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I’m sorry, this is going to be a bit of a blog post, but I wanted to thank everyone on this board for all the laughs and great times I’ve had here. I believe in the next couple days it’ll be time to bring things to a close. I’ve recently lost a multiple year court battle for my kids, I wage in retail and put all my savings into a lawyer but it wasn't enough. In the end I had to move back home and burden my parents again who resent me for losing their grandkids. I took what I had left after the lawyer and put it into 100 Link and bit into Bat and when the pump began two days ago it felt the universe was giving me a birthday present and telling me to push on but even that seems to be falling through. The thought of death used to scare me immensely but now it’s like thinking of a warm blanket on a cold day. I’m 25 today and every time I try to think of what it’d be like if I made it to 50 it’s turns to why the hell would I want to spend another 25 years on this rock. Thank you all for taking the time for making life a little brighter every day whether you mean to or not. When the singularity does come if I’m no longer here I wish all of you make it with enough to consider it fuck you money.

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Send me your link first

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The absolute state of Stinkers

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Don't neck yourself now, retard. I'm 31, couldn't find a job in 2 years and about to lose my apartment and go back to mommy. Do you think that is fun? Shit happens. Only you decide if you're going to surrender or not. Hold on, Anon. We're gonna make it and find a way out of this clown world.

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25 was the hardest age for me, drop some acid or smoke DMT, study crypto, don't just buy biz' fav coin and use those gains to fuel your dreams. Living is probably better than being dead

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>I’ve recently lost a multiple year court battle for my kids, I wage in retail and put all my savings into a lawyer but it wasn't enough
Karen strikes again

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>I’m 25 today
thank God you have time to turn it around
next time don't fall for the karen meme
I was lucky and just had my ex-fiance extort me for money in order for her to remove her name from the townhouse I bought and paid for and stupidly put both our names on the title
never making that mistake again

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we didn't have any kids together
can't imagine what it's like if you have kids and the mother uses them as weapons against you

anons, keep this in mind
if your girl has facebook and is a normie, that means she is married to the government and will never be able to be your wife
>don't believe me?
>pic related

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should I start dumping GBFM copy pasta for all the newfrens in this thread?

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I turned 31 today. The only friends I have are the 3 people who buy weed off me (one of which bailed on hanging out which we'd planned 2 weeks ago) and my closest friend who lives in Serbia (I'm in UK). She forgot my birthday and I've spent all day alone getting high apart from this morning where I saw my parents and it was as awkward as I always make it, while they try to make it as nice as they can for me. As soon as they pass away I'm ending it, I decided that today. I get it dude.

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Yeah I have no idea what this Karen shit is

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She was nuts when we got together, I knew she had issues but it’s like she’s a fucking psychopath now. During one of our last few court dates I was on the stand and she flat out asked me if I was sure the kids were even mine.

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>if the girl has facebook
first of all im sacrificing everything, including sex life to become a billionaire dictator from buying chainlink, but don't all girls have some form of social media? even if they don't use it often?

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Neither do I

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And how exactly am I supposed to make money using this piece of information?

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That’s exactly what she did. She used them against me and it failed more than once but due to her financial situation she could just keep filing repeatedly without any fees. I kept paying and fighting but it broke me before I could even try filing Abuse of Process and without the lawyer I got railroaded. Outside Link I’ve got $40 to my name as of now. It feels like every day is a struggle just to drag myself into work for another 8 hours.

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Quit being a sad cunt, and try your damnedest to be a sick cunt m8. I strongly recommend you go over to /fit/ and fucking make it. The gym will help you get your mind off of things.

Sometimes we all just find ourselves back at level 1. It happens man. Get back on that grind. Realize now, more than ever before, you need to make yourself the most baddest mother fucker on this god damn rock. Why? Because FUCK KAREN that's why.

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I feel you. I had a healthy social life and friends until I got married and had kids. I lost touch with all of them, most of them moved off or died to shit like ODing. That’s part of the reason why I hold this place in such high regard.

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I did that a year ago to cope with the ongoing court battle, I burned off 100lbs inside 8 months but I had to start working more to try and keep things up and I couldn’t keep my routine, kept the diet so I haven’t gained it back though.

