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i hope you bought your ticket

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I only have 50k. Feels I'm in the bilge of the titanic.

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Don't need a ticket for the homeless shelter

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Bullshit, no anons have stacks bigger than 10k

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49k link stack here
you had 2 years

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just 2682 but its worth a lot more than $3 each . its the real deal

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100k faggot. what you been a cunt 4?

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ive held the front lines for quite a while now, im ready for anything sarge

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Where do I buy this stuff?

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lucky bastard with 100k

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lucky bastard with 49k

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Poor fag 17k here.

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I got 22k after buying the peak in January 2018. I can NEET for 2 years so hopefully these babies are $100 a piece at the end of that time.

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have 31.7k

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lucky bastards with 17 and 22k

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I personally would not be comfy if I did not at least have top 1000 wallet.

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seems theres a lot of lucky bastards

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>replying to discord trannie bait

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bought in at .25 i am a happy bastard

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I have 424 tickets. Baggage class but I'm still on the ship damnit

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this boats doing good

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i bought 200 tickets at ~2€
will i make it?

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yes no reason for link to stop going up

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got 500 of these little bad boys

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i have a 2500, and it is a rough amount to hold, because whatever happens, you need to hold through the single digit and the early double digit $ price.

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I sold 14k already, still got 50k.

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If you're too stupid to use google, you're too stupid to make money from crypto.

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op is fgt.

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I bought in pre SIBOS and only have 4k

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tfw using chainlink literally IS using google

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scamming its way to $1k EOY

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Only 8.7K. It hurts to have nearly 8 suicide stacks but never be able to make it. Please dump it to 1.2 again.

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Before you buy, let me tell you a story.
I was visiting San Francisco to see one of my friends. We went to a strip club, and while I was there, I saw Sergey, surrounded by women. He was throwing tons of money at them, but not just bills. It was stacks upon stacks of $10,000, sealed up with the white paper bands, like he had just come straight from a bank.
I went up to him and congratulated him on the success of Chainlink as of late (this was about a month ago), and he started laughing. He took a hefty swig from a bottle of Dom Perignon, and said, "Yeah? You think I care, stinky?"
Confused, I asked what he meant, and said that he had obviously put a lot of work into LINK and he should be proud.
"Fundamentally, I don't give two fucks about Chainlink, kid."
He was about to say something else but one of the strippers tapped him on the shoulder. Sergey pulled out from his pocket the biggest ziplock bag full of cocaine I've ever seen in my life. It looked like one of those gallon bags, almost bulging at the seams. The stripper ran off into a back room with it.
He then pulled out a Zippo lighter.
"You wanna know what I think about Chainlink?"
He snapped his fingers and a stripper handed him a bottle of Hennessy. He then pulled about 20 stacks of bills from a duffel bag, threw them on the floor, poured cognac all over them, flicked his Zippo, and dropped it onto the pile. Almost instantly the whole stack caught.
I stared at him, speechless.
"It's called a 'PUMP and DUMP,' kid."
He laughed as he watched the pile burn before losing interest and going into a back room with his entourage of strippers following carrying duffel bags full of what I assume was money and coke.
This is the man you are supporting by buying LINK. Someone ask the Russian Jew if this is a true or romour in live please !

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Prestigious Punjabi Potty Training Academy, here I come!

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Fuck your datamining... but this is just my trading stack, you pleb.

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Oh I did silly stinky

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Other than that I think we're good. This thread is surprisingly honest this time around:^)

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Thats like saying no one has a dick bigger than 8in. I actually happen to have both.

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ok op thank you

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Post it. Stack or dick or both. Else larp confirmed.

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see >>16196796

I dont want to get b&... not posting dingaling.

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>bitcoin dumps
>link pumps

anyone who doesnt understand that link is the new standard is a dumb stinky nigger

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Post it on >>>/soc/ and link post. Don't be shy anon

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>i'm gay and I hold chainlink

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>in the bath rn
>litrilly gay

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What’s your targets on this rally?

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the thing is.. the rally never ends

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lucky I only have 1400

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