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Comfy rural edition

List of popular brokers:

List of basic stock market terminology:

Risk management:

Real-time market news:

Live Bloomberg stream:

Educational sites:

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Stock screeners:

Pre-Market Data and Live data:

Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

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Boomer Investing 101:

Basic rundown on lean hogs:

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Nice market you anons have here. It'd be a shame if there was an impeachment.

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>can't stump the Trump

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Market would go up kek

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Who shat in tsla's punch bowl

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The market does not give a flying fug about muh Ukraine. Only CHYNA.

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Is this blue pilled or red pilled?

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That's throwing money away pilled.

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what could go wrong

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>Crypto fags
Do they hate money?

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Investor Z anime adaptation when?

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do you honestly think thats even a possibility?
as much as i dont care for the guy, the only reason this is even happening is because the democratic party is in such shambles that it couldnt even field a candidate. theyre preparing to lose and are just going ahead and trying to get a head start on getting him out in the second term

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My YUM is starting to decline since reviewbrah put out that hit piece on the spicy chicken waffle sandwhich

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It feels like all of this is pretty unproductive.

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I dunno, but they've kept it in educational section of the OP ever since I put it in there.

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>ok start by just buying a company you like
>now start buying penny stocks
>these markets are too small, time to get into biopharma
It's literally fucking /smg/ the manga

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How are your AMRN positions doing, lads? Down 8.07% on it.

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Alright so now that it's power hour we're going to pump right?

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DB is like a fucking cockroach, it will never die.

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One QE, ECB funding secured tweet and you're fucked mate. I would think there's more opportunity to the upside than down.

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down $16 on all my options

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LOL @ this dude on CNBC talking about how there's no risk of recession anymore and the flat yield curve is just a sign of a temporary global "trough" and that any inversions on the curve are meaningless compared to previous cycles

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dumb af say goodbye to your tendie monies

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based reviewbrah manipulating the market
I'm just bantering.
I agree. The Democratic field is terrible. They can't find one solid person, so their donations have tanked as well.
The current party's stance doesn't even represent that average Democrat from even just four years ago. Too much brainlet non-sense about trannies, gays, women, minorities, etc. I think their political strategy was to bank off of becoming a wide tent movement that would encompass both the fringe identities (to make them look loving for caring about freak trannies) and to embrace the minority identities (which isn't wrong in and of itself, just they focus a lot on it and give them welfare in addition to this).
I pray to God that their party fractures. The only thing really holding that party together is their false belief that they are the party of the intellectuals, love, and not controlled by donors.
All of which could not be further from the truth. The Republicans are almost all cucking into democrats from 10 years ago, but at least there's hope we can take the reigns of that party back. The Democrats are a lost cause and the party of literal brainlet hypocrites.

Just see how their brainless followers didn't even blink when it came out Biden's son was paid by Ukraine, that Joe committed the "quid quo pro" that they accuse Trump of, and that China gave over a billion dollars worth of guaranteed bonds or something to Hunter.
Not to mention Hillary and her uranium scandal which no one cared about.

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I've been watching reviewbrah's videos since he was a 16 year old scrawny lad wearing a suit much too large for him. It's a wondrous thing to me that he may indeed be able to influence sentiment on a fast food stock now.

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I'm watching you, Kirkland Lake Gold. The time will come. Soon.

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>Just see how their brainless followers didn't even blink when it came out Biden's son was paid by Ukraine, that Joe committed the "quid quo pro" that they accuse Trump of, and that China gave over a billion dollars worth of guaranteed bonds or something to Hunter.
>Not to mention Hillary and her uranium scandal which no one cared about.
That's media bias at work. Skim right over anything that makes the left look bad.

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The entire party shifted to the viewpoints of batshit insane rich Progressive coastal morons. They have a burning hatred of middle america and think every minority is a dirt poor sob story.

If we are to have a multicultural society, and thats a big If, then identity politics cannot be a big factor. It drives people into unworkable, low trust divisions. Profoundly stupid.

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I live in the mountains of semi-rural Virginia and Democrats run the nearest major city and the district it represents in state government. They run unopposed.

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Down 14% , shit was looking up on Friday , today sucks.. Letter than a week ago though

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>tfw stockchads making bank on record highs
>meanwhile cointards and their snake oil watching as they get no more gainz, as their coins continue to devalue

Boomers win again!

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They're right though, if there was gonna be a recession, it would have happened already. Soon as this china mess is dealt with we will be on another golden boomer bullrun

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The curve flattened some 18 months before the crash ten years ago. It is coming. The trade bullshit is just a death rattle.

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well it seems i shorted the bottom and bought the top again

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Gay FDA needs to just approve AMRN already, waiting a month for this is going to SUCK

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Are bounding lines actually useful? To me they look like a meme but I want to know how much they help in trading.

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just hoping to close even today, sigh.

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>shoots up 25%
>immediately goes down to -5%


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sounds like youre someone elses liquidity desu

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What a bunch of manipulated shit! That end of day pump was total horse shit!

>> No.16387844

Trend lines? Iffy. I used to use them all the time but have since abandoned all but one style of trend line: monthly chart, log scale, low support. That tends to hold up decently. For short time frames you're better off monitoring a series of moving averages to get a feel for when momentum may be shifting/already has shifted.

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What is this trend called?

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They make themselves look bad desu. Most of their voting block is in delusional state over that party. Thinking that they're some kind of "resistance" to fascism. That is out of touch with reality like almost every other political stance they hold.

At least I don't worship nor think highly of any Republicucks. I hope they feel the scorn of fellow conservatives because they've done nothing but stave off progressive tsunami. They're too afraid to create any new and interesting policy for fear of being shunned by the bought and paid for lobbyist faction of the Republican party.

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I would be down 5% but I offset all my losses with writing couple calls that weren't exercised

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Another day, another win for the crustaceans.

