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You'd do the same if you can.

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This is very wrong, but mostly for the coomers, not for the girl.

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True. I wish I was a girl so I could sell my sweaty socks to guys who worship me. No homo.

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3D ahegao is always looks retarded and forced. 3D is for eye-roll and ahegao is for 2D.

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you faggots act like any highschool girl can pose in front of a camera like a slut and become an instant millionaire in a month

the image you posted is like the top 1% of e thots that made it; hence why you saved her photo. the reality is, there are thousands of girls just lile her online who do the same shit, and none of them make it.
e thottery is 100% luck. Sure you can make 50 k a year if you do chaturbate for like 10 hours a day. But even that market is getting over satured.

you unironically have more of a chance making it in crypto, than being an e thot, even if youre 10/10

i say this as someone whose donated to literal 10/10 patreons. its a tough grind for them. The girl in OP was just very very lucky its unreal.

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The girl in OP was lucky because she was the first to market in capturing a certain aesthetic that appeals to zoomers.

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its really that easy.
you dont seem to realise how many camwhores and ethots are out there that make their primary income of plainly selling images and interaction.
its the oldest profession for a reason, its really that simple.

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what the fuck is it with the crossed eyes and tongue out? since when is this supposed to be hot?

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Thing is that being a camwhore can just be a lucrative side gig if you're a woman. In addition to "making it" in your normal career or starting a business, you can take lewds now. There's a lot less stigma over that kind of thing unless you work in specific sectors of the economy.

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you think she was the first at anything? LMAOOOOOOO
Next youll tell me tarantino films were 100% his idea and not stolen from anyone else.

Luck pill is hard to swallow for some people.

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>its a tough grind for them.

It's a tough grind for almost ANYONE to succeed. I hope you're not implying I should pity or sympathize with them.

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Do you even realize how many camwhores on chaturbate make over 20 k a year? compare that to all the girls in your highschool class.

>its really that easy
again, gou only look at the top 1%. ive seen 10/10 with less than 10 k followers and less than a 100 patreons whove been at it for a year.

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>i say this as someone whose donated to literal 10/10 patreons.

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To give reference for how hard it is to make it, even as a literal whore on chaturbate, ill tell you a personal story.

i made a camwhore friend on discord. She was professional. She made 30 k a year before taxes. And lets assume a camwhore can only do camming for 10 years at most.

thats 300 k in her lifetime.
And every single person will know shes a whore. She probably has gotten doxxed. Her parents most likely disowned her. etc.

Even 500 k is peanutas compared to an actual succesful business man

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There's quite a lot wrong with it. It's not conducive for a healthy society. I'm sure plenty of men would be raping women if they could yet away with it, that doesn't mean we should be doing it

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>i say this as someone whose donated to literal 10/10 patreons
>it's a tough grind

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Failed Ethot roastie detected.
The reason you didn't make it is you are fat and ugly. You have to at least have a pretty face if you are fat and you gotta have a great body if you have an ugly face. You have neither and that's why you failed. Literally any girl that is at least 6/10 can be a successful cam whore.

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>i say this as someone whose donated to literal 10/10 patreons. its a tough grind for them

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>succesful business man
do you expect them to be succesful business man?

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Any woman can be a man nowadays. Quit being bigoted you neckbeard shitlord.

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not a girl. i know quite a few e thots tho.

you talk real shit. But i bet you cant even show the link to a 100 girls twitters where they make over 10 k on patreon. I bet you couldnt even show 1000 chaturbate girls who make over 20 k.

1000 is the average number of girls in an american highschool.

yet, you fags act like girls can become an instant millionaire overnight flashing their butthole on cam

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I'm not sure what to think about this post

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Why do you keep changing your ip? But yeah your right I cant give any links to any ethots period because I dont give a shit about dumb whores and I sure as fuck dont follow them around social media like some beta faggot.

