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Recently an influx of relentless fud from retards who still unironically believe that chainlink is a scam has flooded /biz/.

Ask any retarded or high IQ questions in this thread and i will provide and dismantle all your parroted and retarded fud.

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Gravel coin and the incredibly weak startup roster?

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It is a scam and literally dumping. Period.

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Who is assblaster and why should I care?

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You only need to know about the Moab partnership to understand link. That's why it was censored. Come with me I'm an official discord tranny

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How does capital flow into the network and out to node operators? If someone is paying for api data from the network, how does that make chainlink token go up?

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what will staking returns be in your opinion, 5%? say im using a pool not running a node

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Ive been on biz since 2016. Link has always been a scam, stop gaslighting these poor new people

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Thoughts on ekiden and estimate on 7 reference price feeds

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please sell all your link immediately

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I'm just gonna say this
pee pee poo poo

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true i even heard it will be get delisted again, because the shitshow project is slowly falling apart

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OK im buying more LINK

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How long until the next 700K dump from sir gay?

Why isn't the "circulating supply" listed as 1B anywhere, when it's clear that developers have, and will likely continue to dump the supposed "locked tokens"..?

Genuinely looking for answers to these questions..

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>1 post by this ID
of course

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Useage. Requestors pay in link (mandatory) so the demand grows with network useage.

Staking/collateralization; your node/api call provider is more reputable by holding more link (money). Do you trust some African node with 5 dollars worth of link to insure your transaction, or 50 million on a known named company node, who would you choose/pay to trigger your contract?

Basic calculations can be made ie: 350 million dollars in fees is a dollar per link per year...hence link returns a dollar per link per year, so the price should be 3x-5x returns as a business valuation...or 10 dollars for a 10% roi.

The average fee derivities traders pay to legacy platforms now ranges from a few hundred dollars per 1mm for commodities trades up to thousands of dollars per mm for interest rate swaps and other credit default type swaps. The market just for swaps in the US is 268,500,000,000,000 yearly outstanding. The fees for using Smart contracts to do these trades is approx 5-7 cents in gas/eth fees to deploy on chain, plus whatever the oracle/nodes want to charge for secure reliable data. It also lowers the time of transaction/clearing from 5-10 business days to seconds...these traders also pay a decent sum to finance/maintain their margin on trades while they're being completed/processed (80-200+ per mm depending on trader credit and risk).

Tl;dr derivatives costs 5k-25k+ per trade in fees, SCs makes that 5 cents...and those traders would suck your dick and be excited to pay 3k per trade split between X number of oracles for 5 minutes of "work" from the oracle side (putting up collateral (link) to insure a safe transaction for as long as it takes 2 parties to e sign and deposit assets for the trade). Times something like 2.5 million trades, just for swaps.

Then add insurance, shipping/trucking, gaming/sports betting, etc etc.

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I dont know why you think this is helping anyone, its not. Not even the no-linkers. Only those who have taken the time to learn EVERYTHING are going to have the iron hands required to make it anyway.

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But nobody is using the main net?

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>1 post by this ID
You planning on actually replying, big guy?

Most important question so far is >>16311066

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Strong buy

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Checked, 1buck EOY 2019

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Plenty of other projects have had steaking and the returns are ridiculously low

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So 20-30 usd per link per year conservatively just in US swaps, another 10 for commodities, china/europe/aus/jpn markets I won't bother calculating.

Gaming is another 20-40 easily.

20 usd minimum from the top 20 trucking companies.

Insurance is another giant can of worms that will see insane growth just from the access and profitability of insuring things that aren't currently profitable to insurance companies (and crowd funded/decentralized insurance markets).

Hopefully you guys get the idea of how much usd a link generates per year. Then comes the arms race to actually get those requests from customers, it's not an even distribution. Companies/pools with the highest amount of link staked (trustworthy), and security reviewed systems, will get a lion's share of the payments.

How much would you value something that pays 200+usd per year per life returns? 10% is 2k, 1,000 is fud.

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Lay off the hopium. I’m excited too but be realistic lol

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Steaking won't do shit faggot we only care about economies of scale and adoption.

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>200+usd per year per life returns
OK, but it's generating that in LINK tokens. So the price of each token is just infinitely going up forever?

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based peepeepoopooanon

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Yes, some meme faggot chinkcoin trying to disrupt a laughably small market.

1,200,000,000,000,000 (derivatives)
4,049,356,225,000 (insurance, to double with 2nd and 3rd world access)
20,500,000,000,000 (us shipping)

Those are the numbers chainlink/smart contracts are looking to interrupt. Not just by lowering fees 1, 2, or even 10 percent. Most of it can be lowered by 90+% of current business expenses (and people).

Biggey is playing chess boys, not checkers.

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Those are all really lowballing numbers. I mean technically we could go from 10 thousand a transaction to 10 cents...but sure stay mad and poor.

