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see >>16193082

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AMD chads gonna make it.

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how do i tell that this cringy italian is a loser
better to have no sex than bad sex.

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In all the excitement over AMRN I think this fact is overlooked. The high risk version of the Drug is already FDA approved. The Expanded version for the common folk which is up for approval now is pretty much the same exact thing as the high risk version just dosage is different. So if FDA approved it for high risk people (your at death's door) approving it for the common folk who's more healthier should be a cakewalk.

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Can you pls stop?
Stob id bls....I can't handle it anymore.
Pls stob it. It will do a dumperoni and there's nothing you can do about it. Just stob..

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recession when?

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Could be next monday

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why don't you guys hold a portfolio of long and short, what you're doing is not trading or investing, it's gambling

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there is a difference between recessions and market crashes, but this time its probably going to crash hard

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kek LCI went down another percentage point in after hours

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Not for another 6 years

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the stock market is a fucking scam right now, its being propped up by the fed. earnings basically have gone nowhere for the index in the past ~10 years. all signs point towards down, yield curve, record low dividend yields, basically every valuation index says its overpriced like mad, etc.

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I'm gonna buy Gazprom.

Fuck the western markets. May the agreement of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance be praised.

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Look at cantillion effect eating up the gains from bull market lol. There's no way that young ppl should prop up this bullshit.

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Anyone on Twitter? I can recommending following these /smg/ related Twitter handles


Other related interesting Twitter handles:

Lots of Indian handles because I'm Indian and biased

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Why is it trading at so low multiples?

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Some of the larger FANG stocks are doing well and have excellent cash flows. I think it's more an issue with the broader market. The bubble(if you can call it that) seems to be in the un-profitable tech companies.

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It does make me feel better that absolute scam shit like WeWork is being BTFO of the market.

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What's the market for this?
Chart looks promising.
Expectation for er?


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The only way to make big money is by margin trading and option trading.

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I've made millions using bull and moon. anyone else use that app?

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It's been very refreshing seeing unprofitable companies get the beatdown they deserve lately. Now if only TSLA got what it deserved too... but patience is everything, real auto manufacturers are finally making a real effort to enter the EV market, and I expect a much more robust production line and a "old-school" approach to pricing (no software paywalls). So I think TSLA is actually going to be in trouble soon.

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When the time is right.

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This chart is out of date. 2018 had a -20%.

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I'm newfagging here, but am I a brainlet if I don't understand the relationship between the apron link and /smg/?

>> No.16195305

banter based fiddling with the op is all

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Looked at Nbev while back when the stock was 5 a share. Looked a sec ago, the stock is under 3 a share. Wtf happened? Where's all those drinks that walmart,etc was supposed to stock and thus the company Profits take off biggly? Now I'm glad I passed it up then. Not knocking them, but uh where's the Profit?

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did you look at the financials.
Negative net income and they keep issuing stonk

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Who here /JUST'd/?

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talking tv man said twitter might be worth buying. is soundboard boomer right?

>> No.16195860

lol no, twitter has never been and will never be worth buying

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Day or swing only and not yet.

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is cold here again

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>Bend over waitress
>Still not asking for it
>But your honor!!
I'll never understand whores.

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>pizza edition

Guys I have like two loans. How do I get more loans to buy more Etsy stock. So far it caused my credit score to go from 803 to 747.

Please help me get more loans!

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bring on the cheapies.. Do your DD by reading the filings, press releases and listening to CC.. if you are doing your DD on price action alone you're doing it wrong.

LCI to $60

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I don’t trust when he says might. Wait until he says “oh my god why does this stick not go up this is madness!” And then buy Viacom.

Japanese stocks are where the smartypants say value is. Burry says midcaps. Morningstar says SMFG is one of their current best bets. How do you feel about Japanese financial companies?

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Waiting for pullback on Honeywell to maybe do a continuation trade. Netflix kinda looks like it wants to inch on up some maybe. Netflix is not being sufficiently convincing at this juncture.


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never realized how much this guy is like p bateman

>> No.16196199

Penceman has some wonderful subtle facial expressions to behold.

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Too poor for a pass....lol

>I also don't have a pass and am too poor for one. All my money to to Etsy and Etsy is not doing good. Man it sucks. Fuck life sucks.

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I might have been willing to give monies to Moot but will never to hiromoot.

I wonder if Friday was the start of the dude weed resurgence. I suspect another fakeout but I'm almost certainly stuck in the 'sucker's rally' mindset. Maybe I should have bought Cresco Labs on Friday. Chart did say buy.

>> No.16196304

I’m thinking wait for dude weed to dip again and then get in before legalization becomes a talking point in the presidential debates next year and it moons

>> No.16196322

If history repeats, this may be the time to buy puts.

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Time to buy monster?

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the demmers were supposed to pump the dude weed in their early debates this year. They kinda did a little but always mentioned it in passing as a part of their platform. Media need to ask the legalization to them direct, I think. The problem is the Trumper is not strongly opposed to weed and the demmers don't seem to think it's a good attack vector against him.

>> No.16196434

Maybe but I think it will be red on Monday. Which could be could be a good entry possibly perhaps. If the vidya crowd talk about Death Stranding more in coming weeks, the Monster product placement in that game is bound to produce some chatter, chatter weasels its way in to the public discourse, Monster makes money.

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Bad pizza is bad pizza.

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a quick peek at MNST
>yahoo finance estimates a growth rate of 11.6% for the next 5 years
>has Coca-Cola's help (KO owns a position in MNST)
>valuation from your pic assumes a 33x P/E. if the market turns south, i think its going to have a rough time getting back up to a 33x P/E. i would expect it to trade (assuming a growth rate of ~10%) at around 25 P/E (give or take ~3) many years out. pic related shows the massive growth phase is over
might be an ok long term investment, certainly not a bargain, need to do a lot more analysis before pulling the trigger

>> No.16196596

But most of the dudeweeds are so broke/overleveraged that you could doubt their capabilities to expand. Remember that there already a lot of companies that are ready and waiting for gates to open.

>> No.16196625

And remember if they cant be profitable in california then what makes you think they could be in a state like kentucky?

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California screwed up by hammering the new sector so hard with tax and regulations they had little chance at beating out the black market. Nevada on the other hand did it better. This is all fundamental analysis long term stuff though. I don't care about long term. I'm looking for short term bull market and it doesn't matter to me if those bulls are fueled by pixie dust and make believe.

>> No.16196674

But from a swing perspective its a quite genius idea: might reasonably be crash-proof, should have nice volatility during elections and are already quite cheap.

>> No.16196701

The only problem might be if they dont react to news or the pops so rare that the selling basically evens the price, but hey rhooders always buy right?

