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how y'all'all holding up?

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If bitcoin's market cap keeps growing it will all have been worth it. Have the cash to neet for another couple years

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I think depression rots your brainl. I have no interests, no hobbies and no desire to do anything but browse 4chan and masturbate. If bitcoin doesn't make it I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do

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my life is a nightmare

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I know my therapist told me to try and look on the bright side and appreciate the little moments... But fuck me I can't afford him anymore and he doesn't know what it's like to feel trapped.
There's no fucking future for me except as a fucking future cartel murder victim, and the only escape I have is this night are rectangle where I can watch society collapse in real time and the worst part is that everyone around me seems ignorant of it all, so I can't even commiserate. Even if LINK moons, I won't have nearly enough for a make-it stack so I'll still be stuck in this shitty town working shitty jobs, just less shitty hours.
I want to go off SSRIs because every time I miss a dose I feel like death itself and I want to do psychedelics again, but I probably can't because SSRIs are often the only thing that keep me from swerving my car into a 15 car pileup.

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24yo friendless touchless virgin reporting in

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only had about 5 drinks in the past 5 months, productive gym sessions 6 days a week, sitting on vastly in profit LINK and BTC positions, other aspects of my life are in the gutter but at least i have these few things going for me

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i went and saw a hooker. It wasnt worth it just like my life

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Finished my 4th beer and I'm working towards a 6 pack tonight. Also waking up at 5 tomorrow to work early because we're understaffed. Fun times

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masterbation is fueling the depression. qwuit the shit

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That's stupid.

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Had to move back to my mom’s. 2nd time since 2018 because I keep getting robbed by opiate users $10-$20k. My fault though, shouldn’t have stopped working

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Roll motherfuckers. Get after it.

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chkd n rollin

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I have to either get serious about finishing a novel or pack it in. I'm almost thirty and I can't be that guy who's "working on a novel" forever. It's fine in your 20's to be a starving artist, but it's pathetic in your 30's. So time to nut up I guess.

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Pic related is you

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There's no evidence that masturbation makes you depressed. Now kindly fuck off back to plebbit

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Rerool, my room is already clean

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>Imagine turning down the advice of others who want to help
At the end of the day, the problem is always you. Enjoy your severe depression and wasted life.

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i feel sad that i cannot correspond my loved ones with any energy or kindness
im just empty inside and slowly losing it. I have recently turned to CBD oil and started reading pic related. I just hope i don't slip up and kill myself one of these days. My family doesn't deserve such pain.

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The advice is garbage. You don't get points for participation.

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Every time you nut, you get a dopamine hit. Much like when a smoker lights one or a junkie gets a fix of dope. Reframe it this way and fix yourself. Christ.

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I tried. Oh well.

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Checked n rolling

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kys retard.

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Find the things that you like to do (there has to be things you like to do) and do them. Channel your energy into production and industriousness. You sound like me when I was in my late teens and early 20's. Forced me to take time off of college a few times. It does get better. You're being forged in the fire right now. Keep swimming. Keep pushing.

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Why don't u at least give it a try go to the gym everyday and stop masturbating daily you'll feel alot better

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You gonna run down the list of vacuous normalfag platitudes?

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Do you work out? Working out will help with the depression and help you come off of the SSRI's eventually. Don't look for motivation or "feeling like it". Discipline makes up for what motivation lacks. Look into meditation as well. It helped me face my demons.

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Lol ok keep living a miserable life because going to the gym makes you a normie hahaha

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My life is a never ending cycle of waging, cleaning dishes, and having diarrhea

My one creature comfort is an hour of vidya and that hour has been wasted downloading updates

I'm just pissed rn OP

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Some people do and some people don't, anon. Simple as. You can lead a horse to water... yadah yadah.

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checked, rolling

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You're consuming and producing nothing mate. This is how everyone who's a consumer and doesn't actually create anything ends up.

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I'll add to this by saying that you should find a hobby where you build things (think woodworking, painting miniatures, whatever, etc). You'll be able to kill two birds with one stone since you can then sell your creations for cash on the side.

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One day your IQ will be high enough to understand why you need to back up your assertions with evidence

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Shut the fuck up coomer

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One day you'll realize that, in the real world, no one gives a shit as long as something works. You sound like you're fucking 16.

