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What is all this link shilling? I fomo'ed in and bought 1000. I have a $5000 credit card should I just get $5000 more.

I don't wanna miss out again. Is this a real thing. I'm weak willed and will probably just do whatever you anons tell me.

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ok, now bend over

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honestly? it's just a meme. i wouldn't worry about it. it's not gonna be the "NeXt BiG tHiNg" or whatever nonsense the linkies keep chirping and burping about

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omg is this his mother? is this kind of an incest situation where he looks at his mom in a sexual way?

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tfw no sexy blonde gym thot mother to coom to, why even live?...

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I was like you a few months back OP. I know the trepidation.

What defines us is our actions. Do or don't. There is no try.

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weird, that's almost exactly as much as I've made from my LINK

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remortgage the house, sell a kidney and put it all on link. in a few years you'll be living on a yacht and own a chinese organ farm.

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Feels good brah. Take this with you.

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should i even buy 100? seems worthless

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If you want the redpill: it's just shilling. Eventually that shilling led to something, but it's nothing special.
Link went from a shitty pnd coin to a premium pnd coin. It might get as far as 100, but nowhere as near as 1k; the whole 1k EOY is just pure shilling and shitposting.

Link is tied to ETH. Unless ETH goes over 1k, Link will stay down there.

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Depends how weak your hands are.

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wrong. be quiet, mETH head

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Don’t put yourself in danger when investing. If you can repay that 5.000 then yes.

Don’t do it if you can’t repay that.

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>Link is tied to ETH.

You had two years. Weak FUD cannot suppress the price any longer.

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Someone is very obviously PNDing it today. I'm not saying that it will or won't go higher, but they couldn't be any more obvious with their manipulation.

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This is a compelling argument. I like this one the most because everything makes sense to me from that perspective

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Oh yeah, can I use binance at all in the US? I've been using bittrex/coinbase to be a good goy.

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>tfw maxed credit card to buy LINK at $.42
>US banks ban credit transactions for crypto ~1 month later
Feels good that I recognized the potential of "free fake money in exchange for real digital assets" when it was still available.

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At this stage, with all of the Reddit niggers, women and actual niggers involved with LINK, and the low IQs on /biz/, none can still think that this is the next big thing...

LINK already had a golden bullrun, it was $4.00.

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