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Why haven't you found yourself a lovely English woman yet, /biz/?

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She's sexy for her age but has that lizard eyed succubus thing going too. Hot. Unfortunately these results are difficult to reproduce with English women

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>business and finance

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What is Haircomb? You may be wondering, but this little gem is like no other.
It does not even use ECDSA which is quantum prone and replaces it with what?
A pure SHA256 that secures Bitcoin mining for more than 10 years. The results
are promising. Remember mimblewimble? It uses pedersen commitments for anonymity
but Natasha invented that pure hashlocks again are sufficient for this purpose.
Did you enjoy learning more about haircombs in today's Wonder of the Day?

What's the price? 10 million sats? Haha, no, we're giving it away nearly for
free to early adopters. Only 546 sats per claim. Mining fees apply;

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can someone post apu living in blythes turtle neck? that pic makes me feel comfy levels that I never knew existed

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Burger here.
What is objectively worse: burger babes or brit babes?

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fuck, kill, marry

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>lizard eyed
Look closely, anon.

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difference is that brits just don't eat enough amerislop shit that their teeth need constant surgery, lol

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i mean the very same restaurant chains in europe literally sell better food than they do in america. lol. i think americucks simply don't know that they're being fed shit because it's all they've ever known. sad really

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Those inverted Satan trips

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Kill the chink
2 in the pink (#3)
1 in the stink (#1)

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wait. who the hell is the 3rd women? I swear I saw her at the mall the other day.

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>Kill Adelyn (Sorry linkies)
>Fuck the one on the right
>Marry Blythe Masters

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marry 1
fuck 2
kill 3

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breed 1
breed 2
breed 3

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would you breed with this?

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kill fuck then marry #3

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there arms too big

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pic related

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looks hwhite to me

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My brother is married to an English woman. One time I was visiting him and banged a girl out there. Tried to keep in touch but it didn't work out.

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sell now

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age in dog years

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she's lovely.

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Because fuck the British
1776, suck my freedom forged dick you socialist tea drinkin faggots

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went to a British music festival, was more popular there than I've ever been in the states. Also boys out there are scrawny tossers

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Fetal alcohol syndrome (squashed head)

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Assblaster is so perfect it's actually scarry. One of the few women I'm sure is smarter than me (~135iq). I'd lick her feet just to have her teach me financial kikery.

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Fucking based brotherman
>the fire rises

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Britain > Israel > America