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Ding ding ding! How did everyone do today? I'm up .15%, another nothing day. CGC continues to not devastatingly crash, so that's good! YUM with the little popppp, just like the rat said! I wonder what he'll say next?
I think the police are harassing me, last night as I was on my nightly 3:00am walk a cruiser followed me down the street, shone it's light on me, I looked at them and gave them the "what's up" nod, they pulled past me, did a u turn, then gave me another pass. How odd, I thought! As I turned the corner a big police SUV immediately did the exact same thing, tailing me, pulling up and slowing down next to me, pulling past me, doing a U turn, this time pulling over on the other side of the road and watching me as I went into my house. Scawy!

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>nightly walk
Based and walkpilled

>> No.16387891

Down a little over a percent. These QCOM calls are going to take forever to come to fruition.

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Also disappointed to see PZZA with a red day right after the founder admits to eating 40 pizzas a month. What an endorsement!

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I hope they are thigh highs.

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This AH action got my call credit spreads sweatin

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What is this trend called?

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Kekkies did you buy because the najarians told you to?

Bad day, bad year. MRK continues to be the greenest thing I ever bought, I really want to buy more. Very regret selling my calls before Merck invades China with keytruda.

>this is a ringing endorsement
Dude... he’s not pleased. He’ll eat his free pizzas but he’s not happy about it.

>> No.16387941

Anyone got a good way of working with stops?

>> No.16387944

I don't know who the najarians are. I'm banking on the Oculus Quest selling really well over Christmas. FB is too expensive to play with, but Qualcomm makes all the chips for the standalone VR headsets.

>> No.16387956

oh jeez I didn't read the story, I thought he liked the pizza so much he wanted it for every meal

>> No.16387959

I missed a good sell opportunity because I didn't want to wake up for the opening today, otherwise red.

>> No.16387961

The CNBC guys who talk about activity in options. Apparently someone’s making big bets that Qualcomm goes higher, and it caught their attention.

>> No.16387970

At least one big boy agrees with me, then.

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Great day. Good upward movement from SHOP, GIB.A, AC, RH, KO, and MCD. Stella Jones worst performer giving away 3/4 of yesterday's +2%, still in hold range. I got a little spooked by Dollar Tree's bad earnings and opted to sell my Dollarama position slightly above break even just in case the market suddenty decides it doesn't like the idea of cheap shit retail now.

>> No.16387997

Aww man I sold a lot of KO calls and a PEP call... too early I should’ve held.

Is it time to get in SHOP?

I’m sad that I didn’t put everything I have in merck, but it’s closing candles are always bright green and they’re going HIGHER.

>> No.16388005

AAPL down $2 AH

>> No.16388025

>Is it time to get in SHOP?
I dunno now. My entry was last week. Hope it keeps pumping but we shall see.

>> No.16388038

fucking aapl i swear
shits gonna explode during holiday season but its been so rocky lately

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Sorry this isnt stock related, but I cant take the rest of the board seriously. Stocks, crypto and real estate are all good investments that I've experience with, but when does one branch out to other type of investments like cars or gear?

I'm personally interested in vintage guitars.
Yall know where I could follow the median yearly price of certain guitars? I want to know what I'm getting into.

Let me hear what collectables you buy and how you determine what's a good buy and what isn't. I'm very interested.

PS: Yeah I probably should have "fuck you money" before getting into these type of investments, but if the returns are decent, ~7% why not diversify?

>> No.16388117

flip instruments on craigslist

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>> No.16388135

Holy shit somebody bought 1.1 million shares of GIB.A on close. This is CGI Inc. They do IT consulting n' stuff. Looks like a fund buy or something institutional like that.

>> No.16388139

Collectibles are a bad investment unless you're in the top tier and buying $100k pieces of art.

>> No.16388146

>Yall know where I could follow the median yearly price of certain guitars?
I think Reverb.com tracks the average price on particular models.

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So... what the heckies?
Is starboards involvement in CVS seen as a negative, or is this because the FDA says CBD is bad for your liver (possibly)?

>> No.16388170

there's money to be made in vintage collector cars. if you're the kinda person that likes that shit you probably already know.

>> No.16388189

Wine has done pretty well too

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Hope to hit a little mini lottery ticket this Friday.

>> No.16388206

bagholders are truly amazing creatures. the mental gymnastics they go through to defend losing thousands is astounding.

>> No.16388219

What's looking good to enter, something moderate risk for a 3 month hold

>> No.16388244

Uhhh maybe Clorox.

Merck might be about to escape the atmosphere though. Trump things the Chinese want hogs, they really want cancer treatment.

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>> No.16388258

Flipping could be fun, but I'm more of a passive "buy&hold" type of guy.

Yeah they can be investments if you buy the right car. That thicc comedian Iglesias or whatever buys VWs. I'm certain he'll leave a fortune for his children. I'm sure they appreciate in value.

Yeah buying cheap art is probably worse than penny stocks. I don't understand art at all, all I know that it's a fad.


Watched some docu not too long ago about forged wine bottles. This guy made a fortune selling fake old wine. Definitely not getting into that.

>> No.16388289

Whateva nigga. Go collect magic cards then.

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go to plebbit /weedstocks for examples. It's something. A lot of those guys had good entries in summer 2017. Rode the bubble straight over the peak and held for 80%+ losses.

Most interesting thing on my radar right now is the Kirkland Lake Gold/Detour Gold buyout situation. Kirkland has fallen 19% since yesterday on the news. Market didn't like the deal as it would seem to decrease Kirkland's ability to keep costs low. Which may be true, however, Kirkland becomes quite the monster gold mining operation with this acquisition and will likely be able to apply its cost saving measures to Detour in future.

For now it's a knife catch but i'll be jumping in instantly once I get indication of serious rebound forming.

>> No.16388305

Cars may be collectable, but are not an investment.

>> No.16388313

Barrick GOLD getting upgrades as it unloads some assets though... any reason why no one talks about that one?

Agnico eagle on Cramer tonight, might give to a little pop.

>> No.16388314

There's a great old Columbo episode about wine collecting, featuring Donald Pleasence. "Any Old Port in a Storm".

>> No.16388330

Heh. I can do port. More of a liquor guy these days, just give me maximum buzz for minimum calories.

>> No.16388338
File: 27 KB, 500x500, 723b5a80ae24a52560f3ec51eb2c2c84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Barrick is also on my watchlist and may potentially do some bullish stuff shortly.