90% cost of business reduction ensures adoption. Most competitive industries would get btfo by a competitor undercutting 5%.

18 decimals. Yes, that's the next tldr writeup I probably won't do now. There's also the other 650m tokens to be released that will dilute, and companies/pools still have costs to pay for (data feed subscriptions, servers, staff)...it will be like miners in a few years, having to sell off some for operating expenses.

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How and what will make the LINK token price rise and stay stable to pay penalties/to cover the dollar value needed to be collateral, and how will price fluctuations be accounted for?

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1 post by this faggot

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It just seems to me the nodes ultimately end up with all the tokens if they provide good data and don't get penalized. Then what?

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Once there's reasonable traffic/adoption it's near impossible to have a significant dip in price (sans 7 million dumps by bigboy). There will probably be a mechanism/sc developed by linkpool that regulates and dictates how much collateral a staking group can cover... and would restrict that amount in a dip (theoretically the contract would only allow 80% or whatever everyone deems appropriate to be staked at once).

The requestors can also code in a more active approach, having nodes "top off" in that event..although the gas costs/calls would be much more frequent. Thankfully most of the high dollar contracts CL is aiming to tackle first are relatively quick contracts as well (intraday)...nothing that needs to live for years and years will be a first gen usecase.

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whats your background/education anon? selftaught nerd?

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Then those early adopters are rich as fuck. Eventually the ecosystem will mature beyond sybil attacks and turn to neet nodes. Querying 100, 1000, or w/e more risky nodes with lower stakes over 5 fully vetted premium company nodes.

The idea of collateralization is that it won't ever actually be needed/used. It's just a safety belt to make the requestor insured. It's up to them to choose enough oracles that a wrong answer will be aggregated out and not effect their contract...resulting in a penalty to that node, but no node ever needing to pay out the full amount on a 10 million+ contract.

The real fud (and potential goldmine) is in being a data provider, or expanding on existing data sources. Once CL is running fully, the next fail/attack point is not having a diverse enough data feed selection.

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I’m not convinced collateral will be as important to build trust in your middleware as people seem to think. If you have trusted hardware you can build trust that your nodes won’t falsify data. If you have a system to automatically recruit new nodes in the event nodes go offline, you can build trust that your middleware won’t go offline. If you have a reasonable trust in your middleware being honest and reliable in other ways, there’s little to no need for collateral, which breaks down the whole thesis that collateral builds value for contracts and that LINK staked generates a return on capital. Who, besides bagholders, cares about the staking meme when you have so many tools to build trust without paying a premium via penalty deposit? Honestly, it’s a feature that seems more like a crackpot side hustle to try to build token value than really a necessary part of how chainlink works.

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Nulinker /pol/ retard that bought in at mainnet just by chance, getting burned out of white demoralization threads. College (community) dropout whose recent employment was as a truck driver.

I just know how to read and have a 135ish @ 18 iq (inb4 5 niggers with 150+ call me a brainlet larper) to understand basic economics and business.

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If the network proves to be secure after years running, then won't the collateral needed per contract continue to lower? Thereby lowering the price per token?

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> 1 post by this id

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There's a lot of regulatory backend and you have to remember this is for b2b transactions and was never meant for public investment. They want (or are legally required in the case of derivities/clearing house legislation) to have the amounts covered and backed. Even if it's just a formality is reality.

I understand why you would think it's the "no token needed" shoehorn, because it kinda is. This isn't being developed out of the kindness of CL/SC.com's hearts...it's to pump their bags. They have to get paid somehow.

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The average amount exchanged in a derivatives trade in Europe in 2014 was 105mm euro (116.326 usd). We're assuming that the collateralization should cover most, if not all that amount. Divided by X oracles, is the base amount they'll be required to put up for the trade.

Let's assume some reasonable numbers. 10 oracles, 5k in fees/clearing/finance costs (compared to the now 10k approx) 116m trade size. So an oracle has to commit 11.6mm in link to make 500 bucks, on a time frame of a few mins to a few hours.

Is that not reasonable? Fees will probably drop closer to 2k or lower.

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>muh secret club
Shut up.

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Damn im a nulinker as well and I appreciate these kinds of threads. Out of curiosity if you dont mind answering how many link did you manage to get?

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So 4.2mm link to make 181 link...5 trades a business day? Just 1.5 normal derivatives trades requires more than the current daily volume of link locked up.

The daily turnover rate in Feb 18 was an ath of 9.6 trillion. So maybe 7-8 trillion needs to be the collateralization market cap to serve these contracts? Even at 50% coverage required (again, I don't know every jurisdictions requirements, especially to qualify for cleared vs otc which significantly lowers the legislative fees..but hypothetical) with an hourly turnover/10 daily needs 350 billion in collateral, for normal daily operations of just the US derivatives market.

