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Here to stay. No one can dethrone me.

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If we were to dethrone you, we would still have complete control and you would be completely duped into thinking BTC is/was the solution. Sorry kiddo

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How does it feel to be a slave to the King?

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>federal reserve note
laughing out loud

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>federal reserve note
>laughing out loud
you don't want to know how the sausage is made
you don't want to know how the money is made

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chainlink will dethrone you sir. you are no invited to the boat party

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why dont doomers ever just shut their stupid mouths? Theyve never been right and never will be right

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>He still thinks the Fed is not in control

When the sting of reality hits you don't say you weren't warned.

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They had to kill JFK just to exist. What assholes.

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Do you even read history books?

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Do you even believe that bullshit?

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>He still thinks the Fed is not in control
the money printers most definitely control the time and tempo of people's lives
they use currency manipulation to control vast swathes of the population

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Blocks your path

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Nah we just had a stockpile we had to unload. How much are your precious metals worth.

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You have widely accepted evidence that states otherwise? You probably also believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Try not to take your frustrations out on the Federal Reserve. They are not responsible for your delusions.

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Dollars are backed by gold.

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Yes, and many people do. 9/11 wasn't an inside job because the Federal reserve, CIA, and others maintaining the global nuclear deterents are not inside the American government.

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How do all these unproven theories of yours change the fact that the Dollar is king? Do you wear a tinfoil hat?

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I think someone "did".


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No one with a brain believes Oswald was the assassin

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My bad.
Chinese yen is not floating regime so yes, USD is king

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There are only 1.74 trillion dollars in physical circulation. You let me know how much that is for every person in the world when divided equally. The Federal Reserve defines the word rare.

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btw, Chinese yuan is in part pegged to USD.

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It doesn't change a thing, if you read my posts I agree the dollar is still king, all I said was the people who made it happen are absolute assholes. If the dollar continues to be king I won't complain because the amount of dirty legitimate dollars in the world makes it very easy to do bad things to people.

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What percentage of the world would you guess will ever hold a physical one dollar bill in their hands?

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anyway, fiat is manipulated for perceived stability and maximum business as usual factor.

USD is still a floating regime currency but like any other currency they just cant stop themselves from printing more.

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There are many things that make it easy for criminals to do terrible things. At the end of the day though aren't we all accountable for our own actions? Sounds like you are just conjuring up a bogey man to make yourself feel better about what humanity would already be doing with or without the Federal Reserve. Can you explain why bad things happened before 1913?

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Manipulation is carried out by man and man alone. That is why they call it MANipulation. The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with that.

They only have 1.74 trillion in circulation. That is not that much per person globally. What is this endless printing you speak of?

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yeh. it's the nwo currency

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Soon to be 100%.

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Other banks that are also run by assholes. Before them it was assholes on horses. You'd think after 4000 years we'd try to get rid of the assholes, someone probably has.

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ok, maybe not endless. they are still doing a good job considering what other central banks do.

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>he likes punching shadows

What? How much longer are we going to have to hear this drivel? So much talk about this elite crew of evil doers. Do you even pay attention to the world around you? How negative your life must be.

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>That is why they call it MANipulation

> from Latin manipulus "handful, sheaf, bundle,"

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actually, the british do quite a good job at keeping the pound together.

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>They only have 1.74 trillion in circulation.
Isn't most fiat in digital form novadays? Or is the digitized fiat taken in consideration?

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the tweet that saved the world

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The Latin word fascis, meaning "bundle"

collective power


We can play word games if you want to.

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Circulation is all that matters once reality finally sets in. The other forms are just man in denial. Feel free to be part of that group if you wish.


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Hey question here, what is the Fed "reserving" for me with these notes?

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>*drinks cyanide*

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no, this is

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What the fuck are you on about. My fireplace has a MANtl above it.

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>Here to stay. No one can dethrone me.

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Sounds like a personal question you should be answering yourself. The long and short of it: you are the reserve asset.

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>Here to stay. No one can dethrone me.

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Anon, I...

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shh don't ruin it for him

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