wonder that people try to remain childlike for as long as possible where happiness is considered the highest virtue, as that is generally when we're at our happiest for no specific reason barring some extreme circumstance. The heightened affability and playfulness process we see play out with puppies, kittens, and even tiger cubs isn't very different from what we go through as we mature. Trying to hold onto this state is a fools errand, as it is only a prelude for what we were made to do. We can see everything in far greater detail, come to appreciate and understand why we loved the things we did in youth, face ugliness, and create beauty. Current culture is greatly lacking in this regard, but it's not a permanent victory, otherwise we wouldn't be here now. Chasing the conventional image of what constitutes happiness has brought us the superficiality that we are inured with, and we neglect the understanding found in all quarters, not just of evil but also good, that truly feeds the soul. I sincerely hope all of us here do better for ourselves than snorting "happiness" from whatever choice drug is preferred or drowning in titties and ass should fortune come to us. We're capable of much greater things, and much greater rewards than what can be bought.

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kek i remember when i first learned these same truths decades ago, initially wanted to become a normie again, but it was impossible, now i am stronger than ever, and have never felt better.

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samefag ADL SPLC kike shill

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>He thinks a black pill can exist without a white pill or vice versa

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cum in pussy.

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Probably because you're still digesting it. Read Evola and make yourself better so that you can help others.

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>Digested blackpills ...
Stfu nigger
You're merely in the phase where you've discovered something for the first time and think it's all big and important
Make the effort to live your life well and you will realize how naive you really are
You must become the bloomer

Everything seems more important when you're brooding and negative and everything seems unimportant and carefree when you're happy and positive
But real life goes on anyway

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You took the blue pill. Positivity and tolerance of people is something the powers that be don't want. Either by race, religion, gender or politics

>> No.16399916

Look up the book “Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy” by David D. Burns

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I think the real blackpill is realizing that like 90% of people are soulless automatons and the other 10% are already ruling the world leaving stuck in the middle. Can't relate to the idiots who complain about not making enough money while also screaming "open borders for all" but not born into the circumstances that allow you to take advantage of these soulless people. That and that there will be no one who can relate to you and they will only seek to hurt you while still thinking of themselves as good people.

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wait till you realize some of the “red pills” you took are actually lies. It’s much more worse than you think once you figure that out.

>> No.16400456

/poltard, Trump is a crypto-jew. All these conservatards and autists who get their fake “red pills” from pol. Yeah not gonna make it, probably better to not know, would probably end your retarded “red pilled” life.

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find a worthy friend and get him a girlfriend so you fags can do couple shit together. or open your relationship and be friends with your wife's boyfriend

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You should man the absolute fuck up and start arguing against globohomosation whenever you can. Check out this stuff I had to do for my Geography class. I openly supported nationalism in class and identified and challenged so many Marxist theories. Btw we had a debate with one side of the class for globalization and the other against, the against side absolutely wrecked the for side, and we used many of their points against them.

And honestly you are very behind if you think that nationalism and /pol/ stuff is still taboo, Brexit and Trump happened in 2016, get with the fucking times, there are millions of us.

Btw I argued that Othering is a dangerous concept for non-White people because it leaves them in a self-victimised, handicapped state.

>> No.16400765

actual wisdom

>> No.16400783

nothings gonna change 'redpilling' plebs and normies, since they dont have the power to change anything to begin with. Only people who matter are those in power or with the potential to get to power, and those have made their minds already on most issues.
You arent doing any fight with your college 'debates'

>> No.16400822

You'll be right cunt

>> No.16401051

imagine thinking plebs and normies have the thought capacity to consider another side's argument. People are cattle that react to basic manipulation, propaganda and reward systems.
Most Americans would go full Jihad just to protect Drag Queen Storytime.

>> No.16401201

One of the main thing I've realized is when I digest a lot of abstract information I can get very detached for prolonged periods of time if I am not careful. The best way I've come up with to deal with this personally is to just pick some introspective domain of competency and focus on improving that in a tangible way. Normally I just start writing but you do you.