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>That’s exactly what she did
that's what they all do
their husband (the government) tells them to
and they dutifully listen since they depend on the government for money since modern men don't want to marry

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who the fuck care about kids? you have them now they can fuck off the goal is just to reproduce

if you kys please bring some jewish people with you or shitskins or free masons

see you tomorrow same hour same place


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>she could just keep filing repeatedly without any fees
>I kept paying and fighting but it broke me before I could even try filing Abuse of Process and without the lawyer I got railroaded.
welcome to (current year + 4)
>the boys in pic related have no idea what's in store for them

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>who the fuck care about kids?
modern woman definitely doesn't care
>pic related
>360 no scope headshot 420 blazeit

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>should I start dumping GBFM copy pasta

lzozozozolzolz bonus nboenerz wuqestsionz:
#11. I like dating aemrican womenz and western womenz beacues:
a) i like paying for what otherz got for fre when it was younger hotter tghtr twnety poundz lighterz lzozooz
b) i like paying for rental carsz after i return them
c) i like urinalz dat make me pay and make small talk each time i pee
d) i like suiting up in a hazmat suit, self-contained breathing apparatus, snorkel, fins, and thre cans of lysol when i go down on pusysysysys zlzozozlzo
e) i like hearing about how men created all the evil in the world including shoppng malls, cars, ipodz iphonez twitter (clitter/twatter) and even cinabun zlzozozolzozzl


In a sane world, GBFM would be hailed a visionary poet

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>He sold his on November 15, 2019
>He sold for $2.797
>He is not going to make it
>He might neck himself

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Looks like the ranting of a schizo incel

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>doesn't know who GBFM is
>doesn't know who Chateau Heartiste is

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I haven’t sold. Still have the same 130 link, I don’t trust myself to swing it. I was hoping the pump would keep rolling so I’d have even more to invest so maybe I could get myself back out of my parents or even try to fight again but unfortunately I didn’t make it.

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>the fucking kids
Rhythmically this would have worked better if it was just "the kids." This reeks of /r/teenagers

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Yeah 4chan and podcasts is pretty much my company. I don't know what I'm going to do for the next 40+ years if I keep going. I'm at the best point of my life career wise, my life is back on track after some shit years, but I've never seen less in the way of hope. Best of luck to you, I hope things improve.

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>This reeks of /r/teenagers
shut up Karen

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The house
The kids
The dog
Would have worked better here.
Also OP is 100% fishing for donations

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why kys if you could ktl?

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Karen wears pant suits, Karen lives in suburbia, Karen works in accounting or HR, Karen is perpetually dissatisfied with customer service, her neighbors, and her children, and she takes out her own feelings of inadequacy on others. She is often heard asking to speak with a manager and making complaints over completely inconsequential issues because this is the only sense of control she will ever experience in her miserable life.

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Same to you friend. I’ll hold as long as I can hoping the shitpile I’m buried in stops growing or shrinks.

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This one isn't funny and it would have been more relevant if you said "Shut up, boomer."

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This one is good

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Hey there bro,

Don’t go doing anything stupid.

I can’t reveal too much but I will say this much: you do NOT want to give up just yet.

We are prepping an announcement that will make your 100 LINK worth enough to take your children back and hire someone to put your wife down like the miserable bitch she is.

Just take a deep breath and believe what I’m telling you now:

What we are close to revealing is going to form a wave that will forever change the face of the financial system and 100 LINK will be enough to ride that wave.

God Christ I’m excited for you bro.

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Fuck off with your stupid fucking leddit meme. Fuck you stupid niggers. Im disappointed in you 42. I didn't realize you were a plebbitor faggot. You have to go back or your going to make everyone poor with your normalfag npc shit memes.

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>100 LINK worth enough to take your children back and hire someone to put your wife down like the miserable bitch she is

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>Im disappointed in you 42
thank you

they're boomer memes
zoomers don't relate yet to the Karen memes since they're not old enough
and I got them from here:
Dalrock is based

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Honestly, your mid 20’s are kind of your worst. You haven’t had enough time to get a firm foundation economically, so you expect things to stay the same. Relationship wise you have limited experiences so you rationally assume that the rest of your relationships will mirror the first ten years of relationships.
Basically, rock bottom is all you know, but you’ve known it for abo it half of your conscious life, and you’re like wtf this is all it is gonna be huh?
It’s not, you’re here, you’re an anon. Also, if you an hero and leave your children fatherless, you’ll actually be a piece of shit, and forever be remembered as a piece of shit.
You aren’t a piece of shit, my best friend an heroes at around your age. The next ten years of his life would have gradually become so much better if he stuck around. Don’t transfer your pain to tour family, pain cannot be destroyed only redistributed.
Hold that link for the next 10 years. Never sell, I mean it, never sell. Just chill out, retail sucks I know.
Do you have a backyard? Grow some plants they are very fun to watch grow. Do a few house plants if no backyard.
Now money idea:
If no backyard, grow succulents indoors and sell them online and in your neighborhood.
If backyard grow succulents and veggies.
Growing food is fun and can make you money. I hope this inspires you.