>> No.16388351

Anyone been watching PLUG recently? Any chance they dip again soon?

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File: 297 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191126-165956_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mickey Mouse's wild ride.

And RH fucking up AMRN calls lol

>> No.16388362

If you squint your eyes a little, you can just make out the magic castle.

>> No.16388385

Sure your daily driver is going to depreciate over time, but they're not making any more 69 corvettes bro. If you find some boomer's kid or widow trying to hock one you could probably buy it and just flip the thing at auction netting a pile of cash.

>> No.16388411

What’s happening Friday?

>> No.16388419

I am not saying that you cannot make money with collectables, merely that they are a distinct category that falls outside the umbrella of investments. You can flip designer clothes from the thrift store on ebay, but that doesn't make second clothing an investment.

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File: 8 KB, 196x250, 1573651676315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My trading is bad, my positions all suck, and I'm a retarded sack of human garbage.

>> No.16388444
File: 15 KB, 866x302, acb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16388452

Huh, good eye.

>> No.16388459

Sounds like you are going to fit in nicely here.

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File: 1.49 MB, 1350x1300, 1414992731589.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sell your positions and buy LCI and GALT.

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File: 157 KB, 1200x1127, 1530376336878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 35 KB, 345x772, options.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how fucked am i

>> No.16388499

I disagree, I mean I bought a set of guru lands for the game MTG about a decade ago. If you knew anything about this game you'd know that basic land cards are reprinted every set and are like the cheapest cards out there. However, these were special though, they were only offered in a promotion from the late 90s. Now I paid about $200 for the whole set, and now they're worth about $1500. That's a pretty decent return I can get on my collectable right now. Definitely beat inflation.

>> No.16388507

Just shorted Boeing at 371, how fucked am I?

>> No.16388509

Can someone tell me why macy's won't just fucking take a big giant shit. I have a put at the 14.5 strike expiring on friday, and I want to know if the market manipulators are going to dump M.

>> No.16388518

label expansion could come any time technically. 12/28 is the deadline

>> No.16388519

I've made way more money selling MTG cards than investing, but it requires more effort than investing which is why I stopped.

>> No.16388526

SHOP chads checking in! Snagged a Dec 20 350 call for $4 this morning. Still riding over $9. Also had a weekly 335 but stopped out at 2.50 even though I knew it wanted to revisit the highs and hit 336. Oh well, profit is profit.

Also had a good ride on the ROKU train. Holding my Dec 20 180 for tomorrow, expecting a breakout of the ascending triangle it formed.

Fuck AMRN btw. So glad I dumped that slug.

>> No.16388548

PLUG is a perpetual pump and dump scam stock like FCEL. I recommend staying away. I have witnessed many hundreds of thousands of dollars get vaporized on that one. I always warn them, but they never listen.

>> No.16388570

>Fuck AMRN btw. So glad I dumped that slug.
honestly thinking about dumping it too. ive lost so much money on it. minutes after buying it, some negative news comes out about it and I end up panic selling. The -$32 in my other post is just a fraction of the money i lost on it.

>> No.16388576

Want to buy a tickle me elmo or beanie baby?

>> No.16388582

Can I sacrifice them to deal direct damage to my opponent?

>> No.16388616

DONT FUCK WITH THE MOUSE BABY. 100% today. Made my yearly gain im out.

>> No.16388658

>stupid impulse move based on headlines
Instant regret

>> No.16388670

This suckers gonna keep pumping tomorrow desu

>> No.16388687

You’re probably right but I’ve fucking spent too many times holding an option for the next day and losing large gains. Not this time.

>> No.16388701

Fuck that, bought to close, there goes $2.50 on impulse. Guess I’m skipping dinner this week.

>> No.16388704

My calls expire. I think this thing has one more good pump in it. Might cash out Tom our row if it does.

>> No.16388737
File: 576 KB, 1100x1920, repojay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im not a RH poster, what does $8.82 buying power mean?

>> No.16388744

buy weed stocks

>> No.16388745

holy shit AAPL what the fuck

>> No.16388766
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>babby needs feeding
Im retarded. If I create a Call and It costs me $10. If the stock doesnt reach the strike price do I just lose my $10?

>> No.16388767

>moves less than 1%

>> No.16388770

>puts on dragon ball

>> No.16388791

And it goes another mixed bag day of shit and giggles and profit galore plus some despair tossed in for good measure. I bagged my DIS and my T-babies and oh how I was rewarded by thy actions. For you see DIS went up more today right after the bell rang. T went on a nice dippy and I struck right at the bottom and closed out the day in the green. AMRN went down some and so I ended up out over $500 dollars! But that's just the way it is till Dec 28th gets here. Then there will be stopping the Rise of the stock price and Profit will be pouring in like mad.

>> No.16388794

oh weird glitch on my side i guess

site i was using was telling me it dropped to 253 after hours

>> No.16388838

Even though AMRN went down I'm still in the green.I call sell it now and walk away with almost 18,000. For the record my whole wad invested for everything is almost 17,000. Those who stay the path shall be rewarded come Dec 28th or sooner if the Holy Buyout lands.

>> No.16388840
File: 20 KB, 320x247, you lose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>imagine being one joogle away from an answer

>> No.16388870

>Im retarded.
u iz dum liek me i see

>> No.16388879


damn what a piece of shit stock

>> No.16388937

Yeah maybe
But get out of this weeks calls. Tomorrow I'll buy some Feb calls.

>> No.16389106

Buying power is how much unused cash you have sitting in the account

>> No.16389112

Put together an INCEL index I should invest in.

>> No.16389117
File: 43 KB, 218x227, xxz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thought it would be more since some hero market bought my dandy wandy tandy leather factory in the morning

>> No.16389120

Welcome to /smg/ you’ll fit right in

>> No.16389177

You can't put any money in CHD, Church and Dwight. They make all those personal care products like condoms and home pregnancy tests.

>> No.16389179

heh, that fool annalist that gave AMRN the 7 price target just loaded up a shat load of shares. now why do you think a "bright" lad who said "this company sucks" bought a shat load anyway? Cause it's a big scam, he knows the stock is gonna fly so he created a bullshit thing to get the shares cheap. just so it goes, its a big scam, those who sold on the fear get to miss out on the real Profit later.

