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Hey /biz/,

I've been a lurker for a while and have done the milk toast equivalent of following along.

I have BTC, ETH, and some of their derivative coins - all on Coinbase.

I know Coinbase is a market maker and is basically just holding an account open for me, while not giving me control of a unique coin.

I'd like to move my BTC and ETH to my own wallet/system, but am a noob and don't want to get hacked.

My cousin had a bunch of LiteCoin back in the day and his system got hacked, all his coins stolen and they sent him some screenshots of him jerking off. True story.

I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit, OS, and can get a harddrive to take offline.

What do?

tl;dr - I have crypto "credit" at Coinbase and want to transfer it into my own control.

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get a trezor or a ledger hardware wallet. google them, buy from official source. read the wikis for both first so you understand what you're doing. generating your private keys on a windows machine and taking the harddrive off the network is less safe.

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Does he know how he got hacked? Was he downloading torrents or something? How much $ did he lose?
If you can use two seperate computers. One for only using crypto stuff like the trezor and the other computer for everything else. That'll make it harder for a hacker to find your crypto keys.

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I will look into this, thanks.

Nah, he doesn't know. He went all-in early and blew his savings on a giant mining rig full of graphics cards. Made them himself. Beyond that, he has no idea.

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At the VERY LEAST, spend a few days/weeks learning about cryptographic mathematics before attempting to generate and use your own key-pairs, champ.

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i decided to amend my previous post

generating your private keys on a windows machine and taking the harddrive off the network is not safe. don't do that. just get a trezor or a ledger and understand how they work and what you're doing.

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Excellent. More good info.

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Just get a paper wallet, send your shit to that then hide the keys up your asshole. Nobody can fuck with your shit that way.

Well until someone looks up your wallet and keys here


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paper wallets are the best course of action if you don't want to spend money on it. requires some understanding of what is what and following good standard practice.

it gives you the best secure redundancy for your buck on the world.

if you wan to actively use crypto not just hodl paper wallets are pretty shit.

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there is one more reason to use paper wallets and not hardware wallets for cold storage:
quantum resistance. a deterministic hierarchic key system gets completely compromised if a private key of a hierarchy gets compromised. meaning you spend once however minuscule amount, and maybe a few days later your wallet is blown.
theoretical possibility but all the same...

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on the other hand the paper wallet generator uses the cpu's quantum based random generator instruction along with non deterministic user inputs to generate it's random pool for a cryptographic strength rng.
there is simply no way from compromising a private key from an other.

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> Go to link, expecting scam
> Instead, get a solid kek

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isn't that site a literal scam baiting tards to search for their private key?

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Lol actually I only read the top part and didn't even notice the search before you pointed it out. Obviously I don't think it'd be smart to enter your key but wouldn't it only do something if tied to a public address, or am I wrong? (I understand math but only have rudimentary knowledge of cryptography; actually just learning about its application and implementation in bitcoin now)

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