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What’s the easiest, most accurate and fastest way to explain bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to people who have no idea what it is? I always get sidetracked going into unnecessary details that the person wouldn’t need to know unless they were active in it. How do you guys explain it simply and in the most easy to understand way possible? Also any good videos or links about crypto for beginners that are good to send to newbies that are interested?

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>Talking to normies

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ironically, you dont. you would think normies would love to hear buzz words and be sold easily considering how stupid they spend their money on. but when it comes to cryptos, they all tense up and become cynical and demand all kind of prof that they would never ask about other stuff they mindlessly do and invest in. only help those who wants to learn.

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This isn't 2012, if they lack the initiative to have figured it out for themselves by this point then they are hopeless.

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"It's electronic money with a limited supply. Every transaction is recorded on a ledger as proof."

That's it. You don't need to evangelize or spread gospel. If they want to know more they will ask. It is at this point that you can use your autism to drop some deeper knowledge on them.

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>talking to normies
>about buttcorn
Oh boy. The first they always mention is how there are now hundreds of blockthingies and that bitcoin is old, then the question comes what the hot new blockthingy is. You guess what I tell them, right, LINK

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why do you even care to explain it unless they are genuinely interested. Forget them.

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It's electronic money just like a credit card is, but everybody in the world has a copy of every receipt available if they want to look it up. Because it is not pegged to a national currency though, the exchange rate varies constantly. So much so that it is usually more valuable to trade its fluctuations like you would a stock.

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Not bad.
But I may prime it with an ironic "it's Internet money"

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"Scam that you can put money in if you're a degenerate gambler to maybe make money but probably lose hours of your life and go broke. Here, try LINK it's a faster version"

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>talking to normies about crypto
You simply don't.

They'll ear by themself at the top of the next bullrun, that's where we need them.

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Bitcoin solved the byzantine generals problem by aggregating transactions in blocks of tx data that can be appended to the longest chain of blocks by any party that successfully completes the computationally expensive process of finding a valid hash from within a poisson random point field, thereby allowing consensus on the present state of the ledger to be formed in a decentralised fashion. Of course, it's not tenable for anyone to put their transactions on an immutable public ledger without any level of obfuscation to make those transactions confidential, it's simply too much of a departure from the relative privacy with which financial deals have always been conducted and furthermore the fact that linkages between transactions are never broken means that each coin has a unique history that ruins the fungibility of bitcoin as a currency. Also, having a hard limit on the block size, especially such a low limit, forces people into centralised custodial methods of using bitcoin, therefore eliminating the key benefit of censorship resistance. Hence, Monero.

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>bitcoin solved the byzantine general problem

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It's just a simplification for normies, bro.

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>Trying to sell a poc to normies 10 years later
Bitcoin maxis are worse than gold bugs and your market potential is even smaller. You make it out like people who haven't been in crypto are too stupid to look at growth potential of different products in the space and come as fast to the conclusion as random twitter nogs, that btc is not where the fast or save money is. Face it, the forkening of 2017 was a marketing disaster, still is, and opened the veil around the shitshow of open source r&d that btc is.

But who am I talking to, same as gold bugs you will still cope in 5 years and clinge on the pajeet tire marketing narratives that you started to believe yourself, muah digital gold, most secure centralized poc

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You cant explain btcs value without talking about the petrodollar.
So its pointless

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I've tried several different ways over the last 7 years with tech literate normies. The most successful method requires that you actually know your shit: go full cypherpunk on them.

Assuming your'e talking to a relatively normal techie/bugman who could get a job at silicon valley company, they're going to nod along with you as if they understand what you're talking about while you rattle on about merkle trees and nonces and block hashes. Your goal is to dunk on them so hard that they are afraid to talk about the tech for fear that they will reveal that they never mastered low level network protocols. If you can steam roll a techie on the tech side then they'll just ask you where the best place to buy bitcoin is.

You have to let them save face by allowing them to bikeshed about some topic like how they don't like the name or logo. But steamrolling is the best method, because its the only way to humble someone enough to just give in.

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>each coin has a unique history that ruins the fungibility of bitcoin as a currency

I've heard this before but I don't understand why it's the case when a bitcoin can be divided. Is it simply that the ledger keeps track of everything so you can always trace a coin's pieces back to it?

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>Is it simply that the ledger keeps track of everything so you can always trace a coin's pieces back to it?

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Anyone who wants to explain btc to normies is a reddit normie. Keep that nice helpful basedboy shit there.

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is it wrong to help retards?

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Implying we can’t see through this thinly disguised attempt to get someone to explain blockchain to you lol

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until pruning starts

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Pretty much this. Which is why bothering to explain crypto to the totally cold normie is a fool’s errand.

Dude, just don’t. I’ve been a fanatic about this shit since 2016 and I’ve slowly learned over time that the best course of action, is to not even bring it up.

I still do, but it takes all of about 12 seconds to realize that conversation is already over in the conversee’s mind. They’re already gone bro. It’s isolating, because I’m still obsessed with all of it outside of normie land. But we all know why we’re here. And when they cry in a few years how they should’ve listened, you’ll already be on an island somewhere

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