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Camgirls are an extremely saturated market. It is far more profitable to sell actual sex. Full-time escorts can earn six digits a year, they can easily become millionaires if they work enough and don't spend all of it immediately. And that's just average, if they are blessed a top tier body and charisma, the potential is even greater.

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>no one can name 1000 ethots!!!
Appeal to ignorance

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its phone ip nimrod.
>inb4 phone poster

>yeah, because i dont follow them around like beta
my point taken. You have what i call "hollywood syndrome". theres probably thousands of actors in the world who make a million a year. Yet, thoae actors were 1 out of 10,000 who werent rejected.

But because there are 1000s of actors who make over a million, you assume all people who go into acting become an overnight millionaire.

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>6 figs a year
even that is really lucky.

you peope have to realize, the absokute prime of a girl is 18 to 21. After that, youre asset will only deprcieate more and more. You have a 15% of making a million at 18 and a 1% chance at 25

of course there are the very elite 25 year old escorts. but they have connections.

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> 3 different id's
You have 3 phones your samefagging with?

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>being an ethot is like being an actor!!!!
False equivalence

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People are so fucking retarded when it comes to e-thots.
No, it's not that easy. You need to have good looks (which most women don't have) and you need to show a certain personality and have makeup/dressing skills.
And you need to live with the reputation of a whore for the rest of your life.
It's only worth it for a very small % of women.

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6 figures a year is not lucky if they are dedicated, it is as said average. To put into perspective, that's less than one hour a day on average, at a rate of $300. And that's not only for girls 18-21, there are escorts aged 30+ that have no problems at all attracting customers, it is not hard if they take basic care of their bodies and use the social skills and regular customers they have amassed during their career.

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All you people attacking e thots should go afer the real piece of shit (pic)

you faggots act like girls dont deaerve any money because they flash their asses in feont of a camera.
there are like tens of thousands of niggers who make OVER A MILLION for years doing nothing but throwing balls. Sport atheletes were born with their talent most of the time. These are the people taking your women and get payed to do nothing but throw a ball.

Yet. e thottery is the real evil? why are ethots evil but not niggers in foot ball. There are over 1000 players in the nfl that make over a million, and you guys see no problem with that?

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i frequent brothels, and only 1% of women were pass 30.
Only 1% of 30 year olda have business

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And yet tons of them do it for free and wear the badge of a whore with honor.

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Have you ever seen a strong jawline amongst the men in any of those rallies? Says a lot...

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At least pro athletes work their entire lives to hone their skills. Yes those skills are worthless for anything but boomer entertainment, but you cant seriously say that they didnt do anything to get where they are.

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That's because brothels are not the place for experienced escorts. They are independent, because they have realized that there is no reason to relinquish half their income to what is basically a pimp. I frequent escort ads and communities and there are no shortage of ads for 30+ ones who still look great and have a lot of frequent reviews. Besides, for many of the would-be 30+ escorts they don't even advertise as they made more than enough money during their 20s to retire anyway, so they just take appointments from regulars and word of mouth when they feel like it.

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The faggots who attend slut walk rallies are the same beta whiteknight fags like >>16360809 who think maybe one will touch his peepee if he is extra nice.

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weeaboos love it

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And by the way, that's only the ones that are honest about their age. I would bet a lot of the "25yo" escorts you see around is actually 30.

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Is there a hires version of that image? I need it for....research.

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This. The girl in the OP is such a crazy outlier as well, she's way more talented than people give her credit for, even if you dislike her "profession", she is still one of the absolute best at it. In terms of image, marketing, communication/story telling and sex appeal.

She's without a doubt a multi-millionaire now and it only took about a year of concentrated e-thotting. She's already retired and never once did she show her pussy on camera.

It's pretty fucking insane she managed to pull that off with such a generic look.

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These rallies are useful for identifying retards to be avoided.

