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>Rare CSW Tweets

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Fandasdic produc evar i here in america bought real bitcoin sv
soon Shirt made of gold stitch

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This one is pretty funny

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Hahahaha post more!

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"Dr" creg snjay wrigt
I'm gay

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$1200 EOY hahahahahaaa
>with 97.8% probability
what ? oh

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>Hahahaha post more!
This is my current favorite

Anyone know if there is an archive somewhere of all his tweets?

LOL. Core cucks are so easily baited. It just like watching trump troll the media. They take the bait EVER SINGLE time. kek

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oh, when it goes titsup its BAIT !!!!
christ, 2020 is going to be THE NEVER ENDING FISHING PARTY, isnt it ahahahahahahhahahhhhhh

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and, 2018 is going to be..
The Year of..
Bitcoin cash !!!!
>such a comedyian
>so much funnies

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Yeah. This one is good too.

Does anyone else have more rare ones

Hate him or love him, you can't ignore him but makes the losses worthwhile

I'm in LINK and BSV 50/50. Can't decide which one is a scam

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Yeah that a good one. Pic related is the last one I have.

>Can't decide which one is a scam
I was all in link since the very start. Didn't join the ico as I didn't trust the contracts bizraelis set up to join it. Bought once it hit etherdelta. It is not a scam, but if you have done your research on bsv you know what it is coming. Craig has all the relevant patents, and either link migrates to bsv or they get rekt. Either way, a big part of links business model is to link together all the 1000s of different blockchain that exists. That will all completely disappear and bsv will be the only chain left long term. They have patents, satoshi, scaled, smart contracts, tokens, script language, government contacts, contacts in the real corporate world. They unironically have everything and more.

We might see another pump in link and another dump in bsv, but long term there is no question what will happen. My position is 100% in bsv

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Bruuuv I got some baaad news for you.

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My balls aren't bigger than you. I'm hedging both 50/50. Only have 5k linkes so nothing massive. Given me a lot to ponder and think about

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Bro where do you store your BSV?

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I hope you're joking

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Ive got a new id, but still me.

Follow Jimmy and calvin on twitter and then start following related people from there. You will see that a lot of big things are happening behind (and on) the scene. Also start reading https://craigwright.net/. It's a gold mine

>Bro where do you store your BSV?
Bittrex, poloniex and floatSV.
I will move most of it to a shamir's secret split paper wallet once I get my fist out of my ass

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>government contacts, contacts in the real corporate world
PLEASE post examples ?
afaik, they only time any cunt at bsv has 'government contact' is when they are being investigated. And all them 'corporate partners' they have, like, eh ... all JUST dying to be associated with this fucking carwreck. Because Calvin 'FBI Top 10 Cuban Twerk Team' Ayre and creg 'Faketoshi (currently under criminal investigation by the ATO from whom he fled the country)' Wright are JUST the type of people EVERY corporate is SIMPLY DYING to associate themselves with, amiright ?
no he's JUST lying. As is usual for this scam shitcoin shills
>Ive got a new id
well, theres a surprise. All this changing IPs every 10 seconds to shill - must get tiresome, eh ?

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Are you in US?

Thanks follow them all and read his blogs. Cheers!

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>PLEASE post examples ?

>no he's JUST lying
How would you know?

>changing IPs every 10 seconds to shill
Go to bed, you are tired and it shows

>Are you in US?

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bsv holders please kys

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Cool! Yeah. Get them off exchanges asap. What I don't get is, how are people like Brain CEO of Coinbase. Those big hidden companies, not seeing this and CSW = Satoshi

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weak shill, weak
why even bother, if thats really the best you can muster ? pathetic. JUST go back to IGNORING all the posts that ask awkward questions. Thats ALL OF THEM that don't come from your multiple IPs, you shill cunt
Remember folks,
2018 will be The YEAR OF BITCOIN CASH !!!
you heard it here first
direct from the conmans mouth

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