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Lena Paul is the hottest woman in porn. This fact is non debatable

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prime slamhog material agreed

>> No.16196761

Bring on the KDP cheapies! Back down to $27 at least. I sold on the rally so I'm looking to get back in. Long as it's before Dec 25th it's all good. Got my order placed, good for 60 days. This time I plan to hold and let Drip and Divvy hikes work over the long game.

>> No.16196779

that beltbuckle...

someone had fun creating that shit

>> No.16196878

Ashlynn brooke was my favorite by miles, literally one of those girls that looks like your typical popular girl teen crush.. she then quit porn because she was disgusted by it.. but still

>> No.16196909

>might reasonably be crash-proof
No. To date the dude weed has a history of dumping 3x+ as much as the S&P does on market downturns. It's extremely vulnerable to that overall bearish sentiment.

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What a fucking beauty. Grab your cheapies while you still can, lads, this thing is about to go to the moon.

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I'm done chasing meems. Got
20% VOO
20% VTI
20% VNQ
10% VEU
10% AGG
10% JNK
10% BNQ
Gonna add 1k per month into a 90 day CD and rebalance quarterly

>> No.16197151

She's great but she's no Mandy Muse. No idea why we're talking about porn all of a sudden on the stock market thread but just thought I'd throw in my 2c.

>> No.16197226


T. New Yorker living in Virginia. Some awful pizza here.

>> No.16197270

>I'm from New York so I'm an authority on pizza

Is there a dumber meme in existence?

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>> No.16197284

New york pizza is shit. It’s just grease and shitty quality cheese. Every fucking place. Not a deep dish guy but I was impressed with pizza around chicago. Fucking chains make better pizza than NY. NY pizza is the worst meme

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>> No.16197586

Oh my.

>> No.16197652

>no levered funds

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What are ya talking about! Who don't like plain cheese no sauce undercooked flour covered dough that's the size of your face for 8.99$ a slice. What you a gay or something. Shit should have my brother Paulie kick your ass.

>> No.16197723

Buy KHC.

>> No.16197751

How about my previous post for my main account and UPRO/TMF on Robinhood?

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I like dee dee lynn.

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just buy berkshire and good businesses (i would suggest dividend stocks) at fair prices and just hold, its easy

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I'm going for something similar to the all century portfolio

>> No.16198179

SWPPX (Plan to sell at end of Jan due to redundancy)
KDP (Soon as my buy order goes through)

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o i am laffin

How much cash are you holding to buy the dip when Buffett dies?

Did you really not just cut your losses after hours? Jeez man I sold during the slight recapitulation after hours.

Slim w/flat tummy and wild disproportionately huge titties is a top tier aesthetic. In my day, Tori Black was a favorite, but a little too whorish for me. Even for a whore. Very pretty and enthusiastic, great smile.

I don’t want to be a comer any more.
I’m done with porn.

>> No.16198283

>’m done with porn.
Ditto. I tapered off over the past couple years. Hardcore down to softcore and now I pretty much just need a cute clothed woman doing a mildly suggestive dance to get the job done.

Also i continue to await the first sex doll company to IPO. There is an untapped market there. Make them less expensive and make them in-country so people don't need to import. I have no interest in using a silicone blob but i'm confident there are enough men who will for a somewhat reasonably price (under $500).

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>$23 call for Jan 23
Am I gonna make it, T-baby sensei?

>> No.16198310

What's wrong with 60/40?

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everything, unless youre trying to preserve millions of dollars

>> No.16198458

Anyone playing DHI earnings?

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Hey, frens. What are some good ways to analyse stock data in excel?

>> No.16198519

Right on, I'll do more research

>> No.16198529

Good time to buy ATVI now.

>> No.16198561

I bought Friday @ 53.50
Maybe buy more @ 52

>> No.16198563

Picked up a few 11/22 $55C on Friday, typical MM to pin it for options expiry after ER and then let it run after

>> No.16198582

just buy individual dividend aristocrats on dips, theres opportunities every week

>> No.16198588

nice to see some fellow ATVIchads here. my TA says it's gonna bounce and hit at least $56. im in at 55, i got in too early in the 53's was a good price.

>> No.16198646

I'm trying to go more hands off and set it and forget. Even a rebalance every quarter is more than I want to do

>> No.16198653

she's cute.

>> No.16198690

I thought NY stylr pizza was just thin crunchy crust?

Undersaucing a pizza ahould be a hanging offense, them shits is just tomato sauce, its cheap af ffs.

>> No.16198702

Just use M1 then broski, pick your stocks and percentages and then just dump cash in it.

>> No.16198834

I think so. PINS reminds me of FB in the early days. FB came out, it was on fire for a bit but then it tanked but when it rebounded it did it and never looked back.

>> No.16198912

That's what my VFIFX is, it's hands off. I just dump money over into it each month and let it roll. Stocks/Bonds. a bit of everything really. Current ratio is around 80% stocks, rest bonds. It'll stay this way till 2040 then shift over into bonds mostly till 2050. At which point you sell the sucker and walk away with a huge pile (or dump it all into something else). Divvy is reinvested annually.

>> No.16198945

Etsy guy here isn't selling until $100 a share.

>> No.16198946
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Is there any reason to diversify outside of equities in a long term portfolio of index funds? My general assumption is that the stock market will go up in the long run so why bother owning bonds?

>> No.16198976

I sold my amd stocks a couple days ago. Was I impatient or do you think it will dip again?

>> No.16198984

people buy bonds when they want to derisk and think the stock market is gonna be going down, not up, for awhile. it's why the treasury yield curve inverted because people jumped out of the market when the trump tariffs were announced, afraid a recession was gonna hit. the more bonds people buy the less interest they give iirc.

>> No.16199056

any money made is good, remember that. you can always decide to re-enter.

>> No.16199094

yeah makes sense, demand for bonds goes up, so bond prices go up, so bond yields go down

>> No.16199169

basically if the china trade war just keeps getting worse, people anticipate a recession and get out of the stock market and into bonds, and if it's getting better they think it isn't and get more into stocks. it's why trump's twitter has become so important to trading now, the china-us trade war is everything to the markets. everything goes down when it's looking like it is getting worse, everything goes up when it looks like things are coming to a peaceful resolution. like clockwork.

not that i care, i day trade based on TA mostly. i play both the long and short side. i can never understand people who just buy and hold for 30+ years, how the hell is it even possible to predict what the price will do out that far? just trying to figure out what price is doing in the next couple of minutes is hard enough. the longer the time frame the harder it is to predict and the wider the range, and the more time you lose if you're wrong. most significant moves happen in the after market, i don't even like holding longer than a day usually, though i am experimenting with the daily time frame and multiple time frame analysis. if some shit goes down overnight that you couldn't know about ahead of time, a large gap can fuck you super hard.