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> ~140 days till my 30th birthday
I no longer feel anything, I'm only thinking about the past and how thing could have turned differently
I'm about 80% ready for the offing day still have to give / throw away stuffs, only worry still is to fail an hero
wish I wasn't a eurocuck i so I could just use gun tho

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>No one in the real world cares about evidence
This is true, but not a great argument

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Sometimes it's okay to be "different" man. It actually sounds like care a lot (probably too much to your own detriment at times). Stop being so hard on yourself. Don't use the CBD oil to escape or numb the pain. Face it.

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tolerable. getting frustrated with my search for dirty cheap tokens since nothing really falls under the price range I want. All good gives me a ton of reading to do. Just kinda meh and lacking money atm to throw cash into since I already invested til my next cash flow comes in.

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>6 days a week

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>chink coin

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>another retarded buttcoin maximalist
Your chink manipulated garbage isn't going anywhere dumbass time to neck yourself.

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Keep on cooming

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Cope harder addict, denial is a part of the process. Understand we're trying to help you unironically.

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As some eccentric anon once said: Project your life 10 years into the future. Picture yourself where you are now (same shitty circumstances) and where you would like to have been. He then said to come back into the present and align yourself with the path/trajectory that would take you to your ideal place. This means taking action and doing the things that you would need to do to get there. Man the fuck up and act. Drop your shitty habits and thoughts. Your reality is merely a projection of your thoughts.

"I will either find a way or make one" -- Hannibal Barca

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>The advice is garbage. You don't get points for participation.

Whew lad, this is your brain on coom.

That's the thing you eventually learn when you see all these depressed freaks on 4chan: the majority of them bring it upon themselves and abuse anybody that tries to help them. They think they know it all already and wallow in their self pity.

True based anons are humble, they rise above the losers and the pitiful anons and heed the advice of those that have gone through all this shit before them. Coomer depressed sad sacks won't make it, and don't deserve our pity.

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29 is the worst, anon. I fucking hated 29. 30 is fine. The urge to kys isn't going to get much better though unfortunately.

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checked and rolled

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ok normgroid

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delete this image immediately.

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>dudebro neuroscience
I'm all in for no fap, but if you actually believe the garbage you wrote there you should fucking kill yourself you brainlet fuck

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I got a C on my exam, which is threatening my A streak after I vowed to take school seriously last year. Still blue about it. I fucking hate the asshole who got a hundred on it. I never even see him pay attention in class. I feel like his parents teach the subject or something. Also he's a fat weeb. Literally.

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It was hyperbole to make a fucking point. Did I set you off, coomer?

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> if LINK moons
LINK already mooned you idiot.

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That guys likely a baiting troll faggot but whatever you say is true. Majority of the people here dont want to help themselves and wallow in self pity. I used to be a chronic coomer and this fucked my life so much til I got a hold of myself this year. Stop that shit guys.

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He’s right tho. I followed any and all advice I got no matter how “normie” it sounded and it didn’t really fix the issue.
NoFap was pretty easy for me too and while it helped with sleep the depression and general sadness has never left.

At the end of the day most people are depressed not because they don’t have meaning or a purpose, but because they are forced by external influences to care about shit they have no interest in just to survive. Even NEETs getting neetbux realize they will soon have to earn money and provide for themselves.
It’s the reason I went through a difficult major in college and work a demanding job.
In reality there’s no way to fix this other than winning the lottery (both literally and/or figuratively) so you’re stuck in a perpetual cycle of living to amass and grow wealth and resources until you no longer have to work, but by that time you’ve browbeaten yourself into such a stupor that it’s difficult to say whether or not it was worth it.

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that's great man but reality isn't just what one wish it to be
you have basically no control over it, you just try to steer the boat to avoids the rocks, I'm tried of trying

10 years ago I was already contemplating becoming a hero but I "man up" and tried, I really did but I all went to shit, I have gained nothing in the last 10 years and would have missed nothing offing myself back then
in the end it was all for nothing, and I no longer have the strengthen to keep going

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Gonna finish college at 25; am 22 soon.
After that if i have link money i will try to become a teacher / check out ethics.

If i only make a bit with link i will make my master in IT and try to put up something on my own

If link fails horribly, i got to work after college

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No one gives a shit about your grades after college (assuming you're in college). Take a load off and learn a technical skill or something else that will set you apart from the pack once your done. Learn to code?

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>I wrote gibberish
>it was a hyperbole
You don't know jack shit about neuro transmitters stop embarassing yourself trying to look smart you pleb
Also learn how to read you massive retard I said I agree with no fap

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It's just this one class that I care about. Also the A's have been dragging my GPA out of the gutter which is good for my profile in getting internships and part times. I know grades don't matter after college, but they matter to get your foot inside.