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Hi! Tell the new kids about me

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37k. Got another 20k in cash that I can/might put in. Being a low intelligence truck driving slave sometimes pays off.

I'd have 150-200k if I kept up with this shit, never bought meaningful amounts of king shitcoin at .10 to .25 back in the day to play poker, and ignored crypto since it broke 20 dollars on the first silkroad/reddit pump. Missed eth and bought link at an embarrassingly high dca.

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Do you plan to stake or cash out your linkies?

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No you dickwad the token is an erc-677 for a reason. You nulinkers are the worst.

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Stake. Maybe cash out enough for a down payment + enough monthlys to secure a loan when the RE market crashes in a year or two.

I need to transfer my linkys to an llc/corp and pay myself the bare minimum as an employee. Haven't got with a cpa to figure out all that shit yet because it's still expensive percentage wise and not needed until staking.

I've brought this up in other threads, but it's still possible we get chinked and the node fees drop to third world only operable wages. The only way to combat that is to hold your shit tight, and don't be a nigger that gets caught when the switch flips to on. Might be a year, might be a month...just keep as many links out of the hands of the chinamen and various other jew-like parties to ensure our success.

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Oh damn I thought you meant you were 18
>135iq @ 18
Sorry I misunderstood you haha but good job man. Im 20 so i was curious. I dont have much savings I only managed few k link recently. My dca was high too. I didnt buy more under $2 thinking it would go lower. Im priced out of a make it stack at this price I think even if I go all in now. But any link is better than no link man.

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It's like 3 lines of code easy to allow collateralization from other sources of digital assets when "programming" a smart contract.

We're talking about making the stake amount mandatory in link, and the fees payable in link. Not the actual functionality...just the tokenomics and reason for requiring everything be in link (to give link value and pump developer bags). It could be just as easily all done in eth..but that would make the price of link drop to hundreds if not tens of sats.

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Okay, I heard a lot about what chainlink is. Now tell me what it isn't. If you tell me what it isnt I'll drop $100 on my already fat wagecuck stack.

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Sticklers complain that the weighted averages on kids is off/lenient for iq.

I'm early 30's, barely barely getting my shit together. It's honestly probably better for younger or smaller stacks to play the shitcoin roulette on sketchy dexes. Link will go up, but you can find some (higher risk) pajeet pumps that turn your baby stack into a reasonable one with some luck over a shorter time.

CL is like the slow, steady, closest thing to a sure thing in ponzicurrency...but doing a 50x on 50 bucks is almost a blown opportunity.

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should i buy a linkpool share? i have 10k link, and don't want to miss the boat with ownership of lp

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>its fud guys!
>its only fud i promise! REEEEE
>i dont hold large scam coin bags or anything!

How desperate are you guys?

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This kind of reaction makes me think we are going to $7 dollars.

>> No.16312928

Google, Microsoft, (freshly confirmed, again) AWS, Oracle, Salesforce, DocuSign, Intel, and like a hundred other top 500 couldn't get it to hold 3.

7 is a stretch bucko.

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Good job on these posts anon, good quality info and I can tell you know your shit. Reminds me of the good days of link threads
t. 135 IQ also

>> No.16313609

Wouldn't say I know. There's a lot of unknown variables and assumptions, but hopefully it gives some reddit faggots a better scope of what exactly we're dealing with here

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is 100k link enough?

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One bump for the eurofags/ insomniac neets

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How do I buy crypto what website

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It has nothing to do with being a secret club you moron. LINK needs a somewhat stable price to see mass adoption. If newfags buy en masse and dont have the balls to stick it out past the first dip then they are only adding to the volatility, not the price. People should always do their research before investing in anything, but especially LINK. If they cant be assed to look into it on their own then they shouldnt be throwing money at it anyway.

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is 3 inches enough
I mean, you'll get in but it wont be satisfying, and most people will laugh at you afterwards.

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ITT I shill desperately the crypto which currently has the most information, most awareness and is most overpriced, just before it takes a massive dump.

Why do you need to make threads, it's already the easiest trade in the world

>> No.16314924

Proof of tweet. Sent hyperlink

>> No.16314971

>LINK needs a somewhat stable price to see mass adoption.
Why is this?

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It doesn't, he's retarded. The brainlet fud is "but what if it goes down, what about the steak?".

That can and will be accounted for by either requiring over collateralization or periodic topoffs on longer contracts. Linkpool is also developing mechanisms for very fluid and separate contract staking...so you don't have to put it in that specific agreement, just in a staking SC that tells your service agreement yes/no you have enough unused collateral at any given time (communicated off-chain, so no or low cost vs on chain hourly price checks, comparisons to collateral total, and requests to top off.)

Again, as previously stated, it should be very very difficult to tank the price once this ball gets rolling (sans a market sell of 650mm sirgay tokens).

