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No alcohol/ no drugs/ no smoking/ no fap/ no cafeïne/ avoid sugar
Daily sleeping schedule: 2am-8am, 14pm-15.30pm (not a wagie, so I can do this siesta schedule)
Daily walks / daily meditation / daily reading
Healthy food, take cbd as supplement
Rich neet (eth, chainlink) and studying philosophy and history, for fun.
Good haircut, hygiene and clothes.
Therapy helping me out with my family history.
My own place in the center of the city.
Writing and drama hobby.
Gym 3x a week.
Active social life in the arts community.
Volunteer in a museum organising art events.

Still no gf. (5'9")
What to do next, anon?
Also, you can ask me questions about general lifestyle and advice. I have been pretty depressed before. But I just realized now that I've actually made it. Wanna help you anons out

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How the fuck do you do no fap? it’s impossible for me to go more than 2 days

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this is way too much bro. yuppie scum trying to larp as neet

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I don't know man, it was a long process. On and off for two years. But now I'm at more than a month and I do not want to reset my streak. The benefits are pretty great too. All of the woman attracting stuff is okay but that's not the greatest benefit. The best benefit is the mental clarity you get and a huge amount of energy.

Yea I guess you can classify me as a yuppie now but I have reached this stage through 4chan and biz, without it I would have never made it here. So maybe this is the endgame, i don't know. I'm a neet because I got rich through crypto. Fucking love it now. Feeling genuinely bad when I see wagies lately, I just feel their suffering.

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I am on 4th day of nofap and I think I won't last another day. It is so fucking hard.

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I'm on day 8 but I think this is the one. I failed a LOT of fucking times. But I developed a method to stop fappging forever; every time you fap say to yourslef why you did what have done.
> was I depressed?
> was I bored?
> was I just horny?
> was I stressed?

and so on and so on. Every time you do it write it in you head (or in paper if you are a retard) why did you do it and how bad felt afterwards, then after you completed all the ways you could fap and know what do to in every situation

> yes I'm stressed, but the stress will pass and the fap effects won't, I just need to take a shower and go to sleep

then there would be a only way to go; the nofap.

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>taking supplement
Not the slightest chance to make it

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> was I bored?
This is ultimately the biggest reason I fap, though its neat because even when I fail nofap I can feel myself getting more and more actually horny when I do, instead of the bland "eh, why not?" feeling.

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Really what I do is just go to youtube and watch videos about the coomer meme. It's a pretty strong narrative. When you think about fapping, look at those videos.

Also, the most important thing is to NOT LOOK AT PORN OR IMAGES OF GIRLS. Do not look!! That is the most important to maintain your mental wellbeing. Good luck anon the jews really fucked us over with this porn habit. They are even trying to sue the founder of NoFap!! Sueing a man over recommending others to not touch their dick while watching fucking degenrate porn! I'm glad there is a counter movement.

Realise that PORN IS MADE TO FUCK YOU UP. They want you to be a pathetic loser stroking his dick. They want you to feel bad. FUCK THAT. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!!! Resist!!!!

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OP, look at the website you're on. We were not meant to have gfs. All people on here who claim that they have gfs are lying. We are outside of the equation, completely asexual to women. Forget about it OP. You can get a mail order bride, but going to a hooker is less hassle

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Study something to reduce other's suffering

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Alright, try coding with a throbbing dick while you’re trying to make it. Nofap is good for getting girls, but if you have other ambitions it’s a huge distraction

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I have a gf though and I have been on this shitty site for 12 years now

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No fap is a psyop to destroy your libido and sex drive. If you no fap longer than 1 week often, your boner wont get as hard anymore and when you go to have sex it will last 2 min. At first your body seems like all it wants to do is fuck or nut. That eventually goes away, and you have to actually take supplements to have sex. Not fapping everyday is good, but fapping every other week or longer will destroy your dick unless you are having regular sex.

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thats a fucking lie, I did nofap and noporn for 3 weeks not so long ago, when I was travelling, and at the end my sex drive was through the roof, my libido was driving me crazy, constant never ending erections, harder than ever, even wetdreams

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give up the following memes:
weird sleeping schedule (much better to sleep 7-8 hours in one stretch, and go to sleep early)
haircut and clothes
art community

do that for a month and see where you're at

all relevant points. a meaningless life will not bring you satisfaction no matter how long your meme list becomes
cut out anything that isn't essential so you can do something that matters
the gf naturally follows as a result of being an interesting person

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I bet your dad works for Nintendo too

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You are 1 in a million, gratz

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nofap and polyphasic sleeping are actually the two things of most benefit to me. Do not underestimate them.

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Another day, another larp

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You don't have a gf because your standards are likely too high.
I'm 27, all friends left long ago, got out just once last year and still dated and fucked a 5-6/10 20 yo nurse student without trying.
I'm not even good looking (just tall).