>> No.16389184

Noob question:
Sold position today.
Total cash on the account is OK, but buying power (cash available for trading) doesn't have the amount added.

>> No.16389193

Your incel index should have a net short CHD position.

>> No.16389197

>just loaded up a shat load of shares

>> No.16389211

only bought a few since i was skeptical about another meme stock.

>> No.16389214

When the electronic transfer settles. Could be 3-5 days.

>> No.16389217

i've missed you buddy, happy thanksgiving.

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SOXL you are a fucking asshole. I wish I'd never met you.
I can't quit you.
Treat me right tomorrow m'kay

>> No.16389225


>> No.16389231

In a word depends. Google options intrinsic and extrinsic value and the greeks. I like kitties

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File: 94 KB, 936x1200, 1544112688133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Damn. Oh well.
Thanks, anon!

>> No.16389249

That BAKA fund that SOXL and SOXS track is fucking crazy. You should really look at all of the major players in it, like if Texas Instruments has a bad day on earnings, you get fucking bogged out of no where. That being said, it's IV is probably not priced in properly around it's major players earnings and is a great way to use options to avoid the volatility crushes, since it does sell weeklies.

>> No.16389260

Tagged the wrong person
>That being said, it's IV is probably not priced in properly around it's major players earnings and is a great way to use options to avoid the volatility crushes, since it does sell weeklies.
That's a solid perspective. Will definitely take a look cuz I just love the volatility and potential of these thing for a ton of reasons it just sucks to have a down day when the S&P is hitting new highs. I feel like I'm getting turned away at the club for being too ugly

>> No.16389272

Right back atcha

>> No.16389283

the baka fund is a semi single leveraged etf, SHM but switch M and H. fucking word filters.

But yeah I mean i've seen the SOXL and SOXS have these huge 14% swings in a single day, and it's usually around a specific earnings report or good/bad news event.

>> No.16389312
File: 263 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191126-175138_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give me one reason not to buy WWE

>> No.16389337

Is it SHM? I thought it was actually based on SOXX for some reason. My /biz/ credentials are showing as obviously I haven't read the prospectus. SHM has a lot more volume than SOXX though and I actually have a use for a 1x version of all this so thanks for pointing it out

>> No.16389359

On another note, I'm thinking about taking tradingview up on their black friday deal. Has anybody gotten any good insights from any of the Pro+ or higher tier packages? I'm on Pro right now and I like having 2 charts in a single window and the extra alerts just wondering if there is a "greater than the sum of its parts" reason to go higher that I might be missing

>> No.16389371

I was expecting to say don't, but upon cursory examination of the chart and the last several earnings results, it ain't a shabby idea. There is short term upside there. Surprisingly decent record of earnings beats in the last couple years.

>> No.16389382

How far are you with the testing of the indicator packages?
I found the hidden level one really insightful

>> No.16389424


Do Premium, it works for me.

>> No.16389427

you're probably right, it's probably based off their thing. i dunno there's like semi-conductor indexes who knows who's tracking what, what's accurate... it's these tiny differences we have to recognize and trade around. difference make a big fucking difference, and fuck it i'm going to get cocked.

i thought you died yourself after the DF bankruptcy. I dunno, it's fucking hard to keep track of all you retards with the same names.

>> No.16389429
File: 366 KB, 300x260, 1563918390846.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm actually more of a price-action/discretionary trader myself (I know) so I rarely use any indicators at all but I'm always open to a refinement in my methodology. You having success there?

>> No.16389442

i will not be purchasing the black friday deal because even in my experience of looking at charts. I can look at them and see nothing i like about it what so ever and enter a trade anyway.

>> No.16389444
File: 91 KB, 750x750, 1574480339321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AMRN fags get in here

The only reason amrn has gone down is intentional FUD by wall street

When wall street is fudding that's when you know you're about the make a shitload of profit

Fuck I have never seen such blatant price manipulation kek

>> No.16389449

I don't really use indicators either but those packages usually cost money but you can test them for free. Of course I'm checking them out one after another. All I've tested until now are shit but the hidden levels one gave me a few new ideas.

>> No.16389456

I only had 50 dollars in deans lol.
Im here almost every thread, I was just telling you the other day how I fought 2 people and you told me about your molestation

>> No.16389457

this is the only reason i havent sold my AMRN stock yet even though its been losing money nonstop

>> No.16389469

Source plz

>> No.16389475

read the thread pajeet

>> No.16389479

THey're in for $421,000 lol, pathetic. I'm in for 105k and Im a single person

>> No.16389484
File: 1.78 MB, 500x627, 1475525027959.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any anons in VBIV atm? Averaged at $0.80, wondering if I should get out at break even if it gets there tomorrow?

>> No.16389495

Heh, you really gotta ask yourself this. If this company was on the fast track to hell why haven't the Fat Cat investor groups bailed yet? The perfect time for the exit was after the Adom when the stock was flying high. But not one did. If anything as we've seen they've been buying loads more. Which says it all, namely; Profit still lays ahead.

>> No.16389499

Must have been that day I started drinking at like 5am, or that one I just didn't stop drinking and ended up thinking I lost my juul so I bought another, but my juul was in my pocket the whole time.

>> No.16389510

yo i ran into the same issue, but it was just the charger. I didn't know you could buy single chargers though, and ended up buying a whole new jull anyway

>> No.16389514

yeah all the anons in this thread: "waah amrn is so shit I regret buying so much it's gonna go so far down"

loool imagine listening to fud written by boomers and believing it. NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT

>> No.16389515

>But not one did
I took my monies and ran

>> No.16389533

Thats why you have to do your Lines at 5-6am and focus on something until 10 then start drinking

>> No.16389545


I guess I'm buying facebook stock since I've wanted to invest in VR. I haven't invested in them yet because I'm a bigger fan of the HTC Vive and not the Oculus.