>> No.16199319

Long as the company don't cut the Divvy or go bankrupt/Fund don't get pulled then it really don't mater what the stock price does. Reason being is that over time your money will buy shares just depending on price you'll get more or less as the market moves one way or the other. In the case of Divvy's a low price works out great for you cause more shares bagged per the same of green. Then let drip and compounding do the rest over time. Ex: a typical bank only forks out maybe 1% a month in interest. T-babies - 5% ,during the Dec 18 mega dip that jumped to 7%. Long as T don't go bankrupt or cut that Fat Divvy then your home free. Just sit back and watch as your wad grows. (or bag a Fund; same thing really)

>> No.16199341

In a way it can be easier to predict market movements in the long run because the stock market can be pretty volatile in the short run but generally there is a reversion to the mean and the trend continues upward. It's probably impossible to predict long run prices for specific companies, but if a business is strong enough and is offering a product that isn't likely to stop selling any time soon, then it may be predictable that the company will be a good long term investment.

>> No.16199375

wow cute

what financial instrument(s) should I use to preserve tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars?

>> No.16199396

but just think of how much has changed over the past 30 years, then consider that much change or more in the next 30 years. it's impossible to predict out that far. most i'd mess with would be the daily time frame (maybe also looking at weekly for general trend). it's just that the price range changes the bigger the time frame.

>> No.16199415

According to my handy T-baby spread sheet; 114 shares paying out 0.51 x 4 @ $39 a share w/constant divvy hikes and keeping the price at $39 a share over 27 years w/out buying more shares you'd have $8,600.00 a year. Now this assumes the stock price never changes as well as you never buying more over that time span. The lower the stock price, the more your income grows. The more shares you bag, the more your income grows. Assume the price drops to an even 30 per. Your income shoots up to 17,900.00. Assume that same price (30 per) but lets say you bagged 250 shares. Your income would be 39,000.00. The longer you hold, the higher the income. 30 yrs you'd have 85,000.00

>> No.16199560

I dunno i just scribble on post it notes.

>> No.16199678

Nah, I’m a bangs man myself

>> No.16199696
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I've been in since before contempo crl but they're about to resubmit. er is next week. they've started the campaign for xenleta. it's a success except shorty's keeping it down. long play but might be profitable soon. but that's what everyone's been saying since before the crl. have been dca'ing down over the months. this is a gut play to be honest. I have faith and it is purely religious faith. my mind says no but my heart says yes. have faith brother. listen to your heart.
>inb4 loses everything

>> No.16199712



>> No.16200008

china (and maybe some other parts of asia) is the next big ocean to fish in, if you are going to be a big, diversified boy, i would, at a minimum, take a look at asia.

mr. b could kick the can tomorrow or in 30 years, nobody has a clue. berkshire is basically an ultra high quality index fund that that is run by people with brains. but i will admit, i am sitting on a lot of cash (% wise, still a small baby investor). will buy a lot when berkshire goes on sale

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bonds are unironically horrible. according to peter lynch, if a company goes under, both bonds and equity go under. but if the company moons, bonds get absolutely none of that upside.
not to mention, bonds are a lot more risky than it seems at first. if the yield on a bond does not beat inflation, you guarantee lose money, who knows when the fed will go nuts with the printing press.

>> No.16200059

here is a quote:
"It is better to be approximately right than precisely wrong" - Warren Buffett

assuming a company is a big and solid blue chip stock, the stock price will almost always track earnings. here is a boomer video on valuation and his channel just shows how earnings and stock prices are correlated in a visual way
basically by holding long term, you just tune out the noise/volatility in the market and trust the company you bought will continue to do well and grow over time.

>> No.16200067

So does my plan of signing up, throwing money at dividend stocks and then ignoring the shit until the next time I throw money at it bypass those 50 categories of fees I see listed?

>> No.16200086


>> No.16200098


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Hey everyone, exactly one year from today, I started learning about the stock market and how to invest. I put in a few hundred to begin the learning process, but I never intended for this year to be anything but a learning experience. Pic related is my chart from Nov 9 of last year from today. I won't show the money but the percent change is +169.98%. Starting January, I will try to make investing a full time job.

>> No.16200136

First few months was me throwing money at stocks and understanding how things like stop loss orders work. Around April I think I took all my money out and have been reading investing books since.

>> No.16200195

personally, i want to tie veruca james to my kitchen table and shove my cock in her ass, followed by shoving my cock in her mouth and blowing a shitcum mixture at high velocity down her throat

>> No.16200228

sounds a bit rude
the primary purpose of sex is procreation. so any true sexual fantasy should involve impregnation

>Starting January, I will try to make investing a full time job.
how is your real job going, though?

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OK boyos, unfortunately movie nite has been cancelled :(
My daddy is in town and we're getting din din, next week will be ok I promise.
Everyone remember to read the Ratsuchan Christmas Special: Chapter: Special: Christmas Tree, Set 13 Years before the Original Series: a Christmas Eve for Ratsuchan
>leaving out the actual /smg/ twitter accounts
fucking Dravidian

>> No.16200272

shit dude I just dropped 4tabs and I'm 30 minutes into my pre-movie night chanting/psychic exploration session
and THEN you cancel movie night.. to eat a 9PM dinner
I'm going to have to regroup and find new plans for the evening

>> No.16200286

Capitalism exploits workers. Profits are the unpaid wages of the working class.

>> No.16200294

I'm v sorry next week we can watch something really good
if you're tripping nicely you can practice pranayama until you get claustrophobic inside your own skull and puke everywhere

>> No.16200307

The bond market is 99% larger than the equity market that’s where the big money plays

>> No.16200315

don't be too concerned for my well-being
there is plenty of empty space inside my skull

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Uhhh actually I'm boutta leave but here's Shallow Grave (1994), I've never seen it but you guys can tune in if u really want

>> No.16200336

Also top tier taste. Ruined with tattoos though.

>> No.16200382

thanks friend. yes, her tattoos are a shame. I can look past them however.

>> No.16200383


>> No.16200635

A lot has changed in the last 30 years, but a lot also hasn't. If the only thing you're invested in is tech companies than yea it's difficult to ride for 30 years, but consumer staples and food companies have been largely the same for the last 50-100 years. When is the last time you even saw thought about what brand of toothpaste, deodorant, or soap you use? You just go out and buy Colgate, Degree, Dove, or whatever you always buy. Long holds are easy as fuck because you just buy whatever people always will need.

>> No.16200882


>> No.16200923

Oh no no no no no nooo did I miss movie night

>> No.16200965

Yep I did, missed my favorite night of the week.,

>> No.16200992

movie night was cancelled on account of shallow "vaginas" in need of dilation.