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I own a house 890,000,000,000,000,000 light years across. 500 trillion tonnes of cocaine.500 trillion tonnes of China white heroin. A private city with Westworld robot inhabitants. A 1km high solid gold statue. Warehouses filled with diamonds and gold. I will have everything forever.

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who gives a fuck about skill? Its a nigger throwing a ball. Millions of guys spend THOUSANDS just to see niggers throw a ball. Yet. You give guys shit for paying to see cute girls do cute things?

Guys who pay to see niggers throw balls = good
Guys who pay to see girls do cute things bad = bad

i like how you project these insecurities on me because i donated to a girls patreon once. yes, i gave a $100 to a poor asian girl froma third world countrym she was trying her hardest to be a little belle delphine and didnt have much followers. Sorry i have a heart.

btw, i dont even use chaturbate or pornhub lice. I use brothels in japan. Thats what i use most.
oh, btw, i have a girlfriend too lol

you probably dont believe me, but thats because all you e thot faggots are insecure mysogynistic faggots.

you guys have no problems with basketball players making millioms a year for being born tall. But god forbid a cute girl gets payed to make fap material. Oh no!

its perfectly fine that athletic men who steal chicks from other guys make millions. but god forbid a girl makes money.

fuck you incels. youre stupid, retarded and you wont refute anything i say

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I stand around doing nothing and make around 50k a year

I fuck my weeaboo chubby gf when I get home

My life is better. I am literally winning at life

Women don't even fuck or enjoy anything. They just get fucked lmao

And need attention and validation because they will NEVER conquer anyone like a guy can :^)

Being born a woman is to be born a subhuman

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Lotta weird manlet/asian cope and hostility detected in this one. If you're seriously trying to equate the pursuit of athletic excellence with shoving a dildo in your pussy on camera for a living then you have issues.

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I'm a pretty chill guy but I really want to cave this bitches head in with a rock. Precisely because of this stupid fucking expression.

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What a pathetic faggot you are. I bet you don't have an athletic fiber in your being. You have no clue what it takes to be a professional athlete, which is why you're so ignorant.

The amount of grueling hard work and dedication it takes day in day out to compete at the highest level of any professional sport is something your peanut sized brain will never be able to comprehend.

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so, you guys admit you like watching sweaty muscular men throw balls over actual cute girls? Why should STRAIGHT MEN give money to guys, guys who openly fuck your girls, over actual women?

all you incels are the same. You always blame roastiea and e thots. yet none of you guys go after sports chads or frat broa EVEN THOUGH THEYRE THE ONEA WHO TAKE YOUR WOMEN AND GET PAYED TO DO IT

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also, no. i dont think being a professiknal athelete is anymore harder than having a 4.0 gpa at college. Yet, one gets payed millions, the other gets a 60 k starting job at most.

you incels are fucking cucks. And if you enjoy sports, you have no excuse to hate e thots

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You've got some major issues.

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based. Watching sports is the height of tedium and plebeian mediocrity.

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surem go proceed to pay atheltes millions to steal women from you because they can throw balls across a court.
im so sick of the e thot hate. Guys who openly hate e thots and prostitutea are fucking morons

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>as someone who “donated”

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I want to brutally rape her throat and cum down it

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Blame the enablers.

Indian men in particular. They're not even human.

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When I was a young teen and thought feminism, I believed it's cute girls who would save themselves for marriage and become scientists. Now that I am in my 20s, I learned that it's mass-thottery, prostitution and roasties, whereas being a hole is displayed as the epitome of empowerment. At least I still have my anime waifus...

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bro they aren't going to have sex with you because you defended their honor on 4channel

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prostitutes actually let men have sex. What do sports atheltes do for men beaides steal women?
yet, you want to take away e thottery for more sports?

do you fags even realize the benefits of e thots and prostitution? it means less women go to college. The less women that go to college and get real jobs means MORE JOBS FOR MEN. the men get the jobs and pay the e thots. And more e thots means less rich men stealing girls. More prostitutea meana its easier for men to have sex.

and you think this is a bad thing?