>> No.16389554
File: 203 KB, 528x528, EADD7F73-479F-454F-91F2-2687D80A7057.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fuck I have never seen such blatant price manipulation kek

>> No.16389566

PiMax 8K X is where it's at. Everything else is shit

>> No.16389587
File: 364 KB, 505x757, E66F0F16-D7F7-4B67-B1D6-5C7F584B0A0A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How long have you been trading biotechs between catalysts?

>> No.16389598



>> No.16389626

I lose the fucking device... I think one was stolen, I left one on a cruise ship because like I'll hit the mother fucker in bed and pass out with it in my hand. So at like 3:30 4AM when I'm packing all my shit and getting out still drunk, I didn't do that last one time check where it was, and I know I left it there... even though i did check that same area of floor at least 2 times. I've dropped the mother fucker, or I'll be cooking in the kitchen, and just leave it on the counter there. Fuck I hate it.

>> No.16389636

Jesus fucking Christ. Filtered

>> No.16389644

You're probably onto something. Like you already fucking know that's what my optimal performance truly is.

>> No.16389645
File: 40 KB, 1024x576, BE678992-9CE6-4F35-ACE3-B8CF40A711DA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I have never seen such blatant price manipulation

>> No.16389651

My physical memory at this point is burned into always slipping it into my pocket after I'm done taking a drag. The chargers are a huge bitch for me, though, because I'm terrible about remembering to charge it over night, so I'll grab the little dongle and take it to work with me to plug into my laptop. I have no idea when I lose them after that, but any time I take them out of home they always disappear

>> No.16389659

>whoa someone used hyperbole on 4chan

lmao ok reddit fags

>> No.16389671
File: 21 KB, 500x523, 465186.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

got something else to add to the conversation? this one's just for you buddy.

>> No.16389691

yeah, if you're working off a laptop for a charger I can see how easy it is for the fucker to fly out or what ever... If you're in a rush to pack up and go, it's easy to be lost. What are you going to do right?

>> No.16389695

I've just started cutting myself off if I run out of battery. I figure that'll be punishment enough to train my brain into charging it properly.

>> No.16389700

A wild pack of niggers gangbanging your dad. Filtered

>> No.16389712

think I’m gonna short weed tomorrow morning. Maybe pick up some biotech, healthcare, or pharma etf.

Was there anything new in that story that took down JNJ teva and everyone else?

>> No.16389718
File: 118 KB, 500x709, 1402303h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got a jay peg for that

>> No.16389733

Wtf is up with all those newfrens lately?

>> No.16389743

>unironically vaping
God imagine being such a faggot. If you're so intent on fucking up your lungs and paying for a nicotine dependency then smoke.
If smoking is like a gun then vaping is like a water pistol, at least smokinf has a cool sort of history and aspect to it. Puffing big clouds of cottoncandy flavored smoke isn't cool at all.

>> No.16389748

Wait, where's Thugzilla? I recognize all them niggas.

>> No.16389763

what about vaping weed?

>> No.16389766

pendy bought a new vpn and gas station porno

>> No.16389797

You’re an idiot.

>> No.16389816

Shouldn't you be in bed? Tomorrow is school, right?

>> No.16389820

Look so i've been smoking since I was like 14 years old... and I've witnessed the past 17 years of smoking and non-smoking sections of resteraunts taken away, i've witnessed the taxes on a pack of cigarettes in my state go up up up to the point the state makes over 5 times more than the manufacturer. i've seen the damage, but excuse me.... I'm going to vape and you know what it doesn't smell bad, and nobody gives a fuck. Nobody has ever stopped me in a grocery store and said excuse me could you not vape here. I was on a plane and was vaping before the flight crew started saying not to, and I was served a cocktail and loved it. if you don't like vaping, maybe it's because it's closely tied with the same crew using hard drugs like marijuanna.

>> No.16389842

Still no evidence vaping causes serious lung damage over ten years after e-cigs got introduced to the market. But nice job falling for the anti-nicotine lobby's propaganda

>> No.16389844

Thin fucking ice
At least it doesn't smell like smoking weed, I have conflicting opinions about weed.

>> No.16389874

>thinking breathing something other than air on a regular basis os completely fine with your lungs
Brainlet, natural selection will run its course.

>> No.16389888

Shouldn't YOU be in bed cause you have school tomorrow? You've got a lot of vaping to do in the bathroom, freshy

>> No.16389891

You know what... My dental hygienist noticed immediately... When I stopped smoking pot, she immediately noticed my teeth were not as stained as usual.

>> No.16389899

I hope you don't live in a city full of car exhaust

>> No.16389904

>Mexico is officially in recession
>We still haven’t budged on USMCA
God bless the USA

>> No.16389910

>what about vaping weed
As a regular Mary G. Hwanna user, I recommend dry media vaporizer for that purpose. It's very economical after the initial purchase of the device. Arizer makes good ones. Dry media vapor consumes dry flower at a quarter the rate of smoking/bongs or less.

>> No.16389922

and in that same check up, I had just started vaping and was smoking less cigarettes, even though 10 mL of juice is equal to a pack of smokes.

>> No.16389942

I also brush my teeth less than once a month, have no cavities, and never got wisdom teeth.

>> No.16389955

I don't, and even if I did you act like adding ANOTHER lung stressor ontop of that already awful one is fine because "well my lungs are getting fucked anyways, might as well accelerate things."
I'm assuming you're using vaping to get off of nicotine? That's cool, but don't keep it up and actually get off of nicotine like you're supposed to.

>> No.16389963

when you elect retardo socialists you get what you deserve

>> No.16389965


Dude what are you talking about red now means more green later if it goes up I profit if it keeps going down I get more cheapies I literally can’t lose

>> No.16389969

i am not vaping to get off of nicotine.... you're missing the point. Nicotine is the shit. I've smoked on the patch, and I will never leave Nicotine. I think I love Nicotine more than her cousin Cocaine.

>> No.16389972

My point is that there are acceptable magnitudes of damage for most people. I feel confident that you regularly partake in something that has been tied to very small amounts of carcinogenic properties. Red meat, perhaps. Quality of life is worth losing one or two of the worst years of your life at the end.

>> No.16389996

>Quality of life is worth losing one or two of the worst years of your life at the end.
damn dude, you fucking get it... What the fuck are we living for if we don't enjoy it?