>> No.16201206
File: 93 KB, 768x768, yxy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what financial instrument(s) should I use to preserve tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars?
Colgate Stock, it never goes down

my internet been down for like 5 hours so I couldnt go, had to call the internet people at this late hour

>> No.16201305

What do all the cool kids use for their investing purposes? I think I've slimmed it down to td ameritrade or vanguard
It would be for dumping into muh "safe" indexes and whatnot and and then taking a 50 year nap instead of making 5000 moves a day, if that matters

>> No.16201329

sometimes, pizza is so bad, it's like you were raped and want your money back and feel ashamed that you fucking had to experience it.

>> No.16201333

Imagine thinking AMRN dumps when approval goes through. Hope your hedged up, shorty!

>> No.16201355

wolfgang puck makes really terrible pizza

>> No.16201382
File: 549 KB, 1080x1080, 1572776341464.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope not. I have so many SPY calls you wouldn't even believe it.

>> No.16201398

and uhh sometimes sex is so bad you just want to be left alone to sleep and some horny lady won't let you because she just wants to cheat on her husband and have sex, but all you want is to sleep, and she just wants to spoon and feel closeness and all you want to do is sleep off the 20 drinks you had through out the course of the day so you can wake up, so you tell her you wanna have sex in the morning when you're awake and at 4 oclock she's putting a condom on you and trying to get ontop of you, but you never even wanted sex because you just wanted to sleep off, and ninety minutes of sleep from 230 AM until 0400 was basically nothing, but there's nothing you can do since she's sucked on your cock until you got something close to a boner and she's ontop of you, and you just want sleep.... sometimes i feel like i wish i never even had sex.... if i could be a volunteer celebet with out being a priest that touched kids.... fucking a i hate it.

>> No.16201407

I thought you were a gay bottom

>> No.16201411
File: 189 KB, 686x780, ClogatenPlamloive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fidelity select biotechnology portfolio includes LEAP Therapeutics (LPTX), Amarin (AMRN), Sangamo (SGMO), and even Verastem (VSTM)
They've got a lot more Abbvie, Vertex, and Regeneron... but it looks like /smg/ is in good company!

>Their pharmaceuticals portfolio holds fucking Cronos
FUCK I wish I'd picked them over fucking CGC... I think it's too late to switch, these bags are too heavy.

All these various analysts and portfolios and pick lists... it makes me want to just buy the fuck out of all these different stocks. I need less ADHD investing!!

Argus covered Colgate in their weekly staff report.
I have no idea which of these analyst reports are worth a damn, but I'm looking into all the different reports schwab gives me access to. I should probably be reading Graham and Lynch instead...

>> No.16201419

my asshole is exit only unless im feeling kinky

>> No.16201427

Idk, I feel like you could take a 9" knotted dildo.

>> No.16201430

how many

>> No.16201431

capability and willingness are two separate fucking things fagget.

>> No.16201446

>implying you're not both

>> No.16201452

Dont bother reading anything I guarantee you that Colgate is dank. Its one of my favorite stocks and I exclusively use colgate toothpaste, mouthwash and speedstick deodorant and also Softsoap handsoap and Softsoap bodywash. Excluding the 70s where everything crashed theyve had a max drawdown of 35% which is godtier

>> No.16201469

A pretty significant portion of my net worth. I only trade SPY and I've had a very good track record of doing just that. Very simple strategy, no spreads or whatever. Just directional: calls and puts and a few months out.

>> No.16201476

you're better off with Proctor and Gamble over colgate, but you should really try to get in the minds of senior executives of the company and determine if their leadership is good for the company or not... like invite them to your local arby's to discuss business over some brisket with or without cheese and really get in their heads to determine if your money is going in the right direction.

>> No.16201492

i dunno.... i hate you

>> No.16201509

Maybe we could talk about our portfolios as foreplay first, then you could get punished for your investment mistakes.

>> No.16201525

the most masochistic decision i make is to return to this thread...

>> No.16201569

I know that feel man.. esepecially after a long week of work or some shit.. like running on no sleep and some chick just wants to fuck.. i've fallen asleep while girls ride me and i've also woken up in the morning with girls riding me.. the morning isn't too bad as long as you got some sleep.. but yeah after a long week or so and a lot of drinks.. coke won't even wake you up... sometimes i'm suprised my dick gets hard enough for them to ride it.. but it does and they want more even though you fell asleep on em

>> No.16201589

to prove to them that I like throwing money away on indigestion?
No, I'll have them over and make brisket.

Oh I know it is, I was highlighting research that supports your case. If I'm ever going to make it at this game, I have to figure out to do things besides heed your wisdom. And these analysts could help maybe?

I don't think I have the capital to make it by going full foodchad and consumer staples. Gonna have to buy a little bit of aerospace, tech, pharma, and memes.

>> No.16201608

yeah man... for as much as we rag on each other and shit... it's nice to have a friend who truly understands and can relate...

>> No.16201658

I did. My two largest positions turned against me and wiped out all of my gains for the year.

>> No.16201663

its even hard to find people in real life that can relate.. i think a lot of guys have hard times with females because they try too fucking hard.. then they never get to have like some strange sex because they never have sex at all but then they hold sex up like it's some ultimate goal.. but really it can just be tiring..

I have some guy down the street thats been wanting me to come over and play and fuck with his wife while she's blindfolded.. but i've already made a few excuses just because.. i really don't give a shit.. and he obviously wants someone else to do all the work lol

>> No.16201673

That's why I'm in index funds + SPY options only. Saves me a lot of time and effort.

>> No.16201723
File: 366 KB, 1806x1402, Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 11.28.41 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the hell happens to them in December/January that has made them moon so often in the pass? Is that when contracts or budget deals happen or something?

>> No.16201729

the one thing that gets me... we don't get younger, and the women just go down hill fast... like these 8's or 9's in their twenties turn into 4's in less than 5 years... i mean its one thing if you care about the woman and wanna do the whole family thing, but in my mind... it's the worst investment you can make.

>> No.16201782

>the one thing that gets me... we don't get younger, and the women just go down hill fast
yeah your options start to dwindle.. IF ... IF you don't keep up with yourself.. you gotta stay fit and "hip" in some sort.. i've been hooking up with younger chicks since my ex and I broke up (i'm 28 shes now 30) i have hooked back up with her here and there even went shrooming together last week... she's always been hot to me.. her mom is even hot and thats a pretty good gauge of how the girl is going to turn out.. but since banging the younger girls i can see the difference.. with her.. she's still good... bbuuuttt just not as tight as she once was and i'm talking like the body.. not just the pussy... Told her if we ever got back together i'd have to have a girlfriend (she'd be the wife) she wasn't having it... but yet she still wants to get back with me..

>i mean its one thing if you care about the woman and wanna do the whole family thing, but in my mind... it's the worst investment you can make.
I think it'll be ok with the right female.. my ex has an extremely wealthy family and would take care of the kid well if something happend.. but.. she's a bitch and will be one that would always want to clash if something did happen between us...