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Dilate you transitioning coombrain faggot

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i already have a girlfriend faggot.
also, im defendending e thots AND prostitutes. and, if a hooker doesnt fuck you, thats not a hooker lol.

tell me this
why do you watch sports? why do you not hate men especially frat bros? theyre the ones who STEAL WOMEN from you. Of we give more women more power, that meana less pwoerful men

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Stop watching porn it's literally decaying your mind

Both e thots prostitute's and most sport are cancer

I watch mma and combat sports because I like to stay motivated, I've practiced them and competed, and also it's fun to pick a side and see who's victorious

E thots and porn on the other hand are just pure degeneracy and will rot your mind to the core. When one of the fundamental elements of your being (sex) is stimulated by women you have to pay to touch your pee pee in revulsion, or worse, send nudes online, it's ogre for you

Yes, sports has a lot of men in it, however watching the flow of match can be relaxing. It's a game and just like vidya which I guarantee you play, it's competitive and exciting.

Stop being scared of negroids and go and lift weights and fuck girls IRL. Have a ltr with a 10/10

Anything else is incel cope

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they aren't stealing what isn't mine you retard
another ethot is one more unwifeable woman

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I don't think "every body" knows a girl is/has been a camwhore. And i'd preferably prefer a girl that fingered herself on chaturbate than a girl that fucked 20+ men in her life (assuming such a camwhore has a normal life)

>> No.16361557

Islam is right about women.

>> No.16361559

This is a good point, if they're staying indoors not making much money they probably don't go out a ton.

>> No.16361569

>I paid a woman 100 dollars for nothing

You are dumb as Fuck, pal.

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$100 is pocket change to me poor fag.

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If a girl does it all by herself, whatever.
In the vast majority of cases, these women are exploited, though. No guy who considers a girl more than an object would use her to make money online, degenerate her and ruin her life. But it is almost always the case with young e-thots. Those guys should be removed from society, they're much worse than Epstein.

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Name one girl who made lots of money by completely whoring herself out online, then ended up living a decent life. There's none. These women commit suicide / get murdered / become irrelevant drug addicts by 30.

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>>16360756 (OP)
Name one girl who made lots of money by completely whoring herself out online, then ended up living a decent life. There's none. These women commit suicide / get murdered / become irrelevant drug addicts in their 30s.

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Name one girl who made lots of money by completely whoring herself out online from a young age, then ended up living a decent life. There's none. These women commit suicide / get murdered / become irrelevant drug addicts in their 30s.

>> No.16361710

richfags don't talk like this

>> No.16361765

this thread is full of bluepills
here's the redpill
women care about their reputation
high quality girls sell sex online (pics, cam). only you'll never find a trace of them on public websites
there's a huge underground market of beta males in their 20s to 40s making good money who'd rather have an online arrangement with a 9/10 than fuck a 7/10

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Indian men don't donate to e-thots and they leave rude comments. They're based and redpilled

>> No.16361922

This is true except for the 10/10 part. There are 8/10 girls on twitch that just talk to the camera and get HEAPS of donations. Cam girls that are under an 8 don't make tons of money but the hotter ones usually do alright.

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>tfw all a woman needs to do to be rich is squats

>> No.16361968

18-19 year old girls make my nose bleed. It's the way they pose and dress that turns me on. WTF is happening to me? I'm 32 so I'm on my way to being a seedy old man. I see how it works now.

>> No.16362039

Nobody spends thousands on baseball. Theirs just a shit ton more people watching baseball and then going home to fuck their girls then there are beta fags like you spending thousands on some whore. Why not just watch a YouTube video. Its free with ad block. You won't though becuase your a delusional beta homo.
>i have a heart
If you had a heart you'd give a hundred bucks to a poor Asian man trying to feed a family of 3 not some whore who could easily get married to a working man and live semi retirement for her entire life

>> No.16362071

10/10 girls don’t need to work like that, they marry millionaires.