This isn't a crypto shitcoin, it's the thing that makes all the other things actually do something. It's not going to fluctuate, it's going to take a 45 degree or sharper incline simply based on the number of contracts/users. Basically only stopping to level off a few years from now when SCs have replaced every single possible way of exchanging goods, services, and money.

Credit cards might still run on legacy servers because that shits from the 60's and pretty cheap as is. So caveat *anything over a couple bucks will be replaced* so I don't get pajeet nitpicked to death.

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And again this was never meant to be for the public or mommies lil crypto trader. The chainlink team gives precisely zero fucks about us or speculator valuation.

This is a business to business solution with trillions of dollar yearly savings. Every single crypto project does nothing until link does it's job. That's what is at stake here. Not shilling to 9gag and redditniggers to buy our bags and "cashout" at 4.50.

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Provide proof Link has a swift partnership from Swift themselves. I've been unable to find any reference from a non-link source.

>> No.16315336

>"no token needed" shoehorn, because it kinda is.
>it's still possible we get chinked and the node fees drop to third world only operable wages
>It could be just as easily all done in eth..but that would make the price of link drop to hundreds if not tens of sats.

This is the biggest FUD since 2017 and noone can disprove it... If those mega corps chainlink is partnered with decides they want to have nothing common with some ponzi crypto tokens they just wont use it and Chainlink will have to adapt to them. Do you even realize how hard it is to manage nodes and ether wallets worth of millions ? Who would you give it to manage it when its basically easiest incognito steal ever ? LINK collateral is starting to be a meme. Whats the point on having to rely on safety of a chain (in this case ETH) and safety of a token (In this case LINK) Its like 2 layer of potential risk that can be easily replaced by different trust methods as >>16311740 said (its safer, less risk and more convenient to any fortune 500 company than some meme token running and relying on blockchain that cant even sustain cryptokitties and some manipulated token that 1/3 of the circulating supply is owned by one entity (check binance wallets)

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Exactly! Most token will be out of circuation. That will make the remaining token in the market exponenyially more valuable because busnesses will still need to buy collateral in link tokens so tge market cap of link will have to be exponentially valuble to support those contracts. Low circulating supply and high demand.

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Exactly! Most link tokens will be out of circuation. That will make the remaining tokens in the market exponentially more valuable because busnesses will still need to buy collateral in link tokens and node operators will need to stake link for the duration of each contract so the market cap of link will have to be exponentially more valuble to support those high value contracts. Extremely Low circulating supply and extremely high demand = intergalactic moon mission price levels.

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"ChainLink is blockchain middleware that allows smart contracts to access key off-chain resources like data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank account payments. It has some impressive partners, including the Swift global payments organisation."

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"ChainLink is blockchain middleware that allows smart contracts to access key off-chain resources like data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank account payments. It has some impressive partners, including the Swift global payments organisation."

>> No.16315600


Bot blog with bot twitter that real humans don't reply too. Better source please. A real journalism website, news source, academia or Swift themselves would be acceptable

>> No.16315620

Haven't seen the project using the aws key management with Chainlink?
What about an OAUTH oracle.

We're just really fucking early, and Chainlink is the enabler to make all the dumb bits of crypto, like managing shitty wallets, a thing of the past

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I shouldn't bother replying to this jumble of shitskin broken English and poor fud...but check to link for what happens when companies "do it on their own" (or in this case, had to because CL wasn't available yet).


Billions of dollars lost. Not factoring the development costs compared to the 5 minute OpenLaw CL stack. Premade legally binding and attorney reviewed contract, fill in a couple variables, pick your 5-20 oracles based on cost, rating/reliability, and available collateral...and you're done, with no way to lose billions of dollars.

Businesses aren't broke ass street shitters that have to use soda cans to steal wifi to poopost on here. They have rules, regulations, boards, and risk management departments. This new technology is already cutting costs 90% in most industries...are they really going to risk billions to shave another 1 or 2% in tax write-off expenditures?

>> No.16316112


Artificial Lawyer is a reputable website that reports facts. The auther of the article is also the creator of artificial lawyer. He runs a company called Tromans consulting tromansconsulting.com

You are just fudding at this point. Swift will probably never announce a partnership because they gain no benefit in doing so directly. They will just use the network. If you want to wait for an announcemt from swift directly you will miss the moon mission. plenty of articles confirm that chainlink is still working with swift.


If chainlink was lying about the partnership swift could easily btfo the chainlink team.

>> No.16316123


skip to 15:30

>> No.16316128

>Ask any retarded or high IQ questions in this thread and i will provide and dismantle all your parroted and retarded fud.

>shouldn't bother replying to this jumble of shitskin broken English and poor fud.

Kek, i got you, you hypocrite fuck, you cant even dismantle this "poor fud". Your reply of "Businesses aren't broke ass street shitters" wont dismantle ETH scaling, 2 layer of security risk and LINK distribution "poor fud".