That's a thing I've seen among incels here, they complain women have crazy standards but theirs are just as bad.

The least you care about women and ache over not having a gf the more likely you are to get one, there is nothing more off putting to a woman than an emotionally needy guy.

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True, thank you anon, my standards are pretty high yes.
I don't want a girl with tattoos.
I don't want one whose favourite pastime is going to the club and drinking either.
No trashy girls, I like trad wives

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you're probably trying too hard, OP. unironically, I'm always amazed by how hard it seems for some guys to pick up a gf. Don't look for it, dudes, just chill and your thing. If by chance you stumble into someone, who you happen to like, approach this person as a potentials buddy and be cool. If you go with the 'oh, she could be my gf'-mentality chances you just fuck up and start acting akward quadruple on spot. especially if you haven't had any for years. All partners I met, my gfs and current wife were just cool and funny potential friends in my eyes, when we met for the first several times. Hang out with them, if you enjoy it, and don't force things. The "Anon, do we really just want to be friends?" question will come up from alone if you start having easy fun time in the first place.
tl,dr: don't force it ffs.

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grow up tryhard

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Guess this is the normies pill, it took me going through 30+ 'cute girls' before I developed some crazy standards, to make a long journey short high standards are good but not if you're an incel

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> Even after you've made it, you'll be single
Nah, I've had gfs before and will have them later, it doesn't depend on making it.

> What to do next, anon?
Next kill yourself, absolute loser faggot

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It's not a lie. I didnt say in 3 weeks your sex drive and libido would be gone, I said if you waited every other week often... as in if you continue to only release a nut every other week for an extended time period (like 3 months). Wet dreams isnt a good thing and reinforces my point. You will fuck up your dick, you will eventually need supplements to last longer than 2 min with a woman. If you dont use it you lose it, this is real. At first you are hornier than ever, but repressing that will fuck up your dick eventually. Again, I'm not suggesting fapping everyday, but to completely stop will eventually destroy your dick and t levels.

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reminder that OP is a nofapshill and everything he said is a lie. (unless he posts proof of signed wallets which he wont and cant do because he is a larp)

another reminder is that you can only make it if your brain is at constant post nut clarity. fap more and then after cumming immediately force your attention to something productive. the first moment a tit or ass comes to your mind you start fapping, then you cum and then you force your post clarity nut attention towards making money.

it also has financial advantages:
>fapping to porn is cheaper and more entertaining than holding a 5/10 3DPD and their mediocre sex
>porn can be easily pirated which makes it FREE
>no risk of getting babby (babby very expensive)
>dont need to pay for STD medication
>dont need to pay for roasties in any way
>can retire faster and invest more
>more money = more chances to make it

or listen to the nofap discord shills that want to drag you into the wagecuck ponzi for life while chaining you to some 3D pig. its your choice

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Unironically this. Most retards fuck up because of the need to put LABELS on everything.

Just. Frigging. Chill.

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Get a dog

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Hello, anon. Care for a longer and more meaningful conversation?

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Nofap is only useful if you have a porn addiction. If you are otherwise normal person, enjoy the libido flatline faggot.

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nofap reduces your chances to make it

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Where do you get money?

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Carnivore and parasite cleanses does the same thing as no fap
Because you eliminate the things that are sucking your nutrients and your recieve nutrients from the meat
Most clarity energy I ever had and I still fapped I was a god

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got any passives coming in or do you just let that shit bleed?

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How about you start doing nofaggotry?

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>Gym 3x a week.
>Good haircut, hygiene and clothes.
dress and talk like a fag
>studying philosophy and history, for fun
wasting your time
>Therapy helping me out with my family history
mental issues

No wonder you're depressed anon. Are you even white? If not you have literally 0 redeemable qualities.

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Your a faggot.

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Just don’t go to places that you know will trigger you. Or simply resist the urge. Nobody is forcing you to stroke your dick to climax wtf.

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>1. Quit watching porn.
>2. Read some erotic fiction instead (literotica, lushstories are good free sites). Especially female-authored erotic fiction will teach you what women actually want instead of downloading other men's fantasies like a cuck.
>3. Once you have fully replaced porn with erotica, you should no longer even be able to stand porn's awful production and stories and it should seem funny instead of sexy. That means your brain has healed from the porn addiction.
>4. Break the habit of finishing to erotica, if you're going to jerk off start using your own mental fantasies instead of an aide.
>5. Once you have quit the addiction to masturbatory aides it's much easier to quit fapping. Try and be mindful of your sexual arousal instead of animalistically jizzing every time.

Jerking off once every week or two isn't that damaging, but the addiction to self-pleasure will drain your power. Mindfulness is key.

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Easy to find in the midwest US, but you gotta get 'em early because we breed 'em young

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>Especially female-authored erotic fiction
suggest some

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But anon i already have a gf

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