>> No.16389999

Nicotine is safer than caffeine faggot.

>> No.16390004

>no u
I miss the times when we spent all our breaks in the bathroom listening music, talking about random shit and selling cigarettes. Somtimes we drank a bottle of booze. Small bottle though. Rise Against and Bullet for my valentine. Those were the days. Fuck, how times changed.

>> No.16390011

You gotta cut back on the drinking though, dude, that shit'll take decades away from you that could have been great. Everything in moderation

>> No.16390029

By the time you can say “official recession” that means the recession started months ago. (Quarters ago?)

Generally officials are elected as the consequence of current economic conditions. He was elected in December, the recession began at the beginning of the year. Maybe it shook business and investor sentiment, but it’s not likely the result of any of his policy changes.

Most likely, economy was already bad and getting worse, and that’s why the people voted for populism. US is kind of unique in that respect.

>> No.16390033

that's true... it's already have sucked like tens of thousands, and when you think about compounded interest yeah.... you know I don't live in moderation... I've never been humbled.... never respected authority, the humbleness i've been granted has gone over my head.

>> No.16390035

That's the nicotine talking, dependency sucks
I like to think of things in terms of "if I do this is future me going to hate me for it?" Nicotine buzz isn't worth the medical bills, the discomfort, the effect of being addicted to it has on mental health, or the or the upfront cost of buying products. If you think otherwise thatbis the nicotine talking.

>> No.16390041

It’s like you’re asking me to pick between two of my favorite children...

I pick caffeine.

>> No.16390061

China had ANOTHER phone call on Tuesday? What the fuck bros.

Are LARGE specs still net short the SPmini?

>> No.16390070

Jokes on you, I don't use caffeine either. Caffeine dependency is bad because eventually it doesn't even wake you up anymore and you need it to get up to a base level of awakedness.

>> No.16390076

If I felt confident that vaping were as harmful as smoking I would never have picked it up. I found it out I would drop it immediately. That is a level of harm beyond what I would accept, sure. But I started vaping after I was confident that wasn't the case. I also actively experienced it sharpening my memory and reducing my anxiety. It is a useful drug. Regardless of the dependence I like using it. Same deal with caffeine, as has been brought up. Have you ever experienced your mind literally getting faster in real time? I enjoy nothing more than that. Literally nothing.

>> No.16390081

You sound boring af

>> No.16390090

>I also brush my teeth less than once a month
That's disgusting, baggie.

>> No.16390096


If it no longer wakes you up how does it wake you up from your negative state of wokeness to the baseline state?

>> No.16390103
File: 783 KB, 480x270, xy17x.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

theyre barely short. look at the nasdaq and dow cot too theyll still decently long the general

>> No.16390109

I'm just exciting in different ways than depending on drugs. Stop treating your dependency like it makes you better than people who don't use them, or like it is a personality trait.

>> No.16390118

Shouls I buy some zs stock

>> No.16390121

You're high on your own farts

>> No.16390122

It does that because your body needs it to function at the base now. Without it your body doesn't do as well and so you're in the "negative."

>> No.16390136


>> No.16390187


I’m calling out your dick dependency fagggot

>> No.16390190

seems a tad overvalued, a little high if u ask me


>> No.16390191

This returns to normal within a week and besides that who cares? You can always add more caffeine.

>> No.16390209

So say we all

>> No.16390222

>buying AFTER the pump
>when it was shilled here for MONTHS
I mean, you really did that shit to yourself. If you can wait to the 28th you might just get a good exit point. On the other hand, you can cut your losses ASAP. Both are viable moves imho, but you clearly don't listen to others since you LOST MONEY ON AMRN

>> No.16390273

Quite a lot people here lost money on amrn and even more will. Same with lci. It was shilled here before the pump yet most didn't buy until their fomo made them to and then they started bitching around because it went down again. I will never understand people or being.

>> No.16390275

I was dumb and dumped, should I buy back in at 20?

>> No.16390294


I wouldn’t do it on principle alone. You already lost money once how foolish would you feel losing again on the same stock?

>> No.16390357

I might hang myself

>> No.16390376

AMRN will more than likely be bought out before mid January. $20 would be good, it's nearly there now and trading lower after hrs

>> No.16390389
File: 307 KB, 1062x678, 1557631082064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dude weed penny stock alert:

Florida based dude weed penny trash Liberty Health Sciences confirmed a bullish reversal today. I am firmly in the sucker's rally or wait for profit take and consolidation before trying to trade this bullshit camp on this one. However... if you wanna gamble. It's OTC or Canadian CSE only.

>> No.16390393

what if you don't buy, and it gets bought out for $90/share (as promised) sometime in early December?
would you hang yourself then?

>> No.16390418

You don't have to buy in to anything anon. But if you want to maybe make some good money, buy in while it is 20% lower than it's 52 week high, like now, before the FDA approves it. I cannot guarantee anything, just as no one ever should with stocks. But I think if you buy it at it's current price, you WILL make money if you are patient enough to wait for Dec 28th. Even if it dips.

>> No.16390451

Approval will happen BEFORE Christmas week - they are obligated to make decision before Dec 28, and they won’t work that week of Christmas, so they using normal people rationale, they should approve mid-December, maybe sooner. Place your bets!

>> No.16390454
File: 77 KB, 1024x721, 8E9F06C4-C4B2-4559-B657-6BB8E4CF56B3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They’re VERY short vix so I’m not concerned. That all leads to the conclusion that phase 1 is 99% baked in, and we won’t get much more off of that alone.

DIX is also still down and GEX is absolutely pumping. This might be the time to sell calls or iron condor. All theoretically, I’m not suicidal enough to sell SPY calls.

Basically, we’re in for a boring Wednesday and half-Friday session. Possible consolidation.

>> No.16390462

So you sold the pump then, right?
There’s very little difference between owning a stock at a given level, and buying it at that same level. Especially without trading fees and if you’ve harvested some solid tax losses.

