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so this board is basically just a bunch of people who don't understand stonks trying to get rich off of stonks and memecoins, which is essentially gambling as know one really knows when or why the stonks and memecoins are gunna rise or fall in value

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>he doesn't know

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No, this board is a bunch of linkers and a bunch of nolinkers. Linkers are gonna make money whether they understand anything about Chainlink or not. Nolinkers are gonna either kill themselves or live in oblivion still not knowing what the fuck Chainlink even is. If you just started browsing biz then you have about 3 options. First is to do anything possible to get as much money as possible to buy as much LINK as posssible as fast as possible. Second option is to fall for pajeet scams aka all other cryptos except for LINK. Third option is to go the boomer way and get about 8% a year on your measly $2k and call that "investing".

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