>> No.16401217

This post reaks of reddit

>> No.16401237

fixating on imagined internet rivalries reeks of underage b&

>> No.16401351


>implying the human brain is limitless and knows no bounds

This is based. Our brains will work only has hard and as fast we ourselves push them.
I firmly believe that for me to be a successful man and die happy, I need to attain that level of thought and processing power that most, except that small percent of people, have never and will never experience.

Your brain can go all night without sleeping, you just need to be there to push it forward, support your own development and don't be discouraged by discomfort.
Putting yourself in precarious business situations simply means you have to find a way to make them positive - and that's business experience no school will ever teach you.

>> No.16401402

>our real history that is suppressed
please elaborate

>> No.16401546

>muh blackpill

Back to cutting yourself and whining on reddit faggot

>> No.16401629


We basically aren't taught anything about who we are, why we are important or where we should go from here. The extent of actual European history in school is 'muh holocaust.' Seriously.

It was a revelation for me at 18 when I realized the white race was a thing - Germanics, Anglos, Nords etc. The vast expanse of what we had already done over the past few thousand years, and the situation we are in now.

That was the first time I realized that there was something beyond the consumerist trends of the moment, pop culture, sportsball, etc. It was the first time I had an identity beyond my name and immediate family members.

We aren't taught any of this in school, because it is detrimental to the ZOG machine.

>> No.16401637

You think you're "blackpilled" now but you don't know the half of it. Neither do I but if you're blackpilled already then you would sudoku if you knew more. Dangerous thinking OP

There is obviously much worse stuff that you don't know about and will never know about

>> No.16401753

and this disproves my point how exactly?

>> No.16401758

Sounds like you got indoctrinated into to a cult known as /pol/ masquerading as "free-speech advocates" and "truth finders"

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>be me
>be ugly beta 28 year old nofriends loser autist with no friends or social experiences since school, no attention from women ever, never been to a pub, club, or party, even through university
>walked past a university today and saw literally tens of qts and Staceys in their primes
>felt incredibly demoralised because I'm an eternal loser with no motivation in life and they'll always see me as an ugly loser
>went through university as a loner loser
>lifting did nothing, having a full time job did nothing
>normies are all enjoying themselves and I've missed out on everything

After seeing some pop music videos and Instagram posts today I became even more demoralised. Everyone but me is loving the good life. I have no motivation to do anything in my free time. I just waste it on the internet. I have no passions in life.

I'm such an ugly boring charismaless loser. I become the ugly loner nobody talks to within one day of all my jobs. My level of introversion and lack of normieness makes all professional effort worthless because you need to be a normie networker to get anywhere.

Even junk food barely keeps the pall of ennui and boredom away anymore.

>> No.16401776

Pretty much this. Even the most well read person has no fucking clue about whats really going on

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I'm such a pseud. I am so ashamed of my widespread superficial knowledge of stuff gained from the internet. I cringe at what I would sound like if I talked about intellectual stuff irl. And despite me shitting on shit books that lit likes every day, I HAVE read stuff lit claims is great.

I don't have the balls to follow my own intuitions in terms of what to learn or do or read. Ironically, I am currently reading Atlas Shrugged and I really liked the fountainhead yet I still don't have the balls to do what I want. And I completely understand that these social pressures (such as "omg you HAVE to read and like SICP / Ulysses or else you're dumb") are from pseuds who want others to join hierarchies that the pseuds control while paying their dues in the remote hope of being top of the pseud hierarchy. I just want the balls to disregard the pseuds

Reading is a consumercuck activity. You can argue that the consumer / producer dichotomy is wrong but it has as much practical relevance as the philosophical argument that hammering your balls doesn't really hurt. Reading is like lifting weights, you start out of curiosity and enjoyment and soon enough it is a parasite on your life and demands you live like a monk or become ashamed. Going a day without reading or two days without lifting heavy weights leaves me feeling like I've ignored my hygiene (I guess that doesn't make much difference for an ugly person but you know what I mean).