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lifes hard bro, but its darkest before the dawn. whats the point of love without pain? without valleys no mountains.

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I feel you, fren. Many people who visit this site regularly had experienced some form of trauma.
But guess what, life isn't only shit. I'm pretty sure you also have some things that bring you joy and let you forget about what hurts you. You are only 25, I know life might be looking pointless and future dark right now in this moment, but you still have enough time to start from the beginning. Try to get more Link and NEVER tell anyone about it.
I wish you the very best.

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Anon, when you're rushing through traffic, just know there's another anon rushing through traffic with you. On the same road perhaps. Speculatively some kind of corolla. Blasting eurobeat. (The Rockefeller remix)

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more Karen memes

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There’s no fishing. I’m not asking for anything nor am I offering anything. As for proof that it’s not horseshit this is the part of the order where it says how long I’m barred from my own children. It also says the date of the first court date.

>> No.16266978

I’ll keep my eyes out fren.

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>this is the part of the order where it says how long I’m barred from my own children. It also says the date of the first court date.
I totally understand why men go murder/suicide
no wonder we're stagnating
no wonder millions of people were murdered by their governments over the last 100 years

>As for my people, children are their oppressors and women rule over them

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>this is the part of the order where it says how long I’m barred from my own children. It also says the date of the first court date.
Pic related was Karen's face as she was using the government and police to implode her family in order to collect cash and prizes for life
Karen hates God and hates Jesus

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you deserve it for being this dumb and close minded, nigga thinks his life is over *multiple crying laughing emojis*

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>Karen hates God and hates Jesus

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I am 25 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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did she accuse you of abuse?
>it looks like the court is ordering you to be (((restrained from committing acts of ""abuse"" or ""threats of abuse"")

did she put a restraining order on you?

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Idk if you will read this anon but you have to stay alive for your children. Women are literally forcing their kids to become trannies these days and of that happens you need to be around to do the needful. Think about it please.

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This post >>16266967 was meant to reply to >>16266771 I’m not going to ask for any donations nor would I refuse the offer. I only wanted to be able to talk to other people here about this because there’s nobody else I’m able to. Even if it makes no difference down the line.

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By the time I’m allowed to see them again they won’t even remember who I am. I’ll have no Kind of relationship left with them and I’d put all my money on her trying the same shit down the line once I am able to see them again.

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modern husbands are forbidden by the (((law))) to discipline their wives
is it any wonder women are miserable and men don't want to marry

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Not at all. There was a point where we got into a huge fight and the cops were called and she lied told them I grabbed her arm. I spent the night and jail and couldn’t go back home for a month because of a protection order. Was stuck up in a hotel the entire time.

>> No.16267249

I was well above 35 before I turned myself around. Don't be a stupid cunt, you have more than enough time to make something out of yourself. I turned from being a self obsessed alcoholic junkie to get a bachelor n buy myself a house n some land. Comfy job n asian gf. I drive a Audi s-line to work no debt on it. Some student loan n down-payment left on the house, but it's no stress. Don't be a pussy, man up, you can do it.

>> No.16267320

I come to post here every day. I have probably called you both fren and faggot. I love you as a fellow anon and don’t want you to kill yourself

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>There was a point where we got into a huge fight and the cops were called and she lied told them I grabbed her arm
classic Karen

>I spent the night and jail and couldn’t go back home for a month because of a protection order. Was stuck up in a hotel the entire time.
this is how they took control of the money printing and control of western cunt-trees (countries)
they weaponized women against men
western women are married to the government and they hate God
their new god is the government and the
pedophile paper peddlers (money printers)

>> No.16267395

I wouldn’t be shocked. As do i. It’s either here or staring at the tickers if I’m not working. The thread may close here soon so I will say it again. Thank you all for taking the time to speak your mind either way, this will probably be the highlight of my birthday, I honestly thought I’d get slid. I truly do appreciate all the kind words you’ve all given me.

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10$ per quiz on coinbase




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that's great shit man! Really, I'm sorry you're getting fucked by Karen but I know you can pull it together man. I believe in you.

>> No.16267434

Same OP. I've cursed at you as well. And now I'm recommending you buy Kleros. That's your ticket it to make it anon.

>> No.16267480

>identifying yourself with a website
absolutely pathetic

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>their new god is the government and the
> pedophile paper peddlers (money printers)

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Want a tit pic to make it better? It’s cold so the nips are hard.

>> No.16267588


be cool if life was good. but it's not. i got shit going on, it's been years, I wont even say. however i liek to come here and shake off my woes, and share some bants with the lads.
so what're you saying, thats not good enough for you now? or that your problems are worse than my problems, and even worse than the random quadriplegic anon reading this?
anyway you're one of us. like it or not you're staying here with us.
the lads.