>> No.16316193

kek, you really fell for the proof of shit meme? Show me a proof of shit coin that can actually scale.

>> No.16316211

1) Crypto thrives on the concept of decentralization. Except for BTC (where the inventer has abandoned it, leaving us with a slow piece of shit and all kinds of scam forks) all crypto - including chainstink - is centralized to some extent. Even Ethereum, which has the second most hash power behind it's PoW and the second highest marketcap is governed by a select group that makes all the calls.

Now let's skip ahead to 2022, chainlink is finished, we have staking, reputation, TEE, mixicles, tressholdsig and whatever the fuck Sergey smokes up. Who will decide which updates to do, etc... is it still the team? Then they are still in control of everything so it's not decentrlized. If they take a step back a competitor can swoop in and fix the remaining issues (of which there are always some) and make a better version (see BCH, BSV and other shit)

2) What do they do with their 600M link tokens they have left? If they sell them too fast they crash the market. If they sell them slowly to prevent a market crash they own too much link for the system to take of, because no one will buy 1M tokens for 200M USD if someone holds 60B worth of tokens ready to sell at any time they fancy.

3) OpenLaw CEO asks twitter for the url of the ETH aggregator, showing he isn't even a little bit following the progress of chainlink. Accord has deleted their partnership article and doesn't comment on any questions regarding their status. There are barely any new nodes being added despite the main net being live for 6 months and MASSIVE shilling and marketing being done. Zero users, only partnerships of which nothing concrete ever happens. Development progress is going slow as a snail. Sergey promised 8 additional price feeds by devcon (1st of october), now we're 6 weeks later and still nothing.

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I just want staking, I'm fucking tired of waiting.

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Consultants get payed to look nice bub, you haven't been around long enough if you think otherwise. CEOs also get payed to look nice. Market forces determine success here's a Harvard Study on that. (You know, a real source mister say I'm fudding.)


Coindesk is a known shill site like most crypto "journalism" sites.

If Swift wasn't working with the Chainlink team and had no financial incentive to BTFO them they may just ignore them. Copyright lawsuits are a thing, but Swift is large enough to be apathetic, and Chainlink is a crypto company incorporated in the Caymen Islands--in other words--not worth the legal fees.

Johann Eid works for Chainlink and just because he can talk at an Ivy League school does not mean his work is reputable. A lot of talking heads get to speak, give me something peer reviewed, from Swift, or from a reputable journalistic institution. For example, here's a short markets report from Reuters. Literally all I'm looking for is someone reputable that isn't a literal employee of CL announcing in plain text that this is a thing. If it exists it shouldn't be hard to find, yet it is, leading me to believe it's not real.

And no, Swift would announce it for the same reasons IBM does. Here's a link to IBMs site stating they use the Stellar Protocol, again, as an example.

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Forgot the rueters link


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And the IBM link becuase I'm fucking tired

>> No.16316249

Ari Juels is the key figure here, that guy is legit as fuck.

Also Tom Gonser is somewhat reputable. His rock and roll style makes him a bit of an odd duck but he still counts imo.

>> No.16316274

But chainlink is a scam.

>> No.16316278

I'm not op you fucking dumb nigger. You have to convey an actual question in a reasonably formatted sentence for me to be able to reply.

CL is already on other chains, and there's nothing wrong with the token distribution you poor air drop begging faggot.

Broken English pooppeople could at least do the needful and learn real fud, instead of just saying random buzzwords in incoherent attempts at sentences.

>> No.16316308

checked, but bruh, trust this redneck truck driver with 32K links, he understand this technology more than anyone else, thats why he is a truck driver and not a BTC millionaire or a developer. He will BTFO every FUD.

90% of biz are hopeless truck drivers who thinks they can be a millionare from LINK meanwhile understands NOTHING about crypto or technology. The whole market trembles in the balance of Tether, a stablecoin owned by the most scammy and centralized entity printing billions into the highest volume in the whole crypto market and artificially holding the whole market. WTF ?

>> No.16316337

DESU I do believe in the importance of a specific token for this usecase. Just like you show your plainticket to board a plane and not simply pay cash to the stewardess, using some kind of additional tokenization scheme is helpful for processing a very specific network such as the oracle network CL is aiming to provide. Using ETH is possible but would mean that staked ETH could fluctuate on price based on market speculation on ETH (and all projects using ETH), not on LINK. If LINK is used, LINK's value will 100% be decided by market speculation on the LINK network.

>> No.16316358

Wish the other shitskin at least attempted a "good" troll/I'm only pretending to be retarded for (you)s like this guy.

1) intentionally misconstruing what decentralization means is a dead redditfudder meme. Kys. Sanjays vision was a nice added touch.