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I'd only tell you this from experience. Try harder. Try a different approach. Steer left instead of right. Steer 45 degrees instead of 3.

A life avoiding pain and struggle isn't a life worth living. Is it even life at all?

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>Learn to code
If you’re going to give shitty advice at least be specific. What will he specialize in? What industry should he look to break into? FinTech? Maybe he should study leetcode and attempt to go for FAANG?
Or maybe you could research and realize that every pajeet and their streetshitting partners are learning everting from react to assembly and are doing most jobs for a lot cheaper as long as it’s freelance.
Learning to code will help you get a better job IF that job is already in the tech industry and is something you’re explicitly trying to break into.

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This whole thread is full of shit advice then the normalshits who gave it getting mad when they are called out.
>going to the gym will magically solve your depression
This is how you know someone is retarded in one easy step. Going to the gym is good for you so is getting laid and making a shit load of money. None of them actually solve depression, maybe just meme sadness and frustration.

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Learning a skill or learning to code (and what track or specialization) is to be left at his discretion, man.

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dude i tried learning to code but i fucking can't.. i read a contract and know what it does, but if i had to write it from scratch i'd be fuuuuckkkeedd

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Not all advice is helpful and some is even harmful if it’s taken seriously.

If you use the internet odds are you’ve been bombarded with shit from JRE and other youtubers and influencers who seemingly made it by taking an “unconventional” path in life. What you’re not seeing is the millions that that doesn’t work out for. This is how you get people taking cold showers and journaling and then identifying with Besos and other retarded shit.
There is a very small subsection of mainstream advice that is helpful to you and it’s almost all health related. Anything beyond that is not only wrong but harmful if followed actively

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>Expect to be spoonfed everything like mommy did when he was a baby

This is why you'll never make it. You screeching autist.

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Shut the fuck up coomer just take a shower, go to the gym, be yourself
Congratulations, you just memed your depression out of existence

>> No.16314567

Did you reply to the wrong post you imbecile? What part of stop giving trash advice is related to what you just said?

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Many people just don’t get it, anon. Like I said above they see one JRE podcast and suddenly identify with billionaires because they do /nopillow/ or some other retarded meme challenge.
Not all depression is the same and if someone’s goes away from a regular workout schedule and 3 tabs of LSD it wasn’t very major in the first place

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It's cool man. Find something else. Try to make social ties. At the end of the day, who you know is more important than what you know.

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Oh yeah, don't forget to wake up at 5 in the morning every day and your life will magically improve by 1254% trust me or else you're a fucking moron

>> No.16314602

Your grades won't matter as much as you think. You believe that because you're in an insular environment where every believes they do, so they do. God speed man.

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What do you want

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Stuck at a shitty job that I hate and I want to stop waging. Working on a blog for video game design, but it still needs a ton of work. I really want to be financially dependant and earn my own income but trying to get anything off of the ground while working 40 hours is brutal. I can't stop waging because I've got loans to pay back, and I can't work on my own projects in any meaningful capacity because of wagecucking. Worst of all I've been so depressed about paying down my loans and waging I've become avoidant to most of my friends. It's all so tiresome.

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>he doesn't do nopillow and take cold showers at 5am
Ewww you reek of depression dude, maybe you should fix yourself

>> No.16314622

I bet you stay up until the sun comes up watching anime.

He wants easy mode like his mommy provided for him his entire life. Now that the weight of the world is inevitably falling on him, he feels trapped and sees no easy way out. It explains the defensiveness him and the other spergs sperging out in this thread are displaying.

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He’s just venting about harmful advice given to people who have mental illness or are otherwise suffering

>> No.16314629

I didn't mean that, I mean literally what do you want in life

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The advice in this thread is neutral-good and there is nothing explicitly “bad”
It might even work for some people
But often times it doesn’t fix the root issue and just keeps you wandering in circles.

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Ok, the truth is i know that, on a conscious level, but this is the bar I've set for myself, and I hate myself for doing it because it has become a personal challenge, and every failure is a blow to my pride and wounds deep. If I was an average A-B student, it wouldnt bother me as much because the bar is lower. I've somehow set the bar high, and when I fall it fucking hurts.