I know of people that have kids together that are both pretty well off and get along well and don't fight over the kid or money and are already in other relationships..

imo.. the one that makes it hard for families is the woman.. they want everything spoon fed and they think they deserve everything while putting you through shit for most the time no reason......

very tiresome..

>> No.16201848

that's why i said 8's and 9's the 10's are 10's for a reason bro.

>> No.16201870

I wouldn't mind being with a 8 or 9 for life even if they drop to a 6 or 7 in 20+ years.... as long as i'm allowed to fuck other girls..

was out at lunch today with some girl and we were basically talking about how stupid it is that people only decide to stay with one partner for their whole life.. that people should be able to fuck whoever... she's pretty down.. but i could never be with her.. which is kinda shitty.

>> No.16201894

nah bro... it doesn't work that way, if you're allowed to fuck other girls, you've gotta let her get fucked by other dudes, or basically your fucking life partner has no spine and you'll drop her in a heartbeat....

>> No.16201909

ii mean it's you let her fucking tell you about her fucking sexcapades or she's gonna fucking find a dude like one of us and cheat on you anyway and lie to your face. No way you can sustain that kind of relationship.

>> No.16201926

This probably common with people here. It all gets tiresome. We were all led to trading stocks one way or another because that's how our minds operate. Profits. Investments. Patterns. Risk. Goals. Money. It's a very different mentality than normies who get so scared of losing their money they try to minimize risk and returns, if they can into stonks at all, not realizing that its ALL risky, and then proceed to invest all of their time, money, and energy into a highly risk, diminishing return, depreciating asset, ticker symbol WOMN. The same attributes required to be in this game are also the same attributes that lead us to see patterns in others and ourselves. Sex is fun, but wheres the progress? Wheres the return? Is it actually worth what I'm putting into it? What's the risk? How much am I willing to invest in what is essentially a frivolity?

>> No.16201928


berkshire has trailed the other index funds for years now.

>> No.16201932

she likes girls.... told her a girlfriend would benefit us both.. we used to go to swinger clubs together and a lot of guys have a wife and girlfriend... she would have a friend to go do things with (like shop and certain events).. a girl to cook and clean.. a girl that would do sexual things for both of us... it's actually pretty common.. if i can't have that.. then i probably won't marry...

>> No.16201979
File: 4 KB, 224x186, 1424664104262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sex is fun, but wheres the progress? Wheres the return? Is it actually worth what I'm putting into it? What's the risk? How much am I willing to invest in what is essentially a frivolity?
basically how i feel too.. pretty sure theres two types of stock people.. the guys that take their time picking a girl and the ones that just want that pump and dump and move on... I mean... i've had plenty of one night stands where i don't even know their names and never seen them again.. but i didn't analyze any of it before it happend.. i just saw the opportunity and got some gains before the market closed if you know what i mean

>> No.16201994

yeah i see your point, it's like we all gravitated and found ourselves here... i mean personally i wasn't shown the door and it's been my own personality and decisions that got me to this thread... i fucking made so many mistakes, and if I had the opportunity to do it over you're damn right i'd have done shit different, and even beyond investments and sex... it's kinda how we do think different than average people.... and the best part is it matters if you want to use net worth as a way to keep score in life... but some people would be more than happy to make other people's lives easier if only for a moment... the healers, story tellers, and soothe sayers of the world don't do it for the fame or fortune... they do it because what gets them off is seeing joy in other people. personally now that I think about it... i'm gonna call Joy and see if I can't find my cock in herself. have a great weekend everybody/

>> No.16202230
File: 47 KB, 316x297, 1573113897198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ticker symbol WOMN
Thot bubble is going to burst one of these days. They've saturated instagram. The bear market will be something to see.

>> No.16203229
File: 76 KB, 1080x1080, 1572845341062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

long $WOMN you misogynist

>> No.16204166

How do I get an autistic zoomer gf?

>> No.16204295

Weekday /smg/ is a patrician refuge from the rest of the Calcutta cesspool that is /biz/

Weekend /smg/ shouldn't exist.

>> No.16204315

Your mum shouldn't exist

>> No.16204726

Why not both?

>> No.16204754

>men and women are the same
Women are much more okay with a man cheating than men are women cheating. Women are emotional about sex, they only fuck people they have feelings for. Girls not like this are not the norm and have lots of home problems, useless whores looking for an empty void to be filled.
Men absolutely can fuck any girl without any emotional attachment or emotional needs to be filled from it.

>> No.16204811


>> No.16204828

Where is the Anon that told me to buy Fastly at $32. I bought fucking 90 shares my life is over.

>> No.16204865

>Buying stock with no divvy
No better than gambling at that point.

>> No.16204878

kek you lost a thousand bucks who cares

>> No.16205205

Why do women always ask if you are okay. Why do they just ask this for no god damn reason? I think it just shows they are always looking for something wrong.

>> No.16205247

are you doing alright, man?

>> No.16205249

anyone ever do double/combination spreads? for example bear put spread with debit of .40. then a bear call spread with a credit of .50. put in a limit to buy back at .10 on the call spread. put in a limit to sell at .50 on the put spread.

>> No.16205259
File: 237 KB, 727x868, 1566471681897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought DF at 1.20, I'm financially ruined

>> No.16205273

At least there are women in your life who (artificially) care about you

>> No.16205317
File: 15 KB, 146x204, 00002120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

me bought CHK of 1.80
am of finally ruin T_T

>> No.16205446

Have sex then

>> No.16205676
File: 382 KB, 1024x962, 1538743232056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, asked this slut (bunny_marthy) if she wanted a sugar daddy and she rejected the offer. Fucking whores man

>> No.16205718

i just dumped most of my cash position into international markets, so probably tuesday.

>> No.16205755

For what purpose? You're not really getting an advantage by doubling up different styles of the same directional spread.

>> No.16205838

wtf happened to dean's? I buy a lot of their food products. Surprised to see them below a dollar.

>> No.16205860

Women don't want you cheating because on a genetic level they know if you knock up another woman that means less attention/time/resources for any of the children she had or plans to have with you.

Read the Selfish Gene. It's like being handed a cheat code to understanding life.

>> No.16205995

I'm still trying to think it thru but wouldn't the credit pay for the debit and lower my risk?

>> No.16206121


>> No.16206132

Never trust a woman who says "I'm on the pill" or hands you a condom (aka party hat). There's a damn good chance she's lying or fucked with the party hat. So you know 9 months later here comes that Kiddie out of the blue along with the court documents/lawyers. Your fucked at this point. Your forking out kiddie payments for 18 yrs. Unlike a marriage where she takes half your shit. But still your forking out kiddie payments for 18 yrs.