2) 300 - transfers (possibly). Then don't buy. If you think the incredibly intelligent people designing the system that overthrows everything as we know it can't figure out how to sell off with a reasonable pace/volume then stick to cregcoin very good sirs.

3) jumble of pastas that don't need to be explained or are just plain fabrications.

>> No.16316362

Sell all your LINK and go all in on a proof of shit coin

>> No.16316366

>proof of shit coin

>> No.16316389


>Let's assume some reasonable numbers. 10 oracles, 5k in fees/clearing/finance costs (compared to the now 10k approx) 116m trade size. So an oracle has to commit 11.6mm in link to make 500 bucks, on a time frame of a few mins to a few hours.

How the fuck is this even worth it? If link is 5,000$ per coin. And my oracle has to commit 11 million worth of link or 2k link..... why in the fuck would I waste my time for a measly 500$?

>> No.16316391

Link isn't crypto and shouldn't be treated as such. Btanything is a steaming pile of street shit.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with broken English unintelligible half fuds? Price go down very good sirs I buy 5 more link for my village? 2 rupees have been deposited into your account? I have nothing to gain or lose here, I'm just helping people too stupid or lazy to do their own research. Nothing you say is going to have any effect on me or anyone reading itt, bruh.

>> No.16316396

proof of stake for the marketeers trying to cash on Boomer minds believing in "riskless" pussy income

>> No.16316399

Your a fucking idiot if you don't buy gold and silver.

>> No.16316411
File: 78 KB, 518x627, 3D9DF482-C3D6-42E6-8F44-20543D1B138F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spam is spam, larping is larping and shills are shills. Even if not scam, its still a cancer.

Filter>all organized shill groups

>> No.16316412
File: 101 KB, 1000x668, 1418581847030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Buy Boomer rocks
>post 2012

>> No.16316422
File: 25 KB, 228x239, 1535342152190.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ari Juels

Bingo, that's a valid answer, thankyou

>> No.16316433

Once you make it you have to protect it. You'd be retarded to buy stocks after you make it since we've had suppressed interest rates at near 0% for almost 20 years. You can't have interest rates that low for that long without economic ruin.

>> No.16316441

The next crash will not be a run of the mill recession. The next crash will be a currency crisis. Who gives a fuck if you have 10 million when the currency doesn't buy you shit or you lose 90% of it in a reset.

Gold and silver are real savings. That's what you Jew niggers have no comprehension of

>> No.16316470
File: 125 KB, 1281x720, Microsoft chainlink cube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Learn what NDAs and whitelabels are. But yes anon you are right. I guess google partnered with a literal scam coin who pretended to partner with swift and ibm.

Also just so you know ibm unofficially confirmed that they are using chainlink.

"Will cryptlet serve as a decentralized oracle network? Also can we integrate with 3rd party oracle solutions such as SmartContract (www.smartcontract.com) ?"

"Yes, the intention is to allow cryptlets to solve this issue in a decentralized manner. We are still implementing exactly how we want to design the system, but it currently is in private preview with some customers. We'll announce when it is ready more broadly."

Carl Youngblood Senior solutions architect at Amazon also just mistakingly stated they were using chainlink to kaleido in a livestream like 2 days ago. He definitely broke an NDA. https://pages.kaleido.io/webinar-ondemand-kaleido-on-aws-thankyou?submissionGuid=68a3dd47-631c-4ad9-acf0-d54c52e1dc7c
Start watching at 1 hour and watch for 2 minutes.

There are far too many coincidences and confirmations short of direct announcements from those companies themselves to not go all in.

>> No.16316488


>> No.16316494

LOL at CNN ever shilling gold or saying anything I just said

>> No.16316503

Those are really rough guesses and hypotheticals but the answer is 1.25mm usd (paid in link so demand/scarcity > supply). Just m-f business hours. 500 an hour continously is 4,386,000 yearly return. This is only for a subset of one type of derivative and only for the US market portion.

They might decide 5 oracles is enough. The transaction time can be minutes instead of hours. The collateral requirements could be much lower, as most otc is just paper trades that are settled (via swift bank account to bank account) at a later time/eod with no actual 116mm being put up.

Us online gambling market revenue was 306.5 billion in 2018. 150b (undercut market in half/pure profit for adopters), node operators take 10-20% in fees...85 dollars per link per year.

Etc etc. For the 5+ other hundred billion to trillion dollar industries.

>> No.16316512

The only entities shilling muah recession after the FED rolled out QE4ever are legacy media mongos from the last century with Trump derangement syndrome and companies who heavily invested in a failing state like China post 2000

>> No.16316593

Ok I see what you are saying

>> No.16316599

Once you start QE you can't stop. It's like giving someone heroin. And you end up giving the patient so much heroin you end up killing the patient (the dollar)

>> No.16316600

World insurance premiums are over 5 trillion a year. 5,000,000,000,000. Smart contracts reduce the overhead to almost nothing to host, organize/file, execute, and account for. Cents per contract. Hundreds of thousands of donothing office jobs of people pretending to work and manually inputting spreadsheet data.