.$1000 EOY

>> No.16267767

>I’m 25 today
I really hate it when zoomers act like their life is over due to some minor setbacks. You're still young enough to change things around and have your whole life ahead of you. You are only allowed to think like this when you're AT LEAST over 30.

And how the fuck do you have multiple kids at 25 but no job security? What kind of person thinks it's okay to raise multiple kids on a burger flipper salary in this day and age?

>> No.16267771

Aslo lost my daughter after fighting several years in several court cases, now I just have to wait until she is 12 yrs old to make a move, all I can do is to make a nice home ans save some money for her to have later in life. The cort battles almost got me, but ofc as we all knows the game was rigged. I am a white (privileged) male. After a battle you lick your wounds then re-strategize and prepare for the next (and hopfully final) battle. It's weird to know that you're stupid but also certain that you're smarter than 85% of the rest of the stupid fucks. Also got a few K of links at 0.25, and none of those social worker cunts protecting that dissosiative bitch-mother with severe personallity disorder have any leverage on me due to the fact that my education and professional experience top's them all. The cunt filed charges agains me for raping her regularily and also suggested that I "did stuff" to my daughter, that I love more than anything. She will pay for it all one day, karma is a worse bitch than her. I am also to blame for fucking that stupiud cunt. I keep on working, upgrading my house, saving and investing. I am ready as fuck for round two.

>> No.16267798

Mine will be 11, my son 9. I only recently got in around 2.60 for 120. Ive been doing all I can to build it, like a savings that can pump or dump given the day. As of now all my extra goes into it until I can either try and fight again or pull myself up.

>> No.16267841

So you had your kids at 14 and 16? Is this LARP?

>> No.16267863

That’s 5 years from now. That’s how old they’ll be when I can see them again. Right now they’re 5 and 6.

>> No.16267918


Fuck, does this mean I’m an 8 or 9 guy? Thx anon you made me feel pretty

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File: 248 KB, 1080x1349, 152583A0-3B7A-429C-AC11-EA984E30A57D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long, long time

>> No.16267978

Mine is 9 now, still got 3 years to up myself. Dont gove up man, they need and deserve their dad in future. Also money is only part of the game, get back your self respect, then it'll all come back. Forgive yourself for all your fuck ups, that's how we learn, and improve ourself. Fuck I wish I had a chance to go back and turn myself around at your age. Be tha man you want to be now, it's about character. And you are the master of yourself. The more fucked up situation, the better character you build from turning it around. Don't give up, one fucking small step at the time, you'll get there if you decide and devote yourself. Setbacks ofc, but keep going forward. You can do it!

>> No.16268164

I feel the same but I doubt she’ll allow that even 5 years from now.

>> No.16268170

Pick up on WiFi, ID changed.

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>women were weaponized against men
>Karen hates God and hates Jesus
I've seen it with my own eyes in the cities

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>if your girl has facebook and is a normie, that means she is married to the government and will never be able to be your wife
pic related

>> No.16268281

Are you the anon with 3 kids?

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No I’ve only got the 2.

>> No.16268347

Based psychonaut

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>25 years old
>works in retail
>has kids
>roastie wife abandons him and takes kids
I mean what were you expecting was gonna happen? You going to raise a nice family on a retail tier job income? With a wife that seems to be a cunt? I mean why the fuck are you even having kids at 25 if you don't have a comfy job to raise them properly? And you obviously suck at choosing the right woman.
I'm 24 and I make 90k, my gf makes 70k. We have only recently decided to have kids. Are you a negro per chance?

>> No.16268419


5 years is not that much, by then you'll be a better you. It's been 7 years since I've seen my daughter, another 3 years (at best) until I do. She cried when she had to go back to her mother last time I saw her. It hurts less now than it used too. I know I am doing it right. I am going to be there and be ready for the day when she asks about her dad, In my country kids have actual rights when they are 12 yrs old. I fought the law and the law won, but it ain't over yet.I have all the documents from the whole process, one day she will know, I fought for her. Her fucked up mother might have fucked her up beond repair, but I will be there and do my best for her. After the break up I lost my drivers license due to a dui, the place I rented was really rural and 5km to the store. I almost gave up. I had to walk 45 minutes to get groceries. I knew I has to change my ways. I was waiting for a cort case cuz I got busted with a kg of pot. (Karen knew this before she came here to steal my seed). I sobered up, walked to the store, also started walking to the gym 50 minutes twice or 3 times a week. I gave blood and urine samples for 3 years. I started my education, walked 50 minutes (sometimes biked) to take a bus to night school two times a week. Sometimes it was almost 30 degrees below zero (Celsius). I remember one time when I used my bike, i forgot my gloves at school, I had to ride home in 20 degrees below zero without my gloves, fuck it was cold. But I did it, all that stuff made me stronger. After a year and a half my cort case about my dui came, and my sentence was 6 months without a licence. After 1 yrs 6 months without a licence. I also got 60 days in jail for the pot. It all got better from there, but slow. It took time. I got stronger. My depression faded. My self respect came. I never experienced somthing like that before. I am nothing special at all, just another fuck up. If I can do it anyone can. It will get better. Small steps.