>> No.16206157
File: 415 KB, 996x1106, 1565529773607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never have sex with a woman who is on the pill
Never have sex with a woman who has ever been on any hormonal birth control in her life
Never use a condom when having sex


>> No.16206274

reminder antibiotics can fuck up the birth control too

>> No.16206350


>> No.16206457
File: 53 KB, 1079x1116, 1564442551164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

December 2018, index down 19.99%

>> No.16206516

Jokes on you, I've never had sex

>> No.16206549
File: 514 KB, 828x661, 9B9C8E34-8543-4BB2-B58B-C8A22E7B4FC8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16206603


>> No.16206626

>not filling moon island with your progeny

>> No.16206631

A credit doesn't necessarily mean lower risk. In this instance, the net credit would provide a negligible profit if the underlying stays pretty flat. The thing to keep in mind is that by putting a position on like that, you're sacrificing downside gain potential for the ability to still make money if the underlying is flat or moves slightly against you. So in other words, the underlying will have to make a much stronger move for you to make money on the downside than a simple bearish vertical.

>> No.16206743
File: 3.42 MB, 2194x1610, Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 2.07.49 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We buying LHX and LMT yet bros?

>SPLV Market Edge Rating Change
>On November 08, 2019, Market Edge downgraded shares to Neutral from Long.

>Symbol:MO Market Edge Rating Change
>On November 08, 2019, Market Edge upgraded shares to Long from Neutral.
>Symbol:VIAB Market Edge Rating Change
>On November 08, 2019, Market Edge upgraded shares to Neutral from Avoid.

MO getting bullish?
Viacom finally ready for a bounce?

>> No.16206958

some initial Saudi Aramco IPO details. This will be the most exciting event unfolding over the next month or so, unless some new news cycle overshadows it

there is no reason to impose any kind of geographical restriction

>> No.16207019

Why did they surge so much in summer?
What was guidance from last er?
I think this might be a buy

>> No.16207170
File: 995 KB, 1019x720, v14u4q7klfy21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting a real good feel about buying MNST. We have any meme-analysis or hot takes on owning/trading Monster in /smg/?

Is PEP, KO, and MNST too much?

>> No.16207201
File: 335 KB, 752x740, Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 5.56.19 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also regeneron...

>> No.16207404

my friend is telling me about corbus right now(though he's mostly interested in the science and not the stock). its gone through phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials for their selective cb2 agonist that shows 50-100x the potency of CBD. ticker is CRBD. good investment?

he says after a a large amount of safety concerns and studies, they could hit gold in targeting specifics like IBS, though he says that could be a decade out. he also says meanwhile a larger pharma with more resources could put out something faster despite the head start of corbus, but he doesnt know of any selective cb2 agonists being developed otherwise. he's also very opposed to investment in individual companies which he calls gambling, and is only more correct when it comes to small pharma companies. in either case, i told him to invest in AMD at $28 and he said it was gambling, so i can only take his stock advice to a certain extent

>> No.16207415

do you anticipate American sugar consumption to go down? reasonably, those all sound like good investments

>> No.16207450

and in this related vein, I'm thinking on top of my actual stock investments, I want to use a fake trading profile to see how potential investments would have gone. any you guys recommend? I'd especially like a single program, website, or app that allows for monitoring of separate profiles so i can try out different investment methods independent of eachother

>> No.16207520

soft drinks do seem to be weakening. Part of the blame is on sparkling water.

>> No.16207642

psersonally, I prefer Kombucha. "master brew" kombucha especially has about 1/3 of the sugar, but it has a similar acidity, effervescence, and sweetness as soda. its also just fermented tea, which has the health benefits of tea, but the fermentation also adds potentially beneficial acids and probiotics that soda certainly doesnt have. I cant say that these are concerns of americans consumers(despite being one), but at the very least i could say sparkling water might not be the primary concern

>> No.16207951

>psersonally, I prefer Kombucha.
me tooo.. shit is bomb.. theres a beer called booch craft thats really REALLY fucking good.. you should try it

>> No.16207982

Kombucha is for hippies and shit... I doubt that’s why they’re selling less Vanilla Coke Zero or whatever.

>> No.16208027

ive had a few alcoolic kombuchas, generally they are pretty fucking good

admittedly, i would think only more health-conscious people would buy kombucha, but i would think that coke also sells less because of more health-concsious people. i guess a beginning step would be sparkling water, but sparkling water doesnt taste good, whereas kombucha does. like i was trying to imply, idk if this is relevant to investing other than i still dont think coke/pepsi.etc is a bad investement, but i wouldnt see sparkling water as a good investment. kombucha probably isnt a great investment either

>> No.16208042

na.. i don't think they're responsible.. i think the sparkling water thing is..... theres been a lot of people lately that when i go to their house "and theres sparkling too if you'd like that" like.. na.. i'll just take water.. but a lot of people seem hyped on it for some odd reason..

>> No.16208124

>tfw I need Ko to be 57.50 by eoy
>tfw I think I'm fucked

>> No.16208160
File: 52 KB, 600x338, 1569935274887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want to use a fake trading profile to see how potential investments would have gone.

They're pointless, the only way to learn is by using your own money. You don't need a program to tell you tonbuy high and sell low. Until your own money is at stake, none of the moves you make mean a damn thing because you'll never know how it truly feels to hold a bag or panic sell.

>> No.16208177
File: 121 KB, 1000x833, Pretty+cool+_5343ccf3e8aeffaf0eb7d000f69e45f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Taylor swift in Capital One credit card adds
oooooh fuck, buy COF?

From the headlines:
>Tencent Looks to Leverage Its Partnership With Nintendo in the U.S.
Fucking Chinks never wanted to get the switch into china, they want access to the US market. Fuck these rat bastards, I'll buy more Nintendies if we get a dip.

>More Borrowers Are Going Underwater on Car Loans
uhhhhh that's not good. Where do I get up to date data on loan defaults?

>> No.16208220

ive gambled plenty with my own money. my to-date port on robinhood is a horrible sight of huge spikes and losses. since 2017 I'm only up $200, though early in that i had less than $100 and that doesnt include divs. specifically i want to test out a portfolio of gambling on pharma with limited but promising studies. at the very least, maybe looking at the studies in retrospect could help me distinguish flaws i wouldnt have otherwise seen. then i could have a port of div stocks, and a port of growth stocks, which could help me find a potential ratio between the two id want to meet.

I havent been on SMG in like 2 months or more. is it still the assumption that yield curve inversion points to a recession in the next two years or less? ive seen the rate cut further, so that adds to that thought, though many stocks have climbed regardless

>> No.16208277

I just don't see the point in using a practice program because reading the charts and putting the stock on a watch list will tell you if you would have made money or not.

