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I know I am on dangerous waters, but let me just say this: it won't be dumping ever again by this time tomorrow.

Be prepared for something gargantuan.

The team knows all about you and your dedicated belief in what we're doing so we've put a little easter egg into tomorrow's announcement.

Keep your eyes on Instagram boys. Yes, you heard that right: Instagram. It'll all make sense the second you see it. And twitter too for some high energy.

God christ you kids are in for one hell of a damn ride and I wish I could be sitting next to you when engine kicks in.

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We believe Mumm!

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shutup faggot

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>rip mum ID

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You and other liars are on dangerous grounds atm

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insider here
roll quads and i will reveal the biggest history in makind

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actually hope this is true so i can keep spamming google and swift about chainlink's affiliation with an antisemitic nazi website. thanks for the breadcrumbs bro

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Stop spamming with this nonsense hopium. Try to do something productive in your life, or at least go have sex.

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hahaha so funny meme dude high five! remember to post it again tomorrow!

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lmao tranny just give up

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sergey?? is that really you?

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>that id
Thanks, just sold 100k.

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My body is ready

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It's literally so tiresome I just burst out in manic Joker-like laughter every time I see these threads

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im wet already