>> No.16390475

Wow, “dumped that slug” right before they get PRIMARY APPROVAL? Sorry but that was not a smart move...shoulda held. There’s real catalysts here, this is not some BTC TA-trading bullshit. Bio-buying is about to become a frenzy and AMRN is not only going to get massive approval, but may also get a massive buyout in the realm of $15-20 billion. I, for one, am playing the most likely of scenarios.

The Oppenheimer fucker is the ONLY reason it didn’t keep pumping to $30, and once approval happens, NO ONE will be able to pull shit like that.

>> No.16390484

Regretting actions you didn't take is the most retarded thing you can possibly do in investing. You get in, you meet your goal, you get out. Or you cut your losses and you stop thinking about it. Don't regret.

>> No.16390485

Buyout, no buyout; really it don't mater. Cause post Dec 28th there is nothing to hold the stock down. The only thing that'll happen is two things: Insane Profit pouring into the company for ten years and watching the stock price climb ever higher over time. How do I know this? Cause starting Dec 29th people are gonna be flooding the doctor's offices wanting it. Also you got the rest of the world to consider not just the U.S. Also this; Lipotor, raked in shit loads of Profit over it's life span, no reason AMRN won't do the same especially since the drug works better and has less side effects.

>> No.16390553

Buyout - you get your fat green bag before year end 2020. No buyout - you get your fat green bag sometime in 2021. Either way you still get your fat green bag.

>> No.16390555
File: 384 KB, 1125x1236, 98CFE5AA-E877-4B45-BF93-BD72CED68843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone ever heard of this guy? This is really REALLY interesting. The French accent doesn’t hurt.

>> No.16390579


You amrn bag holders are starting to sound like desperate Stocktwits pumpers. At least lci fags ate their losses and shut up

>> No.16390639

As someone who doesn't hold anything in AMRN, should I just buy a call for jan 3rd?
worst comes to worst i'm out a few hundred and if "le buyout" happens I made a nice profit

>> No.16390641
File: 59 KB, 750x563, 599757eeb0e0b533098b608d-750-563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AMZN breaking out of a meme triangle going back to $2000 strap in lads

>> No.16390653

jan 17th

>> No.16390663
File: 1.20 MB, 1585x1625, A079A8C4-307E-4989-9B57-A86515579B37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kekkies I’m fairly certain some of them are pumpers from places like stock twits.

That said... I’ve got $800 riding on it in shares and a couple calls. The hype will likely ramp up again near the December catalyst, and I’ll dump most before the results. Probably will dump hard before then, but these things are unpredictable.

>> No.16390685

if december is the catalyst why go for jan 17? buyout is unpredictable

>> No.16390697

I am up bigly thanks to small caps and biotech (rally as the market realizes Trump will win and save healthcare from Bernie?)

>> No.16390699

The buyout is supposed to happen before the JP Morgan Healthcare conference which is mid Jan

>> No.16390709

I'll have to do some research then, thanks anon

>> No.16390844

I did not, no. I am in for the 2nd pump or buyout

>> No.16390849
File: 50 KB, 1440x298, Screenshot_20191126-215442_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel for the meme. Buyout better happen.

>> No.16390857

>Dat SNSS AH pump

>> No.16390875

>dat massive green closing candle every day on MRK

>> No.16390878

>thinks LCI is done
You haven't seen nothing yet

LCI to $60

>> No.16390893


Market might actually like if Trump goes away because then the China shit gets sorted. If Bernie or Warren gets in there it will be another question, however.

>> No.16390895

I have a couple hundred in options, if it makes AMRN holders feel better I read peoples medical records for a living and I'm noticing more and more people with Vascepa on their outpatient medication reconciliation.

>> No.16390923

What’s a reconciliation?
If that means they’re already taking it... then perhaps there’s less room for expansion.

That Gilead trial is very interesting news though.

>> No.16390938

I could buy ~500 shares of dean foods... or I can buy cities:skylines, four expansions, and AOE3 on the steam sale

don't blame me, these boys drive a hard bargain

>> No.16390950

Yeah it's just a list of their current medications. Won't help with our options but so many Boomers are plagued with hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia due to their degeneracy. It's nuts.

>> No.16390963

Isn't DF suspended? I skipped the boat on that one.

>> No.16390978

you can still buy it (and you should, under 20c) if you're an OTChad. RH virgins cannot buy

But I had to pay my yearly Gaben tax first

>> No.16391015

Heh. Yeah... do you do medical billing? I need to find a new gig, that seems like one that shouldn’t have too many barriers to entry.

>> No.16391027

LOLOLOLOLOL yeah because WE have the means to pump it, not like it’s completely controlled by institutions. They all wait and see if approval goes through- if it does, it moons, if it doesn’t, it dumps, simple as that.

>> No.16391064

There’s no reason to “feel better,” there’s literally no reason it shouldn’t be higher.

If market conditions are showing a disconnect, try to figure out why. And if that reason is likely to dissipate, make your move.

That’s what I did with Oil when the fields were bombed- it spiked like 30% when only 5% was disrupted. Furthermore, they said they would be fixed within a week.

Sure enough, all was fixed, oil came down. But the market overreacted. I bought puts in oil and made money.

Same shit happened with AMRN and the Oppenheimer dude. Literally only bad piece of news, and everyone OVERREACTED. So at $19 I bought a shitton more $22 calls. And guess what? IT CORRECTED BACK UP.

If approval happens, it goes up, if not, it DUMPS.

Look at the FACTS. This is a GAME and you have to LOOK RATIONALLY AT SHIT.

I get it, markets are irrational so you will lose many times. The goal is to lose LESS than you WIN. And with some education, you can do it.

U guys are as bad as the crypto guys. LINK IS WORSE THAN RLC DUR DUR DUR BTC BTCSV shutup no one cares

>> No.16391108

u sound a bit angry

>> No.16391114
File: 115 KB, 627x516, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ACB popping tomorrow boys!

>> No.16391193

Dont buy weed stonks ever. If you have to buy MO at least theyre competent and have been around forever

>> No.16391207

I dabble. Started as a coder and I still use that skill set but I do revenue cycle management mostly now.

>> No.16391219

Dude what... are you an accountant?

>> No.16391256

No. I'm supposed to maximize revenues which I do by analyzing shit and making spiffy looking reports that I'm 75% certain no one looks.at..

