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Never give in. Keep your head up.

We've been given an opportunity unlike any other. We have the opportunity to trade on a 24/7, high liquidity, high volatility, global, largely unregulated market. We don't have to speak to anyone. Transactions are largely anonymous.

I won't lie to ya, it's gonna get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better. It might even take a year. Just keep moving forward. Pick yourself up.

We'll be back.

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We’re all gonna make it eventually.

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It's not anonymous.

It's not decentralized.

Un regulated as in manipulated

Very very expensive "code'


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mfw this has been a fun week so far
this is peak dead /biz/ so it feels kind of comfy in a weird way to still be here
will have nostalgia in the future for when we made it and I think back to these days in November 2019

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>green IDs

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I've been here since mid 2017, so I can't say I'm an oldfag but I've seen this board go through its ups and downs.
It is pretty much as dead as can be. It's only upwards from here on out. /biz/ will moon these next 2 years, just like crypto.

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if you're up for some comfy videos here's a good retro one:
was nursing a hangover today so it's been a good lazy Sunday

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Except my nostalgia will be periodically punctuated with remembering asinine replies from some schizo who bogarted douglas adams' meme.

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>bogarted douglas adams' meme

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>It might even take a year
I don't have a year. My savings completely runs out before the end of 2020 and my only option at that point will be suicide.

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Just imagine all the newfags we’ll get to roast one day. It brings a tear to the eye

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>My savings completely runs out before the end of 2020

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>asinine replies

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Go here and get depressed >>16367932

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>Never give in. Keep your head up.

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also chekked

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The Day of The Smuggening

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bear market /biz/ is peak comfy

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It really is. Eventually we'll go full crab though once we find the bottom.

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I for one, am a fan of you pic related. You're one of the few people who really "gets" it. Anything new with you?

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Checked my good sir. May you have long days and pleasant nights

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There are ways to "get it" that are less obtuse. You do not look at a beautiful painting and do math to determine it is beautiful.

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It cant go to $0, no need to really panic. I mean btc can't. I'd be worried for alts.

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thank you for the kind words, and nothing really new
went to some birthday parties for the weekend so it's been a nice lazy Sunday with the waifu

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I'm already fucked so there's no way I'll ever sell at this point. I'll just let it ride to zero and consider it money gone forever

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>May you have long days and pleasant nights
right back at you

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>I'll just let it ride to zero and consider it money gone forever
>I'd be worried for alts.
pic related

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I think you mean shizo(s)

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Thanks for all the fish

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Unironically based

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>imagine being all in /biz/ and not /fit/

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