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>Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee!
>Feeling a bit low energy, I think I need some more coffee!
>Sorry I’m late guys, I needed to snag a cup of coffee! Let’s get this meeting started!
>You look like you could use a cup of coffee!
>Drinks after work today?
>Are you going to happy hour today? Lisa and Daryn said they’re going to that new place down on 12th street for drinks after work!
>It’s Thursday, let’s get some drinks tonight!
>Happy hump day, are you heading downtown for dollar drinks?
>The new sales report just came in, we hit our targets! Celebrate with drinks tonight?

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white collar people should be exterminated

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>not getting drinks
Its like you want to get fired

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>facebook repost about caffeine addiction

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i want to murder cunts who go on like this

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It’s your turn to get the coffee and donuts, OP. Why didn’t you bring the coffee and donuts, OP?

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Another one of those "Muslim incel tell /biz/ we should abstain from coffee" threads.

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based schizo

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I like my wagetime coffee but I get frustrated everytime my collegues want to go to a bar. It's a waste of time and money and I'd rather do it with friends.

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>Drink tea instead of coffee
>"Hmm something seems off about anon... can't put my finger on it though..."

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>drink neither
>get ostracised as though I stomped a puppy right in front of them

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My co-workers always want to go to the shittiest bars where they use cheap liquor in everything. It's not bad enought that i dont want to go but can we go someplace where they dont put E+J in everything? Enjoy your hangover fucking plebs.

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As long as it doesn't come in a plastic jug it's fine, mate

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At this point I'm more upset about how everyone chugs alcohol during all of their free time than everyone running on coffee. I always idolize all my coworkers believing that they're better than me, but in the end it's always revealed that they're spending their free time barhopping. I'm finding myself pushing more and more people out of my life that I used to be great friends with because everyone just spends every weekend getting drunk af. I'm even starting to tolerate people with vidya addictions because it's at least something different than pot and alcohol.

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What else do you do all day that is so much better? I'm seriously asking.

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no you get ostracized because you dont work very hard

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>implying I work

I retired in 2019 sweety but hav fun working until you’re 65

Pic related is you, fellow redditors

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Checking those dubs

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Try being a visibly fit, tall, straight, meat eating male in a corporate setting and watch the ostracization and butthurt come into play.

It's fucking terrible. Bugmen will look at you funny if youre not pounding shots on a Tuesday night. Worse if they find out you do any sort of physical activity that isn't meme company 5ks.

They'll accept if you if you're gay. They'll accept if you if you're fat with 3 kids and a cunt wife. They'll accept you if you're a Manlet. They'll accept if you if you're a trendy vegan.

But if nothing is "wrong" with you you're consistently a threat and you know HR is looking for any excuse to remove you from the tranny fest.

Remote work or leave the west. It's a sinking ship.

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I just try out different shit. Some days I try music (looking for new albums, having another go at learning my shitty instrument I bought, making dumb shit in DAWs), some days I work on some program I'm writing, I've been contemplating having another attempt at getting into making fanart even though that scene is oversaturated to shit. There's just so much cool shit out there to try out and make, especially nowadays with the internet making access to this shit super easy, and yet everyone pisses away their potential on muh weed or muh craft beer or muh new vidya

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>caring this hard

Just google search “12 year old grills” naked on company CPU tonrestablish dominance buddy

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Success breeds jealousy. Also, what are you doing that you don't have at least a few other gym chads with you? Even framework plumber shops have at least a few people that work out somewhere

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>nothing is wrong with office culture and by extension adult American culture go back to sleep anon

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Any sort of white-collar work now has women and gays flooding in thanks to affirmative action. I work in software engineering and my team is mostly women and feminine men. My friends in other industries (law, engineering, finance) are seeing similar trends.

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>hurr look at me im a strong normal man unlike all of you degenerates

ok snowflake

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Spoken like a true neet that has no idea about everyday life. Seriously look what you took the time to write... everyone who reads it knows you’re a paranoid retard basement tranny

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>brooooo obsessing over weirdos on the internet making noises about their broken hearts and worshipping cartoon characters is so much more respectable than just growing up and accepting the fact that life is way less interesting than everyone told us and zoning out and consuming what we feel like

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how is it possible to be this retarded

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>oy vey shut it down

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>not banging fresh stock from your constant stream of new women and boipussy
baka, brother


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>t. Never has worked with millennial women

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>being any sort of sexual with female coworkers in #metoo era

Lol enjoy poverty

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oilfield is pretty comfy in this regard

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You wish nigger, there is nothing to shut down because your fantasy post rings false no go dilate.

