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What if Bitcoin was (((their))) plan to erase national debts and ensure a viable transition from FIAT currencies?

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You are retarded
consider suicide

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If they did then "they" are pretty stupid since "they" are not buying it.

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regardless if thats the plan or not, its how its going to act. the politicians are going to wind up supporting crypto not because of a love of it...but because its going to be the only viable way out of catastrophe

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> hitler good because he was popular
consider suicide normie

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why do you hate democracy

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because people are cattle

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Come to think of it.

If the 1% are buying stocks and the millennials lost all their money on pot stocks. Whos buying Crypto?

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no one is buying cryptos yet it's always going up, what if tether was (((them)))?

why would they allow to legalize exchanges of imaginary money?

why would facebook creators would have gone all in in imaginary money?

why would (((they))) do this

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If Tether was "them" they again, they are stupid since tether is stabilized only by the dollar and when the dollar goes, so does tether. They cant stop the exchanges nor the trade of bitcoin. Because facebook is competing with Google to be the most corrupt cooperate entity in the world and being able to deny commerce to anyone they feel like is the next step.

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