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OK Biz, We are doing the Buisness and Finance hunger games today! Jannies, this is related to business and finance because Kek will clearly choose the most solid investment for winner

How to play:
We are doing 24 tributes
Post the image/avatar and name ONLY for your business and finance related tribute below so i can import them
after we have 24 tributes i will run the simulation and post the results here
Good luck!

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Comfy Neet

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C'mon everyone get in here. Shills you can post Greg as tribute if you want, we can get some GUH face as tribute, wojaks, Sergey. This will be fun post a tribute

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Bonzi Buddy

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Oracle Man

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fucking kys newfag

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Fuck yourself tard this shits fun

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Phil Swift here

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What name do you want?

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i will pay each of you 1 billion dollars to drop out of the race.

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Sergey Nazarov

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Here is what we have so far. Gimme more tributes

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nick szabo, any photo of him

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Im in

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nah you gotta post the photo sorry homie so i can use 4chan to host it

fixed and updated had it set to 36 not 24

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Here I am

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get bogged

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good work OP, best thread
keep going

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Reporting for duty

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Chuck-e-Cheese Token

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i volunteer terry davis as tribute

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Discord tranny police

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cancel this mcafee is more biz related

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Almost there! just 7 more needed

This will be "Area 51 raid" theme, im working on a Casino top buy in theme after this too!

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Whats your name tribute?

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The banker

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Almost there, Get a leg in the game if you don't have one yet lurkers!

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see file name for tribute name

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my bad heres a different crop without youtube thing in the bottom

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arent you forgetting someone

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Glow in the dark kike

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hes already in district 6

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Satoshi Nakamoto

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fake and gay

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*schlopp* *schlopp* *schlopp* *schlopp* *schlopp* *schlopp*

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Good to see you brother

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And we are off everybody! The horn will sound shortly

If you are a phone poster please remember to open the website in desktop mode because we have to compress the pictures

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Op needs to include Satoshi

Goddamnit you niggers and your low quality posts ruined this shit to a large degree, stupid fucking FAGGOTS.
You're supposed to have popular figures in the crypto community and coins ONLY, not this stupid fucking faggot shit

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Gigachad with the unfortunate self death the first round!

Everyone else seems to be very scared of the cornucopia!

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hes in

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lol damn just missed it. while I respect the rules of first come first serve, do we need 2 sir gays?

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How could i miss wagecuck and Sergeys accident! oh boy 3 self inflicted in the first round.

Day one continues -
Comfy neet is out of the running, bamboozled!
Bonzi Buddy seems to be enjoying himself a little too much

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this tho. I tried to keep the quality higher but nubiz is made of low t betas

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It's the biggest meme on the board, might as well

Night one! The surviving tributes wage on

3 Tributes pass out to alien laughing gas! what a shame
Bonzi and patrick seem to have been abducted right out of the arena!

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Day 2 -
The Bell tolls for iExec!
1 Billion dollars could not bribe his way out of death
and Oracle man doesn't seem to understand how linking teleporters works

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This is great!

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>no sminem

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Lol Ranjeesh is a beast.

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Night 2 is here!

Satoshi burns himself in lava, never dig straight down
Teeka saved from tthe poison by a hair
Soulja and Chucky cheese having some fun with the emergency distress system

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Ranjesh kills the discord tranny police. Are there no bounds he wont cross?

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poetic end for satoshi

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I will be doing a game 2 after this in a new thread, please join and submit tributes you want. It will be gambling themed not area 51

Chuke-cheese, all that estoric reading finally paid off with the bankers life!
Ranjeesh is a beast! kills 3 people then trolls on the alien internet

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After day one I was thinking asuka n ranjeesh would be friends. What a gangster

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tfw im in outta space

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Night 3 -
Soulja was not so lucky as Teeka it seems
Our tributes are getting very into their esoteric side with some meditation

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sorry anon. You’re doing good work

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VITALIK with those snake like reflexes! It must be the track suit
Ranjeesh from afar taking out the glow niggers!
Teeka Cuck and John mcafee were mysteriously abducted by some greys

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Take your bets now! Vitalik VS Ranjeesh our final showdown

Ranjeesh now has 4 arms! What a monster!

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Vitalik got it

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OOF! Without a fight even!

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is Ranjesh the true ubermensch?

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Congrats to Vitalik! Our Area 51 champion of the hunger games!

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Kek based

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Scorecards for all! Congrats everybody and thank you for playing

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chekt and ETHpilled

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Ranjeesh acquires 2 more arms. Top kek. Vishnu blessed you sir

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Thanks for everyone who suggested Tributes, I will be back in half an hour and create a new thread for our "Top Buy In Hunger Games"

When tributes go broke they will be out of the game! True /biz/ style

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good thread, i'll be watching for it

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