I hate this shit. I don't have what it takes to be great despite literally everybody telling me otherwise since fucking grade school. I just want to be mentored, one on one with somebody without the expectations and fear of competing with my peers looming over me every day. It's what I've always wanted but instead I get thrown into the grinder with everybody else. I just want to die.

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I have been there mate. You'll have to bite the bullet for the time being and continue wagecucking whilst working on your project part time. Got any friends that can help you get there faster?

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I actually stay up all night to fuck your whore mother you dumb frogposter.
After that I do a cold shower and pretend I'm Bezos for half an hour while your bitch mother is trying to find a pillow to go to sleep (she won't).
This is why I will make it and you never will.

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I've been thinking about asking my brother if he'd like to contribute and we could split profits. We also live pretty close so collaborating would be easy. I'd just have to make sure he would be committed; I assume he probably hates waging as much as I do but I don't think he's ever tried to make money with any side hustles. I'll definitely give it a shot.

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The fact that you're on this here fine Fijian spear fishing discussion board and your inner conflict is testament to the fact that you aren't "normal". "Normal" people focus on "normal" things like being a good student and competing with other "normal" people. Start giving time to the things that you love to do and aren't normal. You'll blow people out of the water in the real world when you mention it/them.

As an anecdote: I've been tasked with hiring in the past at different jobs. The individuals who mention their GPA, that they were "member of this org", and that they made dean's list are the normies that become the office paper pushing goons. The people who mention the cool shit they did like "I built rockets and blew shit up" or "I hunted with other fellow students on trips that lasted days on end" end up being the Chad mavericks who then go on to do other great things. This was with out fail, every fucking time. Like clock work. Like poetry.

Ask yourself which of the two you want to be.

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Damn. I wish I had a brother to go into ventures with. You've go this. God speed.

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You're right. I know I shouldn't put so much stock into petty grades and shit of all things. It's just, the context surrounding me is I used to be a terrible student, meandering through classes and skirting by with just good enough. I dropped out for a semester and a half because I was fucking lost and needed to recalibrate myself, find out where I wanted to go. I did, and part of that decision was deciding I'd become e a damn good student, which I did. But I feel like I'm falling back to old habits now and it feels like a betrayal to myself.

My whole life I've just wanted a real mentor figure. My father never really was such. But the type of relationship that it is, the one-on-one master-apprentice relationship? It's something that's appealed to me all my life and still does. I hate the fact that I'm forced to do things the traditional way, same as everyone else.

I'd just like to learn things at a relaxed, natural pace and just tend to my garden. Fuckin, I'm drifting off to fantasy land again. Sorry.

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Get through school and take the polymath/autodidacticism pill. You're gonna do great shit man. I shit you not.

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That self-speak/inner conflict will be a thorn on your side for as long as you live. Learn to put it in its place. You're going places you didn't know were possible mate.

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I wish I could believe you. I will genuinely take to heart your advice about distinguishing myself somehow, but I'm a pretty boring and friendless person.

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I struggled with this my whole life. Even now it's a struggle. Become interesting and people will flock to you. I shit you not. You'll soon realize that you're in a powerful position. Cheers mate.

>> No.16314875

Thanks bro. Thanks for listening to my blog woes. I think now I won't mind getting a B as much anymore.

>> No.16314942

If you prefer gin over whiskey you deserve to die.

>> No.16315028

fuck it

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Im the anon with the black hole in his mouth who posted here yesterday. Got it looked at. Definitely need wisdom teeth removed. Got some penicillin for it. Apparently the dentist has seen it before on me. Guess it wasnt worth mentioning and apparently on both sides of the mouth. This might explain those headaches that felt eerily similiar to the one I got from this issue.

>> No.16315110

Roll for hike because that's what I'm planning on doing anyway

>> No.16315115

Re roll because I am not quite that depressed

>> No.16315121

It shall be done, god wills it.

>> No.16315200

we literally had that gin bottle last saturday night.
it was vile as shit. thank god i had probably half a shot worth of it mixed with tons of ice and tonic

>> No.16315206

man i wish i had the time to go 6 days a week.
tho doing that leaves absolutely no time to socialize for me.

>> No.16315232

Chck rll

>> No.16315337

Try Tianeptine instead of SSRIs.

It's a good alternative.

>> No.16315363

I have an ex girlfriend who’s a doctor and an ex best friend who plays nfl football. It’s 2 am and I’m here

>> No.16315533

sure ok

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rolling but never fucking shaving my pubes fuck that noise

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