>> No.16362149

Just remember that its all a play and illusion and you'll stop liking it. They didn't choose to wear those clothes because they like them. They only act cute in front of cameras. Think of them as advertisements. You might want to buy a big mac after watching a commercial but just remember its been specifically designed and tailored to get you to spend money. Its fake. Big macs aren't juicy medium rare burgers. E thots aren't real life anime girls. Once the cameras off they throw on some jeans, take a fat shit and laugh as they dig into their juicy steak becuase its been paid for by some retard who fell for their act.

>> No.16362157

there's a very simple business concept called "supply and demand." there is demand for these women. people pay money for them. they are earning precisely what they should. there is no "deserving" in a free market, only earning what is given to you.

any discussion beyond this point is retarded and belongs on /pol/

>> No.16362158

R*ddit is down the hall and to the left

>> No.16362172

She wasn't lucky, she genuinely had a sense of humor that normies don't have which made her go viral

>> No.16362185

What are you quoting me for jackass? I have nothing against cam models or escorts.

My only issue is with this idiot's almost unhealthy obsession with athletes and professional sportspeople and how ignorant he is with regards to how difficult of a career it is.

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unfortunately they don't realize that they should be using their body to find themselves a husband, not to make money

for 100s of thousands of years people lived without currency. sure maybe money existed but it was not something most people used. obtaining money is not something that will make women feel good later in life.

>> No.16362207

I'll just leave this here


>> No.16362229

All i said was baseball players make more money for this very reason.

Also fuck off with your kenyisian bullshit. I can't believe you plebbitors are still ass mad about /pol/ that you accuse everyone you don't like a /pol/ack when the reality is 4chan has always been slightly or extremely right wing.

E thots make money but that doesn't mean the people giving them money aren't retarded betas that deserve to be made fun of. Also there is literally nothing wrong with saying people don't deserve money.

Just because child porn creators and drug dealers make money doesn't mean its ethical or they should.

>> No.16362259

Yeah, it's pretty obvious this stuff annoys people just because it reminds them that they don't have an excuse for failure. If some 18 year old girl can do it from her room, your back hurting /suboptimal setup/not enough capital/etc. doesn't sound so great.

This. Strippers laugh at you and tell all their friends about you. E-thots do the same about their fans. They also tend to be disgusting and immature, the kind of people to fart on you and laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world. Makes for some good brap meme replies I guess.

I've dated one, and her friends and cosplay partners were pretty similar. You don't want this, trust me. It's a super bipolar experience, where you feel on top of the world when she's paying attention to you and like utter garbage when she's not.

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Obviously not. But who do you think is taking her pictures? The Uber successful but e-thots always have a man behind the scene telling them what to do. Prove me wrong

>> No.16362274

Can confirm, have been the guy.

>> No.16362276


>> No.16362315

this is not true lmfao back in 2004 4chan was vehemently anti-Bush
there are hundreds of blogs that track the transformation of 4chan's culture way better than i could evidence in a simple reply
it's monstrously apparent that a bunch of smart, capable young men grew old, fuckless and bitter
what the fuck even

>> No.16362330

I bet you think we should flood our countries with immigrants too? Fuck off libertarian retard

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based means justify ends lolbertarian

>> No.16362379

>You'd do the same if you can.
I literally wouldn't. My dignity doesn't even allow me to sell myself by wageslaving for some other male like a submissive beta. It's either making it through crypto or a form of self-employment, or not making it at all.

>> No.16362411

The maginificent 7 was a masterpiece and when the black guy was the only survivor that’s when I started clapping.
You don’t know shit about Tarantino and his vision.
It’s literally never been done before

>> No.16362435
File: 194 KB, 1337x1337, delphine_wojak_v2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My handler told me to jar my bath water, and they sold out instantly. Next I will shit in Tupperware and you betas will buy!