2.5t* 10%= 714 per link per year. Then 2 or 3x market cap for African and jungle asian shithole countries that never had insurance.

>> No.16316621

That metaphor is bullshit. Heroine doesn't kill the patient. There are millions of Opioid users that live just fine. They might be addicts but the withdrawal is more dangerous than keep taking heroine

>> No.16316659

How many lot lizards have you gotten a Blowjob from while driving trucks?

>> No.16316688

Unironically....... the only thing that saves a debt collapse or currency crisis is link. This is unironically why I bought. When I saw the potential big players and the team with ari Jules.... and saw what all the artists were saying about it I thought to myself.... now why would all these smart people start working in this 4-5 years ago.... when things would inevitably collapse and ruin all their work.its becaus Chainlink is what stops the collapse.

>> No.16316709

The Chainlink network literally could not work without the ERC-677 standard and there were no functionality in ethereum that would have or still would allow this without it.

>This ERC aims to provide the helpful functionality of ERC223 without colliding with it. By giving contracts a reason to implement onTokenTransfer before ERC223 becomes widely implemented, a smooth transition is provided until a larger part of the Ethereum ecosystem is informed about and capable of handling ERC223 tokens. transferAndCall behaves similarly to transfer(address,uint256,bytes), but allows implementers to gain the functionality without the risk of inadvertently locking up tokens in non-ERC223 compatible contracts.

>> No.16316754

The US trucking industry was just under 800 b in 2018. The best profits in the top20 carriers is 3-8% (most hover 2-5% but reinvest in equip/capital for taxes).

Supprisingly it's not drivers that cost the most, but the army of paper pushers and redundant sales/legal/accounting departments.

The company I worked for (barely top 20) had about 75% of their overhead on 3.5b revenue go to non drivers, aka non necessary staff.

Very conservative numbers close to 100 bucks per link per year. Also can optimize routing, reduce cargo insurance into per load and not blanket...and of course 10x+ minimum the owner's profits.

>> No.16316793

5x* profits, assuming a generous total cost reduction. 10x was closer to retaining current prices and on 2-4% shit companies that do ltl.

>> No.16316806

do you understand that spoonfeeding anons makes even the most diehard LINK fans feel like they should abandon the coin?

>> No.16316836
File: 2.24 MB, 1600x2000, macy-gray.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Absolutely dead meme from loser boomers trying to look cool. I've seen more hookers being arrested (3, outside vegas), than normal (2, Bloomington nj eatting pizza at 4am sitting bare ass mini skirt on the ground.

All 5 black as fuck, cheetah print etc. Pizza girl had an afro and looked like macy gray.

>> No.16316847

No it doesn't. I don't really give two fucks if OP spoonfeeds new tards or not.

>> No.16316868

What states you usually drive thru

>> No.16316880

When 3k

>> No.16316904

All of them. Of course you take the 80 and 40 the most. Just depends on the load and slightly less so on the season (agriculture-produce in CA/WA/OR early fall etc)

>> No.16316912

When 3 dollah. Fuck this shitcoin and you nigger swinger baby stacks.

>> No.16316928

Not a swinger, swingers get rope. Just able to live modestly if it hits a magic meme number

>> No.16317057

It's going to take 3k usd for modest living? Get a job or go play chinkcoin roulette as previously stated.

>> No.16317091

For my entire life. Modest as middle class and for a big family, negro. 1.5k or 2 is prob fine too

>> No.16317106

And i have a job faget

>> No.16317148

3k valuation is 300-1k per link per year staked...depending on how the business jews decide to value it (10% roi or 3x income).

That's also getting near 50-60% of the entire world's financial transactions and trade utilizing CL oracles.

>> No.16317150

I take that you dislike linklets. Why is this?

>> No.16317236

Thanks it makes sense, especially with your previous posts

>> No.16317437

You dont think capturing 1% of derivatives market is possible?

>> No.16317457
File: 207 KB, 704x797, 785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ChainLink will easily reach $100 by 2022, I'm not so bullish on other cryptos though

>> No.16317516

Imagine being such an egotistical cuck that you fear wealth redistribution this much

>> No.16317634

Nice try faggot. They just announced that Coinbase UK will now support LINK, XTZ, DAI and EOS

>> No.16317653

>12 months test net
>4 months main net
>nobody can name a single dapp with users using Chainlink oracles in production
>(with proof link to dapp.com/dappradar/etherscan)
>Linkers: this is bullish!

>> No.16317740

LMFAOOO the delusion is strong with this retard. Why the fuck would any of those industries want to even use link LOL.

>> No.16317842

Jesus Christ on a cracker I’m so happy for you kids.

