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How is the money chink going to impact the market?

Is he going to dump his assets or is he going to manipulate it to new heights?

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90% of BTC in circulation is in whale hands
since there is no new money, even if they do support the price on thin trading, the whales actually have nothing

so the first one to dump wins

the next move will be to bait retails with lower prices, however again 90% is very hard to buy out

after the lower price bait fails this time, and it becomes apparent to the dump whales that there is no liquidity, we gonna have the crashening to 1k

where my buy order is

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He'll slowly exit scam, just like Charlie Lee.
Except he won't announce it like that retard.

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the final sign before he sell his company will be
"we are committed to compliance"

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This guy fks