>> No.16362436

keep coping incel

>> No.16362444

women are after RESOURCES, not partners
before currency the most productive way to get resources for a woman was to find a man that will extract those resources. nowadays it's easier for women to outperform male resource extraction which is why they do that instead of finding a man.

>> No.16362456
File: 216 KB, 250x142, 871278.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he mentions there are like 2 million girls signed up for sugar babies. us population: 327 million. say 50% women. 2 mill are a bit over 1% of the women in US.

guess 2 mill might not have been just for US tho, but imagine how "competitive" this market will be in a couple of years.

and women that do these things will not just compete with women her own age, there will be constantly coming younger and younger women doing these things and guys simply just want younger women. and many guys don't want to stick with the same woman.

jiggling for money online is a trap for women, once the money starts drying up their body won't be able to reliably net them a husband. especially if they are really starting to get up there in age (30 yo)

>> No.16362465

And just as a follow-up to this: If you ever get sad about a girl like that, just imagine what trying to be with her would be like. She's sitting there laughing at dog pics on her phone trying to show them to you, okay, now how are you acting? Realistically you're not throwing your arm around her and throwing your head back at the funny dog pic. You're a 4channer. You turn to her and go "alright" or maybe force a chuckle at the really mundane dog pic and go back to what you were doing. Play this out 100x like you would in a relationship.

Almost nobody on 4chan is "ready" to date one of these people, even if that's what they wanted. You'd have a lot of changing to do.

>> No.16362550

This is massive cope. Everything you said is completely wrong. Any random woman, especially if she's 18 or close to it, can make her monthly needs streaming so long as she isn't fat. If she's remotely attractive (read: 5/10) or can fill a niche (read: filling her niches with massive dildos or having cute feet), she's going to make it even further.

This system works for them because men like you are too fucking braindead to not pay them to show you their body. Because men around the world have plenty of money and a relatively low IQ when it comes to naked young women, the ethot is a relatively easy life-style.

You don't even have to show anything. I've got a college friend who makes a couple grand a month streaming herself cleaning her apartment while doing cosplay. That's how fucking dumb men are about young women.

>> No.16362557

>its the woman's fault men drop to subhuman IQ when they see a naked ankle
Sure, bud, sure.

>> No.16362566

actually they are after a man to stay with them after having sex.
resources can't protecc or hug you in the middle of the night.

>> No.16362607

never thought about what he says after 22:47, women with debt that suddenly want a family are even more so unmarriageable for the guy without even taking into account her age and fertility

>> No.16362653

but resources buy house with roof and walls and locks, and the state is there to protecc

>> No.16362683

>She's sitting there laughing at dog pics on her phone trying to show them to you, okay, now how are you acting? Realistically you're not throwing your arm around her and throwing your head back at the funny dog pic. You're a 4channer. You turn to her and go "alright" or maybe force a chuckle at the really mundane dog pic and go back to what you were doing. Play this out 100x like you would in a relationship.

Man this is so true. When I first started going out and trying to date younger females in the range of 19-23, all of them kept doing this shit where they pull up a facebook meme and show it to me laughing, thinking it'd make me laugh in the same way, kinda like a test of whether I'm some antisocial weirdo who'd not laugh at cute cats (which ironically I was and still am all thanks to this place). Every single time this happened along with other reflexive normie behavior I'd cringe internally and ask myself what the fuck happened to my values and self respect to willingly subject myself to this, and my dick would retreat right into my guts. If you've spent more than 5 years on this site, or even worse - a fucking decade, it's already over for you and you're simply not a part of the socially-normal people anymore. No matter what you do the group behavior of this website will keep running you and the latent misanthropy will keep slapping you back to the reality that you've built so far through 4chan by reading posts like this, and absolutely no amount of forcing yourself to be normal or positive or "high vibration" or whatever else bullshit will actually work.