>> No.16268422

I was in college at the time working on the side. That fell through as well when shit with my marriage started hitting the fan. I would’ve loved to return but as I said I wasn’t and still am not in a financial state where that’s possible.

>> No.16268436

Hi Karen, please drop off the kids this weekend.

>> No.16268443

Wait wait wait, hol up. Why the fuck did you get married before finishing college? Or getting a better job? What was the point?
Did the condom broke and she forced you into it with pregnancy?

>> No.16268460

Theres more to my story if (You) want to hear it. But it really doesn't matter, there are many more like me, and worse. That turned it around.

>> No.16268548

We’d been together off and on through high school. Not long after I started college we went at it and i didn’t think the damn thing broke but about a month later she found out she was knocked up. After she had her we did it the first time when she was still at the point where we thought she couldn’t get knocked up again but sure enough she did. It wasn’t bright to even risk it and a couple months in shit started hitting the fan. There’s a good chance with my first that it isn’t actually mine and she suckered me but it doesn’t really change how I feel now.

>> No.16268573

You kids are going to need you. Their mom is a nut job.

Stay with your parents, save money, improve your situation join a local church, Send birthday and christmas cards and gifts. Thoughtful gifts not expensive gifts.

As the kids get older make sure they have your contact info.

>> No.16268789

Listen dude, I feel your situation and while I'm not in it, I can imagine what you're going through.

I'm in my early 20's with a pregnant wife, and she has her own issues. I would not be surprised if in the not too distant future I end up in a similar circumstance. But i've thought it through. I read the mgtow stuff. I understand evolutionary psychology, the fucked courts and all that bullshit. Somewhere along the way, however, I realized that there is nothing more important than family, and my kid, when they come around, will be my life. I believe that even if I get fucked by society, those moments with my kids, and the potential of future moments with them, will be worth all the suffering this fucked planet can throw at me.

I need you to understand something very clear fren. If you can endure this bullshit, your wife will lose, and your kids will come back to you someday. However, if you check out now, you will fuck your kids. All that love, all those sacrifices so far, will be for nothing.

If you love your kids, you will fight for them. Forget about your happiness, this present darkness. You exist for them, and they will need you one day, even if it is far in the future.

>> No.16268872


I want to offer you some advice. Part of it is anecdotal, but it is also an evolutionary truth. What goes around comes around. I'm not talking about some karma spiritual bullshit. The fact is that people who lie and cheat and steal and wrong eventually hang themselves with their own rope.

Your wife, if she is a crazy liar, will eventually dig her own grave. Her friends will one day forsake her. Her children, your children, will lose faith in her. That might be in a couple years, or it might be in ten, but it will happen. And when it happens, you need to be ready to swoop to the rescue and be there for your kids.

Save the documentation. Right letters once a month to your kids and save them in a box. Don't forget them, and prepare for that future when the time comes. Get your act together. Become the hero they imagine you to be late at night. Then when you get a call from them years down the line, there will be no doubt.

You are their father. You always loved them and fought for them, even in the depths of hell. And even then, in the belly of the beast, you didn't give up, because they are part of you. If you die, then part of them dies too.

Don't give up fren. I'll be praying for you and your kids. I think you're a hero for what you've been through, and as long as you don't give up, they will think that one day too.

>> No.16268904

dude shut up holy shit

>> No.16268939

Fuck you.

>> No.16268963

It's too early to kill yourself, faggot. GBR is just around the corner, you really want to miss that? You invested in BAT so at least you are not a complete brainlet, tag along with us for a little longer.

>> No.16269194

I’m stuck in the US. Not many options and I don’t think that’s available to me as of now.

>> No.16269837

Why don’t you just buy some camping gear, a bow and go live innawoods for a while. Do dmt or shrooms. Strip away all the bullshit, live off the land and freshen your perspective on life.
25 is young bro, I felt old at 25 too but I can tell you ten years later your still a kid. Don’t throw it all away yet

>> No.16270166

That’s a dream I have but there’s child support I’m supposed to keep up on.

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