I mostly shitpost here on my phone in my office all day.

>> No.16391291

Very cool man very cool

>> No.16391297

>I mostly shitpost here on my phone in my office all day.
based shitposter

>> No.16391302

Do you have a good resource for cot?

>> No.16391307

It's a good racket.

T. Hospital admin anon.

>> No.16391320

Did you go to school for that? I know some schools offer it.

>> No.16391330


>> No.16391339

Yea I have a bachelors degree in health information management.

>> No.16391346

Jesus. I gotta get me one of those shitposting degrees. Sounds like I’d even learn some good stuff about businesses and possibly investing.
Good on you.

>> No.16391347

How much do you make?

>> No.16391375

$180k/yr ironically I have shit health insurance tho. We're stuck on a shitty high deductible HSA set-up.
I'm an anomaly. I am supposed to be an MBA but I worked my way up and I apparently do well so I remain. My boss and I have a deal. I'll start my MBA "soon" and it's been seven years.

>> No.16391397

most rational post on this board in I don't know how long.

Thanks anon.

Invest in what you believe in, don't follow the market. If you believe, then you are probably right and you should win more often than lose.

If you believe in AMRN, buy the dip. Dissociate yourself from your flight or flight disposition. Now is the the time to buy. If you're bearish, now is the time to sell.

>> No.16391426

>Sounds like I’d even learn some good stuff about businesses and possibly investing.
It's half I guess pre-med (anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, epidemiology, etc.) and half business (accounting, statistics, management, writing, etc.).

I enjoyed my coursework. I did learn a lot. If you like medicine but hate people it may be up your alley.

>> No.16391447

I’m not great with memorization, but I did do well in physiology and anatomy.
Oh shit I failed organic chemistry but that was years ago... it sounds interesting but I’m sure very competitive, since it sounds like your overqualified if you’re on the mba track.

>> No.16391482

>it sounds interesting but I’m sure very competitive, since it sounds like your overqualified if you’re on the mba track.
I have no intention of getting an MBA. I'm just "supposed" to have one. It's all undergrad stuff, you'll be fine. I'm turning in for the night but 100% make sure your degree program is CAHIIM accredited or it's literally worthless.

>> No.16391497

Thanks bud I’ll look into it

>> No.16391567

>Invest in what you believe in, don't follow the market. If you believe, then you are probably right and you should win more often than lose.

The anime power-of-frenship investor... I like it

>> No.16391666
File: 305 KB, 1074x1066, 6A6F10AA-14E3-476A-9E28-E9205FCA3ADB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys notice any unusually high volume today?

>> No.16391692

I'm a guy who doesn't like trump and will probably vote Democrat (depends on who they have as the nominee) and I can tell you that the entire impeachment thing is a sham for political clout because the Democrat majority house doesn't have the BALLS to send articles of impeachment to a Republican senate
Plus, the markets don't care about who's president

>> No.16391857

so based on this were what like 4 months out?

>> No.16391915

red day tomorrow but AMRN will go up by 5% so theres that

>> No.16391920

lol no ACB gonna hit sub 2 dollars before it goes back up any time soon

>> No.16392158

crab day, crab for amrn, possibly another rally in biotech.

You're a silly guy, but you're right about weed. This FDA thing should deliver a solid blow. I never feel safe with a short though...

>> No.16392174


I bought some $3 cad puts at the bottom Monday. Maybe I got baited, but honestly the only reason I think shareholders opt for early conversion is to sell. I don't expect to see $4 within the next month. Shit, I don't expect any gains for a loooong time. The stock was diluted even more today.

It truly makes no sense for it to rise any time soon.

>> No.16392191

how long until Charles Schwab stops holding my cash after depositing from an external account?

>> No.16392192
File: 54 KB, 480x360, yhwh man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the deal with all these positive articles on cannabis stocks lately? Their financials are worse than ever, I wonder who's pushing these. Whoever they are they're my hero.

>> No.16392198

>buy my bags the post.

>> No.16392330

Guys im stuck on i5 north. Fuck. Snowed in, been here 7 hours, no sign of any movemnt. I havent gone a football field of distance total in over 7hrs. 20 degress and many feet of snow. Fuck

>> No.16392352
File: 125 KB, 1024x683, 1572186080555m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do we need to send a search party?

>> No.16392387

If you start feeling really hot despite it being cold as fuck it means you're freezing to death. For God sake don't take your clothes off despite the "hot" feeling

>> No.16392411
File: 270 KB, 382x386, 9CA45B6E-94A6-4696-82C4-424B23B24CEE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uhhhhh so buy sell or hold stonks?

I cut my bags and said fuck off to the sector. Especially now that the fda has taken a hostile stance to cbd.

Some of my biggest investment mistakes so far have been riding a stock down instead of just saying “oops” and selling.

New strategy: cut the dead weight and let the winners ride. As the ratman said, winners win.

If it pays a dividend, if you have a good explanation for the sell off, that’s different. But I’m considering CGC and hexo money I spent learning this lesson, and realizing losses as I’d rather have more GEO than a company like CGC. (I am getting a little worried about GEO... but the political headwind is a plausible story and they seem committed to the divvy.

>> No.16392427

in California? where abouts? mt shasta?

>> No.16392458

Yo are you in the Covenant? Looking on your post about Yahowah

Have you read yadayah.com and anintroductiontogod.com ?

>> No.16392521

I have prepared a replacement thread as this one has reached planned obsolescence. Click below to pay full price for your brand new and improved thread below. Below.







>> No.16392731


>> No.16392763

I have 3/4 tank. Went through taco bell luckily before. I cant get any data out here. Thousands of people our here, idk what the fuck is going on. I think they are lying ro media cause i call out to senpai for info(even radio is no good)
Right by castella CA almost to Weed, passed redding like 50 miles back.
Shit is fucked. I even rented a 4 wheel expedition but no one has budged, 0.00mph, in hours. Worker told me im stuck till morning. Already burned through 3/4 of gas. All i got left is pomegranates to eat. Hopefully this message gets out to you guys
Fuck California
Fuck Jannies
Fuck Nigger