>> No.16362719
File: 17 KB, 292x424, F523C59D-2232-4C9D-BC92-70E11D011CEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>won't be able to reliably net them a husband

No sane man is going to want to marry anymore. Now, I’m alright with a long term gf. But there is no benefit to me as a man to getting married. Marriage only gives power to the women.

>> No.16362725
File: 861 KB, 400x300, key.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

500 thousand years of evolution doesn't care about any of that

>> No.16362735

Yeah who knew being a feckless, quiet, "aw what a nice" boy in public and then twisting your spine in private until you were hunchbacked with a shoulder popped, ranting at nerds online and call people "fags" and "niggers" for having opinions opposite yours would cause some kind of long-term damage to your psychological health?

(In the same boat, friend. You should see someone, I'm trying to start.)

>> No.16362752

the only thing marriage is good for these days are to simplify legal stuff when you die, so your partner own the house and not your children (which can then kick out their mother if they really want to sell the house). might not be the same deal the world over of course.

>> No.16362769

It's not wrong for her to do it, it's just pathetic for those who pay into it.

>> No.16362770

any woman willing to be a "long term gf" is a braindead moron.

>> No.16362785

Before 25 this is absolutely true
she's either naive, dumb, or you're a platform for her to achieve something else
in the first case, she'll wise up and leave. in the second, she'll fall for a psycho's charm eventually, in the third you just need to make sure the gain is mutual

>> No.16362798

also for my niggas still servin time under age 25
if you date down, and the girl still leaves you, it wasn't your fault - it's just the market. keep that close your hearts homies, i promise you its true.

>> No.16362806
File: 308 KB, 510x1146, its fine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you've been on 4chan 12 years

>> No.16362828

Most adults don't just mindlessly laugh at cat pics, it has nothing to do with this website.

>> No.16362860

>And just as a follow-up to this: If you ever get sad about a girl like that, just imagine what trying to be with her would be like. She's sitting there laughing at dog pics on her phone trying to show them to you, okay, now how are you acting? Realistically you're not throwing your arm around her and throwing your head back at the funny dog pic. You're a 4channer. You turn to her and go "alright" or maybe force a chuckle at the really mundane dog pic and go back to what you were doing. Play this out 100x like you would in a relationship.

yeah thats me and my gf lmao

>> No.16362862

The most concerning thing is how much of a demand there is for e-thot girls when there is plenty of porn out there.

How lonely and depraved are men nowadays?? Instead of women actually giving men a chance they chose to capitalize on the pathetic state of a lot of men. Then they wonder why they are murdered and beat on the streets.

>> No.16362871
File: 7 KB, 236x199, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats true but also bullshit

ive cut out gaming, nofap, and when i leave this place for a few days i feel much more positive and i interact with normies better

>> No.16362900

also every guy fakes being nice to girls and interested in bullshit to get laid/ get ahead of others

its called life dipshit.. youre not that special because youve been vegetating on this website

>> No.16362947

Trying to desperately become normie after 4chan PTSD is actually what Mein Kampf is about.

>> No.16363022

And any woman willing to force you into a marriage contract is too dominate and not submissive enough.

>> No.16363037
File: 42 KB, 334x506, bsate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's nothing wrong with a young girl (7-12) dating a much older man (28, my age coincidentally).

>> No.16363044

Kek what a faggot
Just kidding you’re right I need help

>> No.16363068

>wtf even
No its always been right wing despite le internet historians cherry picked revisionism. In five years they'll saying 4chan was left wing using tranny shill posts as evidence. The first adopters of the internet after professors was rural people.
You weren't even here and you pretend as though you know because you saw some faggot YouTube video. You have ruined this website

>> No.16363078

>there is no deserving in a free market
mindbogglingly stupid statement

>> No.16363095


>> No.16363100

I forgot to mention she probably complains to her boyfriend about how creepy and disgusting donaters are

>> No.16363157

>nobody spends thousands on baseball
>has never been to a game
those 30,000 seat stadiums don't fill themselves

>> No.16363193

i'm literally from rural wisconsin, suck a dick

the only type of person that actually visits this website regularly and doesn't need help is a psychopath. i'd unironically be more wary of a normie i met here than anyone else.

yeah it can be comfy if you have that kind of Lucy & Ricky vibe, but in my experience that doesn't last. relationships built on mutual wavelengths seem the most secure.