One possible "emotional escape traps" from literature would be to stop reading everything except philosophy. I could limit my reading and still retain the patrician high ground.

When I say I am a pseud, I don't meant compared to lit's idea of an intellectual: a sub 100 IQ Harvard / Oxford professor who offers turgid verbiage instead of coherence and non triviality. I mean STEM people or people who make money

>> No.16401805

based zen masrer

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t. primal urges
>my gf was a virgin when i met her and she's pretty blackpilled herself, at least up to the level the girl can be blackpilled

already doing that minus friends, thanks for the advice tho

i see where you're coming from man and i respect your decision but as meme as this sounds, there are still genuinely good girls out there, first filter should be virgin and then you go from that and evaluate her personality in different situations yourself, it's worth the grind i think

agree with what you said, but then i think that there were many greater and smarter people than i am that tried to help people and they've been either ignored or ridiculated. i think the historical cycle has to be right for these kind of people. pic related, we're in a weak man create bad times. what you described is appreciated in strong men create good times.

every war was started and financed by (((them))) to take the national banks in their hands, austrian painter was also financed by them and actually helped (((them))) get their own country cause the prophecy from talmud about 6 gorillion was finally fulfilled, they were pushing this number long before ww1 but nobody believed them until ww2. white race are the real israelites and blessed by god, which is why there's "white privilege". white people are the smartest and most advanced race and they travelled around the world and helped create new cultures everywhere, that's why you can see sun symbol that nazi also used everywhere. kikes are impostors who are lying and decepting the world into making everyone think they're jews.

that's the plan when i make it with crypto, god bless you anon


interesting, will try this positivity law of attraction

interesting view, you think we shouldn't seek happiness?

based, hope i make it too

>> No.16401818

Based London anon

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that's the goal fren

tolerance is a virtue of dying society

thanks, will do

this desu

red pill me

i know trump is their shill lmao, i just like that pic

agree, you'll just come off as a cringe edgelord

this >>16401629 and this >>16401809

try self-improvement for a while and fuck social media man

>> No.16401894

sounds like you fell for the christian identity meme

you need to stay away from this shit its an old psyop to make white people that started questioning stay in christianity and therefore tied to jews.
Also austrian painter was the most based man in centuries. You've been lied to

>> No.16401933

christianity is a meme as is every other religion, because real god doesn't demand to be worshipped. if anything, religions stray you away from the god.

austrian painter was based, but facts are facts. he was financed by (((bank of london))). nobody comes to power that easy and makes such a big change without big funding. think greta thunberg or whatever that cunt is nowadays, she's not just a random kid and her popularity isn't coincidence. his father was also illegitimate son of baron rotschild (grand-mother was working as a maid in barron rothschild and getting pregnant with him), making austrian painter a rothschild too. he finally helped fullfill prophecy from talmud about 6 gorillion which was pushed even before ww1. try to find actual articles from before ww1 with headlines about 6 gorillion, you'll be surprised. it's not all black and white man. nobody is good or bad.

>> No.16401954

all that stuff has been debunked, they are lies. Research deeper fren. There is no 'one universal god' that created the universe, remember monotheism is relatively new

>> No.16401965

>muh race!
You're still bluepilled dude

>> No.16401975


dubs of truth don't lie, do they kek, i didn't find anything that would debunk what i said about austrian painter but we can agree to disagree

what's your view on god? are you pagan as in believing in nature/sun? or are you believeing in natural laws as in hermeticism? or electrical universe?

race is of uttermost importance faggit

>> No.16401980

yes there was outside financing, yes it made it possible. But it was just regular investments with hopes of returns, they didnt think it would become an actual threat, they thought it was under control. The real story is quite complicated and yeah fucked up stuff was done, but it was a legitimate movement and insiders knew shit you wouldnt even dream off

>> No.16401989


>> No.16402001
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>Blackpills made me cynical and apathetic towards life, how to cope with that
You won't believe this, but the Motley fool and their disgustingly optimistic stock talks made me realize that the blackpill is just one perception, a perception that is detrimental to personal progress.

the S&P500 averages 10% a year? how the fuck did I miss that? Too busy swallowing antithetical and often nonsensical blackpills, I guess.