>> No.16318013

Damn that brain of yours anon. Are you an econ major or something?

>> No.16318630

So based

>> No.16318920
File: 185 KB, 765x956, 1574138967379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unfortunately not. It would've helped with understanding the nearly a thousand pages of reports/papers I've read over the past few days..all to answer known fudding, for fun. Not op, just did this shit yesterday and it was all semi fresh.

It's why my numbers are so sketchy and segmented between eur and usd. I can't follow when they switch to "% of gdp" or I'm 5 acronyms per sentence deep into a government economic/industry study.

The potential is there, it doesn't take some retard's poor guesstimates to see...the question is how long does it take to mature, and therefore make it.

Even if I'm off and it only hits 10% of projected/adoption rates...I'm getting annual payments larger than most lottery winners. Insane. Some anons could flirt with being close to billionaires if they hold a few years.

>> No.16318943

Meanwhile back in reality we fight going back under 2.70, kek.

>> No.16318957

50k enough to make it?

>> No.16318985

No, not nearly enough. 200k link tokens minimum.

>> No.16319009

>No, not nearly enough. 200k link tokens minimum.
200k link costs over $500k right now. Some anons would consider that as having made it already.

>> No.16319053

Great choice of slut pics. Liking thicc bitchies as one man should.

Now for the shit question : Will I not be too late if I buy 100 links per month ?

Don't care for fuck you money, only comfy make it never wagie again stack.

>> No.16319069

no one knows the answer to that. we all hope it is yes.

>> No.16319124

Just brought my first 100 links at the dip yesterday ( lucky timing, since I didn't wait for it )

Would actually be mad it it mooned today to something like 1k usd since that would have meant I would have truly make it if I had one more year.

Make it stack is 1millions usd for me, fuck you money is 3 millions. I'm a minimalist but i'd live to leg to 3 kids who would never have to be slaves.

Oh well

>> No.16319130 [DELETED] 

Exactly my point. It says in the whitepaper that chainlink is meant to be about the price of a cup of coffee. Well here we are.

>> No.16319175

500k is not make it money you still have to pay taxes. I'd say 3mm is make it money.

>> No.16319261

You still have time, we're not even at 56k yet...we're at those modems you placed the phone on. It will come quick and fast (for boomer business speeds) once we catch a bit of steam, but it's still a literally who with backroom whispers and brand new industry name recognition.

It's going to take some convincing demos to get the ball rolling. Just so happens there's one today, and the Google cloud one should finally get normie brains going.

>> No.16319332

I sure as hell hope you're right friend. Goal for me is 1k link by summer 2020, and 2k link by January 2021. ( Building an emergency wallet of fiat for when the crisis hit hard, maybe will exchange it for gold or something )

More power for you for you fuck you stack.

>> No.16319353
File: 25 KB, 402x504, 83032113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dude just earn 3 milion by trading shitcoins lmao

>> No.16319405

Have 20k bucks cash. Should i buy link now or wait?

>> No.16319940


>> No.16320091

>Carl Youngblood Senior solutions architect at Amazon also just mistakingly stated they were using chainlink
This is a bit misleading...it could mean that Chainlink is simply utilizing AWS. Just because a company utilizes Microsoft Word doesn't necessarily mean they are partnered with Microsoft.

>> No.16320177

Have you not watched it? It's under 2 mins long you dumb fuck.

>> No.16320214


>> No.16320251

Yes, and Carl verbatim stated "they are another one of our partners as well", this can easily mean that Chainlink is simply one of AWS's many users. AWS is used worldwide and has countless partners, doesn't mean anything. Utilizing AWS to run a Chainlink node is very old news.

>> No.16320274

I thought PSD2 was suppoed to be big for LINK...

>> No.16320307 [DELETED] 
File: 14 KB, 500x333, 09580676-8FE7-47AC-A0DC-3C835C77900C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Juice gang

>> No.16320489

>Goal for me is 1k link by summer 2020, and 2k link by January 2021.
state of nulinkers

>> No.16320746

Yet CL isn't on the fluff global partners page. Kaleido doesn't "use" aws, aws uses them and profits off/sells their tech.

That's the level or peer a senior developer at aws views chainlink as. No amount of libtard semantics spin changes that.

Again, it doesn't really matter because we already knew this...and it's inevitable. But jesus you professional fudders are really hanging on to things by a thread.

>> No.16320784


>> No.16320787

Why would anyone pay to use STINK when there are countless APIs to use for free?

Protip: They wouldn't.

Also, ETH and smart contracts in general are still grossly overvalued. It's a niche market.

>> No.16321372

Why wouldn't you own both crypto and PMs? They're both serving as a hedge against the same things as well as each other to a minor degree.

>> No.16321397 [DELETED] 

Whispering voice;


>> No.16321422

>please sirs buy gold
>india wedding season over
>family need food
>please sirs buy gold