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Daily reminder its 10k suicide stack

100k to make it

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Remember everyone:

100 linkies is the suicide stack
1k is make it
10k is fuck you money
anything above 10k is larp

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You have to go back

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Imagine being this retarded

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>You have to go back

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>t. tiny pen0r

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The only thing any person should be doing at this point is converting all their liquidity into chainlink. 10k+ stacks should be everyone’s goal.

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335 expanded flat. Set ur buys at 12k or get rekt

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I have 300k, bought on Etherdelta and never sold. Sucks to be you newfag.

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i'm so poor:(

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Larpity larpity larp.

The answer is no, pajeet, we're not selling our linkies to buy your BSV / RLC.

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I dont know why people still parrot this blatant lie. Ive been to this hell hole every day since 2016. 1k is suicide, 10k is make it.

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>Larpity larpity larp.

I love it. The reddit newfag cope. God it feels good being right these past two years.

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see: >>16258385

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>1k is suicide, 10k is make it.

Its not, but i guess it depends on what making it is to you.

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>t. guy who doesn't understand what link is or is capable of, but will no doubt claim to be an "OG" anyway

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why aren't you 10x long?
do you hate financial freedom?

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what is 500 linkies? that's what I have

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Why would I risk my retirement?

Fuck off swingie

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>100 linkies is the suicide stack
>1k is make it
>10k is fuck you money
>anything above 10k is larp


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so in terms of usd, what is
suicide stack: $100,000 usd?
make it stack: $1,000,000?
fck you money: $10 mil +?

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>suicide stack: $100,000 usd?
>make it stack: $1,000,000?
>fck you money: $10 mil +?
100 link suicide stack
1000 link make it stack
10,000 link fuck you money

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checked, og linkies understand

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>Not buying a hardware wallet, Moving the funds over to it and then dropping a address to verify the authenticity

I conclude this LARP

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Nice, when are you going to sell some off?

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