>> No.16402014

what you think as god you can call nature, it isnt precisely sentient, it just fucking is. We think there is intelligence working through the physical world because we can think and analyse things, therefore we always see things in a way our mind can understand, like seeing faces or figures in clouds. The rules of the universe like the motion of planets wasnt planned or executed by some mastermind, it always existed. There is no beggining and no end.
The jews came and convinced civilizations that there was indeed a mastermind, and that they represented 'him'. Using their networks and cunning, with organizations similar to the think tanks of today spread all over the civilized world, they managed to convince gentiles and slowly turn them away from their root religions (all pagans) into the abrahamic religions we know today.
This is the most important issue, everything else stems from this

>> No.16402025

>race is of uttermost importance faggit
Blue pilled Reddit squatter detected

>> No.16402029

nice arguments you got there nigger

>> No.16402032

>biblical Jews are the same as the kikes today

Bluepilled as fuck

>> No.16402045

>muh khazar theory

>> No.16402052

t. nigger

you're basically describing paganism and what varg vikernes/thulean perspective preaches. reject the abrahamistic religions and ideals, reject the degeneracy, (((progress))), industrialization, technology. what matters is your kin, ancestors, family, nature, strength of character.

>> No.16402069

If you were smart enough to not fall for for kike social engineering and psyops you would see how wrong you are about everything. I bet you actually believe in outer space too.
The world is run by secret societies taking orders from the Khazar infiltrators, all of these world systems, race/religion/"philosophy"/etc was invented by them and you eat it up like the people spoonfeeding it to you arent poisoning you.
God exists and He warned us about all of this bullshit. DYOR and stop believing what paid liars tell you to.

>> No.16402077

varg is probably based but fell too much for the viking/nordic stuff, probably cause he's nordic himself. I dont really know much about him but for the memes.
Im not describing 'paganism', thats a wide term anyway. When people think of pagans they think of vikings and blood rituals, witches and shit like that. They forget that ancient greeks and romans were pagans and so was every white civilization.
There is nothing about paganism that implies a rejection of industrialization & technology, that sounds more like what hardcore christians would do.
Again, romans were pagans and they were the most technologically and industrialized civ in the ancient world, so there is no correlation

>> No.16402083

stfu and let the grown up talk, stick to your bible you brainless moron, thats what every good goy does

>> No.16402090

>they run everything, everything is a psyop except muh bibleeee which was modified a zillion times, but the version i read is the legit one i swear
you all christards are the same

>> No.16402106

nope, he actually tries to dispute this witchcraft and faggy blood ritual shit. he says this is psy op and a way to infiltrate the real paganism which like you said was also roman and greek civilization, as well as germanic peoples. everything that was in europe before (((christianity))) was paganism. he advocates to reject progress and technology that make us weaker like consumerism, medicine that interferes with natural selection, porn, inventions that make us brainless retards, worshipping scientism etc.

i think you're trying to say the similar thing.

you're pretty based man, i'd like to talk to you sometimes, got a discord?

>> No.16402147

havent used discord since the crypto boom but sure hit me up, turtle#9799

>> No.16402149


>> No.16402154

Men generally will consider other peoples arguments, but women just go with the flow. But we can use this to our favour because a lot of people hate multiculturalism (etc).

>> No.16402169


you've cancelled all the friend requests fren, got any throwaway mail maybe?

>> No.16402180

fucking discord, try again i think i fixed it