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where were you when you realized that 1 billion dollars isn't even a lot of money anymore

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Never had the realization.

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Anyone who isn't a trillionaire should unitonicaly kill themselves in minecraft. Fucking poorfags.

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where were you when you realized that d.va’s tiny brown korean asshole must get incredibly sweaty in her jumpsuit while she’s fighting in her mech

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I want to make d.va put on a choker and snap it via throat fucking!

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where were you when you realized most Anons who browse this board are literal 14 yos who fantasize about inserting their pps into videogame characters?

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>that 13 yo who doesn't realize how primitive our visual arousal systems are in relation to sexual attraction

We don't start off with platonics like "real women". We look for various cues. Vidya women activate this more easily because there's no distracting signals due to their relative simplicity!

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What are you trying to buy? A country?

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No, im a 30 yr old boomer who fantasises about sticking my dick in jailbait 2d

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>a country
Ok boomer