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he's a chad so he can get away with it

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> t. not actually a chad, just an annoying retard with no interests who pisses everyone off by bragging about how he works out

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>"this didn't happen" reddit response

>behold my strawman

Jidf in full effect today wow

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you are doing the right thing anon

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>le shill epic secret 4channel club response xD

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You're fucking retarded, or just horrible at your job. Try being a tall, fit, competent white male, see HR roasties and underlings seethe, see upper management who are all tall white competent men, love you. See token hires get shit assignments while you get highly visible projects.

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You are an NPC

You can’t imagine an alternative to the dichotomy you present but you think anyone cares what you say?


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lol u stupid

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>gays and trannies!
>millennial women!
>I'm a strong fit white misunderstood alpha chad!
>JIDF is after me!

Just imagedump your jewhate folder for us and scuttle on back to /pol/ already, jesus.

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Either you live on the east coast or you're a angry loser

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I only drink with co-workers on the weekend

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Leddit cancer. You stand out like a jap hating nigger on a white nationalist weaboo forum

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I think they just dislike you because you talk like a massive faggot

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coffee drinkers tend to be bro tier, people who don't drink coffee are complete assholes trying to Slack you at 8 in the morning and shit

that said for your gut and sanity you should choose coffee or beer. everyone i know who drinks both even on a weekly basis is a total mess behind the curtain.

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I really dont know why you ledditots think you fit in. 99% muh /pol/ is leddit newfags. Either you're indifferent or you are /pol/. Nobody whos been here for more than 5 years would ever get this booty blasted over racism, sexism ect ect.

Just shut the fuck up or go back to websites that feature different content that you will enjoy more

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Why did this post trigger so many (((people))) ?

Makes you think.

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unironically how can you not hate jews. they're a culture by their own admission. it's the most passively toxic culture in the world. the crux of it is literally "we're chosen and everyone else is not" which isn't even really true of Christians who bother to align their faith with the red text. it's the insidious type of evil that leaves a crying kid on the side of the road because "crying is so awkward lol"

>> No.16255374

They cant digest milk

That's enough for me senpai

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Its surprising how many crab bucket leddit npcs are browsing these days. They are the lowest form of human. They see something with soul or power and in a desperate attempt they try to latch onto it for personal gain but they just end up dragging it down the gutter becuase they can't personally change or climb themselves.

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memes aside i get pretending to be kosher in public to ease your own life and because causing problems for problematic people creates a crab market of petty insults. but here on the internet you should be able to take a step back and go "oh wow here's a culture who's entire MO is promoting itself and staying as exclusive as possible without dying out, what a bunch of dicks"

but nah, because it'd be rude or whatever you're supposed to just let these guys hide under the banner of their ambiguous race/religion/culture/philosophy and consolidate power whose centrality and closed nature is rivaled only by the family unit

>> No.16255600

>oh wow here's a culture who's entire MO is promoting itself and staying as exclusive as possible without dying out, what a bunch of dicks"

Honestly I wonder about that sometimes. I know many jews who have consumed too much of their own lefty propaganda and have rendered themselves infertile via radical feminism and transgenderism.
Like to the point where they can't even function let alone effectively reproduce.

I think jews will just fuck themselves over in time

>> No.16255614

>thinking anyone will ever bother to #metoo a poorfag nobody like you.

>> No.16255653

Oh please. Like poor college kids aren't getting accused of grape left right and center

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nice dubs but i fear that's pretty typical of the jewish experience. the jewish cultural ideal for youth is just Ashley Richdad but generalized. they'll go do degenerate shit for a few years and then come back home for a fat bag and a solid reference on a girlfriend from mommy and daddy, then they'll settle down and sneer at people who do degenerate shit.

i'm not racist, mormons are just as bad about this stuff. i could care less about the OY VEY NOSE stuff. they just have a shitty fucking culture.

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God you’re paranoid. Even if you were right your shit is so fucking lame and unimportant, get the fuck over yourself, mentally ill, defective person.

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