>> No.16208303

I wouldn't say it's pointless

my first time drinking Kombucha I defiled a hotel toilet so bad they couldn't clean it
has never happened since, it was just that first one

>> No.16208304
File: 208 KB, 516x565, 1569515516202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meme analysis on Monster
Insufficient information. It has been stuck in a range since last year. Spiked on Friday on slight earnings beat but gave away most of the gains by close. Might go up somewhat but it depends what kind of price actions happens on at least Monday and Tuesday to make a confident assessment of possible break out.

>> No.16208328

well with a watch list i can read the chart myself, and id have to remembver when exactly i first had interest in the stock. with a fake profile, id lock in my interest price(as if buying the stock) and have hard numbers

>> No.16208351

Ah I just do speculative holds until I'm willing to commit a larger amount or sell.

>> No.16208352

which especially would be important for an overall strategy encompassing multiple stocks bought under the same strategy. i know where you're coming from, but really i mostly want to see hwo it would be to be able to gamble on multiple pharma stocks with promising results, and see how many of those stocks that i thought were promising based on research and studies were actually worth anything, and if it would be a viable investing strategy to analyze study results for myself

>> No.16208822

Anyone following the CBS earnings on Tuesday? They had a push last week but I'm looking at it as a put possibilty. There merger was seen as a negative.

>> No.16208915
File: 1.43 MB, 1228x2048, futures.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16209056
File: 1.26 MB, 1446x1012, 1563935311053.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16209115

>start investing mid october
>invest 12k$, now at 13.2k$ after almost a month
At this rhythm I'm never gonna make it. The only way to do it is by margin trading.

>> No.16209142

You’ll have 8-10 horrible trades in a row and blow up

>> No.16209173


Have you tried using the infinite money cheat on Robinhood to trade at 25x leverage and play millionaire or bankruptcy?

>> No.16209175

Nigga that's a 10% return in one fucking month. You don't become a millionaire overnight, you child. Assuming the economy doesn't crash monday and those returns are consistent you would have 100k in a decade.

>> No.16209316

Alibaba Singles Day is today. Singles Day is sale event kinda like black Friday or amazon prime day. According to IBD, today's event has been very successful:

>Alibaba Singles Day racked up $16.3 billion worth of gross merchandise value in the first 90 minutes. That's over half of its $30.7 billion GMV total in 2018. Analysts expect an Alibaba Singles Day tally of $37 billion in 2019, though that 20% growth rate would be below 2018's 27%.
>Alibaba Singles Day is the world's largest e-commerce event, far bigger than Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday. JD.com, Pinduoduo and other Alibaba rivals are spending more than ever on Singles Day. Strong or weak showings could move Alibaba stock, JD.com stock, PDD stock and more.


>> No.16209350

If you are able to make those return consistently you will be the richest human to ever exist lmao niggas dobnt ubnderstand compoundi nterest

>> No.16209356
File: 1.58 MB, 1484x1524, Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 11.08.37 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno... cbsviacom has CBS All Access, AND PlutoTV going for them... My bags are going to be full of green in no time!

>> No.16209358

i think they fixed that

>> No.16209429

Slight portfolio update as of Friday for me. I bought CGI Inc (TSX: GIB.A), an IT services/consulting outfit, on earnings beat and range breakout. It's not a very sexy stock but it does have a tendency to hold trends for extended periods. Hope this leg up converts to another of those. I would love to have a stable 45 degree slow climber in my portfolio.

>> No.16209567
File: 921 KB, 1125x1614, A4758247-4B13-4815-92CD-9BBA88EB1D03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe you should consider investing in NTR :^)

>> No.16209617

>I wont show the money
>I will try to make investing a full time job
3 figure nigger go away

>> No.16209671
File: 350 KB, 850x872, 1560650754275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like that list. Most of them are already on watchlist but NTR is not. Will have a look at NTR. They're right about giving Fortis a sell recommend. That thing is going down for a while here.

...I have now had a look at NTR and I DO NOT like. That thing looks like a motherfucker to trade. Way too much chop.

>> No.16209694

basically you're saying that you prefer CP to NTR
I can't disagree with that, NTR looks extremely risky

>> No.16209702

Enbridge would be my pick of the list, and that’s literally only because it’s rated as having a wide moat at a 4 star rating.

It’s a utility though, no idea how those are trading in Canada. But I’d imagine the horrible recession would drive the price up if that yield is safe.

>> No.16209739
File: 73 KB, 850x604, 1564110718488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually like CNR better than Canadian Pacific as far as the choo choo trains go. Mostly just because the way it trades works better with my approach. I did make a few percent on Can Pacific last month though and sold it. Not because I had a buy signal but because I wanted to free up cash for something else.

I have been in Enbridge since late October and am very pleased with the earnings beat and bullish trend formation so far.

>> No.16209771

Remember the pre-/pol/ takeover when we used to call cuckd NTR fetishists?

Good times

>> No.16209826
File: 20 KB, 500x500, att_globe_500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He has been on a roll all year long on the mad march to hitting 40 a pop. That Divvy is still nice and Fat and very healthy to I may add. Last year people thought me mad as hell but history has proved me right in my rambling spiels. I bought GE when it was in the shat, a lot thought me mad once again. But if you notice now at where GE's at I think you'd find me right again. I sold it for a nice Profit to I might add. So now we're on the brink of another epic day of Profit and whatnot with AMRN, I think I've got the odds in my favor. I've been right before ain't I? I said DF was good for only a short Profit gain and that it was circling the drain. Sure enough it spiked (and I sold) now it's back into the shat once more. The key is knowing what your about to own and if they've got the goods and a plan to keep staying in the game over the long decades.

>> No.16209855
File: 742 KB, 500x600, 1561519021133.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The key is knowing what your about to own and if they've got the goods and a plan to keep staying in the game over the long decades.
For sure. Make a good strategy, test the shit out of it, and stick to it even when the twitchy emotional parts of your noggin are saying I dunno about this help waaaaaaaaaah.

>> No.16209899

>Canadian equities
God damn it I just don’t know... I was looking at Japanese, German, euro, and gbp equities already.

>> No.16209994

This is another fade the trade rally in dudeweed, isn’t it? TIlray and Cronos on Tuesday, acb and CGC on Thursday... Jesus these bags... do I just say fuck it and buy puts? I don’t even know...

>> No.16210025

The only reason I trade them is because I live there and it's slightly cheaper for me to do so for individual stocks. Canada has sufficient US index tracking ETFs so I also don't need to do the forex hit there either. Just the individual US ones are expensive.

None of those have broken bullish yet if that's what you're asking. They aren't exactly in good position for some kind of continuation short either though. I recommend do not touch and wait for clarification.

>> No.16210049

Also CGC has earnings coming up and unless they're hiding some massive success story I think the numbers are going to once again disappoint. I mean it could happen. APHA have done that twice already with creative accounting. Still unlikely and not an advantageous bet to take.