>> No.16363208

Yes it would be foolish of them not to capitalize on their young bodies. Young women have always capitalized on their beauty. Thing is, they used to be a lot smarter about it. (Mostly because they used to listen to older women for wisdom) If they would lock down a decent man instead of cam-whoring they could be set for life, which is smart because they don't stay pretty very long. I'm sure it's all fun and games for maybe the decade they can swing it. After that they have no real skills, and fast fading attractiveness and fertility that will no long draw a top tier man interested in starting a family.

TL;DR It's not that capitalization that is wrong. It's the idiocy of taking short term gains over long term.

>> No.16363232

Kill yourself faggot. Women go to college and send you their ass pics at the same time idiot.

>> No.16363368
File: 800 KB, 622x653, 1557946445314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're here forever and you may not get off the ride

>> No.16363397
File: 487 KB, 340x350, 1574272703206.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boomer here, what's with that weird cross-eyed, tounge out pose? It doesn't look sexy, just retarded.

>> No.16363430

>It doesn't look sexy, just retarded
Porn addicts who destroyed their brains with cooming

>> No.16363456

I always suspected that boomers didn't jerk loads into their wives/gfs mouths as much as later generations.

>> No.16364275

She succeeded so much because she is by far the best at what she does. She is a marketing genius and is incredibly skilled at interacting with fans, entertaining them and endearing herself to them.

If you don't think she's a very shrewd businesswomen you're just as dumb as the people who think Trump just lucked his way into being a billionaire and President.

>> No.16364285

>You'd do the same if you can
Literally ANYBODY could do this, but not all do

>> No.16364336

I think the miscommunication here is about the level of dedication that goes into developing that kind of a skill, which in my experience is mostly about temperament as opposed to skill.

I think you're right to say she's shrewd, clever, and very tuned into her audience. I think this is a rare psychological trait distribution, which is as much if not more nature as it is nurture.

It does seem fair to say that celebrities of all kinds have gotten off kind of easy because their MO for maintaining lifestyle is inherent to who they are and a fair amount of luck in aligning their style with the culture of the community, as opposed to learning to be a tradesman or getting a STEM degree.

>> No.16364361

Yeah, also this. It might sound theoretically fun, especially if you're not prone to shame, but in reality after about 3 minutes of bouncing in a bath tub most people are going to start asking themselves what they're doing.

By the time the 6th day of filming rolls around, you won't be angry, disgusted, tired, or anything like that, you'll just be like "even with the money... why?"

>> No.16364370

She would be perfect with a tiny penis

>> No.16364394

Pay your taxes or thotaudit will get you.

>> No.16364434

Sauce me

>> No.16364442

>the most active thread on biz is an argument about girls

>> No.16364897

>You'd do the same if you can.
well, why aren't YOU lending your ass allready?

>> No.16365072


>> No.16365125
File: 456 KB, 676x626, cd2424f1ad64614b9e8aca4d1c162a8a9f9cce88ac3f889888a7affbbe01871b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's no way someone has whites of eyes so WHITE, NO WAY JOSE, no fucking way. I refuse to believe this. She must be painting her eyes, how can eys so white even exist?
I have constant bloodshot eyeballs like I'd just smoked an onion through my ass fo rthe past 17 years. Last time I remember seeing a majorily white eyeball in the mirror was in primary school. How can anyone living in society nowadays and seeing all the bullshit going around them have eyes that whie!? What the FUCK

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