>> No.16210150

Nah I mean I’m deep in the red in CGC and HEXO, and I’m wondering if this is a chance to take some losses on the bounce, or but puts to offset the losses when they get shorted back down to zero.

>> No.16210208
File: 683 KB, 1125x1242, 3F6E2951-5889-42EA-A0F1-BE002CD57111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Step aside, Cathy Wood. There’s a new investment mommy in town

>> No.16210255


>> No.16210338

Jesus I’ve been losing hard by not investing in the semis. Even intel, if you’d bought the dip you’d have made bank + the divvy.

>> No.16210403

You have something against Zach’s?

>> No.16210724
File: 759 KB, 500x511, 1531786685270.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What app or website does /smg/ use to check their portfolio on their normiephones while they're wageslaving?

I'm not looking for anything super elaborate, just something that allows me to have a quick overview so I can see what's going on on a day-to-day basis at a glance.

>> No.16210798
File: 71 KB, 750x1089, 1565480132128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm 18 and just got my first paycheck for 1k how do I start investing /smg/?

>> No.16210801

what happened to nvidia that caused it to go from 280 to 130 in late 2018?

>> No.16210811

Download robinhood.
Put $200 from your $1000 in your account
Wait for a drop (save up money now and wait until January) and invest in index funds

>> No.16210916

What’s up with the BOJ? Has anyone been tracking their QE? Seems like they’re cutting their bond repurchases?

Good idea, but wrong.
If you give a fuck about ever retiring, Open up an account with a real broker and start funding an IRA. You can do the same “wait for a dip and buy index funds” and just set it to reinvest dividends.

VTI is good, so is SPY. If you want to get fancy, it could be worth buying EWG or something.

>> No.16210931
File: 117 KB, 671x708, 1572051627075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw low iq and can't wrap my head around options trading
such is life

>> No.16211007

Yea, it took me a while to understand it. There's a shit ton of jargon related to options trading which is what probably got in the way of me effectively learning it.

>> No.16211084

And you can sell covered calls (on SPY) for additional profit.

>> No.16211095
File: 105 KB, 1280x720, 1561761659141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Barchart's app is okay. Pretty easy to make quick changes to your list. Only annoying bit is it frequently asks you to confirm the email you already gave them when you signed up. You don't have to do anything other than click "ok" on the window it asks this in, no need to go in to your email itself to do anything extra, but it's still annoying.

Use a burner email btw.

>> No.16211227

Based and bog pilled

>> No.16211287
File: 41 KB, 750x458, 1570682499594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What platforms do you guys use? Now that the big boys are commission free which one do you choose?

>> No.16211301

still using robinhood because I'm a low IQ faggot

but im considering using M1 finance alongside robinhood

>> No.16211337

How will Andrew Yang becoming the new president affect the stock market next year, /smg/?

>> No.16211465

Shit I never think to use a burner

Barchart sounds like a good idea. I use yahoo finance a lot. Sometimes the news and forums bring new things to my attention.

>another Mickey Mouse broker
Do they offer IRA’s?
Schwab is supposed to start offering partial shares soon.
What’s good about M1? The interface or analysis? They have good charting or data or what?

>> No.16211552

>What’s good about M1?
Commission free, you can buy fractions of stocks, and the dividends you earn are automatically put into your stocks.

>> No.16211566

Oh, and they have this whole system of pies and slices. look up a video about it to understand what I mean by this. M1 finance is great for long term investment, but I prefer to do swing trading, so im gonna stick with robinhood.

>> No.16211573

Best site/brokerage for margin trading (gambling) ?

>> No.16211585

robinhood. you only need 2000 dollars to start and getting a margin account is comically easy (you basically answer a survey)

>> No.16211587

>dividends you earn are automatically put into your stocks
..is that not commonplace? I still am mulling over if I even want to get into stocks and the trillion platforms isn't helping, but I had assumed autoinvesting dividends was the norm

>> No.16211595

That’s called DRiP, and all the real brokers do it. Only thing Schwab doesn’t do is partial shares, which they have announced they are going to do.

>> No.16211602

>can’t handle a phone call discussion about what puts and calls do

>> No.16211605

Can't do robinhood as a leaf... I was gonna do the infinite leverage trick there but nah. I just want a good site where they wont fuck me on margin calls.

>> No.16211606

options give you options

>> No.16211618


>> No.16211636
File: 21 KB, 244x228, 1564368810242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16211670

Can you do options with M1?

>> No.16211705

as another low iq fellow i interpret it as
price goes up -> it's like preordering stock for future purchasing and paying a little bit extra now to reserve your price
price goes down -> it's like buying insurance so you don't get TOO fucked when it plummets

>> No.16211793

There are two types of option contracts: Puts and Calls. You can buy or sell these contracts. A put is a contract to sell a stock at a certain price. A call is a contract to buy a stock at a certain price. If you buy a call, you want the price of the stock to go up. If you buy a put, you want the stock to go down. If you sell a call, you want the price to go down. If you sell a put, you want the price to go up. You can combine these to make spreads. There are lots of combinations for spreads, most are for reducing risk and maximizing profit at certain prices.

>> No.16211959
File: 314 KB, 1423x1431, 191319413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone want to sell naked puts together?

>> No.16212049

jack daniels is delicious, fuck snobs

>> No.16212054

dumb frogposter

>> No.16212216

reminder that RH is the designated plebbit (broke)r
And TDA is the patrician broker

>> No.16212305

Ooof. Futures.

>> No.16212326

Easy gain easy loss!
There’s no data on volume for futures, is there?

>> No.16212327
File: 711 KB, 734x1000, x22x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're just taking a breather. Roaring 20s 2.0 is still on

>> No.16212363

>There’s no data on volume for futures, is there?
There is. Pull up the S&P e-mini futures, ES1. SPX500USD also has volume.

>> No.16212501


It’s alright. I’d rather have Evan Williams George Dickel or Buffalo Trace. Certainly wouldn’t turn Jack down tho.

>> No.16212570

I like Jack. There is a reason they sell so much of it. I haven't drank whiskey in over a year, I'm in a big tequila phase of my life right now.

glad we loaded up on VXX calls at close on Friday, when they were on sale

>> No.16212682

But I decided not to play the vix because contango!!

>> No.16212701

We look super strong now, simply just so fucking bullish. So no reason to even mention futures if we don't smash 8160 (on the NQ) with huge volume. Personally I want a correction back to at least 7800 on the NQ which would be roughly 6%

>> No.16212725

Nuuuuuuuu thred






>> No.16213739

any decent /smg/ shilled stock? Somenthing with room to grown not overvalued yet

>> No.16213763

>Imagine thinking AMRN dumps when approval goes through. Hope your hedged up, shorty!
approval on what?
How do you now it will get approval?

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